Dallas said: a robo-call claiming my second offer at a factory warranty something or other is about to expire. a scam using illegal phone-phishing techniques.


pissed in philly said: this number called my cell phone at 6:40pm in new hampshire on 12/15 - i just ignored it since i didn't recognize


raetsel said: i got the same call in Mass at 6:45 on 12/15


Mikey said: The same guy tried "renting" a room from me off of craigslist. said his name was Brian Timex, an artist from california....its all fake. Don't these people have anything better to do with their time than try and scam people looking for roommates?!


Caller ID: Unknown

GLO said: More often, the call hangs up before i can answer.  I've also had a recorded message left re a debt collector but I have perfect credit.  I've answered or picked up a message from the number and it was from someone I know that doesn't have that number.  Strange.


jasmine said: I answered the call on my business line at 3:28 pm, when I said hello, a man said "can i speak to the owner or controller about an investigation, I'll hold". I asked for his name and number to call him back, he immediately replied "that's ok, ill call back" and hung up. Now that I've read this board, I can't wait for him to call back. :)


Don said: Received a phone call from this number. The caller left no voice message.  Same as previous comment.


Caller type: Fax Machine

mikar said: We received the same fax, but I know how to deal with it.  We have defense contracts for the government, so I forwarded the fax to Homeland Security for further investigation.  It shouldn't take long.


Marcus 12 1 08 said: Same as above:  caller is Micheal Klowski and he needs to talk about the auto-renewal clause in our telephone system maintenance contract.  Return his call at the number listed.  ...  This stuff must fool a lot of people...


me said: Forget about the previous message being Gilmore Research.  It is not...my bad.


M. Smith said: I got a call from them during class today and my phone wasnt on silent>.<


Oscar said: When I answered nobody was there.


chameleman said: They called me Friday night and this Monday afternoon.  First time left a message.  I currently have nothing to give them except large furniture and they don't accept those gifts because they only have one driver.  Um, okay??I wish they didn't have my cell phone number.


Caller ID: NW Research

TBARR said: Same as above.

Thanks all for the great info on this site!

Truly, a great resource, keep up the good work!


bambam said: They hung up when i picked up... I'm from Canada!  What's going on?


miss said: unwanted call


Paula said: some guy name Larry, Jassica boyfriend


Caller type: Commercial

saresident_texas said: I got a call from this company by the name of:
Texas Department of Family & Protective Regulatory Services
Adult Protective Services
3635 SE Military Drive
San Antonio, Texas  78233

I would be very careful of this organization. The APS Caseworkers are bunch of dead beat employees.

Caller Type: Government - State - Texas - ( State Agency )


Caller ID: Unknown

nw san antonio said: got a call from this number at 4:30am


Caller type: Fax Machine

dr. harle's office said: what office is this

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