Caller type: Collection Agency

ivan pantojas said: Mr, Dereck Jones keep call my work place and, my boss is getting tried of this. She spoke to me on thurday 20, 2008 about this matter. Mr. Jones keep call me that i own him money. I know that if he could make a payment plan for me. But he dosen't the paymeny he has is to much. I have other duty to take of. Tf this does not stop I may lose my employmeny. Thank you. ivan j pantojas


Caller ID: 303-931-5051

Snowbunny said: Bushey Alice keeps calling. I want it to stop.


Leslie said: Bob i think we can get these guys. Get a hold of me if your serious. i have also gotten many calls from these people and its pissing me off. Anybody with me?


Laura said: Just got a call from this one because my "car warranty is about to expire".  I asked what car? (after waiting 20 minutes).  He asked for my name and car info.  His line was that he was trying to verify he had the right person. I said "you called me, you tell me". He hung up.  No telling what might happen - you might end up with a lien on your vehicle.


CaliforniaRidgecrestMan said: Don't be taken in by these scammers. I also have received numerous calls from these same Asian/Middle Eastern/Cuban/Indian sounding individuals and the first thing I told them was to have someone who spoke better English to call me back at which time the male person I was speaking to begins to spout off like a drunken sailor. F*** You A**hole was the nicest part of what he said. At any rate, IF this were a legitimate debt and they were legitimate debt collectors I'm sure they would have a bit more decorum in their speech and english proficiency.


karen M said: I called back and number was disconnected


Dorothy Voss said: they keep calling and calling!

nothing on caller id  and no messages.

i never answer and i never call back!


Caller ID: 1-307-215-1004

Rick said: get this number all the time. no caller nothing but air.


calgarylion said: I got the same phone number too, they left a message once, but it was dead air.  What have any of you done to not have the phone number call you again?


northern nj said: Called at 10am on a Saturday. I did not answer, no message left.


Caller ID: 310 202 4320

none said: receiving calls from 310 202 4320 always hang up never leave msg.


Caller ID: Cell Phone CA

mushroomman said: Ok this number calls me all day, I am not certain who it is, they do not identify themselves.  Here is my question about Sallie Mae and the sorry people that work in their call center, do you get enjoyment from repeatedly calling someone and asking the same questions?  I would like you to know that I currently work 3 jobs and send all my money to you.  I am sending every F-in dime to you until you rat bastards stop calling me.  Once you get every penny you have coming to you I am going to start a student loan company with the hoards of money my family has saved up and I am going to go day and night until I build an empire that shuts you down and leaves you packing up your pictures amongst your desks of the call centers and on to the next call center for $16.95/hr for calling and harrasing people.  Let me ask you 2 more questions?  What is SallieMae's annual gross revenue?  How much is SallieMae chasing after every year?..See you in hell.


Mia said: Called my cell, left no message.


Samuel said: Called this number back and it had a recorded message that they only call business numbers and press 1 to remove number from calling list... odd


Vic said: missed the call


Caller ID: 1-302-862-9032

Takai said: yes I get calls from this # 1-302-862-9032 multiple times and it is annoying...i did not even use there service.


bzzz said: whos you're husband and what's his phone number.


Kimberly said: Keep calling my number and not leaving a message.


Caller ID: 312-265-7830



Caller ID: no

TIZA said: Someone called and did not leave a message and cant call this number back , consinstantly engaged !

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