dmac1313 said: Who is this


Reported Location: Florida

Sandy said: started calling today. 5:33, 5:34, 5:39 and 5:47 pm. wth? I have a feeling this is not going to stop any time soon. I use mr. number to block spam and various other unwanted calls. Picks up and hangs up all on the first ring.


Reported Location: Toronto, ON

anonymous said: Received a call from this number, caller id says Airmiles Alliance. Anyone else get this?


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: PNR
Reported Location: JAY,FL.32565



Caller ID: Unknown

anonymous said: Said she is a legal courier supposed to deliver a summons to me at home or pkace of work and that I'm supposed to have two ID's ready.


Diane said: the same happend to me they called said I have a civil suit against me and told me the number to call then a few days later found out my daughters number and told her to tell me to call the 855 7852514. I told her to ignore the calls.


xxx said: Recording said he was Bernard Barnell & they're doing some asthma research & if interested, press _____


Caller ID: 'unknown'

anonymous said: caller said that i had a summons and if i didnt call back they would show up in 24 to 48 hours at my job or home. and i needed 2 forms of id.


Reported Location: Tofonto

anonymous said: I received this same call on my cellphone, and I used Skype to call back, but this number is not to be reached from my area!
I received another call aftfter, but I didn,t answer the lunatic who blocks the phone when I call from Skype.


Reported Location: USA

American said: These people are calling from this number acting like they are collecting money. Then they will have another number calling you saying that they are trying to locate you to serve you some papers. In other words saying you have a claim been filed against you. What these people need to do is stop harrassing people. If people owe yall money then at least have the right information which this company has no information that is valid. People please stop trying to get over on Americans. If you can not give proper information then do not call and please stop harrassing calling people phones all night and day.


Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Inverness fl

shorty said: my niece had received a call at her house about calling this number back with a file number so I did come to find out the guy I was speaking to on the phone said they were trying to find a Tracy Copeland and asked if I was her I said no that wasn't my name, well he said have you ever been married or falsified using the name I said no and never have well the bill is over 12 yrs old he told me that if I didn't pay the bill rt now of $351.00 dollars they were taking me to court and sueing me and that I would have to pay court cost, attorney fee's, and some other fee's and the total would come to $2300.00 and he said ill see you in court and hung up


Caller ID: SCAM
Company / Organization: SCAM

scam said: Its a scam dont give any info when they say the are RBC bank collections. I called RBC on the real number and talked to person and they dont have any numbers for 1855xxx-xxxx. DO NOT GIVE ANY INFO


Company / Organization: first choice bank
Reported Location: limerick, pa 19468


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: Conventional Mortgage Network
Reported Location: IL

don charles said: "Mr. Williams" called again after I'd earlier asked to be placed on Do Not Call. Asked company name and Mr. Williams said Conventional Mortgage Network. Asked where his corporate office was and he refused, hung up.


Caller ID: Citi
Reported Location: 78741

Anonymous24 said: I just called back but I dialed back as private... this number belongs to CitiBank through Bestbuy. In my case they were looking for someone else in regards to their credit card account. I told them that the number they called was mine and that I did not want to receive any more calls. They were nice :)


Company / Organization: American
Reported Location: U.S.A.

phaquebigNhard said: Are you guys chinese,korean,or iranian?Americans dont play that and
If you are American you need move your sh*t outa here and
Live over there with them.Then you see what happens when you
You deceive those guys.GET REAL ASSHOLE


Reported Location: 96
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