Ben said: i think is e friend


Caller ID: Max Security
Reported Location: Pageland, SC 29728


Reported Location: Charleston SC

Herb said: Getting average 5 calls daily from this number. Answered once and got bs about survey and free walmart gift card. Hung up,still getting calls.


anonymous said: called twice in a row


Reported Location: henderson nc.

early bird said: something should be done about these people and phone calls. that is just terrible.


Reported Location: Orlando, FL

Mike said: I answered a call from this number and the person on the line told me they were conducting a survey about the upcoming Nov elections. I told them I did not want to participate in this survey and I asked to be removed from the calling list; however, I received a call from the same number the very next day! Too bad the Do Not Call Registry doesn't apply to political organizations...


Caller ID: Unknown

annon said: They call about 8-9 times a day, even on weekends. They also never leave a message.


Company / Organization: g


anonymous said: The number calls and texts, and in some unknown language. Occasionally leaves message.


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: Dont Know
Reported Location: Tacoma, washington

Jackkiiee said: This number keeps calling my cell phone but I never answer it!!!


Company / Organization: courtney cleary
Reported Location: brooksville, fl

marissa said: says she wants to buy a dog I have advertised


Caller ID: unk
Company / Organization: unk
Reported Location: HUBBARD, OHIO

Margo said: I am on tha national do not call list for telemarketing and scam companys will you please stop calling me....

Thank You


Reported Location: madera california

navjot singh said: hello how are you sorry imissed the call.
please let me knowthe purpose of call,


Reported Location: madera california

navjot singh said: hello how are you sorry imissed the call.
please let me knowthe purpose of call,


Company / Organization: Falicification of TCR
Reported Location: Ontario-Canada

James said: False number of real Collection Agency.


Company / Organization: Mass Media Inc.
Caller type: Telemarketer
Reported Location: Toronto, Ontario

Lyckos said: The company is Mass Media Inc., also Broadcaster Mass Media Inc., 105-13321 Yonge St Suite 250, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 0K5. Other Fax number is 416-900-4633. You can send an email to block your number, but if you do, they will know that it is a valid fax number and simply sell it or switch to another telemarketing company - and this will NEVER end. Try disconnecting immediately when they call so they will get an error, or block their fax numbers from your end, if your machine permits. You can also pay Bell to block these calls for you. Good Luck (and wish me the same).


d said: This number called with our name and location...saying his name is Blake. Stating his parents told him to call this number... when we said he was wrong and that we had nothing in common he said "are you sure?" ,,,, we ended the phone call....


Janet said: This guy KAZEM RASSOLI repeatedly called for anything work needed to be done. Have reported to Do Not Call agency.

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