Caller type: Commercial

Raul said: No one answered when I picked up the call.

When I called back a man named Jeff answered...told me it was a brokerage company..selling options and futures. Rather standard sounding obnoxious style & tone.  They do not identify the name of the company when they answer the phone..and are elusive when asked - had to ask three times.


Irritated!!! said: I'm getting calls from 313-344-1973 a Michigan number reported to be GM calling my number at 8 PM evenings. All my phones are on the no call list.


Lesley said: Keeps calling my number.


Caller ID: restricted
Caller type: Collection Agency

Rowanda said: I got a call too & they said my name & asked if I knew (a name I couldn't pronounce)I asked them how they got my phone number & they said they just used a search engine directory called "Engyst"(or ingest, ingist,ingyst-I couldn't get him to spell it for me) He said he was from the bank & wanted to confirm the address of my apartment complex-I told him there are 240 apartments here. He didn't have an apt. number.
I get calls all day long from different collection agencies calling for different names, none of which I recognize. These collection agencies keep using my phone number & I have reported them to many places,even had my attorney write them but they won't stop. They say millions of people are using my number as their home number-but that's a lie because my neighbor gets some of the same phone calls, So they're using this address & the listings of a few people here to call. They all must use the same directories & I don't know how to get off of the directories that collection agencies use.


Caller ID: no number

Anon said: Yeah -- they keep calling.  They don't ever say anything.   When I call back, it's some girls voicemail named Sarah.  no clue who it is.   I guess they have nothing better to do.


Hmm.. said: Some how I don't think people are just ramdomly calling people. How would they have gotten the cell phone number without someone giving to them. Sherlock


Dr. Common Sense said: Dear Hmmmm-  Did you read the first part of her posting. It said I signed up for .........  How is that a cold call if she signed up for it???? Maybe instead of your name being Hmmmmm it should be duh?


Bob said: I got a call from them too and I have an RV for sale.
Now I know I can block them.


Caller ID: CACI

Mel said: Called but wouldn't give out what kind of company that they are. Sounds like a collection company to me.


Caller ID: NONE

Cat said: Syracuse- The caller said that they wanted to interview me for a possible managment position. Tried to research company on internet, the address she gave me was wrong and did not bring up anything. Ailise.com. I called back and found out more...tried again. Then she mentioned National Life...I think it is insurance...I am canceling the interview...I think it is some kind of scam. They had pulled my resume down from Syracuse.com, or Craigslist. Beware...not management.


Caller ID: out of area

Angela said: Said it was the american lung association, wanting to know if i would donate again.  I said yes, and was immediately transferred to the 'donations' person.  I said I'd rather donate via the website, and she said 'you can do that too.  bye'  

which made me wonder if it's a scam.


chase said: This number kept coming up on my cell phone throughout the day and the called kept hanging up.  No voice mail.  I called the number back and a Hispanic sounding man answered.  I asked who he was and he immediately hung up on me.


annoyed said: If you feel like this is a paid account, the way to handle it is to send a written letter to them disputing the debt. They must then go back to their client and verify that the debt is valid. If during their investigation they find that the debt is not valid they must stop collections and send a deletion to the Bureaus. I looked this company up on the ACA web site and they are in good standing. If they are collecting on the debt, they are doing so because they believe it is valid. Quit whining and own up to your responsibilities.

As a former collector, I can tell you that 99% of the people who dispute a collection account are either mistaken or are trying to weasal out of a debt. There are bad apple collectors out there, but they are rare. I gaurantee that this company is not trying to double collect.

Maybe you could try calling them and ask for a supervisor. If they are like any of the agencies I have worked for, they will want to get it straightened out.


Cole said: Called my mobile phone.


Caller type: Commercial

nn said: Got some call requesting to verify online order of drugs, which I never bought.

Told me to call 1-800-870-6419 for information, not sure if I should


Caller type: Telemarketer

nn said: We have double medical coverage including Rx. The Rx service we receive is top rate as well as inexpensive.

What makes these jerks think that I will buy our maintenance Rx's from them???

I will never answer the phone again from numbers I do not recognize...

What I want to know is what local pharmacy gave my phone number to these jerks. If they sold my number to PrecisionRx, they will be hearing from my lawyer, and I guarantee they are not going to like the consequences!!!


Amy said: Hi, I know who this is...I am curious to know if you are an "Amy" that used to briefly date a friend of the people that own this number.  As for you Thomas, I would suspect, but not know, that this is their child; he is "developmentally delayed" and "plays" on the phone alot; many times at the encouragement of his parents. (When I say encouragement, I mean they have him call people they know all the time and leave rude messages, so...I think he might believe it is OK to call anyone he wishes.)  Maybe when he doesn't recognize your voice, he hangs up.
The reason I asked about you, Amy, is one of their friends had a brief encounter with someone nameed Amy this past spring; I could see them sitting around drinking, and playing on the phone; they really are that immature.  He is over there all the time.


Caller ID: 319-433-1442

CD said: Definitely GMAC. I have both my mortgage and home equity loan through them. They totally suck. They called my cell phone 3 times today and when I finally picked up I get a recorded message asking me to verify that it is me and punch in the last 4 digits of my social security #. I hung up.

GMAC is just awful from the horrible customer service to the non-existent grace period. And god forbid if you are 2 days late they totally harass you. Avoid GMAC if you can. They don't deserve any business.

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