Caller ID: just the number

bothered said: Didn't recoginize the number... let it go to voice mail... they did not leave a message.


Sally said: they are called card serves you might owe a bank money


Caller type: Non-Commercial

dave said: Got a call from 336-806-3454.  An automated system said I was getting a call from an inmate in a confinment facilitiy and asked if I would accept the charges.


Georgia phone said: Got a call from 336-808-3454.  An automated system said I was getting a call from an inmate in a confinment facilitiy and asked if I would accept the charges.


Caller ID: Luis A Quinda

gbaerial said: Called at 3:00 AM Pacific Standard Time


Jann said: I received the same internet charge.  Also no idea what it is.


heatmar said: This phone number is listed to:
C. Beechum
263 Spring Haven Loop
Spring Hill, FL 34608


Massage Therapist said: This is still happening!


lynn said: just received a call from this number. she told me that i had won a thousand dollar gift certificate for using visa, and she wanted to mail it to me. i just have to pay shipping and handling. she asked my marital status and occupation and once i told her that i had no income, as i am a student, she proceeded to tell me that my certificate will be in the mail and ended the call.
i assume that she was trying to get my credit card information or my home address but i didn't give it to her.


msjulia said: They do a HORRIBLE job! Their pictures are very low quality and I would definitely not recommend them. It's a shame that new parents are scammed into dealing with these people.


Steve said: They're all the same company. Check the Better Business Bureau website and you'll see. You'll also see all the complaints.


Caller ID: us government

Not Stupid said: Listen don't believe these so called government employees.  They are absolute scammers.  The took my niece for $300 indicating that she would receive $5600.00 once she sent them $300 needless to say to this day she never received a dime.  I think is crazy how this could be done to people at christmas time especially with the economy the way it is.  My niece lost is a widow with two small children and she can't see how she can make christmas happen for them after this.  Please, Please report these people should they try and scam you.


Caller type: Collection Agency

chansey said: This is definately Wells Fargo Financial (Mortgage.


SATI said: We got another call today.  Off the list = 8 months.  I guess that is better than nothing, hehe.


Alana (not Margie) said: Yeah, I answered the call, nothing, and then they just hung up. When I went to call back, I got a busy signal....weird.


pb said: Did not answer call - never do!


Caller ID: 4013362990

Barbara said: reading whats hereis great i didnt pick up


dontpickup said: recieved call from 401-336-2990 on my cell
I never answer unknown numbers. Reading here indicates it's likely it's an auto warranty scam...401 is Providence RI but most of those calls are caller ID spoofed so the area code/# doesn't mean much...don't answer or call back I think is the best advice


pb said: On 12/16/08 I received a call from 401-336-2990.  Nobody in this area code would have my number

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