Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Company / Organization: UNCI

annoyed said: Called my ex-husband's house and spoke to my daughter looking for my boyfriend. Said that he needed to call the number and reference a file # to avoid being served papers. I called the number and found that it was UNCI. After giving them the file #, they informed me of the name of the person they were trying to reach and said that if he did not call them today that they would proceed with serving papers and he would just have to plead his case to a judge. Luckily, I did my research and found out that it is likely a scam. Our situation seems to be the same as what others have experienced.


Ria said: does not leave message calls 4 times a day


punkie said: I received this message on my home number with the exact message mentioned above, I actually had entered a sweepstake, they asked memy name and was I single. after answering the question, I googled the telephone number and called back and asked them what company they were representing and the lady hung up on me. I called back and no one answered. hopefully they will think twice before they try this again on me.


Caller ID: A MAGEE
Reported Location: SC

Sallie said: Hi, this is Tyler with the Official Notification Department. Just responding to the entry for the $50,000 cash give away that was submitted some time back, within the last 18 months. We're looking at your entry. We have very good news. We need you to call us as soon as possible toll free 1-855-841-6084. Again, that's toll free 1-855-841-6084. We do need to hear from you as soon as possible so we don't forbid your entry and congratulations. I DID NOT ENTER ANY SWEEPSTAKE 18 MONTHS AGO>tHE CALLER ID STATES A MAGEE 312-625-1490.


Caller ID: 1-855-420-8301

curious said: The person says that they are a private detective searching for someone that gave my number as a contact number. They only give a first name


miffed said: Easy Financial, looking to do a survey.


Company / Organization: Motor vehicle division
Reported Location: Appleton

Econobox said: Scam


Company / Organization: Corporate
Reported Location: nc

Hacked said: I received 2 phone calls from people that know people that i have never met before that say this number is looking for me for damages done to property that I never lived at...Plus this company is saying that i am going to be sued...


Company / Organization: UNCI
Reported Location: Lebanon Nh 03766

happy said: Called about a bill from back in 2003 that I owed from verizon


Caller ID: "unknown caller"
Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Jacksonville Fl

Fishcer said: On May 30, 2014, I received this message from a restricted number....The message said quote, "Hi..this is Tyler with the official notification department..just responding to the entry for the $50,000 cash give-a-way that was submitted sometime back within the last 18 months. We're looking at your entry. We have very good news. We need you to call us as soon as possible tollfree 1-855-841-6084. Again that's tollfree 1-855-841-6084. We do need to hear from you as soon as possible so we don't overlook your entry...and congratulations", Total B......."i.


Reported Location: Dallas tx

anonymous said: Call and says I'm being sued or something like that. They claim I owe on a loan but I don't understand how that's possible. Because it was in 2006 and I was in the 9th grade then. And when I ask for some paperwork they hang up on me.


Reported Location: Austin, TX 78755

queenie said: Gimme a break


Company / Organization: trs
Reported Location: Cleveland ohio


Caller ID: 8554225520
Company / Organization: Cell phone
Reported Location: j8x2t8

Tozri said: C est fatiguant il appelle 2 fois /jor je pense la vente des croisieres


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: yahoo
Reported Location: austin tx

lala said: i was trying to reach the yahoo help line and called late at night than the next day i resived a call from this number say that they had resived a call from my number if I still needed help to call back so I did, the guy had an accent and told us to go to the logmein123.com website and follow the instructions so he could help us so we did and he was able to control my computer from where he was at, I thought it was freaky so I told him I would call back and check and closed the website. I was just wondering it that was safe or it looks like something bad.?


Company / Organization: Cooper Mediation
Reported Location: Washington

anonymous said: They are now identifying themselves as "Cooper Mediation". They spout the same line though -- I haven't called them back, but if indeed they are a legitimate company, they are breaking all kinds of laws by contacting folks at their place of employment. THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW. I will be calling them to ask them to further identify themselves so that I may file a complaint against so they no longer do business ni my state.


Reported Location: London

Dee said: I've had the following number call me twice on my mobile (cell) phone now but I've never answered. What is it and what do they want?

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