Caller ID: "unknown name"
Reported Location: K8R1G1

Frazer said: They call all hours of the night and weekends... They yell and scream swearing .... Even though I have told them many times they have the wrong number... I'm calling the cops next time and I'm going to record everything!!!!


Company / Organization: Portfolio Recovery
Reported Location: 29445

Ms B said: as always, another one of *Portfolio Recovery Associates* many phone numbers, they're calling & asking for the *wrong* person . . .
beware! a call from 877-803-0008 (or any of PRA's other phone numbers) is a debt collection scam ~ they are *phishing* for info --AND-- using *scare tactics* to get money from you . . . . .give - them - nothing.


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Houston TX

crseeley said: This number is listed as having charged $282.90 from my checking account. There are many people with similar problems on their credit cards too. They are listed as Benefit Transaction on my statement. I don't know who they are, and this has to be a scam. I've advised my bank to not accept the charges in the future.


Reported Location: 40065


Caller ID: 19178822333
Company / Organization: FLORIDA BLOOD CENTERS
Reported Location: alabama

monique said: Good move


Caller ID: 19178822333
Company / Organization: FLORIDA BLOOD CENTERS
Reported Location: alabama


Caller ID: 1-877-218-8360
Caller type: Telemarketer

Anon said: i have been annoyed by this telemarketer for several days now. So with caaler ID I can call them back, and I do several times a day.
I even call them through the night until 2 or 3am. Sometimes I get their machine but other times they answer and I can tell I woke them up. I have blocked caller so they can only speculate as to whom is harrassing them. Don't think this method has deterred their phone calling but I do get a bit of satisfaction. Everyone who has been inconvenienced by these low life scam artists should start calling them after midnight. See how they like it!


Caller ID: NONE
Reported Location: saskatoon, sask

Don h said: been getting the same calls to & was wondering if it was a scam to fleece money from people as they kept avoiding my
questions on what company they're from; I think it's ICBL but not sure or something like that


Caller ID: toll free
Company / Organization: best buy
Reported Location: Texas


Caller ID: toll free
Company / Organization: best buy
Reported Location: Texas


Caller ID: 800 Serivce
Reported Location: AZ

Bajer said: WHO? WHAT?


Company / Organization: business development center

annoyed said: I get calls frequently, but answer half the time because even when I answer they just hang up. They wont say where they get your number one, and they are selling services but wont explain what services? REALLY....Sounds like a scam to me. I have called them back and its a very nondescript simple message leaving system. I have told their people and their machine to remove my number. Its been a very agitating time. This is the most unprofessional set of idiots I have had the pleasure of speaking with.


Company / Organization: self data pro
Reported Location: utah

Anon said: these people keep signing me up to magazines I do not order and I have to keep cancelling them.
I do not condone the use of rainforest materials for commercial use.
I do not play games.
It is despicable that a company would keep doing this.
Utah~ same sh*t different day.


Reported Location: Flagstaff Az

KatrinaT said: SCAM! Do my give these people any information! Talked to the rep for a bit and she told lie after lie trying to get personal information on me and my children. She said she was calling from the business center from our local hospital. Such bolognie!


Caller ID: 1-800 Service
Reported Location: woburn, ma

Bob said: This is BS. This number has been calling me for weeks. No message. Started today, New Year's Day at 8 a.m. Anybody know who this is??

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