Reported Location: Amherst NS

IMNOTADUMBASSBITCH said: got a call from them today. he was looking for Mr.Steve LOL dumb ass im Steve but not MR. Steve anyway i asked for her name. She stated Jennifer.. I said Jennifer who? she then said Jordan. i again repeated the name Jennifer Jordan. Now where are you from Jennifer.. i heard nothing i then said HELLO HELLO several time no answewr.. funny thing phone line went dead LOL IMADUMBASSBIOTCH ;)


Reported Location: Baltimore, Maryland

U of B Alum... said: It is from University of Baltimore's Office of Planned Giving (Alison Wainwright-Davitt, Director of Annual Giving), lasking for fundraising donations.

I bet you are all U of B alums, right?
Caller: University of Baltimore
Call Type: Non-profit Organization


Caller ID: Research Center
Caller type: Other
Reported Location: OH

Fed Up said: I am on the do not call list, but it seems some people can still get to you. I am fed up with all the calls from them and everyone else calling looking for someone else I never heard of. DO NOT CALL ME EVER AGAIN!!! I do not care about your stupid research.


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Reported Location: toronto

gejy said: dont like prank calls


Caller ID: Name not found
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Bedford, IN

sickofthesecalls said: Received this call on Caller ID for 2 time in the past couple of weeks. Have not answered, but I'm also on the "do not call" list. Would be nice if there were a place on this site where we could report these calls to the proper authorities in each state.


Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: vancouver

Dan said: Everyone should fill out the online complaint form on the Govt. of Canada CRTC website
It only takes a couple of minutes.You can do it by phone(866 580 3625)If enough people do
this the authorities will have enough ammunition to impose heavy fines or shut them down.
Ironically they claimed to represent the Govt. of Canada when they called me


Reported Location: valleyfield

anonyme said: je ne veux plus aucun appel de vous sinon je porte plainte.mon no est 450 377 8881


Reported Location: parma,ohio

jerryd said: Has been calling once a day. Does not leave a message, but if you pick up the caller states," if you want to know what this call is about call this number


Caller ID: Rockville
Company / Organization: ?
Reported Location: 94804

Fight-back-Please said: A call at 8:41 PM. (A little LATE for a SURVEY, don't you think?)


Reported Location: 03887


Caller ID: 800 Service
Company / Organization: Check City

Michael T. said: Collections Department for payday lender Check City.
Left message to call back using extension 303.


Reported Location: Charlotte, NC

b said: They are calling my cell phone incessantly, no ID info available and not leaving a message. I do not return calls unless I know the number or a message is left. Anyone know who this is?


Reported Location: Budapest,Hungary


Jeremy said: I can totally agree.

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