Caller ID: toll free
Company / Organization: best buy
Reported Location: Texas


Caller ID: toll free
Company / Organization: best buy
Reported Location: Texas


Caller ID: 800 Serivce
Reported Location: AZ

Bajer said: WHO? WHAT?


Company / Organization: business development center

annoyed said: I get calls frequently, but answer half the time because even when I answer they just hang up. They wont say where they get your number one, and they are selling services but wont explain what services? REALLY....Sounds like a scam to me. I have called them back and its a very nondescript simple message leaving system. I have told their people and their machine to remove my number. Its been a very agitating time. This is the most unprofessional set of idiots I have had the pleasure of speaking with.


Company / Organization: self data pro
Reported Location: utah

Anon said: these people keep signing me up to magazines I do not order and I have to keep cancelling them.
I do not condone the use of rainforest materials for commercial use.
I do not play games.
It is despicable that a company would keep doing this.
Utah~ same sh*t different day.


Reported Location: Flagstaff Az

KatrinaT said: SCAM! Do my give these people any information! Talked to the rep for a bit and she told lie after lie trying to get personal information on me and my children. She said she was calling from the business center from our local hospital. Such bolognie!


Caller ID: 1-800 Service
Reported Location: woburn, ma

Bob said: This is BS. This number has been calling me for weeks. No message. Started today, New Year's Day at 8 a.m. Anybody know who this is??


Caller ID: Toll Free Call
Company / Organization: none give
Reported Location: Michigan

Bob said: They call many times a day. The one time I answered, after being put on hold by an automated attendant, a live person came online and asked for my husband by name. When I told them he wasn't there they hung up.


Reported Location: Guelph


Reported Location: Toronto

Almost GOT ME! said: I was called by this number and they were trying to convince me to purchase some credit score protection service through BMO. The person's name was "Vin". I listened for quite a while because I was curious and then politely said "No". There was a little pressure to reconsider. I always request that detailed paper information be mailed via postage to my home address that is on file. That usually stops things. In the end I said, "If I want to view my credit history and credit score I will actively seek it out, I do not need your service". Now, after reading this webpage I am convinced it is a scam.


Reported Location: Caldwell, OH 43724


Caller ID: toll free
Company / Organization: Wy Dept Health
Reported Location: Cheyenne

Jen S said: Seems odd that they will call and each time does not want to talk to the woman after asking woman how many adult males live in home.

I have received many calls from this number, two of which I was home to answer the call. Normally it is during regular work hours or on Sundays in the early evening.

Again today I received a call and I answered it. I was told both times that it is a survey for Wyoming Public Health. Before asking if I want to participate, even though I was willing, the person on the phone started to ask me questions.

I was told that my number was randomly picked for survey, even though they have been calling three to six times a week for a couple months from this number.
The caller today asked me, is this (XXX)-XXX-XXXX, I told her yes.

Both times I was asked if I live in Wyoming, if this number is a cell phone or home, and then how many adults over 18 live in the home.

Here is the part that seems off to me. I was then asked how many males, then how many females. I answered and am obviously the female in the home. The caller then said that they have to speak randomly to an adult in the home. This happened on both calls. They asked to speak to the eldest male of the home. Again, I am the only adult female and have already said there is only one adult male.

I told the person on the first call that he was not available, caller said, he is not at home? I said he is but sleeping. Then the caller said ok well we will try again later and asked if he will be home later that night.

The call today did the same as to wanting to speak to the male. I told them that he is not available, again, and she asked about him being home. I said he is not home and if he was that he will not do a survey that she can ask me though. She said they will try again but make a note of him not being available or will not be.

€I have tried to return to ask why when they call they "randomly" pick only the person not who answered the phone and what details about the program I could find. I would be on hold, regardless of which line I select, for some time and then transferred.

Does anyone know anything on this?


Caller ID: Emery
Company / Organization: toll free call
Reported Location: wyoming,mi 49519

Robert Emery said: they keep calling us


Caller ID: toll free
Company / Organization: City cards
Reported Location: Colorado
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