Pat said: Does anybody else getting calls from this number?


Mike said: unknown caller


Caller ID: verizon

stikkbommer said: Received a call from this # with Verizon as the caller ID. I am located in New Rochelle, NY, 914 area code.

Nothing was said.


Caller ID: Unknown
Caller type: Collection Agency

Elaine said: The caller ID reads Life Search Tec.  No message left.  Since we are experiencing some financial trouble there's no doubt in my mind it's another collection agency as there is no listing for Life Search Tec in the yellow pages nor does a reverse look-up gain results.


timbo44 said: No message.  Called several times a day.


SARAH said: I had a missed call, and it was this number.


Caller type: Commercial

s said: person trying to buy real estate


Sue said: This must be a telemarketig firm commonly used by performing arts organizations.  I donated to Nashville Ballet once, now they seem to call once every month looking for more.


Lt. Dans Magic Legs. said: Got this call on work cell last night.... glad I'm not paying for the airtime.  Scammers.


JD said: WAMU Washington Mutual


Doris said: Not answering


Joby smith said: The guy called ,Said he was a nephew and needed 4500.00 dollars cause he was in car wreck


Caller ID: Unknown Caller

nobody said: didnt say anything and hung up after like 5 secs


Caller type: Telemarketer

Supriyo said: Got a call from this number as well. The explanation above makes sense, no one spoke on the same. Thanks for reporting this on the site... this is good it really helps.


Caller ID: 129-037-0135

cc said: Caller asked for me, and then I couldn't understand them.  Sounded Indian or Spanish


Coii said: Got a call from this number -- no message, but seemed suspicious since it doesn't look like a real area code.


Caller ID: 151 324-1562

Trish said: they call several times a day but leave no message


Eastern Wyoming said: Called 1230 AM asked if my name was xxxxx I said yes and he hung up.


Mel said: I have been getting calls from these people for the past year always saying it is an urgent business matter and that they need my dob.  When I ask who they are from they say Transpacific Global Services and they cannot tell me what it is about until i give them dob  When i question them further they become abusive and hang up

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