Reported Location: muscat, Oman

anonymous said: ass !!


Caller ID: servicemsg
Reported Location: Colorado Springs, CO 80908

MarkMyWord said: WTH I cant even take a nap without a call from these relentless phone bully's. Bully fits them just fine since thay attack us and we can't do a thing about it!


Reported Location: 19606

Todd said: keeps calling daily


Reported Location: fort smith, arkansas

MadasHell said: these jack offs hang up when you ask to be removed from their list


Reported Location: California

won't be fooled said: This woman has called me twice saying I won a million dollars for paying my bills on time, she wants me to confirm my address. I told her I was going to report her to the FBI and she started yelling at me and then hung up!


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: it doesn't say
Reported Location: 23456

anonymous said: i believe this to be a telemarketer


Reported Location: Sudbury MA

Unknown said: I am so sorry the number is 1-000-012-3456, I listed 1-000-002-3456, no one called me from that number....so sorry.

My privious comment was (Unwanted caller is calling from this 1-000-002-3456 umber since last 4 to 5 months and harassing us. Can you guys take action to do somehting on this?
I have checked on line that many people have reported same complaint as me.)


Reported Location: Sudbury, MA

Unknown said: Unwanted caller is calling from this 1-000-002-3456 umber since last 4 to 5 months and harassing us. Can you guys take action to do somehting on this?
I have checked on line that many people have reported same complaint as me.


Anon said: Talks in an unknown foreign language. Calls early early in the am. I always think it's an emergency getting a call at 2am


Reported Location: Bloomfield Hills, MI

joe said: My friend got this number on his cell, we're both eleven to twelve. Any thoughts?


anonymous said: message says to call this number to have my number removed from their database. Of course, it is a lie. Scumbags.


alfonso said: same thing a woman called here left a message sounds like intimidating message then i call first thing she ask is my birthdate and last 4 digit of my social


Caller ID: "unkown name"
Company / Organization: CBD Collection Agency
Reported Location: Canada

na said: Collection agency


Caller ID: 633-000-4422
Reported Location: 41017

anonymous said: Received a call on my work cell phone. Caller ID number was 633 000 4422. There was no name on the Caller ID. I did not answer. They did not leave a message. If you try to call the number back, you can't even completely dial the number before you get a recording that says "Your number cannot be completed as dialed..."


Caller ID: USA
Reported Location: coquitlam,bc

anonymous said: caller said he is from hsbc........fraudster


Reported Location: walker la

matthew heber said: hey


Caller ID: Unavailable
Company / Organization: Smart Shoppers Savings Club
Reported Location: Missouri

Steve said: Called collect. Smart Shoppers Saving Club. Only learned name after I accepted the call (was actually expecting a call from family thus my taking it). Will dispute the charges now.
Called back to confirm. They said they wanted to GIVE me a $100 Gift card good at Walmart, Target, Kmart, etc.
The catch? I PAY them a one time fee of $6+ for a shipping and handling.
I asked why would I pay for a Gift, the definition of which is something being GIVEN to me.
They said it was one time only, not recurring.
I repeated myself and they terminated the


Caller ID: Caller ID says
Reported Location: 57701

annonymous said: This number generates early morning auto-dialed calls. only one of the many calls have a live person to answer and when I responded to their greeting they hung up.


anonymous said: They call and hang up

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