Caller ID: "Unknown
Reported Location: alberta, canada


Caller ID: Unknown
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: alberta, canada

anonymous said: Received phone call from unknown caller, at 12:25 pm afternoon, ask for me, then went on to tell me that I won , very large sum of money, that my name was drawn, I ask him where was the raffle tickets from, he told me I spent money at Walmart an some other stores, I told him I never enter any raffle, but he still insisted, I told him he was trying to scam me, an what was the cat he avoided my questions, I told him I was calling the police then the call , ended.


Caller type: Unknown

anonymous said: They just called 2 times and did not leave a message. When I tried calling back it was busy so I blocked the number assuming that it was just another spam call!!


Caller ID: 4071218014
Company / Organization: Blackjack mobile
Reported Location: Bangalore

Kumarswamy said: Hi pakee Chohan plz cal me this number 7899555757 plzzz


Reported Location: Kolkata

Kumarswamy said: I want to talk with pakee Chohan her cod 1218


Caller ID: jamaica
Company / Organization: Over Seas Scammer

xx said: Caller ID showed Jamaica on my cell phone.


Caller ID: "UNKNOWN"
Company / Organization: Mega Millions Sweepstakes
Reported Location: Hawaii

anonymous said: Male caller identified himself as David Williams, calling from Las Vegas, ( 702-516-7272) to inform me that I won 5.3 million from the Mega Millions Sweepstakes and that I would have to pay a delivery fee of, 999; $999.00. (This is definitely a SCAM!) He ask how close was the nearest Western Union, post office, and bank. He also asked a number of personal questions. Anyway, he said he would call me back tomorrow with instructions at 10:00a.m. Or 10:15 a.m. And if he didn't call back at that time, then I should call his cell phone # 1-867-378-6862. ( I checked this number and it's a Jamaica #...definitely not calling this A...H... back!)


Caller ID: Private
Company / Organization: Publishers Clearing House
Reported Location: 76053

Ed said: I was called on 8-30 to say I had won $785,000 from Publishers Clearing House, but before I could get it I had to pay $600 in taxes. I was told call him (Michael Collins) back and told later to call him back at 8:30 this morning. He asked questions about how much money I had now or had ever had. He asked various other questions. Of course, I did not call him back this morning.


Company / Organization: Lotto PCH rep.
Caller type: Unknown

phishing said: I won $980,000 and a Mercedez Benz and I didn't even have to sign up for anything! B.S.

A guy with an accent similar to Jamaican called me and told me I won this and that he worked for Publishers Clearing House. Of course I was completely skeptical from the very beginning because I didn't sign up for any drawings and I haven't done the PCH thing in like 15 years (phone number has changed since then). After sharing my skepticism the man said he'd transfer me to his boss, mind you the whole time I could hear in the background squeaky doors, other people chatting (not your normal office sounds). At this point I wanted to hear this thing out because I've actually never been scammed before lol. His "boss" got on the phone and insisted that I was the 2nd place winner. He asked if I was at home or at work. I said at work. He asked where I worked. I just said for a company. Then I asked him where his company was. He said "from the Las Vegas Nevada". I'm from WI and even I know damn well that people just call it Vegas. Then he asked if I could talk to my boss and get off of work so he could deliver my check and my car to me today. I asked if it had to be at my house. He said either my house or at my bank. Then I asked him if he could send me his credentials. That's when he hung up lol.


Caller ID: Jmaica
Company / Organization: I G B

Savvy said: Some jerk with a stupid accent calls and says I won 3 million dollars from the IGB and asks for personal information or send $360 through western union to register. When I questioned this idiot about giving personal info he started using the "F" word and yelling and insutling me. If you call this number 1-876-546-7214 you can talk to this jerk (he said his name is johnny)and mess with him, (he actually answered the phone when I called), Caller ID says its from Jamaica but he insisted he was calling from Washington state. Total scammer and not too smart either.


Reported Location: California

Unknown said: Caller said," You are a lucky winner, you won 4000, 00 dollars. Ups will be at your door and all you have to show is ID." Sounds like a scam and scary if they show at your house. The man had an accent and gave me his name, possibly false.


tk said: caller claimed to be with publishers clearing house and I asked to be taken off call list and when he persisted I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said "go f*ck yourself"


Caller ID: 1-187-628-32006
Reported Location: Hilo,Hawaii 96720

anonymous said: Male party seemed to have been disguise his voice with a foreign accent! Party used profanity and yelled when I told him my dad did not enter PCH sweepstake or any other sweepstakes! Very rude and I told him I got his number and will report him and he swore again so I hung up after telling him don't ever call back again!


Caller ID: Kingston
Reported Location: Washington

anonymous said: Call said it was from Kingston Jamaica, and I don't know anyone from there. Heavy Jamaican accent. "Hello" "It's (strange name that I didn't catch) in the house, how you doing?" "I think you have the wrong number, goodbye"


Reported Location: Pondicherry


Caller ID: +1
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Canada


Caller ID: +18766480047
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Canada


Caller ID: +1
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Canada
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