Reported Location: California

Unknown said: Caller said," You are a lucky winner, you won 4000, 00 dollars. Ups will be at your door and all you have to show is ID." Sounds like a scam and scary if they show at your house. The man had an accent and gave me his name, possibly false.


tk said: caller claimed to be with publishers clearing house and I asked to be taken off call list and when he persisted I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said "go f*ck yourself"


Caller ID: 1-187-628-32006
Reported Location: Hilo,Hawaii 96720

anonymous said: Male party seemed to have been disguise his voice with a foreign accent! Party used profanity and yelled when I told him my dad did not enter PCH sweepstake or any other sweepstakes! Very rude and I told him I got his number and will report him and he swore again so I hung up after telling him don't ever call back again!


Caller ID: Kingston
Reported Location: Washington

anonymous said: Call said it was from Kingston Jamaica, and I don't know anyone from there. Heavy Jamaican accent. "Hello" "It's (strange name that I didn't catch) in the house, how you doing?" "I think you have the wrong number, goodbye"


Reported Location: Pondicherry


Caller ID: +1
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Canada


Caller ID: +18766480047
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Canada


Caller ID: +1
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Canada


Company / Organization: Lottery company

BB. said: he wanted you to send money cause you won a lot of gifts and money but you had to pay the taxes fraud


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: publisher clearing house
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: wisconsin

Chuck said: I received a call stating I won 2.6 millon dollars and a Mercedes benz. the man with a weird accent asked if I wanted to receive it today or if I wanted to give it to someone else.


Reported Location: Kolkata

blabla said: Got a Call on 23rd Sept-2015, time 9:57 PM


Caller ID: "Unknown
Reported Location: Sarasota florida

Gary said: Same as above, John Peterson, claiming I won a secondary prize of 350,000, and a 2015 Mercedes. When asked how they got the number he stated that It was from walmart, cvs, kamart, when I go shopping. Mine is a private number and is not given to any establishment. After informing him of this he hung up. time of call was September 8th at 18:27. call originated in jamaca.


Reported Location: Haldia

SG said: i too get the call from this no....but don't picked up that one..bcoz usually these no.s are fake .


Caller ID: jamaica
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: MD

Eric said: keepscalling asking for James who is the person who had the number before me. When I say you have the wrong number they said "f*ck you you dumb mother f*cker" No lie that is the exactly wording that he said. I can't wait for them to call back


Reported Location: Gujarat

Anita said: got a call from the same no. a recorded msg in Hindi...could not comprehend at first....heard the voice of a lady saying "me gharpe akeli rehti hu...blah...blaah....." i cut off the line... the place on my mob showed Jamaica....Parents should be really careful when getting mobiles for their school kids.... Beware...


Reported Location: Kolkata

Sudip said: I got this call from +18766480805 at 00:55 Hrs on 21/7/2015. Since I am trying for a job change-over including abroad assignments, this call could have had been from an employer whom I might have applied for such jobs through employment portals. However, I did not receive the call as I apprehended this to be a fake call. All such people who are expecting calls related to jobs from abroad are hereby advised NOT TO RESPOND TO SUCH CALLS FOR THE 1ST TIME. Pls keep in mind that such employers will contact you first through mail, disclose their identity with phone numbers and then you call them subject to verification of such number like sending messages thru websites, return mails etc.BE CAREFUL GUYS!!


Reported Location: Vizag

hussain said: thanks for the post guys


Reported Location: mumbai

A said: scam

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