Caller ID: BCRF

Not TOO surprised... said: Got one of these calls today at home. They've called a number of times in the last few days, always during the daytime when I'm not here and (of course) there's no message left. I just happened to be home today when they called. Picked up the phone and it immediately disconnected.

I have a standard staple reply when places call for money. I simply tell them I do not donate money over the phone because of possible fraud (which in itself is no lie). If they will send me something in the mail, I will consider it. That always shuts 'em up because they don't have a response for that.


Banker said: They call me at least a few times a day. They leave a message on my phone it's a recording saying I must call them between this and this time When I call them back it ask for my credit  card number. Who is this person? It cost me money to have this person call me


Isabelle Leggat said: Started receiving calls from 203-551-2599, no message is left.  The calls start at 8:30 am and continue until 9pm, even on Christmas eve.


jah said: I know this man at tonyrk444 (at) yahoo.com and after doing some research on here and several other places I feel confident- it hter eanyway to snare him,


Louisa said: I know how to contact him- he would fall for money, how can we take him down.


Louisa said: Earlier today it looked like he was in Caolfornian now you look at the adress and it says Wahsingotn


Angie said: The number is owned by "JB and Assoc" here is the url: jbandassociates.com


ladyyi said: merry christmas


joeydvd said: Called twice at lunch time on Christmas day, left no message.


Caller ID: Guardian Pblshr

Lee Houk said: A woman asked my wife to get me.  My wife said I was asleep.  My wife said she would take the message but the woman said she had to talk to, Lee.  She went on to say she'd call back the next day.  She never did.


Caller type: Collection Agency

m-preston said: Registered with "NCO Portfolio Management Inc"

507 Prudential Rd
Horsham, PA  19044
Phone: 215-441-2402
Fax: 215-441-2491


nishi said: My Husband and I both got back to back calls from this number on our cells. The message was some background noise.


Mason said: Got a couple missed calls. Wish to know details.


Fred said: No message left. Do not know who called me.


Pete said: Intl.No 239 471 3002 they called at 6am EST no message left and when I call the number it says all lines are busy. From a cell phone it says not a valid number.

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