Caller ID: SCAM
Company / Organization: SCAM

scam said: Its a scam dont give any info when they say the are RBC bank collections. I called RBC on the real number and talked to person and they dont have any numbers for 1855xxx-xxxx. DO NOT GIVE ANY INFO


Company / Organization: first choice bank
Reported Location: limerick, pa 19468


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: Conventional Mortgage Network
Reported Location: IL

don charles said: "Mr. Williams" called again after I'd earlier asked to be placed on Do Not Call. Asked company name and Mr. Williams said Conventional Mortgage Network. Asked where his corporate office was and he refused, hung up.


Caller ID: Citi
Reported Location: 78741

Anonymous24 said: I just called back but I dialed back as private... this number belongs to CitiBank through Bestbuy. In my case they were looking for someone else in regards to their credit card account. I told them that the number they called was mine and that I did not want to receive any more calls. They were nice :)


Company / Organization: American
Reported Location: U.S.A.

phaquebigNhard said: Are you guys chinese,korean,or iranian?Americans dont play that and
If you are American you need move your sh*t outa here and
Live over there with them.Then you see what happens when you
You deceive those guys.GET REAL ASSHOLE


Reported Location: 96


Company / Organization: Reliance
Reported Location: Toronto, Canada

anonymous said: They repeatedly call and hang up. Finally I called back, got a woman who said "Reliance" and offered to put me on their do-not-call-list but that it can take up to 30 days. She asked for my name. I told her I did not want to give her my name, just the number to not call. She said she would do her best. I asked (not angrily just sort of tired and annoyed), do you really think that people will eventually buy something from you if you keep pestering them? She said (genuinely apologetically) I don't know, I don't work in that department. I said I understand, you're just the messenger. She said she'd do her best.


D-Nice said: Called and acted as if "we spoke before about your house loan". I said no we didn't and they hung up. Bunch of degenerates.


Caller ID: Express Scripts
Reported Location: Slidell,La 70461

anonymous said: wanted personal info including ssn. I am so glad that I have a call id. I hate these calls.


Caller ID: NONE
Reported Location: Canada

Monica said: Did not answer!!!! I never answer if I do not recognise the number!!!!! Cause my number is only for my bros n sisters....


Caller ID: Unavailable
Caller type: Unknown

dusty said: Calls leaves no msg. Called back and got recording for the "National Rifle Association". Hit 1 for more info then 3 to remove number. We'll see....Doesn't seem legit somehow though...


Reported Location: canada

RANdom said: i changed my cell number 4 years ago...this number & 1-866-275-3058 keep at me all the time. i know who they want & ive told them if she's in debt, it stands to reason she lost her cell number through none payment of bills. but they continue to harrass me. my phone company wont help, they say for $20 i can change the number....i changed it 4 years ago cause i was harrassed. its a vicious circle! i even told these people where to find the woman in question...but it hasnt changed anything. >.<


Company / Organization: UNCI
Reported Location: Middleburg, FL

Christina said: My step-mother received a phone call from this number, a Heather Thomas was the contact person at the company, they were seeking out a name that was my maiden name...She stated she had documents that she needed to serve and for my step-mother to give her my information. She told the woman no that she could have the wrong person that she would give me the information and if I wanted to call I would. She then called and gave me the information. I made the phone call with a file number and let them know that I hadn't used my maiden name in 17 years...she wanted the last four of social I told her I'd give her the last three and my year of birth. They had on file my name (maiden) with no middle name or initial, an address to my dad's house where I lived for 6 months as a 19 yr old. After she put me on hold she came back and said that it must be the wrong person as they had a different social ending and date of birth was off by 7 years. Other than that couldn't tell you what the file was about because we didn't make it that far...


Caller ID: Eric Gilbert
Company / Organization: Identity Thief
Reported Location: Quebec

Be wise said: Warning FRAUDSTER SCAMMER BEWARE! !!!! Call RCMP Phonebusters and police authorities to report these arseholes!!!!!


Company / Organization: Renee Curtis

anonymous said: These guys are looking for money. don't bother calling back. Block this number and have a nice life


Company / Organization: Legal Service Unit

Frustrated Person said: This number is a scam. I asked them for there address and business to verify there validity and they refused and then hung up the phone.


Caller ID: UNCI
Company / Organization: UNCI
Caller type: Collection Agency
Reported Location: New York

Honey said: Received a call from Ymax Communications Corp asking to verify a family member's information. (Ymax has over 40 complaints filed with the BBB) When I asked for any credentials or verifiable information before discussing anything, I was given a phone number from UNCI. They would not give any account numbers, file numbers or any pertinent information to back up a claim of an unpaid bill from 1990. They stated a letter was mailed and if I don't pay them right now my family member will be served with court papers. They demanded a credit card and said they will accept a settlement payment.


jill said: This number told me that I am going get a sue, because there is one building complaint me.LOL


Tony said: spamming Yahoo Answers with
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