Caller type: Commercial

Lindsey said: He's trying it in Indiana too. There is an internet scam report site. If you do a search for reporting internet scams a site comes up. I am going to report him too. I think we all should. I mean come on if it sounds too good to be true it is too good to be true.


Sweetness said: Exact same thing left on my voicemail this afternoon!


Caller type: Telephone Surveyor

Okie said: Caller asked to do a survey, but hung up abruptly when I refused to answer questions that seemed fishy. (No legit pollster would ever start asking people for their height and weight for example). be suspicious of possible attempts at identity theft.


Marc said: I believe this is some sort of scam.  It's posted all over the web as a fax number to fax your credit scores and info.


bostonburns said: I had the same email.

Hello Seller,

I saw your item listed on craigslist and am interested in buying it
for my son on his forthcoming birthday.Please let me know if it is
still available and i will like the method of buying to be in
Check.Thank you and looking forward to your quick response to my
Contact me for any infor........



Caller ID: Instyler
Caller type: Telemarketer

JR said: I am getting the same calls from the same number, they say to call back at a different number: 207-618-1454.  The common ground is that I called for my daughter (13 yr old) who wanted this stupid hair iron for her mother for Christmas.  She thought it was only $14.99 but as it turns out, there's THREE additional payments of $39.99.  That's nearly $135.00!!! What a rip off.  Anyways, I called Instyler before I knew their website and the terms to get their website address and saw that while I was still on the phone with their sales department.  She tried everything to keep me on the phone short of giving me a BJ over the phone.  Now I keep getting them calling me from the 207-618-1431 number, every day.  It's old and I'm going to do everything I can to get them fined or join a lawsuit.  If you hear of one, please let me know.


?.? said: Yep, I called them yesterday only to find out the catch is the 14.95 is only for a 30 day trial and then they want 3 easy payments of $39.95. Click. I hung up. $135 for 2 curling irons...please. Total rip off and now they are calling me back. It's a waste of their dime so keep calling...


Nikole said: When I called it back I heard a recording that the number was out of service.


Ryan said: Did not leave a voice message.


SARAH said: Same here, I missed the call. Got curious and found this site.Cool! Now I know. Thanks


Simon said: hey me too!!! what is this number ???


jb hall said: same started talking spanish i think. Couldnt understand it so i hung up.


hatman said: I guess there was more than 1 winner. Just received the same phone call- Pre-recored message saying that i just won a free trip to mexico! FRAUD


Jules said: just got one.. no message or anything


Caller ID: Clearwater Res

HT Russell said: I receive calls from this number just about every day, despite the fact that I have been on the "do not call" list........


kellie said: Unwanted calls from (208)911-1194.


kellie said: I get annoying calls from many idiots with awkwards area codes today 12/19/08 5:30 pm i got a missed call from 208-991-1194
in the morning today i got a call from 502-43571224
i got calls from 517-545-0434
how do i stop this nonsense?


Mike said: no message.  12/19/08 at 12:12:39


Rob said: just want to know who it was calling.


Caller ID: DCS

Jay said: 12/19/08 1206: someone called asking for my mother by name...I asked who he was...he said Tommy...I asked Tommy, who and what do you want?...He said he was calling from DCS and wanted to speak to my mother...I asked "What about"?...He said "a private matter, what are you screening her calls!...I said if you cannot tell me what it is you want, then do not call here again...He said "Oh, I will be calling again!

Bottom line: Tommy Richmond and Krystal Vega seem to work for this DCS, Inc. which calls eople trying to get your private and personal information such as social security number an banking information as well as information about other family members and friends.

We are on the Federal "Do Not Call" Registry...These people and this company have violated the policies of the Federal "Do Not Call" Registry as well as violated the FCC regulations concerning interstate and intrastate phone fraud.

Call your local and state police...and the police in the city from which DCS calls you from...as I have done...LET'S GET THESE AS_HO_ES LOCKED-UP!!!

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