k said: calls my cell phone, dont know how they got it but I just ignore when they call


Caller ID: Birchwood Nissan
Caller type: Commercial

mark said: We received a voicemail from this number on december 22, 2008. When I did some investigating I discovered it was from Birchwood Nissan in Winnipeg doing a call to encourage us to book for a scheduled maintenance of some kind. While we did purchase a vehicle from them this summer I don't appreciate their company calling me and not leaving a full message with a "name" or "company" that I can call back. From a customer experience perspective Birchwood isn't doing themselves any favors!  This is a complete turn off and I consider it a nuisance phone call.


Peaches said: I have been getting calls from this number for quiet some time on my Verizon cell phone. Finally answered tonite hoping to make it stop, lady said she was from some magazine company who has been receiving complaints about something...line went dead. Tried calling back and got an answering machine for Customer Care and Quality Assurance, that said no reps are avail call back during their normal business hours. How are no reps avail if they just called me?? So anyways, the point was Verizon customers are apparently not immune to this scam, you just got lucky with that number I guess.


Caller ID: Bancography

smeghead said: Called and left no message.


Melissa said: Boy am I glad I googled the phone number... I was about to reply to the e-mail address again after they asked for my address, phone and the stuff about the movers. I got the email from Kelly and Lauretta Smart from the in lovs007 (at) gmail.com   So you're sure this is not legitimate?
Is there anyway to report it to Craigslist?
This is the first time I've run across such a situation on there.


Dawn said: De igual manera he recibido  el mismo correo electrónico, y dicen que son del FBI, + 1-206-426-6567


nick said: Seems to be a Seattle, WA land line. Provider is International Telcom, Ltd. Got these same IRS forms faxed twice on 12 Dec 2008 and 20 Dec 2008. I don't want to spend money paying for a reverse phone search, but it looks pretty much like phising. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, so finding out the name and full address of whoever is behind this scam would make little sense to me, but perhaps someone living in USA should do so.


Scott said: I also got a response from craigslist. I new it was a scam...


Caller ID: FBI
Caller type: Non-Commercial

Tiffany said: This person claimed to be Rober Mueler, director of FBI emailed me with this phone number. This person tried to scam me by asking to send money to a bank in Nigeria. I need to know who own this phone number, so i can report to the FBI


Ray said: I received an email (see below) regarding a motorcycle I'm selling on craigslist. The name on the email account is "mrdouglas.miller (at) gmail.com".

Hi Matt,
Sorry for my late response,as the item is still available.I will like to purchase from you at once.I would be comfortable paying for the item through PayPal or Usps Money order since I am not local.

Let me know what payment option works well with you,


206 203 1960

Kindly delete the posting as am totally committed to buying from you to save me cost,my mover will be coming over for the pick up right only after the payment as been delivered.


Caller type: Collection Agency

anony said: I keep getting calls from this number 207-866-6000  and this number 866 489 0979  both saying they are the same place...looking for Cynthia cause she owes money. I am NOT cynthia...know no Cynthia and have told them repeatedly and they keep calling, even said It was not so as phone companies didn't give out numbers that soon after someone closed their phone. I can't get a company name...but they always ask for Cynthia and the first time said she owed money.they are harassing a disabled woman whose son got her a "GO phone" from AT&T two months ago.


Caller type: Non-Commercial

M said: got a call at 6:31 am from this number called back and a person with an accent that I don't recongnize and answers. I've gotten the same calls appearing as an unkown and +2547232553


shelly said: Same here....just got it now...


vk said: I too got a call and no message...


gg said: wtf same
this is messed up


ssj said: they called me twice i didnt answer they left no msg.


JP said: can we find ou who this is?


d said: A Vancouver, BC cellular phone number has just now rec'd a robot call from this number located in California.  How to remove?

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