Tey91 said: Tulare county jail...... Dont knw who calling nd dont care.....


Jessica said: Received a recorded call that stated the call was from united healthcare to state we can always call this nurse line and we had to input 6 numbers


Company / Organization: Rogers - Customer Solutions
Reported Location: Toronto

Mamamary83436 said: It's just Rogers calling! Usally it's because you might of bought something from them or something it's a survey


Caller ID: Out-of-area
Company / Organization: a representative for mswindows?
Reported Location: florida

tee said: a caller with a strong accent informs me my compuetr is at risk and has a bunch of errors, warninga and/or corrupt file on my hard drive and to allow him to connect me to one of their technicians for a "fix"...at which time someone else comes on the line to say my computer is at risk ...but for a fee of 100-200$ they can fix it.


Reported Location: Burnaby, BC

hobo said: cheeky phone.


Caller ID: Name not found
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Texas

BAM BAM said: Female voice said that they were calling about a recent purchase that I had made. Strange but I have not made any purchases of any value in some time. They then said that I gulfed for $100 . That was when I hung up as it had to be a scam. LOL


anonymous said: someone called me from this number


Misbah said: He call me and Abusing me and my other Family members please help me


Caller ID: Profit.ca/play

Durham said: Called did not leave message


Reported Location: Newbern tennessee

Midgett said: Random call:/


Don said: Some scam about Windows computers


Reported Location: calgary alberta canada

don'tknow! said: Called with a very thick accent saying he was with Norton and that there was a problem with the internet connection. Were asking all kinds of questions.


Reported Location: Ca

b said: Weird numbers are always telemarketers


Caller ID: Name Unavailalbe
Reported Location: 08054

anonymous said: Didn't get to answer the call. Wouldn't have anyway. I don't answer calls when the name is unfarmiliar.


Caller ID: -OUT OF AREA-

Fedd up in South Carolina said: Jerkalalies calling and hanging up. Tried calling back. !st time said that I did not need to use a 1 when dialing this number. Tried without using a 1 and call did not go through. When I called our operator, she stated that there was no 459 area code. We are on the Do not call list, but this seems that it does not mean anything. The Federal Government needs to have a penalty that is stiff enough to make a difference. How about 20 years in prison (maybe with Sheriff Joe Arpio in the Arizona desert) and a $10,000 fine per phone call. That might work-oh how about not being able to use ANY phone or computer for the rest of their life? Might just work if we can find them. Also, how about the same fine for the phone companies that make these stupid phone calls possible?


Company / Organization: infinity cash loan
Reported Location: elpaso

Pissed off said: this company is a total scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Company / Organization: Global Direct
Reported Location: Huntington Beach

RitaJean said: This company is called "GLOBAL DIRECT" and they are a SCAM!!! They will call and ask for who ever does the maintenance, get a name, and then send you some product and a huge BILL for something you DID NOT ORDER. Watch out for these guys. Don't give them ANY names and just HANG UP on them!! Based in Levittown, Philadelphia, their number is: 215-396-2934 or 215-396-2937 and maybe many others!


anonymous said: its shaw direct!! if u call back u would know


mimi said: When you look this up on the internet i t directs you to a foreign porno site -- VERY VERY STRANGE!


Caller ID: Unknown

mimi said: This is ridiculous...now they are calling several times and hanging up!

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