Caller ID: 2135047069

Mikey said: I just receive a call from this number and I'm with tmobile.. The number they called wasjust recently changed and it has only been used by my daughter once..where are they getting these numbers...dose tmobile sell our numbers


ANNETTE said: Yes I keep getting calls but no message from this number. I don't know this number.


Caller ID: out of area

dick said: unwanted or useful to us


Kyle said: Unknown number.


leapchic said: i have tmobile phone - got a text from 3698 that says 2147271687 (at) tmomail.net - card service center alert: your card has been deactivated. please contact us at 214-295-5585 to reactivate your card.  i dont know what card it is - but i sense fraud all over it


leapchic said: I got the same message.  I agree this appears to be an attempt by someone to get credit card numbers and pins.  I hope no one falls for it.


Keith said: Called me at work.


Caller ID: 1-241-550-0526

T said: Mitchell Lawler with Business Solutions


Mah Ajfor said: Do not put call though.


Caller ID: Sallie Mae
Caller type: Commercial

Amy said: I just called this number back.  It is Sallie Mae.


Caller type: Telemarketer

Fed Up said: Caller id was integrated finance. Woman got on the phone looked for someone who wasn't home and said they would call back. Obviously a spammer of some sorts for some financial gig.


JaneMurrieta said: called three times


Caller ID: 2168392130

cc said: got a call on my cellular, 1 or 2 rings, then hung up before i could answer it.  This has happened before.  If i try to return the call, i get "the number you have reached has been disconnected or is no longer in service".
This has happened before from this number.


D Ryan said: I get this call from 216-920-4374 and their name is Jake Smith....yeah ok, do they have nothing better to do than harrass people


brian said: I am calling this number today because I am looking for work and not looking to spend money so I can work... I hope it is not a scam and will find out later this afternoon.


Caller ID: 2182638887

lady said: Call brad its important


Caller ID: 02215695711

Mac said: First silence, then a series of clicks, I heard some background talking.  I live in Germany, so this is unusual.


Anne said: Phone rings, answer, nobody there.


chuckit said: Phone rings, answer it, nobody there.  Several times a day

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