Caller ID: Illinois Call

Just got the call, too! (Nov 2... said: Just receieved a call, the person was asking for my friend who used to live here.  When he asked for the other persons name, I informed them that they moved and no longer live here.  He stayed silent.  I said to the guy, there is no one by that name that lives here, he then came back with a rude comment "Well of course not, you said he moved!".  He didnt bother to identify himself at all until I asked at which point he said his name was "John", never informed me who he was from, but rather stayed silent on the telephone. I then hung up on the guy, he has not called back (yet). They call me at least twice a day.  I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST, how can these people call me?


Trey said: I also just received a call from this number with some guy wanting to verify I own a credit to offer me my prizes when I said to him it was obvious everyone owned a credit card and I was not going to release my info he got aggetated.  I told him to feel free to mail us the offer and that we would decide on the offer that way and he hung up and we said we would not be interested in any prizes any other way.


Tom R said: Received a call from this number today.  Did not answer.  No voicemail was left.


francais said: need name of unknown caller


debbie said: Same thing happened to me with this number.


d said: Call me on Friday 11/21/08 2 times, also call on Saturday 11/22/08. Who in the hell is there.


Donald said: The caller left no message.


Caller ID: PR Roberts

Donald said: Telemarketer scam type call came from that number to our police department, where I work. Calling the number back will initiate a removal request from their list. Not sure if the removal worked, as of yet, however.


corey said: This was very helpful. THank you for the information


Caller ID: Unknown
Caller type: Telemarketer

Joann said: they called and a recording came on asking if i wanted auto insurance on a car i just registered how did they get that number? unlees they got some info from the liscening dept which is a privately run company in washington  state they had to cross reference my address some how to get my cell number but to thati gad a newly registered vehicle that had to get that info from the liscense company


Caller ID: 231-732-2763

Mike said: This number is a conglomeration of other numbers that when you request to remove your number from this line, they will switch you to another number.  You can call 888-382-1222 or go to donotcall.gov.  once your number has been listed for 31 days, you go back to the site and lodge complaints after you tell them to remove youfrm their system.  They take the complaints seriously.  They investigate, then after so many complaints, they will start making them pay you.  I am still getting these calls but everytime they call, I file a complaint and the company is fined and I get a check for $500.  I've gotten 6 checks so far from this and another company.  

The problem is that once they get your number, its hard to get out of their system.  so be diligent and it will pay off, either financially or mentally.


Bruce said: I get random numbers a few times a day.  I have answered in the past and its usually a recording of some kind of sales pitch.  I've never answered since.  There is another odd number that calls me around the same time EVERYDAY!  They never leave a message.  If its ever someone important that needs to contact you for a legitimate reason, they should/would leave a message.


kate said: I got the call 22 minutes ago. 11-21-08 6:32 pm


Caller type: Telemarketer

Wanderer said: i just received this call 5 minutes ago... it's very annoying to have them call me every day


Tom said: Missed call from this number today, 11-21-08 @ 5:06pm


Stee said: I got the call from the same number..
donno who is


chris said: Who owns this number?


JR said: They continuously call my house, and the line just crackles. This isn't the only number that makes these useless phone calls



wudscru said: keeps calling 30 times so far



wudscru said: called 33 times so far its anoying

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