Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: Scotia bank telemarketer
Reported Location: Alberta

anonymous said: I searched and found numerous complaints about the number originating from a Bank of Nova Scotia telemarketing place regardless of wether you asked for, are a current customer or even want anything to do with them.


Company / Organization: national legal
Reported Location: texas

tava said: stating they are serving papers to my home and work place. trying to make me assume they are associated with the police department.


Caller ID: N/A
Reported Location: Mississauga,Ont

Harry said: constant calls often with no one on the line. It is Bell Canada


colin said: This person called me from a number and I have no information where this number came from. 0010280735018. They are trying to sell me "Garcinia Cambogia"! When I told him "im not interested thanks" he kept pushing for my card details. The thing thats pissing me off is he knows my name and cellphone number! WTF! Does anyone know WHO this number belongs to please. Any kind of help will do Thanks!
Reply !


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: TCR
Reported Location: Canada

anonymous said: Got a message on my brand new cell phone from them at 7:30 this morning Asking me to call them back about an urgent matter and stating the company was TCR(said so fast i had to listen to the message four times to hear it properly). I find it odd that the company website states a different 1 800 number to call them back at, with no mention of this number. However i called back and was told politely that they were looking for someone )they gave a name). I told them my name and mentioned that i had just gotten the number they were calling. They said it might take 48 hours for the calls to stop. Here's hoping that's the end of this.


Caller ID: 1 800 service
Reported Location: Orlando

JGV said: Caller never leaves a message, I don't answer unknown numbers.


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: National Process & Management
Caller type: Collection Agency
Reported Location: Seattle, WA

anonymous said: Harrassing calls from this organization.


Caller ID: 08884952022
Company / Organization: karnataka
Reported Location: banglore


Blake said: They are persistent buggers


Reported Location: Lombard, IL

anonymous said: FRADULENT LOAN COMPANY. Called me for verification that I took out a payday loan, which I got 7 spam e-mails for the same day. I told them it was fraud and they hung up. When I called back and hit the prompt to speak to someone, it routed me to - please go to our website. When I called back multiple times it just disconnected me without even a call tree this time.


Company / Organization: Commercial Credit Adjusters
Caller type: Collection Agency
Reported Location: Victoria


Reported Location: NJ

pem59 said: Called twice within a few minutes
1st time - Bunch of Numbers V###    
There was a real person on other end Tried answering in Francais - Je Dit - "ne me téléphoner pas Comprenez-vous" – Je crois que il comprend.  
2nd time -    Bunch of Numbers V###
Left Message on machine about  an important message about your homes energy efficiency to call 888-242-3555

If they do not understand and follow the law, why should I deal straight with them?


Caller ID: "UNKNOWN"
Reported Location: Kelowna, BC

anonymous said: Really, calling my cell phone? Wow! Irritating that they have the caller id blocked....invasive, for sure....not to mention a pain in the a$$...
Ticked off? YOU BET! Won't be answering this number any time soon.....


Reported Location: West Jordan, Utah 84081

Nathaniel said: called on 6/15/2013


Company / Organization: completech
Reported Location: Knoxville

anonymous said: There a scam for your money they refused to give me my money back as a customer I was very unsatisfied. They fix your computer for a day have you sign a statement that same day saying that everything is fine and than the next day your computer is worse an they have you sign electronically they hold that against you and argue with you about getting your money back!


Caller ID: Toll Free Caller
Reported Location: Edinburg,Texas 78542

marty said: They call and leave ugly ,messages on my answering machine

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