ninner said: I called and had a 17 minutes convo. I don't know if it's really her!!!




Rodney said: I received a call from this number, and I was asked if I was currently facing a hardship with mt mortgage. When I answered "yes", the person hung up the phone. Why did your agent call?


Mitch said: I am on the National "Do not call List" Please take my number off your list


Champoux said: no one on the line


ladyfarmer said: Recording to consolidate credit card debt, with an invitation to "press 0 for an agent". No other identification of business name or phone number.

Pressed 0 and got "Charles", who rapidly spieled off his name and what sounded like a business name, then promptly got into his consolidation pitch.

I interrupted him and asked for his business name. At that point, he put me on hold for a few seconds, then hung up on me.

I used *69 to retrieve the phone number that called me, and got 323-429-7526

FWIW, I am a Canadian, living in Canada, and am already registered on the Canadian National Do Not Call list (2 months ago).


Fred's Little Brother said: Appliance warranty? Geez, it was bad enough getting hundreds of calls from fake car warranty companies. Now some nitwit wants to insure my toaster oven?

I weep for the future.


Myrex said: I recieve a call from that number about once a week.  I've yet to ever answer it.  Caller ID shows me a number and a name.  The name it gives is "Notification Dep".  Any guesses as to why I haven't picked it up. :)


Caller ID: notification de

rt said: Notification DE


Caller ID: notification de

Pal said: Called but I didn't pick up....
I receive so many unwanted calles each day usually i don't pick up. Is there way to stop and sue these people for botheration for especially over the weekend and late night


Caller ID: not sure

Pal said: Called 12:51 pm. I wasn't home to answer the call and no voice mail was left


jc said: stop calling me please


Caller ID: No Name

ny said: 3:24 p.m. hawaii time (8:24 p.m. eastern) No message. 11-24-08. Will add to the reject list on cell phone.


Caller ID: No Name

hawaii cell phone said: 3:24 p.m. hawaii time (8:24 p.m. eastern) No message. 11-24-08. Will add to the reject list on cell phone.


calc. said: Received two calls today from this number.  Did not pick up.  Called around 2:30 and 7:30.  Weird considering I'm in Toronto and this is apparently a California area code.


Caller ID: No trace of name

me said: That phone calls certainly harrassed me several times. We are beginning to loathe T-mobile which I use my cell phone from that company because T-mobie did not provide call tracer identification.  Obama’s decision to support legislation granting legal immunity to telecommunications companies that cooperated with the Bush administration’s program of wiretapping without warrants. These situation definitely harrasses several callers across the USA and it will becoming worse.  Remember, we voted for Obama and now he will stab our backs in order to support his campaign fund-raising telecommunications after Obama's Presidential victory!


church of scientology said: harassment of elderly mother. looking for 'ed kemper' google search shows this to be a mass murderer known as the 'co-ed killer'. why is the church of scientology calling my elderly mother the day after their security guard murders someone, asking for a mass murderer?


Caller ID: Unknown Charity

Jesse said: 3238130334 Popped up in my CID. I did answer, but it was a computer generated auto dialer using my number from Craig's list. I knew it was a scammer with and out of state call wanting me to donate one or more vehicle I had listed for sale.

I always ignore these and answered only to see if a real person would be on the line I could tell to go have s3x with themselves.


Caller ID: Unavailable
Caller type: Non-Commercial

scoop said: This is a collect call attempt from a prison/jail.  It's most likely an inmate trying to call.


Caller ID: Montgomery

Terry said: No one answers and when I return the call no one answers.

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