Caller type: Unknown

Sassi said: Calls received in 2014 from 1-877-640-2677: I also have calls from 1-800-640-2920 *another number for this unknown??
March 27, 2014 @2:17pm
May 21, 2014 @2:27
May 22, 2014 @11:48am
May 30, 2014 @1:04pm


Reported Location: 68046

Anon said: I don't have voice mail, but get calls from this number on my cell phone. Annoying, as I am on the do not call list.


Reported Location: Ottawa, Canada


Reported Location: Saskatchewan

annoyed said: These idiots call every morning! When I answer the phone, they never reply. Very, very annoying!


xxx said: I got a Robo call from a Mrs. Wagner & her message stated they're doing a clinical research study for the treatment of asthma.

Claimed there's a local Dr. in my area doing this study.

Well if it's a Dr. in my area, there's no need to hide the company on caller ID nor is there a reason to have a toll free number.....because a local Dr. in my area doesn't need a toll free number, he'd have a regular number.


Caller ID: Toll Free Call
Company / Organization: midland credit management
Reported Location: mckinney tx 75069

linlin said: They call me at my work. I don't know how they knew that and has my work #. That should be harassment. If they want me they need to call me and leave a message. I filed bankrucy and I know that i do not owe. They want leave a message so i can get some info. I think that they are trying to get me to pay credit card debt that was already file in court as bankrucy. These people are nothing but dirt in the ground. They are the scum of the earth. They are rentless.


Company / Organization: midland credit online
Reported Location: ca

k said: They called me twice today. I answered, and it was the first time I have ever heard of them, their info towards me seem correct, and he told me that if I paid over the phone, he would give me 50% off my debt. I gave him my card numbers. Then he asked for my current adress so the company can send me my receipt and info about my cleared debt. He said the transaction went through and even gave me a confirmation number. Later on, I checked my bank account activity, and there wasn't any transactions of the amount that I supposed payed. What happened? Did i get scammed? Help!


Reported Location: columbus , ohio

Michelle said: What is the next of this place


Reported Location: Atlanta,Ga

Barbara said: I am on NO CALL LISTS, changed my phone number hoping to avoid them. With new number it continues...how can I stop them?


Caller ID: "unavailable"
Company / Organization: frenchise tex board
Reported Location: ca,la.90066


Company / Organization: Golden Pharma
Reported Location: Los Angeles Ca

BetterSafe said: This Telephone Number Associated with Golden Pharma Associated with Ip Address, also using
there e-mail address as: heyjew (at) msn. Some Nerve.. Huh


Company / Organization: Affinity Federal Credit Union
Reported Location: NJ

Affinity Federal Credit Union said: Phone Call our Member Service Center at 800.325.0808 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to speak with a representative.
Email Send an email to the department of your choice. We will respond within 48 hours or two business days.
Fax Send us a fax at 908.860.3883
Mail Reach us by mail at 73 Mountainview Boulevard, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920


Reported Location: Ontario Canada

tink said: This number keeps calling me up to 3-5 times daily and I've had enough of them calling!!! They don't respond to me when I have answered their call....this is extremely annoying and I want them to stop!!


Reported Location: Quebec


Caller ID: None Appears.
Company / Organization: unknown number

Disgusted said: Received a call from 877-662-4324 on my cell phone. No message left. When you call the number back you get 15 seconds of Dead Silence, then a recorded message starts that says the person at Ext 9001 is not available, and to leave your message, which I did not do nor ever will do. We do pick up calls that we not recognize the number. Sounds like either a Bottom Feeder Debt Collector or a Scam.


Caller ID: toll free cable
Reported Location: Orange CA

Michael said: I moved to Orange CA in July of 2013 and got a new land line for the area. I started getting calls from this number and the Caller ID says it is Toll Free Cable. The caller never leaves a message. I once answered and someone said they were looking for a particular person. I said this was my line since July of 2013. They asked if I knew the person they sought. "No." The calls resumed. I put the number on the "Do not call list" some months ago. But the calls persist. I got one call over the weekend sometime, two on Monday April 14 and another one today (Tuesday the 15th). I guess I will have to file a report with the FCC.


Caller ID: 3056310175

monique said: To all you girls .wake up and smell the coffee. He is a liar .hope he told all you girls about me .Trust me I'm just mad because of guys who like to lie .trust me .I'm real .but I hate liars .you want to be with a girl bring it on.)


Caller ID: 3056310175

monique said: To all you girls .wake up and smell the coffee. He is a liar .hope he told all you girls about me .Trust me I'm just mad because of guys who like to lie .trust me .I'm real .but I hate liars .you want to be with a girl bring it on.)

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