Caller type: Non-Commercial

Debi said: 2 seconds


Jacob said: Got a phone call from this number. The caller left no message.


Emily said: that number is what came up when a friend of mine called me collect from jail in seattle


Caller ID: cash cow

SGT (ret) gross said: Called and when I answered the recording "yelled" in my ear about Cashcow. I hung up & called them back.  Got a scary recorded message about him not being racist yet called each nationality by the nickname aka "wops"!!!


Caller ID: CNS
Caller type: Telemarketer

ladonna said: Called to sell advertising for a local school sports schedule poster...told him No, and he kept talking and was argumentative.  I raised my voice to say STOP and told him to never call us again and he started laughing before I hung up on him.  What a stupid salesman!


Caller ID: Stockton CA

Shrimp said: Political automated call from Republican National Trust Committee using Michael Reagan as spokesman.


L Loosle said: call from this number re asking if the business planning to move said they were working for the Brisitch Columbia Developement Office and wanted to send my some information.  When I asked questions operator said "Do I have to say it 100 times?"


dom said: My mom said they called and left a message on her answering maching asking for me, but they didn't answer when she called back.


Romeeko said: Calls and leaves no message. call back and it's busy. retarded people think they will actually achieve the goal the original call was set out to get.


Elvee said: yea we did get call from that number with the caller id Cabanban
i wonder who it was


Caller ID: Unknown Number

asdf said: called at 7:30 am. eastern time?! whyyyyyyyy? said helloo.. waited a second, then hungup.. the area code doesn't even come up when searching to see where the call was made from.. annoying. whyyy do you need to call that early... and not say a damnnn thing.


Caller ID: one source tale

steven said: i didnt answer the phone when the called, because at first i was like..okay? that was quick. but then this woman shirley left a message and said that i had to call her back on this number. so i looked up the number, and it like doesnt exist. and then i found this site. i would deffinetely say its a scam.


joe said: Well Sir/Madam We elocalsuccess have never used this kind of langauge(Like mention abouve f***k),,, we are a legit company... and maintain our Quality...please be rest assured, when ever you call us  will get respect..


Caller ID: 212-736-5100

clegpeg said: someone called, repeatedly, 1st was blocked ID, then with this 212-736-5100 ID showing, but voice mail reviews nothing but silence for over 30 seconds, then a little cough (clearing of his throat) then hung up.  

Well, if you have the time and effort to call, make sure you get your message across.

If you have something to hide, that's how you should behave, by keeping silent... but then, why you show your caller ID when it's widely published that you are an annoying spammer?  

Go figure......


brian said: Calls and hangs up.


annonymous said: If they call your cell phone, save their # & set that specific number  ringer on silent. They will call but you will never hear it.


Caller ID: 1-213-363-5101
Caller type: Telemarketer

losm said: this morning dec. 01, 2008, i received a call from this number, saying i won free installation from dish network.he said his name was steve.  he asked me for my address, phone number & social security number.  talked to me about setting up dish.
sounded right to me.  he put me on hold then we got disconnected.  
i called the number that was on caller id.  the message said to be removed select 1 or 2.  then i called dish.  they didn't know anything about it.
so beware of this number.


Juli said: Josh,
I just called the 866-225-1956 and requested to have my number removed from their list. I have been getting the same call for the past 4 months from 213-504-7024 and the recorded message states they are calling about the factory warranty on my vehicle, which is about to expire and it is urgent that I contact them. One day I decided to press 1 in order to speak to a live person to inform them to take my number off their list. This man comes on never identifies his self or the Company and yells at me "Didn't you hear what I said just give me the make and model of your vehicle" I yelled back and said don't you dare raise your voice at me, just who do you think you are talking to, just remove my number from your list and don't ever call my house again, and then I hang up. So thank you Josh for the information to contact them directly to have my number removed. I pray that this will stop the calls.


chris said: 213-504-7028
Called just now at 3:30 CST. I didnt recognize the number so I didn't answer the phone. I Googled the number and found this site.

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