Reported Location: Oakland, CA

Jackie said: Have received a half dozen vms. An "upcoming benefit in my area" and leaves this number if "I want to contribute".
They must think I'm a fool: Seriously, if they were from a legitimate charity, they would absolutely name the organization and leave some kind of contact information; if not a person's name, then the event name.


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: insurance

zhaturday said: That number will get your credit card number plus the activation number at the back and will promise you an insurance package... sounds fishy!


Caller ID: N/A
Company / Organization: UPS
Reported Location: West Chester PA


Company / Organization: EBSCO Teleservices
Reported Location: AZ

Mr Geoff said: EASY FIX!!
Absolutely call 330 492 5105 and ask them to take you off their list. They are very polite. They are likely just calling to get you to renew an expired magazine subscription.


Caller ID: SFNC control
Reported Location: 94949


Caller ID: 866-228-6669
Company / Organization: OneClickCash
Reported Location: 41011

Anon said: A Payday Loan Company (Online).


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Subject: How to achieve the success at work?
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Success...how does it come?
For each person is important to get a success. Success comes when a person moves toward him.
A Major step towards the creation of the new views on the life and career is an EDUCATION.
The purpose of education can be to give a possibility to get a GOOD PERSPECTIVE JOB.
That’s why so many years we are helping those people who have NO TIME FOR Colleges and Universities, but have the skills, commitment and desire to achieve success in their careers.
You need to have just 4-6 weeks to get a Diploma (PhD, Master’s and Bachelor’s).


+ 1 - 646 - 537 - 1732


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Company / Organization: Don't know
Reported Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Nan said: Got robocall spam. I hung up almost immediately. However, I have heard the message so many times from different number in the past few weeks, I'm pretty sure they are pushing home security systems. I am on the do not call registry, yet I still get these calls. Given the frequency of the calls, I am feeling harassed.


Reported Location: 07024

me said: well ho,ho,h0


Caller ID: Texas
Reported Location: 23150


will said: También he recibido llamadas de ese número, al parecer ese número es usado cando te hacen llamadas por Internet, o desde el exterior, es un número genérico, como el número del comentario del mensaje anterior que aparece cuando llama a su novia, pero efectivamente no es su número telefónico.


Company / Organization: ASR
Reported Location: Illinois

MDUB said: I started receiving calls from this company in March of 2011. They received my account from a school I owed loans to. I called the school and they knew of the company. The loan went on my credit 5 years ago as a loss and was closed. I had lost my job and when I tried calling to find out what happened to my account, and maybe pay something on it, I couldn't get a straight answer. Now this company is telling me I have 6 months to pay off the full balance. How can I be up for collection 5 years later when it's already on my credit? The school says they probably stopped trying and the account just sat there until now.


Company / Organization: eje fam
Reported Location: iran


Caller ID: 916 256 9196
Company / Organization: apple
Reported Location: elk grove

Frank said: can you unblock my number please


Company / Organization: Ace Cash Services

b said: keeps calling my work number, re a sent application, i dont think so, had fraud already and am not going thru this crap again..

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