john said: rang 4 times and hung up nomessage


Caller ID: Tele 2
Caller type: Telemarketer

alba said: Confirmado, es de Tele2, a mi también me están llamando insistentemente, aunque sin insultos ni malos modos al hablar. Le digo educadamente (insistiendo, eso si) que no me interesa y me cuelga.


raj said: Is it confirm call from naukri I also got the same..today...acn anyone make sure of that...


shreya said: getting discon


Coii said: just got a call from this number.. who is it ?


Caller ID: Unknown
Caller type: Fax Machine

verysleepy said: Two calls from this number in the am and both had fax tones.  It appears to be sloppy work from the calling number.  Is 145 an "out-WATS" number?


Caller ID: long distance

Jason said: Caller asked me "who is this" and i replied: You are calling me, who is this? They hesitated, and then hung up the phone. I received at least 4-5 calls in a period of 2 mins from this unknown number.

Thank you.


Caller ID: BTS

abcl said: I also got call from this number .
I had to Know about from which city this number. and I got this is problematic thing , Please search this person to solve this confusion.


Caller ID: 01713033323

sunny said: (01713033323) got a call from this number this afternoon, received it but no reply from the other end.


sams said: Called twice on my number, no one was on other end. Tried to call back to find out who is calling line was busy.


Caller ID: 4168273508
Caller type: Commercial

mariem said: TEXT MESSAGE


annoyed said: A man telling us that he couldn't believe he was calling from the hotel bathroom.


Caller ID: Unavailable

ALB back again! said: Received call from 190 256 7399.  Answered but hung up.


snowbuni said: This number has been calling for the last few weeks.  We never answer and they never leave a message.  Whoever, or whatever they have to offer, we are NOT interested!


Caller ID: Family values

Not Interested said: Called, asked if could have a moment of my time, recorded me saying "ok", then delayed response, called BBB and they did not have listing of issues but recommended monitoring your phone company for any changes to your account


Caller ID: Crossfire?

sumanitu said: Past week or so several daily calls from Crossfire 201-917-1780, My telco is Verizon and they can't block it unless I sign up for a 4 buck a month service. Holes indeed! Hope someone finds out who these jerks are so they can be sued!


Virginia said: Don't recognize this number.

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