Dana said: Got a phone call from this number. No voice message left.


Laura said: I answer they hang up.


Dalton said: Anyone knows who this is?


Eric said: Wanted to know who owns this number.


Derek said: Got dead air.


Sam said: I keep getting calls from it.


Scott said: Received a call on my cell.


Daryl said: I did not answer it.


Heather said: No one on the line.


Tony said: Did not answer, did not leave a message.


Caller ID: Unknown

Simon said: Just received a call from this number,Unknown was the name.  I tried to find it online and got to you site. Our phone numbers are and have been on the National Call Registry.  How is that we get these unsolicated calls. The other day it was FL.  I answered it and it was the Chapter of  National State Police. How is it that they are permitted to have access to our phone numbers if we are on the NCR.  Is ther anyone I can take this complaint to. Thank you.


Charlie said: phone calls with no one on line when picked up.


ROGER said: I was called at 12:57 PM CST. When I answered the phone, they hung up. I returned the call and all it will do is ring for about 30 seconds to a minute and a half at most then it will act as if you've been disconnected or someone on the other side answered and then hung up really fast.


Ryan said: Trying to find who owns this phone number.


Caller type: Commercial

Millie said: Called today at 5pm from same number.

Is there no way we can report or stop this?  It's rather absurd, and I'm quite positive, bordering on harassment.


Tripp said: So what happened after you cashed the initial check?


Caller ID: Active Energy
Caller type: Telemarketer

zoe said: These pricks call up to 15 times starting as early as 7am and as late as 9pm. They are so annoying and they just don't stop calling. They want people to sign there stupid energy contract.


raj said: I too got a call from that number yesterday morning.... the same thing happened....

If its from nuakri.....R u searching for jobs.... they will ask u to register in naukri as premium member for some amount...


scamrsrscum said: i have to agree...i have had many calls from this number and when i answered a recorded message told me to stay on the line for a lower intrest rate for my credit card. at first they had me convinced until the questions started...and then i thought to myself if this was my credit company they would already know all my information. phising for sure!!!!

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