LMCO cell said: I also get several calls and then hang up!They call everyday


Steve said: I also started getting this # everysingle day, I was told it might be
from MRJ Construction. Every time they call my cell#.I get charged and they hang up.


Kelli said: They call all the time and it's soooooo annoying!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I was beginning to get worried I was being stalked or something.


Melissa said: its the company that took the photo of ypu kid in the hospital. they may owe u a free photo. i just got free photos and my son is 5. i dont know but its free. why not


Fighter said: Navy guy called and asked for s3x for $50


G said: I did a little more investigation and did a reverse lookup on this number since it is in fact my area code. It just so happens that the caller was calling from THE BREMERTON, WASHINGTON NAVAL STATION! I think these calls should be reported to a manager or person of authority at that number, with the exact times of these inappropriate calls so the responsible "navy man" can be punished. Its not right.


texmexgal said: Received call from 361-520-4915. and no message was left.


Caller type: Collection Agency

DSS said: That no. called me before an hour

it is from Estonia in Europe
I think that is kind of hostil company


Caller ID: Unknown

Kirk said: Rec'd a call today from 386-736-7962 with a recording offering to lower my interest rates. I pressed 1 to speak with someone. A live person picked up and I asked him what the call was in regard to and he mentioned he could lower my interest rate. I mentioned to him that I was curious about 2 things: 1 how did he get my number since I'm on the Do Not Call List and 2 I have zero debt. When I asked to speak with his supervisor, he hung up.


Caller ID: Unknown

Mpls Grrl said: Florida Call - at least twice daily to our main number with recording about lowering interest rates -last chance etc.  Since they have been calling for about 3 months now, there is real doubt about the 'last chance' stuff as well the recorded message.  The whole thing REEKS of SCAM.
hang up!!!!!


Caller ID: Discovery Market

gator1969 said: I have gotten about 4 calls from this number today and they all hang up when I answer even though I can hear activity in the background


Caller ID: 390-158-7363

annoyed said: This number called me 9 times yesterday and never said anything. SO ANNOYING.


Kim said: what area r they calling from?


dragon said: annoying SOB's won't stop harrassing with their fake insurance scam


Periwinkle said: Hope I did better than that, I called GE Marketing directly and file a complaint.  They said they will look.  Sounds like GE is concerened about these calls.


Caller ID: Prairie Voice S
Caller type: Commercial

Charlie said: Got a call from this number at 4:05 PM.  The caller left a canned message on my answering machine, saying they were from Yellow Book, and asking me if I had received the items I had ordered.  If I had not recv'd the items, then I could call their service representative about re-ordering the items. This is obviously some kind of a "phishing" phone scam, designed to some information from the recipient of the call, probably for some identity theft.


Scott said: I received several calls from this number as well. When you call same number back, the machine ask you to enter you bank routing and checking account numbers. I then hung up. I called some 800 number for BP cards listed in one of the report in this blog and they said they have nothing to do with this phone number (402).
I don't know what else can we do to stop these calls.


cicnolo said: could not answer


Caller ID: +4026612488

roebrt chandler said: Call over and over again.  Doesnt say anything when I answer.

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