MrKnow1 said: Understand that Im NOT threaten by you or the Law but now aware! I Understand MY Rights & your rules about the websites & I do apologize for this. But...DONT try to scare me & put FEAR in me!..Some people do get carried away and so Forgive me for the ignorance...Peace...


Company / Organization: 20/20 Insight
Reported Location: Portland, Oregon

Alison said: Called 3x this evening (6:52PM, 7:55PM, 8:47PM), did not leave a message. I answered on 3rd call, it was an automated survey from "20/20 Insight" and they wanted the youngest adult in the household to do a survey. There was absolutely NO WAY to opt out of this.


Company / Organization: Oklahoma Blood Institute
Reported Location: 74804

kate said: OBI, trying to suck more blood. : )


FRUSTRATED said: call on a daily basis sick of it !


Reported Location: Burlington On

Safaa said: no body ever answers


Reported Location: wilson,nc 27893


Reported Location: Cali

pissed said: It always calls me and when i answer it, they dont talk! So creepy


sheee said: This is a fax number that is calling out main line, anyone know this number???


Caller ID: 4804638833
Company / Organization: Go Daddy

Go Daddy said: Nuisance up-sell calls


Caller ID: Rolex
Company / Organization: Rolex
Reported Location: Indiana

Susie said: They send me text messages and it subtracts my minutes.


Lucifer said: you keep calling and don't leave messages. if you really want a call back leave your name and number. stop harassing me or i will sue you. i've been logging all the harrassing calls you make every single day. . STOP IT !! . To all you people out there., they are a cloleciton agency.. You call me again , you'll be sorry. Ive spoken to one of your agenst. i owe you nothign. i'm watching you know.


Caller ID: Utah Call
Reported Location: Hurricane, Utah 84737

Mall said: Who the heck are they?


Reported Location: barrie


Anonymus said: If you don't give up, you'll dig a hole that you can't climb out of! You are not as "anonymus" as you beLIEve! If you and your "phreaker" friends persist, you WILL be taken down and awake to law-enforcement knocking at your door. It's NOT worth it, so just give up!


Anonymus said: Just give up! Admit defeat! And, get a life!


Anonymus said: Also, you are being tracked and traced on every site you go to! Ha-ha! Get a life before you are called into court and they sieze your computer and find all of the illegal pornography! You see? You do not want to "battle" me! I am an entity more powerful than you'll ever be!!! I am an entire organization of people out to get you!!! Stop now, or you'll end up in jail!!! And, by the way... you can't call the party-line, in jail, on a collect phone!!!


Anonymus said: The only one on this forum is you, a**hole! F**kin' loser! Consider yourself "battled", dip-s**t!


bill said: Don't know where or who called me from this phantom telephone number - they did not leave a message and I did not answer

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