Mike said: Beware - these people, all with Latino accents, are trying to sell you massive quantities of controlled substances. Their real goal is to extort significant amounts of $ and they are fairly clever about it. They are very persistent about it and are in cahoots with a phony DEA "commanding officer"


sarahnk said: a crazy ex girlfriend is grom GA.. ITS PROB. HER


Caller type: Non-Commercial

Required AT&T Tech Support said: This number is from AT&T after-hour services. I got my SIM locked. I call the regular # and it referred me to call 866-801-3600. After my phone was unlocked, a tech called me back to test, and the above number showed up on my cell phone.
He was very helpful and polite. Thanks for quick response!
Happy Holidays!


Caller ID: CPYC

Bob said: Called the number back and it said CPYC, which might stand for Cottage Park Yacht Club???


... said: i too got a call from this number jus few minutes ago.. no 1 spoke .. n hanged up ftr 7 secs!
hu is it? ne idea?


Justin said: Anyone knows this number?


Caller ID: Dallas TX
Caller type: Fax Machine

Keefe said: Keeps trying to call me after 11 pm trying to fax something


Caller ID: service announce
Caller type: Commercial

Alfred said: dead air


Caller ID: 202-367-9769

Carrie said: It seems a couple of weeks ago, someone at this number asked to speak to someone who used to live at here who used my number as a point of contact. The person they were asking for hasn't lived here in over three years. I told the person that called that this person no longer lives here. But, on a daily basis since then has called my number multiple times a day. I now have this incoming number so it will not ring on my cell phone. But, is a nuisance as my phone will beep for a missed call. I suspect the caller is a collector, but, I will not share any information with that caller, as it is not my business and in todays world. I won't even consider it.


E B said: keeping getting calls from this number either early in the morning or late in the afternoon.  never leaves a message.  oh well can't leave
a message I am not calling the number back.


Caller ID: verizon

I. Rony said: Many calls....REMOVE ME FROM YOUR LIST


Caller ID: Acai Berry

larry said: Calls average 7 to 13 calls per day.  Before this it was a 073-843-0059 # doing the same thing.  Too much static to understand much when answered. When called back operator said # not in operation. Think it is the Acai Berry people.  Please stop them.


Mike said: texted me saying this exactly.


the full phone number was "011522414072697"


mikeyd said: Yup,  this  201 918 3052   got 10 calls during the day,   when I pick up
the phone nothing,   so I called it back and all of a sudden  "timer starting" so I hung up real quick.

I tried to do a "reverse look up" but nothing,    what a total waste of


202-367-9296 said: No message calling about every hour


Caller ID: Acai Berry

Irene said: Calls repeatedly, every 1/2 hour or so.  When I answer they hang up. I don't even get the chance to tell them not to call back.


Caller ID: 202 367 9296

tasapio said: I saw this number come up several times on my caller ID and didn't pick up because we were preparing a holiday family dinner. Finally I picked up as we were rounding up the kids for dinner and the caller refused to identify himself. It was very disruptive, intrusive and frankly more than a little creepy.


Caller ID: 201-918-3049

no name said: Calls calls calls... make em stop

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