Caller type: Non-Commercial

LC said: Do not call this number. DO not cash the check. Do not send any money through western union to this idiot. I work against this kind of activity every day a work.

Hurting people for personal gain is not cool.


David Stephen said: Just got a check for $2,880.00.All I need to do is deposit the check and go shopping at wal mart and I get to keep $200 , after on money gram them the rest....he he , what a scam. Move it to the shredder...


NanK said: We received this very same letter.  Since we were suspicious of it, we checked on line until we found this note.  Thank you for letting us know that this is probably a bogus award.


lkb said: Has anyone received funds form this offer?


Cynthia Davis said: BEWARE.....I just confirmed with the bank that this is a scam and they are investigating. If your check is from Peoples Heritage Bank, then you need to call them at 800-893-8554 and notify them. The bank changed its name many many years ago and now it is called TD Bank.

Good luck,


James said: No to coalition


Caller ID: NFT Marketing
Caller type: Commercial

Chippy said: Neil Nicholson Barrie Ontario


dhosa said: its a nice company we saved alot on vacations


jack said: Thanks to Robert from marketing company explained me every thing regarding gifts and discounts, and now we are members.


Chrissy said: well i got discount from them, and free giift aswell


Mr. Smith said: its a discount network.


Caller ID: 416-907-0430
Caller type: Telephone Surveyor

mark said: Received a call from 416-907-0430 number is a marketing dept working on behalf of Premium buyers club, and spoke with Brain and told regarding free gifts and discount offers as well and I am willing to avail them.


SARAH said: unknown caller


Victor said: They are soliciting donations for charities.  They have been given numbers of people who have contributed to various charities in the past.  Mine was on behalf of the muscular dystrophy association.


instarx said: Forgot to say that this may be a scam.   They may only be pretending to represent a charity.


Caller ID: CCS
Caller type: Collection Agency

h08 said: they are a collection company called CCS...they are very harrassing...they call and if you resist they foward it to the 'investigations division' and the investigations department will then have someone call you from a line direct-linked to their home office so as to circumvent the 9:30 pm do not call rule...they will say it's not a debt but check fraud (as its usually banks who hire them) and theyll say if you dont pay immediately that theyll have you arrested and criminal charges brought...theyll tell you to borrow the money, and will ignore any attempts by you to do anything but submit...theyll typically require a money order or bank wire payment and will call a person's work several times a day and use the check fraud angle to circumvent harrassment laws... they will relentlessly, mercilessly threaten you and will call your whole family...and friends...the number associated with the investigations division rep. i dealt with the number is (216) 338-9912...his name is brian...my abusive stepfather nearly murdered my mother over this...this brian even accused me of 'defrauding a bank in an attempt to funnel money to al qaeda'...he cared nothing if he destroyed a person's sanity, caused them a panic attack, nervous breakdown or heart attack...he said two payments at most within a month on a 4100 dollar debt or arrest...and criminal charges...he even threatened to hire a voodoo spellcaster to cast a curse on me and my family...


Caller ID: Unknown

JCS said: Called today and "Chris" left a message saying to call back to 866 553-1857


Alice said: i would like a n A L pic


peved said: Just got another call from this number. It is a company called "MEDALLION". It is a Request for donations to the Special Olympics.

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