Caller ID: Florida

Doug said: Didn't recognize number on cell phone, didn't answer.  They did not leave a message.


Deb said: This called almost made me fall for I am on a cane and thought
it to be my son calling me.  I do not want anymore such calls
for when they start they continued to come in.  This causes
me to get an unlisted number; but, my son runs our family business
and everyone knows who we are in the Atlanta area.  I put it through
a search , but got nothing.  How do the phone companies do such at the
expense of their other regular customers?


Annie Belle said: We do not want anymore calls claiming to pay off all of our
debts.  This is a fraud and a shame that honest citizens have
to put up with such.  STOP THIS NUMBER!!!


Hate unwanted calls said: these f***ers call me everyday...Killum!!!!!!!


Caller ID: NONE



Caller ID: VMS

Dj said: Caller asked for my fiance then asked if I was Mr. xxxxxxxx I told her no and she said she would call back! I told her that she woke up my children as it was 9pm and she didnt need to call back! She said oh I will! Who the h#ll are these rude people?


David Elm said: Stated robo-message: Schools closed tomorrow (blizzard conditions)
Call came in right after the call from the school.


rusty said: Just received a call from this number, but also received a telephone book from Yellow Book out in my driveway. I am not sure when it came, but maybe they are just making sure everyone in the area received one.

From what I know about YellowBook they are a somewhat new and upcoming directory listing attempting to compete with the "big boys".

Not sure how they got my listing though, my number is unlisted through an offshore business. That's the only part that urks me.



chris said: They've been blowing up my phone for days and leaving no messages.  My son just told me that all the names on the No Call list were going to be purged and telemarketers can now reign free.


Caller ID: 402-201-2839
Caller type: Collection Agency

James A Davis said: I got a call from this number trying to collect a debt from my husband and they got totally rude with me when i said that we were going to be divorced next week and the judge was going to split out debts then if i was responsible for the debt then i'd pay it. VERY unprofessional and accusing me and saying rude things and threatening stuff! I tried to speak with a superviser and they practically refused! who is this collection agency?


Don't Answer Unavails said: Didn't recognize the number so I didn't answer and they didn't leave a voicemail.


Caller type: Fax Machine

April said: Looking for an address


Carmen said: It's the Al Franken campaign.


Lemondrop said: scammed by this number. out of money. also, doesn't like when i answer the phone "yo"


rip said: I got what I believe is a scam letter that I had won a 40,000 dollar grant from grants.gov. This phone number was in the information i obtained in the mail along with a bogus "partial" payment check for $2,950.00. The supposed person on the phone was Joseph Anderson supposedly from Florida even though 403 area code is Calgary/Alberta.


Cora said: they called my cell phone


cocolegran said: Got call a few times no answer in the other line.... Very annoying!


Tonelock said: Got called by this number over 20 times today.  It's still calling me every 10 minutes!!! Picked up and no answer. no message left. Who is this number????? $@#&!@!


Harrison said: Calls and hangs up.


Bob said: that number belongs to someone that advertises on craigs list as an escort

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