jensssl said: they called me to ask personal information by pretending they were from an insurance company...DO NOT CALL THEM BACK! They are FRAUDS!


Caller ID: 800 Service
Company / Organization: enhanced collections

Susan said: another knockoff for nco financial. a debt collector. as is to be expected left no message. scum of the earth!


Caller ID: out of area
Company / Organization: Unknown
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Ohio

anonymous said: I did not recognize the number, so I did not answer.


Caller ID: "unknown caller"
Reported Location: texas

Anon said: keeps calling & calling and you cannot call back


MimiC said: I dont know who this is, but they randomly call, once every month or two. I dont know who this is. (So i dont answer. )


I know what to do said: TLC, and companies like it, place calls on behalf of MANY clients, most of which are existing business relationships. They will honor a request not to call (because legally they must) and their clients are also required to honor your request in future campaigns they provide to that call center. The reason for these calls is usually a renewal, upgrade or collection.
Posting "stop calling" on a site like this doesn't do anything to actually stop the calling. All you need to do is pick up the phone, usually one time, and request to be placed on the do not call list - only that will stop your phone from ringing. Most requests are honored immediately, but depending on how these lists are managed it could take up to 30 days before your number is suppressed in all of the databases.
One other trick to cut down on calls in general is to say that you want to be placed on the CALL CENTER’s “do not call” list. This is different and more specific than just saying don’t call me again. This should prevent calls coming to you from the call center regardless of whether they work for multiple clients with your contact information or not. By default, call centers will add your number to the client’s DNC list – the one’s they are calling you on behalf of during THAT call. Asking to be placed on the call center’s DNC list will usually prevent you from getting a call from your insurance agency if you only asked for privacy from your credit card carrier.
Not picking up the phone only assures that calls will continue since your number will be selected in future campaigns because no contact was ever made. Being in the national DNC list doesn't matter a lot of the time for these centers because of existing business relationship exemptions that allow businesses to reach out to their current and former customers. Remember also that these companies are not calling you from a random list – whoever you do business with provided the number to that center with the intent that they call you.
Telemarketers, by law, are not allowed to leave messages. Call center technology can also sometimes result in an agent not being available when a call is placed which is why there is dead air in some instances. By law, companies cannot exceed 3% dead air per day per campaign and today's technology automatically adjusts dialers to accommodate that percentage so the centers remain compliant (i.e. - if 10,000 calls are placed only 300 or fewer can result in dead air). If a call center is following all of these guidelines (and a ton of others that most consumers don't even know about that are found in a government document called the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) that they MUST comply with to stay in business), then they are complying to the letter of the law.
If, however, they are not complying with the TSR – feel free to post whatever you like about them and also sue their pants off because companies like that only make legitimate call centers lives’ more difficult than they need be.


Company / Organization: UNDER THE COND
Reported Location: I DON'T WANT TO SAY

Trouble stopper said: can you moreon's stop calling and hanging up when I answer the phone


Caller ID: Anderson City of
Reported Location: Anderson sc 29624


Caller ID: 14169642510
Reported Location: Toronto

Freddy said: Some company representing the Royal Canadian Mint, saying they want me to attend some focus group on May 10th, and pay me 100 bucks.
When I asked whats involved, she said its a focus group. I then advised her nope..gotta work..she quickly dismissed themselves and hung up.


Caller ID: Toll Free Call
Reported Location: 37022

ZWITCH said: I didn't answer. I DO NOT answer unless I know the caller. I suspect a telemarketer.


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: net gear
Reported Location: san jose

rudy said: this guy told me he was from net gear support wanted to sell me a year of support told me he had the last four digets of my credit card I asked he to tell me what they where he didnt I told he to email me this info no email every. this guy had a heavy accent. Fraud scammer


Lou said: Asked for Brown.

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