BradleyCK said: How do you know this about the merced Sun star? Did you answer the call and actually speak with someone  or did you do some research and find the info?


Caller type: Telemarketer

irishbrat said: Didn't know number.  Answered call anyway and it was a recording "Congratulations you won, press 1 to accept your prize" or something along those lines.  I hung up and didn't press anything.


TIm said: We get repeated calls from this number, almost daily! We never pick up and they never leave a message. As we see it if it's not important enough to leave a message, it's not important enough for us to care


haterof800 said: I got a call tonight from this same #....they actually left me a voice mail on my machine...my number is unlisted and im on the National Do Not Call List.....why are they allowed to call?

Especially when you tell them you do not want to be called any further...does anyone have any ideas?



Caller ID: Data Search Inc.
Caller type: Collection Agency

Jennire said: Received calls at home and at work from this number.  Searched and came up with Data Search Inc. which is a medical collections company.


barry said: Has been calling, but doesn't leave any messages and when I attempt to call the number back, no answer.


lisasmiabella said: didn't get to the phone in time.  no message.


JC TX said: They call constantly...I usually hang up within 4 seconds if nobody replies to my hello. Today I hung on the line and they asked for me so I hung up.

dumb bastardz


Caller ID: 210-737-0640

wtfman said: this number calls me 4-6 times per day...very annoying.


alamorose said: Same thing here - online healthcare.


kateo said: Thanks for your post.  Just got a call from that number on my cell.  Didn't answer but tried this.  Shouldn't be calling my cell...hmmmm.


Lynne said: Calls but never leaves a message.


katie said: I missed the call at first (got forwarded to voice mail-told me that there were some contracts to be signed) but when I called them back, someone answered.
I asked them why they called me; they told me that their Assistant Director scheduled an interview for me.
When I asked them where to find them, they said they were in Manhattan (I think they said 8th avenue..?).
So I'm not sure whether they are a scam or not.


Ray said: This has to be a Pace #, they are incessant with their phone calls & notoriously disorganized. (I HAVE spoken to them and they keep calling me anyway) I made the mistake of requesting a transcript so I could transfer out, not knowing that I would be giving up my peace and privacy. I got a call at 10am on Sunday while @ breakfast..are you serious? Other calls included but are not limited to:
12/16 5:41pm
12/16 1:49pm
12/14 12:39pm
12/12 3:59pm
12/11 4:30pm
12/10 4:50pm
12/9  4:41pm
12/8  4:57pm
12/7  12:41pm
12/4  5:25pm and that's as far as my phone goes..this is out of control, bordering on harassment. Needs to stop! You would think they would leave a 2 second message to save someone from the panic of some foreigner  stalking them, but I guess that takes too much effort.


Caller ID: 212-677-6699
Caller type: Non-Commercial

Richard L. said: Attorneys Binder and Binder Known for helping those filing for Social Security Disability


k said: i just got the same call to i live in las vegas, the funny thing is i would never be dumb enough to get a pay day loan online!  how and where do u file a complaint?


Caller type: Commercial

bradacansell said: Got a call from these people this morning they are some kind of debt consolidation company. Stay away from them.


Garry said: Same with me. They claimed to represent Edward Jones investment brokerage co., and wanted to ask 4 questions to evaluate one of their local reps I had seen a few hours earlier. That rep probably felt he'd made a good impression, and immediately gave my name and phone # to the main office employee evaluation dept. No way their calling me was a coincidence. I found it annoying and unprofessional.


Caller ID: Unknown

Jennifer said: Have gotten call from this number everyday with no message either.  Called it back and got a recording the call calling because they are a funding raising service for political campaigns or other charitable organizations.

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