ELECTRICIAN said: buddy i am from the bahamas as well and my dad has just been scammed..I am researching this article as we apeak....I am trying to help him recover his funds....thanks for you article and it sounds exactly the same!Bahamapro....


Anthony Campolini said: Nyss fått ett samtal från fiskarna.
De blev väldigt förbannade på mig när jag ifrågasatte att lämna ut mitt VISA nummer.
Jag undrade varför dom inte skickar ut brev med vinsten istället för att ringa.
Sa att jag kände att detta inte var seriöst. Och då svarade de att de tyckte att jag var för misstänksam, och tyckte att jag tog deras tid i anspråk.
Gå inte på det här. Lägg på luren. På post om du har vunnit nåt.


Allison said: I am getting calls 5 time in one hour period, answer they hang up. Call back wrong #, called back again, got a recording, stating that now my number will be placed on a do not call list. We will see. How is this even legal?


JLR said: numerous calls no message left


stefan said: this stupid a** c**t keeps calling my man after he had made it VERY CLEAR never to contact him again....and guess who's f***ing # pops up on caller-ID this week!?
get a CLUE B***H before I handle this problem myself...dOn't make me put your a** on blast again HAYLEY F***ING FERREIRA!


WrongIsRight said: I got the same message. I don't have such account either.


Bethany Rank said: Calls and doesnt leave message


b said: called cell and no message left


Mike said: MD is the abbreviation for the state of Maryland and area code (410) is Maryland


JEC said: I received a few calls from that number also and no msg left.  I will assume from the posts below that it was Acura?  I too, just had my Acura serviced a few days ago.


annoyed said: I got a call ID'd as being from Central Donations, (410)327-5900, today (11-21-08) at 12:35 PM.  I ignored it, and the caller left a voicemail.  She gave her first name and said she was calling for the American Veterans, who would have a truck in my area on Nov. 26.  She then left a local number to call if I wanted to make a donation.  

I noticed that prior messages about this (410)327-5900 number are quite old.  Perhaps Central Donations got in trouble for their practices and cleaned up their act?


Linda said: Someone put fraudulent charges on my credit card from this company also.  I have no idea what they are or what they do but somehow they got my information and made charges to my credit card.  The number they used when charging my account was 1-802 -357-4267.  Beware of this fraudulent company.  Preferred Gate, LLC.  There is something wrong here.  I called that number and I got some very strange messages and the messages were always different when I called.  Very Strange in-deed!


Caller ID: verizon



Caller ID: verizon
Caller type: Commercial

Frustratedwithcalls said: Same as reported by others, several calls with hang-up.


Business said: Multiple hang ups from this number with caller ID of AACPFF.


Caller ID: Pittsburgh

vin said: We get calls from this number everyday.  Whenever we pickup there is no one on the line.  We call back no one answers.  This has been going on for several weeks.


Caller ID: 412 258 0006

Jessica said: Got a call but didn't have my phone.  Won't return calls.  I had just put in a job application so thought it could have been them, but not sure


Caller ID: Intl. Call
Caller type: Telemarketer

Stelios K said: Caller wanted to speak with wife for Policeman's Charity.  Told caller no thank you, please don't call back.  Caller said he would call back later to speak with my wife because "she gets wet when I talk to her".

I'd like to track down the address of their calling office :-)

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