Cee said: unknown


Liz said: 19 phone calls from 12:10 to 4:45 am


Rose said: it was a call to my cell phone.


Caller type: Telemarketer

Jazzy said: The company is Breath Easy Homes and their numbers are 403-770-0052 or 403-770-0529.  They use the DNCL as their call list and for some unknown reason the CRTC will not stop them.


CK said: ?????????????????????????


Caller ID: unk
Caller type: Telemarketer

Amethyst said: Got a call from 310-201-4321. Pre-recorded DirectTV with DVR offer. Pressed "1" to order (yeah, right) and asked if they have a do not call list. Immediately got a hang up. Dialed back the number and rec'd a message that the number was no longer in service. Apparently, some no goodnik is spoofing the phone number.


calijoc said: this guys is some perv who likes to try and hire male guys to have s3x with him beware.


Caller ID: 05
Caller type: Non-Commercial

vicky said: add,




lynn said: They just called me now.  I don't answer calls I don't recognize but I googled the number and came upon this site.


Caller ID: ?
Caller type: Commercial

don't want the call said: Called me on my cell phone, which really pisses me off.  I hit 1 to talk to a real person. Asked the girl who she was and who she was working for and she hung up. I would love a phone number and address of these people 'cause I'm the type of person that will annoy the crap out of them out of spite.


Tired said: called me twice this morning while i was asleep. annoying.


Caller type: Telemarketer

Joanna said: said something bout me winning a lincon navigator and said to call 1-800-293-7105 to claim my prize. i have put in no such contest entry forms for any prizes.


deb73 said: What makes you think that Sierra Judgement Recovery is a MLM business?  Also, if someone owes an old debt, why do you think that it shouldn't be collected?  It's still a debt and someone still received goods or services in good faith for payment - which was never paid.  If you ask me, whomever that money is owed to has every right to collect the debt any way they please within the confines of the law.  If you owe a debt and intentionally did not pay it they you have no right to complain about the collection attempt phone calls to your house.  I wonder how you would act if you were on the other end and someone borrowed your money and then just said "screw you, I'm not paying" - what would you do?


Caller ID: syracuse

Olivia said: the people that call from this number start by trying to get you to donate $70 to a church organization. After they receive the money they call you and say that they did not receive it. Then they have a lawyer talk to you and claim that he has an arrest order for you for not donating the money. The calls become more frequent and the harassment does too. I used to get called from unidentified numbers before, but today i  got a callfrom this number.


annoyed said: didn't recognize number


Monica said: I received a letter and a check in the amount of $4,150.00 also I called the phone number (315) 519-4405. The gentleman was very evasive as to what the money was for.

I believe this is a scam as well


Collect Call said: inmate calling from a jail, don't accept any collect calls from this number.


Louisiana criminals are goind wild said: got one of these at almost midnight last night. this used to be a common scam out of Orleans Parish Prison, there was some way to reverse charges i am told. don't accept the collect call.

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