Kathy said: yeah, i'm getting the same problem. this is a scam. don't answer like i do or even better i turn off my phone for a while.


kwessy said: no stupid it all comes in on the same line


hawaii cell said: Note that I have been getting calls from them as well.  they have pools of numbers they call from with different area codes.  Same scams or other nonsense.  But they are all scams.  I am changing my number to an unlisted and unpublished number.  The only way to be rid of them.  They do not honor the do not call list and continue calling after repeated attempts to stop.  Freakin getsnuggie.com sold my freakin number to these idiots.


phone call said: recvd a call from this number im in illinois  the call is from washington state, i called the numvber back and the recording is the call cant be completed as dialed


DiamondGal said: I just got a phone call from this number.. it say something about final attempt before your vehicle is re... then it disconnects.... really weird! I called it back from my cell phone and it's disconnected...


rip said: I got the same letter too..did anyone check up on this to see if it was a scam?


Ryan said: Vonage is known for displaying and sending the wrong caller ID when using *67.  Sometimes I even get a wrong caller ID displayed when my friend in CT calls me it looks like he's calling me locally here in Boulder, CO when he's actually in Bristol, CT.


Caller ID: 407-979-4976

golfhack said: I just got a call from this number and no one said anything.  I usually don't answer if I don't know who it is but being the holiday's I answered.


Mike said: This number keeps callin


Mike said: This number keeps callin


grytpype said: Wrong, not right, and ever so wrong. Ignoring them ensures they will call again and again and again. Well meaning, perhaps. Wrong, and pretty ignorant of how telemarketers operate.

This is, in fact, a "typical" telemarketer. There are rules against the hang-up, but Congress has been bought by telemarketers, and there are a lot of loopholes in the rules. They deliberately hang up millions of times a day, because they dial many numbers at once, and someone else answers their phone faster. The slowpokes get hang-ups.

I hate it.

I hate it.

I hate it, but the best thing to do is pick up the phone, find out who they are, and tell them to put you on all do not call lists. Then, you:
1) Have ammunition with which you can sue them next time and collect between $500 and $10,000 per telephone call.
2) Have a pretty good chance you'll be disappointed, because they probably won't call back.

There are scripts on the Internet you can use, to be sure you get the right information (If you're going to sue.) and tell them the right things to ensure they cannot call back legally.


Caller ID: Unknown

Wendy said: Caller unknown  did not leave message and I will not return the call.


Max said: some crazy nut from this number has called and said he was going to kill me


silvona said: Im the post right above you! Call me I got a line on the police and they are looking into it. 586-879-4738 call anytime.


famous said: got the call the other day, no message left


Amy said: Received call from 309-827-2005 at 1:50 pm EST 12/26/08 on my personal mobile number.  After saying hello twice, the voice message started from "Consumer Alliance" stating that it was very important for me to resturn their call and proceeded to give me their operating hours and a return number to call: 888-827-2005 extension 605.


bill said: This is the contact number for WP-TECHNOLOGIES.COM AKA WebPage USA, the website places fraudulent credit card charges.


Ross said: Got dead air.


bill said: A purchase on my card from KAMK TEMPLATES.

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