me said: Calls and hangs up


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: Ontario Canada

O.L.N. said: Calling daily.
I ignore all calls.
5-10 sec silence on other end when answered then double click and disconnection.
Stop calling me losers, this is harassment!


Jackie said: IT IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!! DON'T GIVE THEM MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!!!!!!!!


Company / Organization: CCS & Associates



maeydjjw said: I want to know who this person is


rev said: HUGE SCAM - they are calling my whole family scaring the hell of them


Reported Location: np4 8nu

lfg said: who are these people phoning to my mobile


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Los Angeles

confused said: I also received about 3 unknown calls with 5 min from this number. A guy named Brian Taylor stated he would be at my home periodically on the 13th of this month and for me to ensure I was there so I can get served with court documents. He said if I wanted to know who was trying to serve me to call this number. This is crazy!!!


Reported Location: Quebec Canada

Jay said: I am worried can they make long distance on my cellular because in the Survey they asked me to inter one or 2 followed by #.
What should I do?
When I phoned back the number I got callnet asking me to enter my mailbox number followed by password followed by #.
I do not deal with callnet so I do not have any of this information.


Company / Organization: Burns and Stevens
Reported Location: Miami

Peds said: These people called suposedly collecting a debt for which my father in law is responsable, but they call my wife?? They call from a Miami number as well, but say they are in South Carolina??? This had to do with a Chase Bank account. Wasn't Chase hacked into recently?? Coincidence?? These people threatened with charges, a case number that doesnt exist.... My brother is a detective and had me file a police report. Told me something very simple: Why did they contact you over the phone?? Anything legal will be done through the mail. If they got your phone number, they can sure as hell get your address. No mail?? SCAM!


Caller ID: non
Company / Organization: St lucie west investigation
Reported Location: Fl

Lee said: I had this company call my mom today . She thought I was in trouble. They passed me from caller to caller all with an additude. I thought I was going to jail. The wanted $1236 or. 926 or payment of 103 every. 2 wks . They had no idea i haven't opened a card since 2003.


Bearer said: Had received a call, been receiving such calls. No use of registering with DNCL and there's no place to report such calls.. Seems Telemarketing from Telephone companies.. Just bearing & getting used to like going sh*t daily..


Caller ID: none appears
Company / Organization: burns and stevens llp
Reported Location: illinois

Glenn said: these people, acting like investigator something about payday loan , threatening me about going to court on fraud if I do not pay 1600, I told them to get lost


Reported Location: malta

Kim said: just calls and hang up immediately wat the hell?


Company / Organization: Blue Cross Blue Shield

anonymous said: This is a pre-insurance call from BCBS taking info to "help me best use my new coverage" Seems for real and I am just becoming covered under a plan of theirs.


Company / Organization: BMO
Reported Location: Montreal

Franck said: they claim to be Bank of Montreal. No callerId, no trust.


Reported Location: Ma.

Anon said: This number keeps showing up on caller ID ,,,never leave a message! Sick of phone ringing several times a day! I'm on No call List,,they need to get busy and take care of this bllsht!!!


Caller ID: "UNKNOWN"
Company / Organization: (Unknown Scammer)
Reported Location: arizona

Had IT! said: Scam do not respond! Contact FTC and FBI REPORT THESE scammers ASAP


cwg123 said: This company is a scam. I am in IT and they call me telling me that my computer is infected but cant tell me any information about my computer. I decided just to call them all day today and it looks like they have blocked my phone from ringing through. Im going to keep calling them and see just how long it is before the number no longer works. Fortunately I have 3 other cell phone numbers to call from.. They will hate that they wasted my time trying to scam me..

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