SARAH said: I got a call today as well. Just hung up when I answered?


Caller ID: UBCF

Al said: They've called for the last several nights - no message.


skater said: HAHAHA!  It's a "rejection hotline" number!  But that's kinda weird, as someone from that number called ME.  Anyway, mystery solved.


Dan said: I got a call from this number, too!  And I'm not even from San Francisco.  Did anyone ever find out who it is?  I figure I'll call it later on today.  I'll post if I find out anything.


Caller type: Commercial

Dan said: It's a "rejection hotline" number for the San Francisco area!  I dont' know why someone from that number would be calling me, unless they have it set up as a return number on their phone or something.  Mystery solved.  Give it a call and have a laugh.


watchoutpeople said: Got a vague message from a "Charles" to call this number.  Called back and got a generic voice mail box for me to leave a message in.  Ummmm, no.  Keeps calling, but never identifies who he is with.  Scammer.


Din said: This number is Kaiser Permanente


Alex T said: called but left no message


Vincenzo said: If it is Yak.ca, then I believe that is the long distance carrier. You dial 10-15-945 and then the phone number. I use it and it is on my Bell phone bill listed as Yak. I received the same phone call. Long Distance, I picked it up and no one.


Caller ID: 416-296-7669

Harry said: they call min of 3 x per day and that is on cell and home # which makes 6 times a day,...NEVER leave a message and mysterously hang UP! Call at work, call at dinner, no regard for personal privacy! I mean if I won a loto and the left a message that would be differnt but they just call and call and callllll, hang up, & leave no detail!!!!!


Jacob said: Did not leave a voice message.


VERY CONCERNED said: I have been getting calls at least 3 times a week at home and on my cel.  I had 3 calls telling me my Tor Sun subscription was about to end even though I said "no thank you" to the first time they called.  I also asked to have my cel number removed from the call list last week.  Guess what?? They called again today.  I just called Vince at 416-630-1944 and told him I had already asked to be removed but was still getting called.  He took my numbers again but I'm afraid this will just be to verify that if I am not on the list I will be added.  Let's see what happens now.


Lex said: I got a call a few times from this number on my cell and they never leave a messege.
They call during the day while I am at the office so its quite irritating.


PIG said: Got this phone call too. Multiple times. And they're calling my cell which is annoying. It's Scotiabank. They're also calling from 888-882-3811


Ernest said: Thank you so much for this helpful input... I just got off the phone with this person, everything was fine until the end of the conversation when they were trying to REALLY get me to go... and, somehow said I had filled out a ballot but then stated my wrong age - I bet the post at the very top of this page is the guy on the phone, as it reads as he spoke and is the only positive feedback i've seen...


Nina said: Keeps calling my number.


Caller ID: standard trust
Caller type: Commercial

mpb said: scam check deal

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