Caller type: Unknown

joe said: I just received a call from this number. They did not leave a message.


Reported Location: Ottawa ON

kiki said: I want to know why they are bothering me.


Dezreka said: Attempting to run a scam! DO NOT TRUST


Caller ID: srevice message
Reported Location: wv

sss said: called and noone there when i answered when i called number back it said this number is not in service STUPID


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: 97009

Grace said: I keep receiving calls from this number on my cell phone. They are in Spanish ~ I do NOT speak Spanish nor will I ever learn!! I have no idea what they are saying / selling.


Reported Location: Fort Pierce, FL, 34982

Tom said: I would really like to find the jerk that keeps calling me!


Caller ID: no idea
Reported Location: MD

EEW said: I've been getting repeated calls to my cell phone. When I redial, voice msg says to enter 7-digit extension... no options, no use, inconsiderate.

Yes, probably a call center and junk marketing that doesn't want to get traced back to get sued for 'do-not-call'


Reported Location: central islip, ny 11722

Dee said: Pretty much every day they have been calling and leaves no message either


Kim said: I received call from this no. but not answering.


Reported Location: Edmonton Alberta


Caller ID: NONE
Reported Location: GTA

watchdog said: Nuisance Fax machine - another leech company that doesn't abide by the rules and laws pertaining to telemarketing; calls early Sunday a.m.


Reported Location: Midland, Texas 79707

anonymous said: Has call my # & my fiance's since November 2911


Reported Location: Atlanta, Georgia 30306

Denson Hudgens said: Denson Hudgens or Denny as what others call him, is a bona fide crook who was arrested multiple times for multiple charges. Showing his bad records online pisses him off that he decided to list random people and accuse them of participating in what he calls blackmail or extortion, regardless of the fact that no one is extorting or blackmailing his sorry ass. His actions are beyond illegal, they flat out illegal and now we'll make him pay for it. A massive lawsuit with multiple plaintiffs is being prepared and will be soon be filed in Atlanta GA and FL. If you wish to join this lawsuit visit www.DensonHudgens.com for more information.

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