Steph said: No message left.


Steph said: No clue, no message left.


Caller ID: Unavailable
Reported Location: Katy, TX

jebdup said: Have received many calls from this number over several years asking if I have high credit card balances. The voice says press "3" if you wish to not receive any more calls which I do and yet I still hear from them. I call the number back and get a discontinued message for that number. ANNOYING AS HELL!!!!


Caller ID: IC Systems
Reported Location: Wisconsin

Anon said: I keep getting calls from these people for someone else and I have told them several times I am not that person but they continue to call. I have told them not to call again with no luck.


Caller ID: 1-207-662-1990

Pollyanna said: THis call is from MMC. It happens that the building holds many offices. Mine is from the pediatric endocrinologist. THe maine line is 207-662-5522. Glad to help :)


Reported Location: indianapolis, IN

MLy said: multiple calls


Reported Location: Indianapolis, IN

MLy said: Get repeated texts from number: "Hey girly! I got your text and I will call u tomorrow or late tonite. Great to hear from you and hope you're doing well." Despite not being in the area code of said texter, and never having sent a text to the number, and getting multiple texts with same message days apart.


Company / Organization: Johns Hopkins University
Reported Location: Baltimore, MD

AB said: "516" is the Johns Hopkins University routing number. This is some phone or system within the university.


Matt said: The number is Walgreens Photo and Pharmacy Pick up. 2105 E Fire Tower Rd, Greenville, NC 27858
Their phone number is 252-321-6582. Call the manager and let them know how you feel.



OneBuckFilms said: They hung up rather than leave a message on my voice system.

I called back, and pressed "1" at the prompt ro remove me from their Do Not Call list. (Federal one not good enough I guess)


Reported Location: 33322

ash said: called 3 times in less than an hour on 1/21/11


MpAlm said: They have been calling my wife 3-4 times a day, she answers and it hangs up. This has been going on for weeks. Assholes! We didn't even know what it was about until I looked it up online. If someone would have talked to us I would be happy to pay them.


Caller ID: snfc cntrl ca
Reported Location: san francisco, ca 94103

sunny3535 said: keep calling but not speak a word.
sometimes at nite...annoying....


Caller ID: Bus Dev Svc
Company / Organization: business & development service
Reported Location: san antonio

anonymous said: I called this number back. Spoke to lady. Sounds like this is collection company.


Caller ID: Oaklahoma City
Reported Location: North Carolina

anonymous said: Caller ID as Oaklahoma City. Did not recognize so I let it go to voicemail. No message left. I blocked my number and called back. I received a message that it had been disconnected.


Former customer said: Amazon--really horrid customer service. Blamed service failure on UPS, who in turn, blamed service failure on Amazon. Problem unresolved.


Caller ID: NA
Company / Organization: Washington DC
Reported Location: Portland

Gail said: Guy reading from a script. Raising funds for the democratic party.
As the call went along the caller was trying to get personal info, my name, where I worked. Wanted to much info, so I hung up and then googled the phone number, and got this website. Also tried calling back using the number left behind on my phone, the call didn't go through, just got the recording saying this call can't be completed as dialed or is disconnected.


Reported Location: Shoreline, WA

anonymous said: It has been a week since I have moved to an apartment in Shoreline. Earlier this evening, I hear my landline phone ring and saw a caller ID reading "Oklahoma City". I answered my landline phone just like before and I said "Hello, Linden Highlands Apartment B306." Then, that caller who called hung up and I'm glad that whoever or whatever that called me got the wrong number. Yet, I have already added my landline number to the Do-Not-Call list.


Natan said: This is a scam do not answer. report this # to your local authorities. if you are in the do not list you can sue them and can get up to $10,000 I already sue 2 diferent companies and won.

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