Caller type: Other
Reported Location: Martinez, GA

Shirley said: Answer call, as I sometimes get calls from friends overseas - this was a recording to sale "something"
Hung up - This was on my cell phone, which surprised me - I don't give out my cell phone to anyone but close friends.
Going to put phone number on "No Call" list


Caller type: Telemarketer
Reported Location: Honduras

Goorgoten said: good!


Reported Location: Birmingham

wooo said: Missed call from this number


Caller ID: "unknown caller"
Reported Location: Corbin ky

Ann said: This call has came in at 5:18 am in the morning the idiots have no respect ... it's not worth having a home phone any longer all people are getting is telemarketers and people always on credit cards its getting old .


Company / Organization: Home
Reported Location: New York

Prasu said: I got call from this number but when I called back it says the number is incorrect !


Reported Location: Ontario

barnacle said: Three calls from this number in one evening. Did not pick up, so I cannot comment on what the pitch was.


Caller ID: "UNKNOWN"
Reported Location: Houston, TX

anonymous said: Not complete number!


spambuster said: This may be a Nigerian scammer operation phone number


Caller ID: Palmdale Area

JP said: Rcvd call from this number indicatinf i won some kind of contest at walmart or someplace. Win a TV or vaction i think. Was very hard to understand. He gave me an address of 1895 Rohwling Rd Suite A Rolling meadows IL 6008. This is where i was supposed to go to collect my prize. He transferred me to his supervisor and i could barely understand him as well. This is when I hung up. I call back and there is a recording indicating no routes.


anonymous said: Number used by swindlers who try to gain access to your PC.


curious to know said: this number keeps calling my cell phone. could it be a skype number or a computer number or a pinger number?????


Reported Location: 66441


larry said: calls about fixing my computer virus sending signal over the internet and they well fix it


Golden Leaf said: A man speaking in bad English {East Indian?} called referring to problems with my printer and indicating a virus. Could not understand what he was trying to do, so /i gave him the 1/4 inch flush!


Caller ID: P

shermbac said: do not call


Reported Location: Athens, Georgia


Caller ID: No Name
Reported Location: benton IL

Deb said: no rang 3 times hang up 458 1218344 is the no.


Reported Location: Canton, Ohio

jill said: This number called my home with a 1130 area code.


Caller ID: No Name
Company / Organization: n/a
Reported Location: Spring Hill, Fl 34609

baredon said: I continue to get calls from this number...

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