fitzy said: This guy call saying I was one of 1000's picked and that i need to pay 288 so i could get cards made. I have made cards before and I told him this he said I could do this but they probably wouldn't pass standards. That turned me off because he did even seem to listen. It to me is a scam


wdoc said: I think my friend was just scammed.  the fax was 1-866-430-6668 Were you able to recover any money?


415-566-6394 said: That number belongs to Craigslist (free online posting service)


Caller ID: 14162568080

Randy said: Someone introduced herself as being from CIBC Fraud Alert centre and wanted to speak with my wife. I am not sure how I can verify this information.


Toqeer said: it was a missed call


Toqeer said: It was a miss call


Caller ID: 416 548 4888

jess said: it ringed LD I said hello it was dead calls LOL I called police to they cant do a damb thing and told me to block there number so it worked LOL


Caller type: Fax Machine

Co said: rang like a phone, but sounded like a fax upon pick-up...at 6:30 am


Co said: 630am here, too.  we're on the west coast, woke us up and missed call but no message left


thumper said: Were on West Coast too.... Rang at 7am... woke me up, missed call.  No message left.


Caller type: Fax Machine

awake said: Ontario

This number called me 3 times between 6:20 and 6:25am this morning and woke us all up.  I answered on the 3 call and the message said to press 1 if it was not a fax.  When i called the number back all i got was a fax sound


Caller ID: 416-548-9310

TJ said: Called me at west coast at 11:30.  I didn't pick up and left no VM.


Caller type: Non-Commercial

M said: This is a calling card number.  The recording that you hear asking for your PIN is for those people who actually have the cards.  Not sure what company, but this number shows up every time my cousin calls me.


California Girl said: Don't be fall on this trap. We received a letter in the mail for $ 3,975 with no letter head and the same number 1-416-877-8576 to call the person name Rebecca Johnson. When you call them it is usually a voice mail. This is absolutely a scam and they will stole your money. Be awrare of this scam. There is no free money and those people need to be arrested.


jahir said: I am also getting the call from the same no.. today many times


Caller ID: out of area

NAK said: CID "Out of area" caller at 1-121-007-1239 called. I didn't answer. does anyone know who this might be?


Caller ID: Credit Union
Caller type: Commercial

Pissed off said: Caller claimed that a credit card of mine from a credit union was temporarily put on hold due to what may have been an unauthorized use. It was a taped message and then it told me I would be prompted for my credit card information to confirm payment. No live person came on the phone. I knew it was a junk call because I didn't have a credit card from any credit union it mentioned and when I called the number back it would not go through. The taped messaged was fast so you really had to listen.


pissed off 2 said: In my previous message I forgot to list the number that called. It was 1299820978. I received the call on Dec. 17, 2008.

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