I know said: I can tell you who it is.  I would love to help you...


Marisa said: They just called me. Did not leave any voice message.


Babs said: Who's Landmark and how do I get them to stop calling???


Justie said: I got one too, but there was no one on the line.I just had cablevision install a new line. I live in Westchester County, NY but the caller ID said Cable CT.


Caller type: Commercial

j said: Got a call from this number and they wanted to get my discover card expiration date.  I told them that I didn't give that number out on the phone.  I had order Obama coins and they said that they could process order until they had my discover card exp. date.  Didn't give number so they told me that I could call them back and give number, I told them that I would just order off the internet instead.


Synthia said: This number called me twice and it soinded like they were high or drunk and i would like it if they had stopped calling me.


Heather said: called and didn't leave a message


Caller type: Fax Machine

sleepless said: persistent calls to california at 5:00 am pst xmas eve


Michael Basquill Jr said: Thanks guys for saving the day,... even though I sent him my mobile phone number already. Now I will ignore him for I know its a SCAM.  Thanks again! ! !    Happy Holidays and a Wonderful and SCAMLESS New Year ! ! ! !


Jessie said: This son of a itch is also known as Tonyrk444 (at) hotmail.com and has scammed me out of thousands on BBP meet


Louisa said: tonyrk444 (at) hotmail.com- Ithought he was just into scamming women on dating site but obviously into a whole lot more


Louisa said: tonyrk444 (at) hotmail.com- Ithought he was just into scamming women on dating site but obviously into a whole lot more


Ashley said: Hi This person I know him as Anthony Mock Fred and he is also on BBP website or was and I am surre has swindled many women out of thousands, I know the hard way- any way, He told me he was in SA, Pretoria, New York and Kent Washingston- another member of his gang is his "sister" and this is her yahoo id shibabes12  and e-amil is shibabes mthombeni (at) yahoo.com-how do I report this to the authoirties and who do I start with?


dave said: Yes, I would be interested to see if this guy is in Redmond Wa.
I know him as Anthony Fred


Connie Clemmons said: Have been charged for 5 months (slipped past me) for services not ordered for Real Music etc.


chrisjust9 said: It was a email with the phone #206-973-2572. It is supposed to be from the F.B.I letting you know that you have won $800,000. Of course if I send them $1,000 to cover the costs.Their physical address was 935 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington DC. The area code for Washington D.C. is 202, not 206. I would love to call just to see who answers and what they say, but that also might be one of those calls that if you call it you get charged some huge charge to your phone bill. They have sent me this same email about 4 times in the last 2 weeks.


Kathy said: Beware of a possible scam. This number is in classified ads and online ads selling French Bull dogs and English bull dogs puppies.


Bruce said: I also called to inquire about that hair straightener the other day and have since gotten a phone call on my caller ID from this Maine phone number.  And I never left them my full name or number when I called them.  I hung up after the woman answered and I gave her only my first name and then mmediately said "Nevermind" because at the same time my husband found on the internet how expensive this item was.  So why is this company collecting and calling back phone numbers?


Caller ID: 12096224578

kh said: Stop spamming me with these calls!!!
Vancouver, BC.

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