Gretchen said: i got a call with automated message, saying press 1 to speak to a representative. when i did, i let them guy talk about expiring warranty services or some such bu***hit and then i said i'd like to know the name and address of the company he is representing. he refused four times then gave me an address that does not exist, afaik - 679 Albert Rd, Atlanta, GA 30022. motherfu****s!


Caller ID: 407-251-6572

brooklyn said: They called me today, saying that if i didnt pay on my current car that the car would be repossessed.  Considering its coming a 407 number which is mostly likely based out of orlando flordia. I tried to answer they hung up, they call again i will ask for the number to be traced i will not tolerate unwarrented calls. Beware this call dont give them any information!


Jim said: Same with me - i just filed a complaint with Government Canada.


Alvaro said: Ellos me estan tratando de vender lo mismo.  Gracias por su reporte.  Gracias a Dios todavia no e dado mi informacion.


Caller ID: RTI Travel
Caller type: Telemarketer

lyn tan said: I got a call 2 weeks ago from a lady called Shai from RTI Travels she gave her phone no as 4072852089 and her agent no as 2567, she said i had won an 11 day all inclusive package to comprise 4days 3night stay in a 5 star hotel in Orlando - Celebration World Resort and a 3days 2nights stay in the Hilton at Forte Lauderdale and finally a 4days 3night cruise to Nassau. She said all i had to pay for on the cruise was alchohol and purchases made at the boutique and that all meals taxes and ground transportation was covered however i had to pay £598 with a Visa card. When it came to taking payment i told her that i had an account in the US and would like to pay for the package in USD she said it was better to use my UK card because if i made payment from my US bank account  the bank would think it was fraud. I then told her that my UK card was not visa but Maestro, she then wanted to know whether the card started with the digit 4 when i said no she said she could not take a payment from this card and that the card must be a visa. I told her that my visa card did not have any credit on it and that she would not be able to take any payment, she said she would take the details and run it when i had made some payments. She then put me through to Joanne who said she was the verification officer, she said they would call me back in 2weeks to take the payment and she gave me a confirmation no. Since after reading the the comments above i have tried to ring the phone no i was giving by Shai and guess what? it went through to a voice mail message. This is definitely a scam!


me said: i got a call from this number about 10 min. ago. its not the first time they call, so i was curious. i answered and the conversation went like this:
but isnt this ###-####?
oh, sorry.
have a nice day.



Caller ID: Unknown

MeanJean said: I picked up and the caller asked for me by first name. Since he did not offer to identify himself or nhis business up front, I was not here. Okay I lied. He did want to leave a message (I offered to take one) and he (Pete) was "shortly leaving for the day". Hmmmmm


Caller ID: ebay

powermaster said: is this ebay ?


Caller ID: 408-889-1199

Buck said: 3rd time over the past week. never leaves a VM


Caller ID: Heald College
Caller type: Telemarketer

tiTo said: Heald College in San Jose, CA.
I don't know how they got my number.. But they keep calling even after I told them that I never gave them my number and that I'm not interested in their offers. I have asked them nicely more then 5 times to please take me off of their call list. However, they still call me every day.


j said: I received a call from a Mr. James about a Ronald W Edwards.  No one by that name resides at my address.  The "Mr. James" left an 800 number to call:  800-921-8660 x 2134, which resulted with the company name of "Bronson & Migliaccio" which is what was left on my caller id.  I called their complain line to request that my number be removed from their calling roster as I am blessed not to be behind on any bills.


Caller ID: JRT Modeling?

Ken said: I just missed a call from this number today, and they introduced themselves as Charlene from JRT Acting and Modeling Studio, and they wanted to see if I was still interested in Modeling or Acting.


miss t said: said hello and hanged up


aubs said: Didn't answer


Caller ID: MA

Harrison said: Message was left on my answering machine - young woman's voice, talked fast, "I'm returning your call with that information you wanted..."  Left a website to go to (saying it too fast for me to understand) or that I could call her back at 413-521-0821.  I think this is a scam pretending that they've reached the wrong number and when you call back they try to sell you something.  That's just my guess - I'm not calling back.


Caller type: Telemarketer

From E. Coast To Now W. Coast said: I seen lots of reports on this number from another site.  Everyone is saying it's talking about getting access to VIP NASCAR stuff.  They want to sell you their yearly membership to the NASCAR Club.  

Line is a land line by Pac-West Telecomm from Fan Fransisco, CA.  Aerial shot pin points phone line on the Rd itself, Van Ness Ave directly across from City Hall (between McAllister St and Grove St).

This caller hung up.  I've been plagued with E. coast calls for NASCAR stuff.

Here's a list of the same calls plus the head quarters phone number itself:

Official Headquarters: 888-836-7922  Richmond, VA.
804-474-6727  Richmond, VA.
804-474-6738  Richmond, VA.
866-508-2077  Toll Free
866-709-0475  Toll Free


avi said: just want to know

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