Aj said: Just got an email from a friend who is stationed in Afghanistan - he was trying to call using SKYPE - SO THIS IS probably a SKYPE trunk number,whew! and the dead air/crackle/breath was a bad connection,
but he said he could hear me.


Erin said: I keep getting calls from it.


Caller ID: 206-600-4853

William Mitchell said: I have also received the same response to my craigslist ad.  I have received several responses to my ad with the same wording "i am OK with the price am still interested in
buying from you,I will like you to withdraw the advert on net cause i
am buying from you, I will be paying with a certified check Is that OK
by you,As for the pick up i will instruct my mover's to come for the
pick-up as soon as you have your payment.If this is OK with you get me
the following information,Your full name to be on the certified
check,Your postal address.Your phone number both land and mobile and
Your postal code.Get me this as soon as possible,".  I am always leary of emails where people dont use proper english....BEWARE this has to be a scam.  I respond with I will only accept cash, paypal or certified check for the exact amount of purchase.  They usually want to send a check for a few thousand over the purchase, have you deposit the check, send them the extra money and item.  Then a few days later you find out the check is no good and your out your item, money...


Claims to be Avon Job Recruiter? said: Absolutely the same thing!
But I replied... just for fun and they  send me the check.
I transferred that money to my account, but they will be available only on next week... what can happen? I`m worrying... Can they get an access to my account?


Caller ID: WA
Caller type: Commercial

terry mcormic said: Received a call stating you needed 4 more people to answer phones and earn money.  No selling.....I am interested.


Laura said: missing number


Laura said: alberto por favor llamame y dejame un numero donde llamarte


Caller ID: 207-693-3468
Caller type: Telemarketer

RonF said: Since I have answered a number of these canned auto warranty calls I did not answer but called the number from another phone and got a message that the number was disconnected and no longer in service. I wish this abuse of the do not call registry would end.


Caller type: Telemarketer

RonF said: this is one on then scams. Stop the bull s**t. I dont have a car that is not under a warranty.


work cell said: Do not call any area code 575!! Stop your scamming. I do not even own a car!!!!!!!!!


None of your Business said: Stupid recording from a company to which I do not own a car.


None of your Business said: I don't have a car my parents just got me a phone I am 12


Caller ID: 1-207-699-9018

Chelsey said: stalkers. prank phone called.


Caller ID: Gwynne Williams
Caller type: Telephone Surveyor

NTC said: When I declined to participate in survey and asked that my number be removed, "Gail" said "your going to have to take your number out of the phone book, because that's where I am calling from" and hung up on me.


pooh and roos mom said: someone is calling me from this # @ 630 am Ca time.  they called 3 times, i could hear a lot of noise but no one spoke when I said hello multiple times.  I tried to star 69 but all I get is a busy signal.


Caller ID: 208-323-1150

pissed of ebayer said: Called on my cell phone but didn't leave a message. I just saw that that number had called. I use eBay as a seller. I wonder if that is how they got the number? The area code is in Utah.


fresh said: You sir are obviously associated with these fake pharma a**holes. You just don't get it. It's the email jacking that pisses people off. Gargle my gonads you piece of s**t!


Caller ID: NONE

bre said: caller continuously called back to back around 8 pm. It is actually a person not a recording.

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