Aaron said: Nebraska Wesleyan Alumni Association calling for donations


Caller ID: kalamazoo MI

anonymous said: calls fax line but never leaves message


James said: This is the cell phone number of Jaume Baratech, a great Ambassador Alumni guy from Couchsurfing.org.


Kris said: Obviously you are the one on the welfare line if you are in collections you idiot


Company / Organization: Office Support Systems

jlm said: Brian Adams from Office Support Systems contacted me months ago (roughly sometime in August of 2010). He lead me to believe that he's affiliated with Xerox (we have a Xerox copier) and has toner for a reduced price, and the offer will not last long so I should place an order to save the company money. I unfortunately bought into it ($798 plus shipping and handeling, what a rip off!).I was under the impression that I'd receive one single package of toner, pay the invoice (unfortunately we did) and that would be that so to speak. Months later (Nov. 2010) I received an unexpected second package of toner that another employee signed for (I was out sick. Had I been present, I would have refused to sign for the package). I called and spoke with customer service which lead to eventually getting connected with Brian Adams.I explained to him that I was not expecting a second delivery and would like to return the toner, especially since we already have several that haven't been used just yet. Brian claimed that what I agreed to is a package set up (you receive two toners), that's the way it works;therefore I cannot return the toner. He then acknowledged that someone should have explained this to me and offered to take 25% off the invoice as a result; asked for my fax number so he can fax the invoice. I spoke with him again about the matter and he blamed me since I was the one that placed an order. He also said that "we don't do charity cases." He also claims that he did not speak to me initially. I don't think we should have to pay period. In fact, we should be refunded for the first rip off and the second invoice; we should have no obligation to pay on the basis of deceptive sales practices. I've complained to the attorney general as well as the Better Business Bureau, and Federal Trade Commission may be the next point of contact. What is really sketchy is I can't seem to find a website for them, no email address and the location address I've initially seen is as follows: P.O. Box 93552 Los Angeles, CA 90093. Telephone: 877-333-4320; Fax: 877-333-4319. Another address has popped up for them through research (CA BBB): 1013 Madrid Ave Torrance, CA 90501. On top of that, I noticed a third address (shipping):1618 N. Las Palmas Ave Los Angeles, CA 90028 Also, they are only open 7am to 1pm during the work week. After I filed a complaint with BBB, another scam artist called to ask what the company name is (wouldn't you know in the first place!?). The number popped up as 213-537-1910. I called back to see who it was and got a busy signal as if it's disconnected. I don't think it would be far fetched to assume those A-holes are associated with OSS and are trying to scam our company once again! I still can't believe I fell for this. Typically I can tell when a call is from a telemarketer trying to rip you off. Please learn from my naitivity! Don't give out your name, better yet, don't give out the company name either if you see a strange number! Hang up on them! And don't accept packages from them if they try to send you toner you did not order anyway!


anonymous said: leaves no message


anonymous said: leaves no messsage


Caller ID: willoughby oh

anonymous said: calls. leaves no message


Caller ID: +15132970128

bdlx said: calls fax machine regularly. no fax



Dokken said: I'm so sick of them calling everyday.


Company / Organization: kcet tv
Reported Location: 90040

Peter said: this is the phone no. for kcet public tv.


macahs said: Yep... it's Amazon. :) Usually calling back to follow up on a call you made to them. I agree - great customer service... more companies need to take a few tips from them.


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: avaxiom
Reported Location: canada

doctor said: got a call from this girl claiming that she work from avaxiom loan and she was about to ask me for my dob and valuable info i didnt not answer right away i started asking her question then on the second one she hung up fraud for sure


Caller ID: Ellen
Reported Location: Charlottetown


Caller ID: NONE
Reported Location: Massachusetts

Figuregirl said: I received a call from this number. I answered because I do a lot of surveys and I figured it was a telemarketer and I was going to request they remove my name from their list. The telemarketers name was Stanley, he said he had $7,000.00 in government grants for me, he just needed my credit card number. When I refused and asked for the name of his company, he got angry and told me I was wasting his time. I stated I want my name taken off their list and he said he would call me every 5 minutes. I told him I was looking up the phone number as we spoke and that I was going to start recording the call and he hung up.


Company / Organization: OAC Collection Agency

anonymous said: Never Leave a message


Caller ID: snfc cntrl ca

anonymous said: persistent caller who can not speak english


Caller ID: inmate phone
Reported Location: OKC, OK 73106

Anon said: I get some of my direct dialled calls from the UK showing this number on my Caller ID. AT&t says there is nothing wrong with my lines and the only way this would happen is if somehow the calls are routed through that number.
I am concerned.


Reported Location: TN, India

Bennet said: I got 4 calls from this numner...I could not attend any, cos I was out from home...

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