Robin said: This number is for Shoppers Market Research, a scam artist company that is sending out bogus checks to "Mystery Shoppers".  The scam is that you are to deposit the check that they send to you and return most of it to them via Money Gram.  Problem is, the check is no good and you would be left with a hole in your account.  Beware.  If you get one of these checks in the mail, report it to the local athorities.


Caller ID: Georgia

Fed Up said: When I pick up, caller asked for Mrs. (last name). When I asked who was calling, he hung up. Caller ID said "Georgia)".


joe said: want to know


Caller ID: ccrc

gmac47 said: Continuely calling.  use my screen call blocker.


scammed said: yeah big time scam.got me too. i think we should get involved on this one.275.00 taken from me.I replied to an ad on criags list for ac/dc tickets here in florida.lady called me from this number sayin she had 4 tickets to the show but couldnt make it.paid her but never saw any tickets she was supposed to send thru email.is there anything we can do? please reply.joel


elana said: I received a letter that read: This is to inform you of the release of the annual Integrated Awards held on November 30th, 08. We are also pleased to inform you that after a computerized drawing process of all entries and detailed analysis, you came out as one of the names accorded a winner status in the 3rd category with a lump sum payout of $45,000. Congratulations!

Subject of federal and State laws governing award payments, we are required to, and have deducted an amount of $1995.00( enclosed) from your winnings to be used for the payment of administrative fees and or taxes of your prize money. Your claim agent will assist your in the process to facilitate the release of your funds as soon as you contact us. For authorization of the enclosed check and for processing of your next check, please contact your claim agent, MR. Marcus Adim at: 1-416-477-8564.

To ensure that your claim is promptly processed and your name duly entered for payment, please quote your reference and batch numbers with us at all time. All prize money must be claimed not later than December 20th, 08.


Todd said: recived letter


nkj said: its access lines that skype use to conect to the phone system
so any skype with phone on it can do that


Caller ID: 004168480123

prince$$ said: Here too, they called from this number: 00416-8480123... this is Canadian phone number i think... but I am living in EUROPE, Hungary....!!!!!!!
what is this?
virus? robing some info from the people?
but nobody answered by the phone, no voice, nothing, just called me 2 times... but didnt say anything.
soomething is wrong with it...


fk said: Dec/21/2008  @8.00a.m.
Can you imagine Sunday morning i got a call from this number for long distance calls, and started talking in Hindi , Didi etc and didnt care what time it was may be govt should step in and stop this harrasment by telemarketers.



anonymous said: Called twice at three in the morning.


Dawn said: unusual activity on credit card


JR said: i accidently hung up b/f answering. we had a pizza from pizza hut last night but it was called in from a cell tel #. perhaps my number was given as a reference number.

thanks for the postings- it all makes sense now  :)


Caller ID: bsnl
Caller type: Telephone Surveyor

bagga said: jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj kkkkkkkkkkk




Nat said: I kept getting calls from this number for over 2 months and didn't answer.  Just today, my grandson answered and the person on the other end told me they were from First Bank of Omaha and he wanted to send me some literature on credit card coverage.  He was annoying me because he was speaking so fast and garbled that I couldn't understand half of what he said.  I told him to just mail me the info and "why" did he have to get my address and such info. from me?  When he asked in which city I was born, I told him that there was no way I was telling him that and he said "goodbye."  I'm still suspicious!


Vic said: Who owns this number?

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