Caller ID: Prize Claim Ctr

snailattack said: I received 2 of the same recorded messages from Marsha about entering a CoolCar Cold Cash contest last December and that I had to call back within 48hrs to 888-923-1327.  So, I also googled the contest and found this website....I never returned the calls.


Caller type: Collection Agency

Collection Frustration said: This is an Attorneys office Richard P. Komyatte & Associates, P.C. Attorneys At Law a Proffessional Corporation; 9650 Gordon Drive; Highland, IN 46322
telephone numberare 219-922-5580, Fax 219-922-5577,
Toll free 1-800-523-6392
They are a medical bill collector


Charlie said: Hey nice number man


Doug said: I'm getting calls from this number also.  I never answer.


Laura said: caller has called numerous times starting at 4:54 am, again at 4:58 am and then 4 -5 times during the day.  Getting old.


Pierre said: It may have been just a stool pigeon.


Brandon H said: Ya, definitely bogus. This started out as an online request to have my car sponsored for, what I thought, was something like 'Pimp My Ride'... which turned out to look too suspicious to be worth finishing the application process.

However, even though I canceled the application, emails and phone calls followed an announcement that my car was up for sponsorship.

Aside from having to pay for the sponsorship, you're apparently required to have all of the 'sponsored' products fitted to your ride at your expense and inconvenience. Not a problem if you have the facilities, tools and time, but it is a big problem otherwise.

Bogus or not, they're not playing by the rules. Canceling an application before it's complete is enough to suggest lack of interest. That shouldn't suggest to them that they should go ahead and cold-call/spam the living s**t outta us.


Lilly said: Several calls


lewis said: don't know who it is


Caller ID: t-moble

Bob said: call all day


Albert said: No message left


Caller ID: 244-341-7955

Albert said: Calls and leaves a message asking to verify my social security number, it's a scam!


katie said: this is a scam they will get your credit card number and other info. dont even call it just have it traced and blocked. only use the real verizon number on your bill.


Pico said: Robo-calls from this # received to a DNC-listed #; left a recorded message soliciting for "Quality-Control Premium Air-Duct Cleaning" and leaving a callback number: 5865302443


Geri said: I just got a call from this phone number.


Mwhip said: We got the same call, same script, 269-671-4855. My husband is an electrician, and working.


Donald said: Received a call on landline.


Caller ID: BC

Sue said: Rec'd 12/4/08 @7:18 p.m.   Call went to answer machine but caller left no answer. Just hung up.


Help said: This salessperson "Mike" calls on a regular basis sometime at 11 pm - he is extremely rude and called the owner of the company nasty names when he would not order products from him .... "Mike" needs to be caught & fined

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