Mike said: Same thing for me - called every half hour for 3 hours.


Kenny C said: Was driving when this number rang.  Didn't recognize it so I didn't pick up. No message left.


HL said: Rec'd a call from this number.  Only rang once and didn't get to answer.  No voicemail message so checked Google and read these messages.  Thanks for all your comments.  This was on my work cell so I get calls from all over the U.S. so I usually answer all my calls.  :)


Irahs said: yeah I was asleep when the number called my cell and I called back and it said something about getting my account info on hey cosmo. It was all recorded and after I heard I just hung up. I wonder what hey cosmo is...


Derek said: Keep getting this number on my cell phone.


Caller ID: Net Solutions

birdsanctuary said: they call every day, finally my sister answered and some guy named Randy asked for me. He gave no other information except a return phone number, it is 877-769-5749


lynn said: rang...no message


s said: i called back and it's a operated voice machine that says 'welcome to hey cosmo' and another operated voice machine starts talking about ringtones... stupid. stupid.


Caller ID: Western Union ?

indy said: I was on the phone with my bank when a call waiting call came in from this number : 303 224 8011.  I didn't answer and then received 2 more calls from the same number within minutes.  I ignored all three calls, and after reading the messages on this website, I contacted both my bank and my phone provider/carrier.  I strongly advise that you do not answer calls from numbers you don't recognize and report any suspicious calls to your phone provider/carrier and have the number blocked!  It's Christmas Eve for heaven's sake, and people are trying to pull scams..that's just sick!!


mds said: First of all, these guys don't give a rat's South 40 about the "Do Not Call" list. The "305" area code is spoofed, and the number itself is bogus.

These people have called me about 10 times or so. I've followed the path with them 3 times.

First time:  Answered all their questions affirmatively. Gave bogus name, address, phone number, credit card number, etc. etc.  Kept the guy busy on the phone for about half an hour trying to verify a number that didn't exist, checking with his supervisor, etc.  Wasted as much of his time as I could, seeming to be very interested in their offer. It was when he asked for my security code that I unloaded on him and told him what I thought of his Credit Card Scam, and then hung up.

Second time:  Asked asked why I was being called when I was on the "Do Not Call" list, the guy said he didn't know.  I asked to be transferred to a supervisor who did know, and the drone said, "Certainly, I can do that," and hung up.

Third time:  Pleasantly asked if I could be removed from their calling list (any legitimate company, even aggressive telemarketers are usually happy to comply in order to stay legal.) They simply hung up.

I'm pretty convinced these people are in Canada and running a pretty sophisticated boiler room fraud operation.  I wish there were some way to stop them.


Caller ID: Wy Mkt

pp said: called and left no message, appears to be a qwest number


Caller ID: Cci

rio said: It's Cci Inc., they are attorneys.
(307) 324-6693
406 6th St, Rawlins, WY 82301


john said: Also, got the same scam concerning a car... figured it was a scam had to check it out.


jude said: A text to landline call?  What is this


Caller ID: SVCS
Caller type: Collection Agency

Aj said: I called back one day when they were calling my cell phone (which should be outlawed since they are costing US money when they call such phones) and when I did FINALLY get somebody to answer he wouldn't give me ANY information about the company, their name, intentions, etc. until I gave him my phone number.

I was thinking a bill collector but don't know of any that would be after me.


Caller ID: SVCS

none said: OH yeah, and when I DID answer their calls (I tried a few times) they just HUNG UP on me before I finished saying, "Hello?"

This is crazy and it is nothing short of HARASSMENT!!!!


. said: I got 2 calls from this number on 12/24/08 looking for someone by the name of April.  Not me.


Caller ID: Myspace

gman said: This is the number for Myspace Customer Services.

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