Looking for attention! said: you must be the one calling if you really believe this.  you need a suppository, (maybe you could get one from this "Co." cause you are full of crap!  they are a bunch of non-english speaking telemarketers our to ruin our day. they call our business, interrupt with clients, just to tick us off with their lies. "I am calling for my friend ....." You can't even say her name right, and if she wanted what you have she will call.  By the way, don't ever call me "Darling" again, or even call at all!


joe said: I get called several times a week by this number.  It is annoying.


Mama said: This number keeps calling me at home and on my cell. Everday!!!!!


Travis said: Someone from this number called many times at night until i just unhooked the phones to get some sleep. They did not answer any of the times I picked up the phone.


ROGER said: Yeah they were collecting a debt from RCN for me, when I asked them which company they represented, like which company they were they would not tell me, I told them by law they need to supply that information and the lady was rude and said "So sue us!". I told her that if she could send me a physical bill to the mailing address on file ( I would not give her one) then I would take care of the bill. This was 2 months ago and I still have not received any letter, but they persist to call me 3-5 times a day. I think people need to start complaining to the FTC and BBB about these guys, but no one can find their business name because they wont supply it. But do not pay your bills through them make them send a bill to the mailing address on the bill. But do not give them your address either.


Caller ID: N/A

diamond said: someone called me from 301- 254-5018.   who's the owner?


Caller ID: 301-444-5102

Elaine1977 said: This is a SCAM with a gentleman with a foreign accent claiming to be a customs offical.  Call comes from the DC suburbs/Maryland.


Rich said: I answered and the caller disconnected.


Leti said: i got that too


Ladoshia Stanley said: give me a call at this number (706)955-3140


Qwala Padgett said: give me a call at this number (706)955-3140


Caller ID: NONE
Caller type: Non-Commercial

Chuck said: Caller claimed to be an Alien Smuggler and stated he had an illegal alien to deliver to me. Dont know how he got my phone# or name.


Caller ID: 303-209-0040
Caller type: Collection Agency

Gina said: Washington Mutual Collections


Ben said: I answered and the caller disconnected.


Vale said: someone sent me a thnksgiving sms, i would like to know who was it


Northern Business said: Yes, I am getting seven to eleven and more of these harassing calls myself.  Can't someone put an end to this?


Caller ID: Colorado

lll said: this caller keeps calling my fax machine and after checking out what has been posted here, I feel pretty lucky they have the wrong #. I do have a suggestion, and yes it will take a little patience and savvy: Appear to be a discombobulated senior citizen who's cooperative. Ask them to wait while you get the information on your 1942 La Salle (or Edsel..pick and old make that couldn't possibly have a current warranty or pick an obscure make the caller has never heard of like a Pinzgauer, Renalut, or Glas.) then just keep stringing them along by asking them to wait by putting the phone down for 3-5 minutes at a time. Either they'll hang up or you just read them numbers and information off of cereal boxes or canned food (UPC # for VIN # etc.) Have fun with it and don't let it get you down because it's their dime. Maybe you can reverse the frustration back on them and have a good laugh...I learned this trick from a wise old aunt.


Caller ID: 303-974-1813
Caller type: Telemarketer

dorkboy said: This people have been calling me that i have an expired warranty, but unable to tell which car I have.  I requested for them to remove my number from their data base, but they failed to do so.  I get 10-15 calls from them.  This is annoying and I found this to be harassment.

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