xxxxx said: Calls and disconnects....cannot return call


Reported Location: louisiana

cakeshop said: Called said call this number bank fraud investigator possible identity theff


xxx said: I see complaints on other web sites that caller tries to sell your time share or the caller is micro soft & wants access to your computer.
This is a fake phone number, no phone number is going to be 300-xxxx. This is a scam person calling.


Caller ID: Pete 2075124

Businessman said: This scamer has been bothering my employee almost everyday for the last month.
Interupting business and harrassment to say the least. They shall be stopped.


S&T Telephone Coop Association said: S&T Communications/S&T Telephone is a Kansas based business and has no affiliations with S&P Data or Rogers Communications. We do not do business anywhere near Canada. One of their customers has linked us to them and filed a complaint so it has targeted us also. This is not our way of doing business. S&T Communications /S&T Telephone does not have a robo dialer and does not contact customers in that manner.


Caller ID: NONE

DG said: Call me constantly despite my asking them to stop and also I'm not eligible for their services. SPAM


Company / Organization: (Unknown Scammer)
Reported Location: bellevue,wa

scamslayer said: They called I didn't give in then they proceeded to leave me threatening voicemails. They pussy out and are forwards. Third world country biotches. I sweet talked a girl scamass that called and have her email and fb


Caller ID: QuinStreet
Reported Location: ontario


Reported Location: Romania


Kay said: Called to say I won 2015 suv or $25k?..


Kay said: Called to say I won 2015 suv or $25k?..


Reported Location: Québec

Anonymus said: De la fraude! Des escrocs! De l'arnaque! Si on les coince, qu'on les emprisonne!


Reported Location: burnaby, b.c.

chea said: Yes I am getting really stressed out with this crap. Be a real man or woman and speak when someone is decent enough to give you their time. As far as I am concerned you all need a life and learn to be an honest person and get a real job like the rest of u. I believe you do not do to people that you would not like them to do to you. Just grow up and be a real human being, not a spoiled child. Just stop it already.


Caller type: Collection Agency

anonymous said: Left a message for someone who has never had our phone number on our phone. Left case numbers as well as call back number and a message with a very snotty woman saying you've been served. I called back the number and with using the case number they provided me with was able to get way to far with getting information. They never tried to verify who they were talking to. I admitted to not being them and pointed out that they were technically leaving illegal messages on voicemails.


Caller type: Other

dIANNA said: My mom got a pop up on her computer today. She said she could not get rid of it, no matter what she tried. She called the number on it, believing it was Norton (that's what the pop up said). The guy on the phone said he could get rid of the virus for 199.00. She let him into her computer remotely, but then told him she was going to call me. I told her to unplug her router and shut her computer off. Luckily she didn't get them any information, doesn't save passwords into her computer or anything else. I told her to take it immediately to her computer guy. Bad people - do not trust them!


Cat said: want to know who they are before I was my precious evening time!!


Caller ID: restricted
Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller

Johnathan Berry said: This man call and did not leave a company name. He said they bringing me paper to my home or work place. number he left was 855-769-9664.....

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