Erica said: I received a call from 201-215-1726 for the last five days.  They do not leave a voice mail message.  I refuse to answer this call.  Very annoying having my phone ring at the exact same time every evening for the past five days.


chris said: Anyone else getting calls from this phone number?


Caller ID: 201-645-4362

BUNNI said: Similar here called and no answer then called again I lat it go to VM and no message.  I tried to call it back and it said it was no longer in Service.


Caller type: Commercial

Saira said: It's Liquidity Solutions. They called us regarding possible purchase of a claim we have on file for a company that is going bankrupt.


Caller ID: 202-367-924

Ky red white blue said: frequent calls, all day, all night from this number

no message is ever left

we have been receiving calls from this number for months


Bradley said: Listed as a cellular call. Didn't leave a message


Tom said: I keep getting calls from it.


Venus said: Details on this phone number ... who it is registered to.


larry said: Received a call this morning.


Ryan said: Any Luck, I have gotten this call about 10 times in the last week and it hangs up when you answer it, and if you don't then like you said, no message is left.  Very Irratation!


Caller ID: 203-427-2921

d.s said: comes up Intl. Number and hangs up when you answer the call.


southern ontario girl said: I had the same thing, at work and at home.  Car warranty about to expire.  When you press 1 to get more information, nothing happens.  I called the number and it says something likeL "Press 1 to be taken off the "do-not-call" list.  I asked the police if this was some kind of scam, but they didn't know anything about it.


Lilly said: Who owns this number?


Caller ID: Gt Telecom Group

LK said: I've had nine calls in three days including one at 9:30 in the evening.  No one talks when I answer as they say to please hold because all their lines are busy. They continue to call in spite of reporting them.


tvll said: by this number at 8 p.m. central time on a sunday night. the silly giggly girl said, "haha, well we work odd hours." My a**, SCAM.


Robert K said: He wanted to buy something form me on craigslist and his name was dan foster


Caller ID: 206-462-1795

Jen said: This call came on my cell phone.  It sounded like a woman's recorded voice in Spanish, but since I don't speak Spanish, I don't know what she said.


Jen said: This call just came up on my cell phone also, at 12/8 at 9:22 a.m.  Also spoke Spanish, recorded message,....do not speak Spanish but I think the last word was 'm..dinaro' (phoentically).  I just hung up- what is this all about?


Rick said: Same thing happened to me today.

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