Liz said: They called me and I answered! They said, "if you dont tell me, then i'll find out." I screamed after i heard that. then the speaker said," When i find you, i'll kill you. I could be anywhere" THEN HE HUNG UP!!


Caller ID: 303-405-1660

jb said: Received a voicemail on my cell from "Abby" at the front office for the Colorado Avalnche on 12/10 @ 18:05. These people are idiots!


Tom Roberts said: Caller spoke in spanish and said something about money


Tiffany said: I received a call from this # around 2:16p an didn't answer sumone is obviously soliciting phone #s just be aware of wat u sign up for or what info u put one the net I had my # on the do not solicit list I'm gona reput it on their again


Monica said: I'm of the same motto


Kuulei said: I got the call again and sumone was on the other line Its a guy from a company called net solutions when u answer tell him 2 take you off the list he ended up hangn up in my face how rude. I had bought a product on tv about flipping houses which I returned becuz it was a bunch of bull but I think they ended up selln my info or keepn it in their system


squib said: well where are you from?


Andrew said: Went to voicemail but didn't leave a message.


Andrew said: A short recording in spanish, no idea who this was.


Bob Funland said: I just turned on my cell phone after a month - and this was the first call I got (in Georgia).


Susan said: whoever they are has started to hit NJ.  quite a way from WA.  Right? ...it never ends these people.


Caller ID: Colorado
Caller type: Telemarketer

Charles said: Here is something new I have been doing lately.
These warranty people called me this morning.  I told this guy I was on my way out the door heading for work and asked him to call me there in about an hour and I would gladly talk to him.  I gave him a phone number to call ... It's our local branch field office of the FBI.
Hee Hee!!!


Mary said: i was on the phone with my dad missed the call no message called back busy or disconnected and i tried to call my dad back and my cell wouldn't let me call anybody im confused and im not the only person thats got this call i don't even know how they got my cell number


Georgia Guy said: Called my cell. I didnt answer, cant call the # back there is a line b. tone


Red said: Got a call from this number @1:11pm.  I don't know this number or how they got my number.  They did not leave a message, which leads me to believe it's a scam.  I HATE scammers!!




Caller ID: 304-369-8968

Mike Car said: automated message saying the factory warranty on my new car was about to expire and to call some number immediate to continue coverage.

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