Caller ID: br interview wi

dIANNA said: calls several times a day


dIANNA said: calls several times a day


Caller ID: TN Removal

dIANNA said: they call several times a day


Reported Location: Norway

R rvik said: Got a call today from a salesperson who wanted to know what operating system I had on my computer. I start to ask him questions about how he knew I had a computer. He replied that it was in a database. I asked him What database? His reply was A database at the company. I asked him What company? I could hear in his voice that he was not very happy about my questions. I then told him that if my name was in a database then he should know what computer I had, and what operating system it run on. He then told me to go screw myself. I "thanked" him and told him to never call me again.


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: COUNTRY

nickname said: Stop hack the program!!!


sweetchildomine said: I got the same recorded female voice saying "goodbye" shortly after picking up, about 5 times now. Very annoying.


Reported Location: 15656

Sabot said: Funny cause Im in Pa and its saying its the Allegheny County Prison from Its Me


Reported Location: 82301

Bob G. said: name on caller id is sunrocket did also is portfolio recovery a collection agency


Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Massachusetts

Anon said: My mother got flowers delivered to her from a "COLE BASH" ~ she got scared as she'd only emailed with him 2 days and never gave him her address. He has claimed to be from the Boston Massachusetts area. She called the florist and they gave her this phone number and a name of William Harrison in Manhattan NY as the person who ordered the flowers. She blocked her number and tried the phone number (listed above) and got a man who spoke portugese.

with further investigation - we learned this is a landline based in Boston. THEN - the number called my mother's home phone....she answered. He said he had a wrong number & hung up quickly - he had a heavy accent and the name on caller id was Helio L Sperandio. We've been to the local police where my mother lives and they are aware of what is going on and have given her advise and will be keeping an extra patrol in her area just in case.


Reported Location: duncan, oklahoma


gsp said: Since several weeks ago this number keeps calling. is this some kind of scam?


anonymous said: Call indicated I won 100,000 air miles and to press 1 to recieve prize. I hung up and then called the number right back and got a recording that it was not a valid number. 403 is an Alberta area code


Caller ID: Unknown

roopvir said: who is this recorded woman,from idea or other


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: annonymous
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: 38016

annonymous said: reduce my credit card rate? Don't even have a ballance!


Caller ID: blank
Company / Organization: United Airlines
Reported Location: Phoenix, AZ

TonyPHX said: Turns out it was a representative of United Airlines regarding my lost baggage report. Very poor english speaker.


Reported Location: las vegas nevada

wingnut said: did not leave a message


Reported Location: el paso, tx
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