Rose said: Anybody getting calls from this number?


Caller ID: ohio call
Caller type: Collection Agency

Ugh said: collection agency. these people on the phone have very bad attitudes. they like hanging up on you. its like pulling teeth to get them to tell you what they want. these people need to find another line of work. making fries at mcdonalds


pls speak English said: Caller ID said D & B Receivables.  Number was  330-659-5443

No caller.  Just music.   I hung up.  Looked them up on the web.  

Comments:  All  bills  are paid up and credit is stellar.


Caller type: Telemarketer

CINDY said: they have been told not to call here many times!!!!!!!!!


Johnny O said: They called me and left a message on my cell phone and then i called right back to a 800 number, before i looked up the number, and i left my name and cell phone number.  Waiting to see if they call back, i filed Bankruptcy and owe NOTHING so that should be interesting!!! ha ha


Joseph said: Anyone knows who this is?


Kristina said: No one on the line and says out of service when I call it back


Caller ID: NONE

Mike said: nothing


chapis said: calls random days and asks about a girl


Carole T. Weldon said: Call came into cell phone under 'missed" calls.  No message.


Joseph Adams said: samething happening to me but in my case they new my daughter was having heart surgery and possed as the dr.'s office asking me if I was concerned with her scheduled apt time. Which in my information sheet from this Dr out of town states to call on Dec18th the day before her surgery. They acted like the nurse stated her time to be there and asked me about fax numbers and blood work results being faxed?? I'm not the Doctor. I stated that I was told per the sheets the faxed to me on Dec 11th 2008 my instructuin in which I have done, not to call for scheduled time until the day before between the hours 2-4 pm. I reiterated that to her. I found the whole conversation weird. But my main concern is we are dealing the someone who knows about my 9 years scheduled heart surgery date that is out of town and posing as a employee of the doctors employee. Then giving me a time to be there in which after the conversation, I looked at caller id and saw that is was not even a long distant number and her heart doctor's number is a long distant number. I also was VERY concerned that they could have given me a wrong time to get her there and this little girl has been VERY sick! After the call my mother and I looked at the number at it dispalyed 334-242-9999 Alabama State of.. Dec15th @4:02pm. When we called it on speaker phone. It said her name to be a Marriyln Price, an went on to say this is a caller id number which mean this call came from a stae or govement offical with the stae of Alabama???? I then called the Dr in B-Ham to ask about htis call. they assurred me on speaker phone in front of my parent, whom were baffled too that they NEVER give the appointment time until the day before surgery when you (being me ) calls per instruction faxed to me and instructed me to do. That, This call did not come from them. I immediately called my lawyer and let him know. He did tell me if was from a land line near Jackson Hospital in Montgomery, Al where there are nothing but state Department???? I wanted him to find out more and he said that was it. I am DEEPLY CONCERNED that SOMEONE is TRYING VERY HEARD to do thing to harm my child and myself and this is one of MANY accounts that its been done???? It has been soo bad that even my cell phones  Ihave showing where I tried to call her heart doctor when things were really hard to even get her appointment that she so despartely needed before then but someone had access to my phones somehow ?? I'm no expert on technical stuff but I still have a phone where I made 4 call to her heart doctor to let them know something wasn't wright, she needed attention now and as soon as I dailed and connected to that number somehow? someone? something remotely disconnected each call?? sometime even would punch in numbers slowly so that I would hear then controlling my phone, call etc. So bad that I tookm staright to police and they investagted it. But never found out anything?? This is my child, she is nine years old and just got out of hospital 9 days straight. She is indefinently of of school until this surgery,so she doesnt catch anything else and is 2 days away from her surgery. My poor little girl has been through it and someone is still at it even though I have left my husband, filed for a divorce and living with my parents just to try a get a little peace until her surgery but it followed me here AGAIN??? Same as before when we left because og this and the pressure on her heart before I even new it was her heart? or should I say officially new. ( A mom Knows all. That why I left town and went to george for some relief but it happened there too with the people we stayed with and because of everything I was FORCED to COME back. to get MORE???????? WHY and why wont someone help us www.Godwithme63 (at) live.com If you can help at all PLEASE tell me we are being stalked in so many other ways to.....Thank you


Erik Beck said: Get calls from this number at least once a week from a robot wanting to extend my car warranty


ricki said: I got a call from them, I answered cause my contacts aren't all in. It was a Robot trying to sell satellite tv :(


Ande said: I got a call 15 minutes ago from them.  I let it go to voice mail but wasn't sure about it as I'm in sales and I'd hate to miss a lead.   Thanks for saying what it is now I can ignore them without a qualm.


Kevin said: Almost forgot. It's based out of Booneville North Carolina.


Caller ID: 1-336-367-7125

Frank said: recieved a call from this number but did not answer in time


David said: I got a call from this number but I missed the call.


Caller type: Telemarketer

john said: Just got this call on my cell, pressed 1 to tell them to remove me from the call list, they hung up. Called number back, they have a terrible answering machine message trying to make you think the number was disconnected. Serious BS. Who is your cell provider? Mine was verizon. Who is selling our numbers..


zap812 said: I received calls also he's threatened to come to my house and slit my throat and my families throats on Christmas morning. He will call non stop I've asked the phone company to block the number but for some reason he is still getting through... He calls and tells me his name is John Christain he has also called from 286550850...

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