june bug said: has called two times with no message


Caller type: Collection Agency

LJ said: This is a collection agency and they are trying to collect zombie debt.


Caller ID: 1-402-471-1671

Info Holder said: Lady refused to stop calling unless she spoke to the man of the household. Luckily my husband was home sick, so I handed the phone to him, who told her we weren't interested and that he was going to hang up. She wanted the eldest male, but my 91 year old partially deaf father would've just hung up on her, too.


Jeff said: I too just received a call from this number.  Must be a telemarketer with a dialer?


Soph said: Just got a call from this number - I was in the middle of a meeting... when I called back - no connection, or "hang-up" signal...


Thomas said: Mark A Betts
5838 Oak St


Moe said: Someone called at 7:30 in the morning from a 403-234-8169 and I answered and they asked for Steve without responding to what I was saying and kept saying the same thing. I hung up and then two second later I get another phone call from this 403-508-9892 number and when I answered this time there was no response at the other end. I hung up.


Caller ID: U C C of Calgary

octaneboost said: The caller Id says - U C C of Canada - what is this business name??


Fed Up said: I have received two calls from this number, on 7/24/08 and 10/29/08.  The first time it was a female calling; the second time a male, both somewhat rude and threatening to refer to "collections".  Both individuals tried to extort money from me, alleging that I agreed to take a trip within a period of time following a time share presentation I attended in Las Vegas in May 2004.  Supposedly, since I did not take the trip, I now had to pay for it.  Right!  Both parties said this was in the "terms and conditions" that I signed, but refused to mail me a copy of the paperwork.  Afraid of mail fraud maybe?  They offered to e-mail me the info, but I did not give them my e-mail address.


Caller ID: Local Call
Caller type: Telemarketer

My Mother said: Someone called asking to donate funds for the Fulton County Fraternal order of police.  This is a scam - they say they help families of police officers who died/are injured while serving.  They give you some spiel about being safe while driving and always wearing seat belts and then ask you for a donation.


Caller ID: 4044248293

Bryan said: this number has called me many times, they always talk in Spanish asking everytime for someone else. I speak Spanish so I tell them they have the wrong number, they ask me what number it is they dialed and my last name so " they don't bother again". I never tell them anything but its starting to get creppy


PO'd in PV said: Received a call at 04:13 A.M. 06 DEC 2008 and they hung up. What degenerates would do this?


Caller ID: 404-537-1302

j said: I just started getting calls from the same # and same person.  she left a message today,  but the person she is calling for is my father,  and he is disabled, in the hospital not able to return the call.
I will try to see what she wants tomorrow, I noticed she called my work to.  she didnt leave a message there.  Im really curious to find out what she's calling for.  does anybody know if this company really has issued warrants for peoples arrest???


Caller ID: NONE

maxine said: just got a call...first from 404-821-8000. then from 404-851-0017. Neither left a message


tamara D said: I dialed the number from my office land line. It is Northside Hospital. Call could be from any extension.
Tried the 404-851-0117 that also called my cell phone and did not get an answer or voice mail.


Caller ID: No Name

Mr. Curious said: I got a from this number.  I believe it's Homeland Security recruitment number.


mw said: This group showed up on my credit card as an $11.89 charge - no call or purchase was ever made to this org or number - I'm contesting it.


Judy said: puta madre dejen de joder con ese maldito numero... quien es el que me llama de ese maldito numero.   como hacen estos  desgraciados para molestarlo a uno......  como hago para que paren de llamarme.


ME. said: Received call at 5:12 p.m. EST.  No name on caller ID --- just number on missed called on my cell phone.  Does anyone recognize this number??

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