lumber jack said: Hangs up when answered?


Reported Location: danville ky

dorthyw said: Call number back in English they said you have dialed a wrong number then stated a bunch of letters


Caller ID: 10076400000
Reported Location: FLA

KIMBLE said: T-Mobile -junk texts. System testing usually.


Reported Location: advance,nc 27006

anonymous said: These idiots call at least once a day and instantly hang up...very annoying.


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: Scammer
Reported Location: tennessee

anonymous said: suspect this is a scammer who has highjacked a friend's phone numbers.


Reported Location: winnipeg

anonymous said: this number keeps on calling like everyday on my cellphone! its so annoying!


keltarking said: Piece of sh*t undidentified callers don't even say a f*cking thing when you answer the goddamn phone. Someone ought to find these sh*t eaters and bash their f*cking skulls in.


Caller type: Unknown

annonymous said: The federal no call appears to be B.S. as it does not deter this number. You can't even find who originates this call.They ask for info to provide a job seeking service. Any hackers out there that now how to bounce back calls to unwanted numbers ? if so do the rest of us a favor and post it.


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: San Diego, CA

anonymous said: Telemarketer. Ignore this caller.


Reported Location: Fredonia, NY

TTK said: Got a strange message from this number about assault cases; when I returned the call- the phone rang about 8 times and then went to a fast busy tone ...


Company / Organization: IRS
Reported Location: Dadeville al 36853


Caller type: Unknown

anonymous said: Must be a spoof number that was not on the 753 list
I appreciate the heads-up


Caller ID: Name not found
Reported Location: 30331

Lacy said: rec. call from this number from someone with a Hispanic accent. Trying to make the call sound personal. He called three times. I put the phone to the TV the 2nd and last time. Have fun Boo!


Reported Location: ohio

anonymous said: The # had called twice 2day (28th), & twice yesterday (27th). I havent answered it yet though.


Caller ID: mette trille
Reported Location: denmark

mette trille said: giv me my f*cking cash back u bunch of scammers!!!!!!!!!!!!

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