Caller ID: jason dealer

PA said: chinese speaking caller wont stop calling my house!




Jason said: I did not answer it.


Koa said: yeah, it's pretty damn annoying, when you call back it's like a foundation for florida reptiles-as the name of the department.


Caller ID: 1-352-688-3684:

Crystal said: called many times.
never pick it up.


em said: Called twice, one right after the other.. At 8:04pm PST.. Traced call to FLORIDA?.. I'm in California and know NOBODY from Florida.. Left no voice message.


LMR said: When I call my mother with Skype, the caller ID shows "Margie Thayer", which is NOT my name. Also, my mother received two other calls from someone named Margie Thayer from other people. Heck if I know! I found this forum when I did a search looking for why Margie Thayer was showing up on my mother's caller ID.


Caller ID: Sell R T
Caller type: Telemarketer

H.Warren said: This is a Time share sales company using scare tactics on senior citizens


Jada said: I get also such call some min ago... too shor call to have time to pick up...
numb.: 393-193-2600-14


Caller ID: +393193260042
Caller type: Commercial

Comfused said: I got two calls one on 06-11-2008 from +393193260042 and did not answer neither call back.

Today I got one from +393193260047 and I called back. It is a s3x phone service or something. The voice told me she is (do not remember the name) she is 19 years old and a robot invited me to create a mailbox.

I will see on the invoice how much that was worth it :-D

I will report it also to my telecom operator.


Caller ID: +393193260031

corey said: I got a call yesterday. Did not answer... now I called back, stupid me.
Sandra from Geneva, 23 said voice. Tomorrow I will get to know how much I need to pay for that call.


annoyedmomof2 said: received call, did not answer.  Reading other people's comments, this one seems to be ones that I have received in the past - car warrenties.  This must be a scam.  What can we do about it?


dick said: your number is wrong


Caller ID: VMS

Pia said: today i recieved the call from "VMS" and when i answered it the person on the other line said duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and then hung up. I tried calling back thinking it was an ex boyfriend but then it said this number does not exist. About twenty minutes later i recieved the phone call again and i said hello.....hello, finally a young man said "excuse me what did you just say?" i was like well can you please not call here anymore?" He then got hasty and was like "I NEVER CALLED YOU BEFORE AND I NEVER WILL AGAIN!!"


Caller ID: 14017191533
Caller type: Telemarketer

Alex said: Wom ad saying "If you will a loan sign we will put some money in your blah-blah-blah"


Caller type: Telemarketer

Alex said: Called me today-I didn't answer and I purposely don't have voice mail on my cell so I don't have to pay for these unwanted messages. Thank goodness for this site! I love knowing that I didn't miss anything important by not answering my cell phone! Thanks to everyone that leaves info on here!


DeerParkMamma said: I also got a phone call from 401-719-1533. They did not leave any message.


Mike said: same for me...confused me, so I looked up the area code. I don't know anyone in Rhode Island....so I assumed it was a telemarketer.

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