Caller ID: out of area
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Arizona

Steve MacIntyre said: Clearly a robocaller. When I picked up and said hello, there was no response. I counted two beats and said hello again, and still no response. From experience I know it takes three or four beats for the robocall machine to hand the call of to a human, so I hung up the phone at that point.


Company / Organization: Knight Rider
Reported Location: Anytown, USA

mayham2k said: This is the phone number that the character Michael Knight in the show Knight Rider asks the sheriff to call in White Falls when he gets arrested. When the sheriff called it he got all circuits are busy; when I call it the call cannot be completed as dialed.


Company / Organization: Adobe Carpet Cleaning
Reported Location: Scottsdale

Jennifer said: Calls 3 to 4 times a week. Sounds like young boys or girls. They are rude - I tell them to stop calling, they say ok, but continue to call . They call around 7 to 9:30 at night. They also show up on my callers ID as: Adobe Carpet Cleaning, Adobe Air-Conditioning or Adobe Heating.


Zack said: I forgot to mention the call came shortly after my FB account got hacked.


Caller ID: 877-503-5219
Reported Location: Arizona

Zack said: This number called and said "Please hold for an important call" a little music played then they hung up. I called back and it said that they are experiencing technical difficulties. The automated message also said thank you for calling the Central Business Office.


Reported Location: 33434

annoyed said: This company called me at 10pm my time. What are they thinking??? I missed the call. No message.


Reported Location: ON, CA

anonymous said: Calls repeatedly, never leaves a message!


Reported Location: 80526

Aunt Bro'mama said: FLASHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!$$$$!!!....i received the same letter & faxed it back....received another letter telling me to meet someone very special ....there was a place to be & time to be there. 33 days later i went as told to the particuliar place. there were 2 men & a baby. there was a woman holding the child. i listened to all they told me and soon recieved a check at my home which i deposited. the check was for 13,333.33....that is thirteen thousand, three hundred & thirty three dollars & 33 cents. no kidding, it was real money deposited into my bank. i soon was meeting these people once a month at different locations around the country and ALWAYS receiving the same amount of money per the check deposit. THIS IS A REAL LIFE TRUE STORY. i am not trying to sell you anything and it did not cost me one red cent. i just had to sign my name in blood in a long-form statement that was typed on a parched green paper of sorts. the paper, when held up to a flourescent light changed colors, vibrating & felt warmer the longer i held it in my hands. each time i met with these folks, the same 3 adults were there with a different child though, so i do not know what the child thing was. i did ask them what was with the child and they told me that i was being looked at by the child to see what my inner soul was saying so to speak, hard to explain this part of the meeting as it was always a secluded location and very dark and the child determined what my feelings were all about. it was like they were wanting to know how i handled the money in my bank, likke did i help others and if so, how did i help those folks. PLEASE listen to me if you want this to happen to urselves. you will not be dissapointed as long as your thoughts are pure, i guess. mine are, so this may help you folks out there who are looking for help concerning ur finances. I now have met with them SEVEN TIMES, and the checks have ALWAYS been good. i do not know what else to say except this must be a gift from OBAMA. i think its the "OBAMA MONEY" thing that we heard about when obama was elected shortly after that this is what some folks were saying.....OBAMA MOINEY, OBAMA MONEE, OBAMA MONEEE!!! i have a feeling that George Soros is behind this because at th last meeting with these people, they asked me who i would vote for in 2012 and i told them that i could not vote for a two-bit hack of a politician like obama and i was very adament about that. since then, i have received NO CHECKS, which have been about 8 months now. hope this helps others who might be dithering like obama does on everything in his political life.


Reported Location: Tacoma WA 98405

dfm503 said: I think it's a prank text the person keeps trying to buy an ipad...


Reported Location: ARIZONA

Ann said: calls and hangs up before the machine can pick up


mjw said: A woman Called my Cellphone looking for my EX-Wife of which we have not been married for four years. The woman would not tell me who she was. Only expect that
my Ex has still not taken care of her financial debts of the past.


ord said: This is Petco mobile clinic by Luv my pet, inc. Website is http://www.luvmypet.com/. It's a reminder on a yearly pet vaccination.


Company / Organization: Castle Fox Studios

CastleFoxStudios said: We are a video production company that specializes in marketing and promotional videos for businesses.
Check us out on the web at www.castlefoxstudios.com


Fellow_Pepperdine_alum said: i think it is Pepperdine alum office calling about alumni donations. They always call after 7pm.


doesn't matter said: On the DNC list and got this call second ago. Only rang 4 times. Not even long enough for VM. I'm 312, there should be no reason a 714 is calling.

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