Reported Location: Medford, WI

BJ said: Received calls from this number on my cell phone several times per day, for three days, and I did not answer it, because it was an unfamiliar number. Finally answered it one day, and the caller stated that I had filled out some sort of survey online, then stated that I won a 50 dollar gas card, a 10 dollar Walmart gift card, and one or two other items, but then said in order to get them, that I had to go to a website and fill something out, and then asked if I could get to my computer and I said yes, and then said thanks but that I wasn't interested, mainly because I thought it was some sort of scam, and then hung up...It has rang three times since then so far...My cell phone says that I have received calls from this number on the following dates and times, with the number of times in ()'s if more than one call at that time:
(2) 09/03/12 at 6:19pm Central Time,
(1) 09/03/12 at 1:11pm,
(4) 09/03/12 10:43am (Yes 4 times one right after another),
(1) 08/31/12 at 7:42pm,
(2) 08/31/12 3:49pm,
(1) 08/31/12 10:21am,
and those are the number of calls, in ()'s, and the dates and times my cell phone shows as receiving calls from that number.


Aperture said: This was on the show "Prison Break" S2E5 Episode "Map 1213".


Caller ID: 866-718-4777
Company / Organization: Grayson County Jail
Reported Location: McKinney, TX

J Frisco said: This number is from an inmate at Grayson County Jail in Sherman, TX


belle said: Call from non-existant area code


chef said: one them numbers calling again dont know dont care


Caller ID: "unavailable"
Reported Location: peoria,az

Topher said: somebody from thailand 0430 in th morning! would like to cut their tongue out!


Caller type: Non-Commercial

seo optimization said: You certainly have some agreeable opinions and views. www.namethatnumber.net provides a fresh look at the subject.


Company / Organization: Georgia Mental Health

anony said: Someone from this number called my mom's cell by random (never gives it out, no voicemail, rarely even has the phone on). When she called to find out who called, the person responded Georgia State Mental Health... bizarre


Caller ID: selena gomez

selly gomez said: Can you please anwser you're phone


Jay said: this some kind of prank or virus.


karly said: I got 4 calls today, starting at 5 am, and 16 yesterday, starting at 5 am again. What on earth is going on...


Reported Location: Fresno, ca 93726

robyn said: This number has called 12 times today no message left and 7 yesterday


christopher said: Do not accept any position by Dan Hardwick. His phone number is 631-465-8110.

He will tell you that you will get a six figure income. There is no one at PJP making 6 figures.

Dan Hardwick is also a s3x addict. He cheated on his girlfriend, Lauren Buccello constantly. He has slept with Pam, Dawn, and got Teresa Keeler pregnant.

Do not work for Dan Hardwick and PJP Health agency.


Reported Location: 28677

Sandy said: Total of three calls in less than 24 hours. Started yesterday with two calls in a five hour period.


Caller ID: NONE
Reported Location: Waterloo, ON

clare said: Called me several times for the past 3 days.... twice today September 1 2012, the last one at 12.07pm

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