Company / Organization: Can't understand them
Reported Location: Lakeland,FL

Linebker55 said: they have called 12 times today 2-9-2011 and i only answered it once the other 11 times they never left a voice mail. I just want to know how to get them to stop calling


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: okc

Pissed off said: did not leave a message


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: security options
Reported Location: okc

Pissed off said: This place is RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE! They call and then hang up.


Caller ID: pricener-slavic
Reported Location: 15001

spicedmango said: i recieved a phone call from this number and the person on the line said that it was a cortousy call from them but wouldn t tell me who they were and said they would call back at a later time. im not sure why they r callin but if ur not gonna tell me who u r im not giving any infomation out.


Company / Organization: EBSCO
Reported Location: 29642

do the same to them said: I was frustrated at their continuos calling and hanging up. So i decided to call back. When I did, i got a voicemail. So i waited for as long as it would let me, without saying a word. When it hung up, I dialed back and did it again. then I thought, how cool would it be if everyone did this. It would tie up their lines and message space. It would definitly cause them some problems. So do it! Call them back repeatedly and leave a long message of silence.... or maybe even some elevator music.


Caller ID: Uknown
Company / Organization: magazines
Reported Location: Colorado

sparks said: They have a job ad on Craigslist Denver, recruiting "collectors".


Caller ID: AED
Reported Location: 42078


Caller ID: Comcast Cable
Company / Organization: Comcast
Reported Location: puyallup, wa

meltallica said: comcast people call andbug you when your bill is late


Kat said: This number started calling immediately after I submitted info on the Everest College website. This is getting ridiculous and needs to stop.


THE SAME said: I called it back as well and got the same message.


Reported Location: Hamilton, Ontario

NannyFine said: Got a call last night (Feb 7, 2011) from this number. I called it and it says to enter a password or two-way number.


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: ON, CA

noname said: Received a call from this number, it left a long empty message on voicemail. No idea who it was, suspect a telemarketer.


Company / Organization: celcom
Reported Location: 40100

Bad said: its celcom number. maybe you are not pay the bill yet


Company / Organization: not known
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: 78666

anonymous said: They called and I did not answer. No message left. I called the number and they identified themselves as Cigna.I asked if this person was an actual cinga employee or a third party and she stated they were a third party. I asked them not to call anymore and she said she would have to verify my birthdate first. I would not since she was not a cigna employee. She said that unless I verified my birthdate she could not stop the calls.She then said she would take my benefit away. Whaat? I called cigna later and the cigna employee was a little shocked that I had been called and did not know who would be calling me. I gave her the phone number and she(real cigna employee) put this info in my account. Take away my benefit....really?


Company / Organization: CACi

jecks leave me alone said: this is a collection agency in CACi 4121 Union Rd., Ste 201. St. Louis, MO 63129 also numbers 1--314-756-9411


Reported Location: Grand-Falls, NB

Nazaire said: J'ai encore reçu ce message ce soir à 5.30h. C'était un enregistrement par lant de crédit si j'ai bien compris...
Ce n'est pas la première fois, je ne sais pas comment m,en débarrasser.


Caller ID: CNS RCH
Reported Location: Colorado

carol said: Received call 02/07/2011 2:48pm recording states that I will win a trip to the Bahamas if I answer
7 questions correctly. This was an automated call. I hung up before the first question was asked.


Caller ID: long distance
Reported Location: Ontario, Canada

taube said: Time of call: Feb. 2nd 2011 - 3.26pm

Have been getting sporadic calls. When I pick up - no answer. I am on the do not call list and therefore even more annoyed to receive callsl like that. I do intend to and will pursue this further.

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