Reported Location: Clarksville

Nugget said: hello, who is calling me from this number?


Company / Organization: Prescription Turf Services
Reported Location: Middleton, MA

NB said: Name of Business: Prescription Turf Services - Middleton, MA


Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: New York

Ticked off said: My husband received calls from this number on his cell phone. When I picked up, there was a click sound like a camera was taking your picture and then hung up. Please be careful and cover up your camera on cell phone so that they won't get your picture. Comes up 1-415-121-6432 San Francisco/North Bay Area.
Caller: unknown comes up number and San Francisco/North Bay Area on caller id
Reply !


Reported Location: 01002

Disgusted said: they call ... and call ...... and I am disgusted ... and that they call even though "supposedly" they are blocked from calling me ....
UGH! ... and more UGH!


Aaron said: Saw this number on a social networking site. I think it's a scam, because it was from a 'woman' asking guys to text her to receive pictures of her since the site didn't allow racier shots than what she claimed to have had.


Caller ID: Nemaram
Company / Organization: koppa
Reported Location: karnataka


Caller ID: Bhawarlal
Company / Organization: koppa
Reported Location: karnataka


Reported Location: St Pete, Fl

john said: some s3xual crap about boners I didn't like


Reported Location: Mahomet Il.

gg said: I filled out a job app. on line.... JEEZE I have been harrassed since. This is just one of many No# that call all day and night


Caller ID: 1042927845

RJ said: Pranked called me physically threatening me


Caller ID: Name Unavailable
Reported Location: 46360

Anon said: Keep Calling figured it was a spoof!


Anonymus said: who is this calling my phone


Company / Organization: AAA
Caller type: Commercial
Reported Location: Wisconsin

anonymous said: AAA. They will remove you from their call list if you call back and manage to get through to a live operator (you can't just press 0! I think I tried option 5, then option 4?). A bit of a hassle, but easy and effective.


Caller ID: jamaica
Reported Location: MN

emjY said: they called, claiming to be publisher's clearing house. they wanted to deliver a check to my door in an hour, for a million and a half dollars. (they had my name and address) when i questioned motives, i was assured that they would bring a police escort, and would accompany me to the bank to have my check from the bank of america cashed. the call was being "recorded by the bank of america and the better business bureau". i offered to have the sheriff there to meet them, and hung up on them.


Reported Location: Texas

Anon said: I don't know who this was but they called me every half hour from 11:30 a.m. through 5:00 pm today. I feel like I am being stalked!


jks1212 said: calls then hangs up

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