Caller ID: 323-318-1050

supermom said: Heavy breathing! gross


Joyce said: Got a call from this number. Any idea who it could be?


Caller type: Telemarketer

Karen said: Automated message said something like: "Your phone number has been selected, press 1 to get your prize." Did not press.

Called number back and person on line stated they were in Cancun Mexico even though area code is for L.A.

Refused to put phone number on do not call list.


Caller ID: 323-431-2870

Frank said: I didn`t pick up but this is the fourth time they have called. And I am surprised because it is my cell phone that just been hook up and I have not been giving the number out...yes I know people have ways of getting numbers.


4truth said: Message said was calling to verify name and number for a CHurch of Scientolgy directory. Totally bogus. I called back from another number. The guy slipped up and saod they were selling something.


Caller ID: Unavailable

y said: Someone called me from this number and left no message on my machine. I called back and a recording came on saying it was not available. Who are these "324" people????


dave said: Get calls roughly 3 times a day by this number.  When I don't answer, no message is left and usually receive another call within a minute of their last call.  When I do answer, the person is barely audible and doesn't sound like they can speak English well.  Doesn't seem to have a preference for the hour that they call, could happen in the morning, afternoon, evening or the middle of the night.  Very frustrating, especially if it wakes me up in the middle of the night or distracts me at work.


Caller ID: Name Unavailable

annoyed said: called twice in one hour starting at 6 a.m.  Did not speak English or tell me what she needed.


Caller ID: DCS
Caller type: Collection Agency

Lily said: this is a call from DCS a collections agency that deals with defaulted student loans and probly other loans that go to collections.


Selina said: Called my cell, left no message.


Buddy said: Just one call .....


pissed said: they call me 5-10 times a day, everyday for the past few weeks


Caller ID: NONE

shorty said: no name or any message left


luis cruz said: el dia de ayer y antier me llamaron de este numero a mi casa, no lo reconozco y  solo llaman y cuelgan, no entiendo el motivo de la llamada, pero al ver el mensaje de que a alguien mas le han estado llamando de la misma forma me causa extrañes. por lo mismo dejo este comentario


Caller ID: N/A
Caller type: Fax Machine

Kevin said: Fax, out of control....please stop!


Caller ID: 336-358-4900

peanut said: Calls at all hours, leaves no message.


Cassandra said: call came in twice and no response when i answered.


mS.S said: I recieved a call from someone named Mary wanting to talk to one of our employees. I ask what business she was with and where she was calling from and she said United Federal Investigation Authority out of South Carolina. I have explained to these people that we are tired of them calling our business and have ask them to remove our number from their call list.  I called this number back and a guy answered and when I ask for his name he said it was Chris Owens.  I let him know that we have turned in these numbers to the Att.Generals office and then he hung up on me.  We want these to stop.


Frank said: Sent me a text regarding a payday loan.

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