dalmatian7 said: This number has called twice in the last week.  I don't answer.  Never leaves a message.  What can be done about this?


Cate said: they called me today I hit 9 and was transferd no one answered just slammed down the phone on me


hk said: This number has been calling me since the summer. One time I did answer it and had someone who couldn't speak english on the line. I'm in Canada also.


Cal said: I got a call last night from this number yesterday but i missed it. Im from Canada also


2milehigh said: same thing happened to me about 5 mins to ago for some trip to cancun mexico, im also in vancouver canada, i just hung up on her


Caller ID: 310-202-4320

pho' said: Yup, just received a call from this number, googled it, and found this website. Called back and it's out of service. Bastards.


wayne bert said: We got an unsolicited phone call to get my brother out of jail.  They tried to scare us as to how he would be treated in jail and that the judge would not let him out on his own recogniscence.  They tried to get us to give them a credit card over the phone.  the actual bond was $5000, but they said they would give us a deal for $2500. It was a male and female team that each talked to us trying to get us to use their service.


Caller type: Telemarketer

Rick said: This is EXTREMELY annoying.  I have never ordered medication from anyone on the internet and I keep getting calls from this "company".  I have told them AT LEAST 25 to 30 times not to call me and they continue to call.  I have even threatened to sue.  I am about to take it to the higher powers that be.


Caller ID: 310-380-4776
Caller type: Fax Machine

raj said: Someone constantly trying to send a Fax from this number to a Mobile Number.


n a said: Me too!
He says his name is Nate.


Rachael said: Mine said "the gorilla is looking at me"


WTF? said: another vote for the gorilla


Annie said: another for the Gorilla... from Nate...


JMH said: got a call from this person and they knew my name and address and said I won a sweetstakes I ask her how and she hung up. when I tried to call back it was no answer. what are the people up too.


Caller type: Telemarketer

Josh said: I'm driving an old 66 mustang that I've had for yrs.  It's the only vehicle I currently am driving & own.  Gee, I didn't know I had  warranty still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This company is also using this phone number


SB said: Unknown telemarketer who would not identify how they got my cell number. When I asked to be removed, they said no, they can't help me.


Caller ID: 3106835906
Caller type: Telemarketer

SB said: They called me and said "Congratulations you have been selected for a promotional gift....press 1 now to receive your gift"
I just listened and they eventually hung up. These guys piss me off.
They are based in California, LA...so don't call back!


JW said: I just got a call from these guys and they said i had won a package all i needed to do was pay the tax on the ticket to mexico. sounded very official, and they seemed to know allot about me, so i asked, where did i enter this contest - and they hung up.


Darius said: Darius - It's Lindsay (Mike's ex). Can you call me 408-564-9354


Caller ID: 3109789813

Kiley said: these people call me two or three times a day, ask if I am 21 and when I say no, they hang up on me without explanation.

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