luckycharmslover1989 said: this number keeps calling my phone trying to sell me male enhancement pills. the one time i did listen to what the message said  it said that side affects may make you shorter in height, spontaneous growth of red hair, freckles or any other combination of  "ginger" qualities.


Caller ID: nick richards

Rich said: Government Grants rep.


Caller ID: AGR

Wang said: They said this is for PG&E to reduce gaz contract by 8%


Caller ID: (408) 762-7321

Southern State said: The were looking for a "Kim Insook".
I'm not Kim Insook.


Karla said: Received a phone call from this number. The caller left no voice message.


Caller ID: NONE

Sue said: Calls from this number keep coming about 2 a day. No caller ID.


Amy said: Received a phone call from this number. The caller did not leave any message.


john said: you pay debts that are not yours?  You must work for the federal government.When they call my 12yr. old daughter's prepaid cell phone they are asking for someone else and I have called them MANY times to explain. Collection agencies should be outlawed or at least more regulated


smithson said: yes same here. my mom got a call and she was scared because they knew our information. Does anyone know how to stop this?


Shawn said: It's the Art Institute of Pittsburgh online admissions.  You may have expressed an interest in the past.  All you need to do is call them & have your name and number removed.


jacko said: unwanted call


Jose said: When I received the call from this number, nobody answer, may be was wrong call.


sondy said: I have no idea who this number belongs to but they are calling my cell phone. My cell number is on the do not call list.


Brandon said: Did not leave a message.


Caller ID: 415-593-9023

Doodlebug said: Received a call from this number stating that he needed myself or my attorney to call him right away.  He would not say what company he was from, what this was about.  I called the number and the operator said it was not in service to try another number


kps said: I have the same situation. I am getting called about 1x/week with no message left and a hang up if I answer. Called it back just now and it went straight to a voicemail system which said that this number "zero" didn't subscribe to voicemail service. Annoying. Anyone know how to get them to stop calling?


Caller type: Telephone Surveyor

Nikki said: unwanted survey call


j said: This number called, I said hello a thousand times, no response!! I called the number back, they answered "Canadian Fine Foods". Not sure what's up with the calls?? Probably trying to sell stuff!!


Caller ID: 1-416-623-4974

Mindfield said: I received a call from the same number. Some Indian woman was on the line, she said that she was from Telus and my number has won a free phone in their random draw. I told her that I was not a Telus subscriber. So, she said then it must be a mistake and hung up.


Anne Hiro said: Persistant calling, 15 times, in the last 5 hours, won't leave a message, has already been asked to stop calling, but has not stopped.

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