Caller type: Telemarketer

maria said: Woman just called with super, super thick E. Indian accent, barely understandable, barely able to speak beyond the script. Calling on behalf of UNICEF, says from WA state, not, WA, District of Columbia, but I know 208 = Idaho. Caller ID said "Unknown name." Sounded like she was seeking Christmas donations for UNICEF? Refused to ID who her company is. Return call to this number = message that phone is disconnected and no longer in service. Several months ago I recall a telemarketer spoofing an Idaho number.


asphalt 1 said: This call came in on my cell from way outside my area code. It rang 3 times then hung up.
208-847-2491 googles as

Bartschi, Nate
260 N 8 St
Montpelier, ID 83254.
I suspect it's a stolen unlisted number used by an auto warrnety scam that somehow got my cell number.


Caller ID: 208-847-2491
Caller type: Telemarketer

asphalt 1 said: this is the second call warranty expiring on your vehicle

I don't know how they got my cell phone number.


Geoff said: You will experience this at some point in your life yourself, if you're ever fortunate enough to get close to someone and live so long. Think about that before you pop off at someone who's grieving.


harjas said: number not known


norcal said: OMG!!! Thirty calls a day is correct. But they only give a pre recorded message to call them....


Caller ID: Unknown

UNWANTED CALLS# said: This number called me and left no mssg. When I called it back the message was that the number was out of service.....


Ramona said: Calls every day, several times per day and hangs up.  I do not know anyone in this area code or in San Antonio, TX.


Caller ID: ??

-mel said: What is this? When I called the number back, they didn't answer by saying the name of the company. Instead, the person that answers says their name.


Caller ID: 2106374800

bmc said: this number keeps calling my cell phone number and never leaves a message calls @ least 3 4 x a day what can be done about these calls ?????


Caller ID: NA

Ronald said: I answered this call and said nothing. Finally someone said "hello?" I asked who was calling. She said "Rose. Is this John Doe?" I asked, "Regarding?" She said, "I can't say unless you tell me this is John Doe." I said I guess I am not John Doe then. Call Ended. I called the number from another phone and it said it wasn't a working number. Weird!


Caller ID: MSCB

crusansusan said: it says on caller I.D. MSCB and this phone number. 1-210-892-1118. They left no message. Only rang one time.


Marisa said: Yeah most the 212 area code calls I receive are wise-guy wanna-be's in some low grade financial house, wanting to push one stock or another upon me.  
Have you seen the movie Boiler Room? That's who these non-High School grads think they are.
However you get enough of these and you realize they all read the same script. - no matter what you tell them they will call back, and it will be a new business name, new Person's name, and a new stock symbol to chase.
So feel free to tell them anything you want...IE: You cant invest as you are currently flying to the moon, and will have no access to the market....anything you want to say.  :)  Have some fun with them, it'll at least make YOU feel better.


Sam said: When they call you, answer the phone & tell them to add you to the do not call list. Then, if they do call you back, you can report them to the attorney's general site for violation. Sounds ridiculously extreme, but these criminals should be shut down for essentially trying to rob people.


Frank said: My caller ID showed this number.


Robert said: I just received a call from this number....silence when I picked up but after the 3rd hellllloooooo~~ there was dialing in my ear???


Leo said: constantly calls


Raymond said: Received a phone call from this number. No voice message left.


Jaque said: What was his name? Is it Donnie Brown! How long did you talk to him for? Did he send you a picture of him?

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