Angel said: 2nd time from this # in a month


Rodney said: Don't call back. First of all it's used in spam to sell diplomas. And second, probably this is very expensive number to call (the way they make money)


s said: If it's a fraud number, why'd I just get a call from it.....and I no longer have an active BofA account?


Caller ID: 302-282-2004

Jesse said: I get 10 or 12 calls per day and receive no information as to who it is or why they are calling.  I've finally quit answering the phone when I see that number.


Jodi said: Anybody getting calls from this phone number?


Jodi said: They called me on Dec. 19th. Don't know who they are.


Caller ID: Unknown

annonymous said: Dec 19, 2008 - 8:00pm - Caller ID displayed LAUREL DE; no message left; suspect a telemarketing call.


toycannon said: Too bad you didnt leave a message, and we missed you.

DONT send us phone books.  They inevitably are damaged.  This time they were soaked.

Completely useless.  Waste of a tree.


Dan said: Got a number I didn't know from outside our area code. I didn't know the number until comming here. It's about the handyman I wanted to hire by Service Magic. Talk about quick response! I just filled out the form!!


Caller ID: COFOP

Deb said: Rang the phone but didn't leave a message.


Caller type: Telemarketer

nick said: This number calls me two or three times a day.  They speak some foreign language and I have told them I will contact my lawyer if they call again but they still call cause they can't understand me..


Scaredfreak said: This number keeps calling me and they never leave a message and when i try calling back the number all i get is a busy signal...ugh, so annoying!!!


Caller ID: SRC
Caller type: Commercial

columbus ohio said: Anthony Blackman of "SRC" calls, says he got my name from a colleague who didn't give him my name, wants me to call him back at 800-370-7330 x8513 regarding financial planning.


Caller ID: Unidentified

DLR Louisville KY said: Got a message that their attempts to contact me about my credit card have gone unanswered and that I am in serious trouble.  Well, I don't even own a credit card.  When I called back, I talke to "member services" who hung up on me when I told them I do not own a credit card and to never call me again.  The woman I talked to identified herself as "Bobbi".


ghosh said: I got a call from her. i wanna know who she is.


ghosh said: They called me alot and bother me.

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