North Carolina said: These people keep calling. I answer and they hang up. Once I answered and it was an indian lady who said it was about continuing my education. I told her I am already in school stop calling me. She continued to talk over me so I hung up. I hate these calls. I don't answer any number I don't recognize unless they annoy me, and then I just push talk and end call


Caller ID: MI
Caller type: Telemarketer

Ryan said: When I tried to answer this call from the 231 area code number, no one was there.  I should not have tried to answer this call as I did not recognize the number.  Can you please take me off this list?  Thank you.


Caller ID: 2310000000

Jim said: a man said from PG&E, and wanted your ID of gas bill, so he could give you 8% gas bill-tricky call



bubbles said: this number calls every 1/2 hour non-stop 7 days per week.  If you call the
number, it does not answer


Caller ID: idk
Caller type: Commercial

joe said: I got this call, but didn't answer. I called back its "about online college degree" ummm I'm actually in college... said 2 press 1 to be on the dnc list but them it said 2 enter my number... umm it called me.... couple hrs later got another call from some car warranty thing, called back and the number is disconnected... riiighhht.... I don't want to waste my minutes with scam calls...


Jeff Lewis said: I answered to an automated message from Dave asking me if I wanted to save money on cable or satellite and I was to press “1” to speak to a sales rep.

I pressed “1” to ask them to remove me from the list.

He Answered
He said: how are you doing?

I Said: I could be better; would you remove me from your list?

He Said: That’s not "Fu**ing" happening.


Caller ID: 1-231-732-2545

Fed_up said: Twice today I received calls from this phone on my cell phone.   This is very irritating since I do not answer these calls.


Brad said: Keeps calling. Who is it?


Brad said: They called my cell and didn't leave a message.


Caller ID: Dr.Lely

missy said: no message left on machine


kurt said: Called me at 10:40 on 11/25. With caller ID of OWTN S. There was a recording about increasing credit card debt and asking to push numbers on phone to get help. I did not push any numbers. I would recommend to never push a number or you may get charged or further scammed. Theses companies are rabid with so many numbers and scams. Call came later in day from 231-732-2789 with caller ID of C. Staan. Called number and there was a recording about an expired auto warranty. Notice the area code and exchange the same. Where are the actual call centers is the question?


Olivia said: UNKNOWN caller


Olivia said: i think is a car extended warranty autodialer


Caller ID: Unknown

Greg said: Found the number on my machine, wasn't here to answer it. A Michigan, USA caller to a Toronto, Canada phone number...


Kira said: Don't know the caller.


Caller ID: pharmacy
Caller type: Telemarketer

nick said: they take the money from us through western union and they didn't send the meds.


Caller ID: nextel?

same said: after the 443 number calls, the next call is from this one. No one is ever there. Tired of these calls. it is using up my minutes. can't someone do something to make this stop?


anonymous said: Kept on texting me pretending to be my friend, john cena, ray mysterio, and li-something. REALLY CREEPY. kept saying they knew me, but i know for sure they do not.


aisslocket said: continue to call, have never said anything before i hang up and hang up when i call back

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