Caller ID: 269-768-2360

maxx said: this company call 3 to  4 times a day to tell me my car warrenty is expired.
I don't own a car they say they will stop calling but don't
If I try to speak to sales person they hang up on me


Keith said: ME too! and it pisses me off! It wastes my cell mins


Lyn said: Did not answer.


Lyn said: did not answer and got a busy tone at call back


ROY said: scammers on the prowl...


pab said: I called them and its a company called "D" Enterprises.  They ask if you have a reliable transportation? I said no and asked if its a company that makes delivers and the gentleman said no more like sales.


Caller ID: cingular

TIm said: calls alot and hangs up


Marco said: I got 10 of these this morning. I finally keyed in a bunch of mixed up numbers and the recorded voice said "Goodbye". AT&T was of no help when I contacted them.


Anthony said: This number calls our land line and cell phone. No answer, just hangs up.


Caller ID: 2818944587

Tired_of_the_ringing_phone said: I keep getting calls from this number and 281-894-4772 but no one is on the line.  When I call back I get a busy signal.  A couple of times I got an answer but no one said anything then it hung up.


curious said: Well I just recieved the same letter from the same address etc..Except the phone number isnt the same its close though.. Its 1-289-892-3756...


Caller ID: Yellow Pages
Caller type: Commercial

bud said: They just called again I answered and was told they were updating my business free listing the first man stated he was with the yellow pages I asked if it were yellowpages.com he said yes. He asked me to confirm our company information I did he then said he was putting me through to quality control dept to confirm again. I got the second man to give me their toll free number and explained I was concerned that they were legitament he insisted and then said to check on superpages.com for my listing. Superpages.com is through verizon and appears if you advertise in the phone book. I questioned him asking why first man said they were with yellowpages.com which is different he then said oh he is new. I tried toll free number 1-877-456-7080 while I was on the phone with him and it was busy he claimed that a hundred and some people were on the phone their that's why it was busy. When I told him I could not continue the call until I could confirm they were not scamming he hung up on me.


Lee said: Trying to find who owns this phone number.


Caller ID: 301-244-5655

Lee said: call my business phone with no person on the other end


Caller ID: 3014858984

benfullohell said: no message left.


Caller type: Telemarketer

phnx said: Received automated call about expiring auto warranty.  When I reached a "representative" and asked the name of the name of the company, he hung up on me.  Hitting *69 revealed this number.  I imagine this is a scammer sitting in his basement preying on people's fear and naivete.  I wish someone would go after him.


lol said: Hate to tell you... but you just gave then carte blanch to your account. You gave then the verbal password!!!!???? I was just called by them, didn't give them any info. Called the real citi bank and they notified me that no one from the company had called me. You see, all they needed was your password. good luck.


Caller ID: MD

Tom said: Continual calls with hang-ups - please get these folks to stop asap!


c bryan said: I received this message and I was so happy, so happy that someone had finally called me. I am a cancer patient and I have about 2 months to go..
I did'nt undestand what he said, my heering is none to good. Just very nice to get a message from someone..

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