john said: no message.


Caller ID: Unknown

Anita said: I answered the call, no one replied.  I said hello again, still no answer.  It was just 'air' and I could hear people in the background.  Nothing comes up when it's reversed.  Maybe a telemarketer....


Nancy said: Called and hung up with no message.


Caller type: Telephone Surveyor

Bob said: called my cell phone and said they were a consumer reporting organization representing "Southern California Gas".  The person said that they would give $100 to the person who was on their list to answer a survey of "only a couple of questions".  I was not the person that was on their list, so he hung up right away without closing the call.  I then tried to call it back and the recording said it was a number not in use.  I am pretty sure it's a scammer.


Tracy said: I am sick and tired of receiving early and frequent calls from this phone number.  Who is this sicko?  I watch Caller ID so as not to even answer.


Caller ID: Exp Scripts Inc

NITA said: Repeated, disruptive calls are being made by this phone number to my home number.  Being disabled, I have no time for garbage calls.


j said: yes, maybe you should go back to curing cancer, since you are soooo important

F***ing Aye, you people are morons


Scotty said: I do not answer any call I do not recognize, and I figure if it is important, they will leave a message...Because of your site I found out that the following missed calls are from the same place scamming people:

Thanks everyone.


Erika said: I also got a call just now.. No message.. We need to find a way to stop this...


Amber said: unwanted obsence call


bart said: They call ALL of the time ,and when you answer the phone they just hang up if they truely want to scam me out of my hard earned cash then the should at least have the courtesy of talking when they call someone.


Caller ID: 3187461250

Rasputin said: recieved call by th number 12/03/08. contact hung up before ne details were provided.


Caller ID: Loan Servicing

GMAC Blows said: These people call every day and sometimes twice.  The one time I listened, it was a pre-recorded message telling me it was my last chance to lower my interest on my charge cards....I don't USE charge cards.


uncle Henry said: OHmigosh, I just googled this number and found this posting!  Thanks guys...this number just started calling me yesterday (5 times nonetheless) and I don't answer when I don't know who it is either.  But the most ridiculous part is that I don't have DISH network and I've already told them.  This is crazy...when they call back, I'll answer and have to ream someone for this.


Caller ID: Dish Network
Caller type: Collection Agency

anooyed and pissed said: Ok, now I know its Dish.  They are calling and harassing me over $30.00.  Now I know why we left!!!!


clif said: Hi Cliff,
This is Gail, we are again late with a payment and no phone calls or e-mails answered. I called Dun  and King today. We will see if they will call back.
Thanks again for your support.


lita said: this # keeps calling me to and when i call back it cannot be completed as dialed...its really pissing me off to no end.... whats weird is that the 321 area code is local to ...have they called anyone out the state of FL??


Caller ID: Les.Net(1996)

dani said: The caller id list Les.Net(1996)


Caller type: Fax Machine

rrrr said: logs of fax


moose said: man, accent, hairy.

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