Company / Organization: g


Company / Organization: Falicification of TCR
Reported Location: Ontario-Canada

James said: False number of real Collection Agency.


Reported Location: NL.

Natasha said: The number has been showing up on my phone everyday I wish they would stop calling.


Company / Organization: 5 STAR BANK
Reported Location: ESONDIDO, CA


Reported Location: montreal,qc

djnad said: call me once but no voicemail msg,this calls should be cut.i thought im secured and no one can get your number unless you gave to somebody...there should be a law for these company keep calling you unexpectedly most of those asking personal informations and promoting,offering their products...


Sue said: I checked the website but thhe ref# they left wasn't me & matched anything


Reported Location: Duffield, AB

Donna said: They keep calling several times a day, this is so anoying> I wish they would quit. Dont they get the message when you hang up on them


Caller ID: cnd
Reported Location: Regina, sk, s4s 2l2

nicek said: dfasd


Caller ID: Toll Free Serv
Reported Location: British colombia


Reported Location: K1N6V4

Mia said: this number called me twice today and I don't understand what did the man on the phone say! He kept asking me something register online... I'm not sure. I said "I don't understand what are you talking", then he hanged up quickly.


Reported Location: pocatello,ID 83202


Reported Location: pocatello,ID 83202


Reported Location: pocatello,ID 83202


Reported Location: pocatello,ID 83202

Frances said: I nead to know who this number belongs to. thank you


Company / Organization: CBB collections
Reported Location: Toronto

victim of identity theft in th... said: they called saying they were from "CBB" collections agency on behalf of Walmart and that i owed money from an outstanding account with them. they were asking for personal identification information including birth date and address which i refused to provide since i knew that i did not have a walmart account. i think they were fishing for information to commit fraudulent activity/identity theft. do not tell them anything!


Reported Location: Germantown, MD 20874

Rich said: I receive calls from this number 2-3 times a day everyday. When I answer, there is no one on the calling end. Royal nuisance.

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