Caller ID: Wells Fargo

jack said: Do not bank with them. Keep calling


Terri said: I get calls from this number with threats but they leave no information. They just say I should call back!


Reported Location: vancouver bc

annoyed said: they call me several times a day. i hate it. how can i stop it?


Caller ID: Toll Free Caller
Reported Location: delano


Reported Location: 21131


Reported Location: Quebec City

anonymous said: One ring tone and then nothing.


Island Girl said: Who is this number?


Company / Organization: Pinnacle Group
Reported Location: Arkansas

AR Resident said: Received a fake "bill" in Spanish with this phone number listed on the bill 1-877-209-4163 and to send money to "Integrity Solution Services Inc" at PO BOX 1850, St Charles, MO 63302. This fraudulent bill came from no name, just address of Dept 673, PO BOX 4115, Concord, CA 94524. My name doesn't even sound Spanish and I do not speak Spanish yet this is the first bill I've received from these people and it is in Spanish? I do not owe anyone any money. We practice Dave Ramsey ways for more than 10 years now, and pay for everything up front except our mortgage. I get some crazy, fake bill for $92.26 in Spanish? Sounds like a huge scam. I did Internet searches on this company's name, and both addresses, and seems they send fake collection notices (in Spanish now). I warn the average consumer to be weary of this and talk with your elderly so they don't get caught up in these scams because the elderly might pay them thinking they owe something. I'm sending this information to our State's Attorney General's office as well as the CA and MO State Attorney General's offices to report these scammers. I suggest you do the same if you receive a "bill" or phone call from these people. If you don't know your State Attorney General's office info, you can usually find it by doing an Internet search and they can be your advocate. God bless!


Caller ID: 800 services
Company / Organization: Wells Fargo
Reported Location: Modesto Ca

Mes said: They called my work number, asking for me. I didn't know who it was at first, so I asked who was calling. They stated it was someone (don't remember the name) from wells fargo. When I said I wasn't in yet and if I could take a message, they just hung up! Very strange!


Caller ID: BMO
Reported Location: HAMILTON

Ontario Canuck said: Received a call from the above number and after I said hello there was a pause. Next a voice, foreign accent, asking for me by name. He
started talking about me being eligible to receive something. I had a problem hearing him, due to his accent, sounded like Far East, take your pick. I then said why not put it in the mail and he said okay, I will put it in the mail. Click, he was gone


Reported Location: Quebec

Giraldo said: African scam artists


Caller type: Unknown

Sassi said: Calls received in 2014 from 1-877-640-2677: I also have calls from 1-800-640-2920 *another number for this unknown??
March 27, 2014 @2:17pm
May 21, 2014 @2:27
May 22, 2014 @11:48am
May 30, 2014 @1:04pm


Reported Location: 68046

Anon said: I don't have voice mail, but get calls from this number on my cell phone. Annoying, as I am on the do not call list.


Reported Location: Ottawa, Canada


Reported Location: Saskatchewan

annoyed said: These idiots call every morning! When I answer the phone, they never reply. Very, very annoying!


xxx said: I got a Robo call from a Mrs. Wagner & her message stated they're doing a clinical research study for the treatment of asthma.

Claimed there's a local Dr. in my area doing this study.

Well if it's a Dr. in my area, there's no need to hide the company on caller ID nor is there a reason to have a toll free number.....because a local Dr. in my area doesn't need a toll free number, he'd have a regular number.


Caller ID: Toll Free Call
Company / Organization: midland credit management
Reported Location: mckinney tx 75069

linlin said: They call me at my work. I don't know how they knew that and has my work #. That should be harassment. If they want me they need to call me and leave a message. I filed bankrucy and I know that i do not owe. They want leave a message so i can get some info. I think that they are trying to get me to pay credit card debt that was already file in court as bankrucy. These people are nothing but dirt in the ground. They are the scum of the earth. They are rentless.


Company / Organization: midland credit online
Reported Location: ca

k said: They called me twice today. I answered, and it was the first time I have ever heard of them, their info towards me seem correct, and he told me that if I paid over the phone, he would give me 50% off my debt. I gave him my card numbers. Then he asked for my current adress so the company can send me my receipt and info about my cleared debt. He said the transaction went through and even gave me a confirmation number. Later on, I checked my bank account activity, and there wasn't any transactions of the amount that I supposed payed. What happened? Did i get scammed? Help!

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