James said: i keep getting calls from this number but i usually get them when i'm at school or at work, so i don't answer, then i call back and it tells me that the number is no longer in service.


Caller ID: UNUM
Caller type: Telemarketer

d said: Parties continually call my number and hang up, I called them back and asked them to remove me from their list. Apparently they are an Insurance Company who markets and sells insurance of all types. I reported them to the Do Not Call Registry


Caller ID: unk

LittleAlex said: Call came in on me cell phone, I did not answer and they left no message. . .12.11.08  11am


Caller ID: 208-343-0995

d said: Got a call from them too.  I didn't answer since it's outside my area code.  Thank goodness for caller ID.


Heather said: I just recieved a text message saying "k" from this number.


King said: i got two calls back to back from this number and a text in between that said PLEASE CALL and of course I didnt answer since i didnt know who the hell it was, then on the second call they left a message of about a minute of silence, freaked me out.


Caller ID: Premier Health

anonymous said: Some lady said 3 minutes for a survey, I said I don't do surveys and she made a smart remark and I said TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST And hung up.


Eric said: Called me twice within 10 minutes but left no message.


Caller ID: Unknown

debtlame said: I received several calls from this number, but I was never home at the time.  I finally was able to answer the phone on Monday, December 8, 2008, at 8pm (est), and they claim they are a debt management relief program.  I immediately told them I was not interested and I hung up.  If you call the number back, a recording comes on informing the number has been disconnected.


bg said: Same as ND, thanks for wasting my cellphone minutes!


Caller ID: not sure

spammers_suck said: Called several time i dont answer what i dont recognize and this isnt an area code that i call or normally calls me! So annoying!


psycho1 said: Mine too - I get emails from my own aol e-address to my same aol e-address offering me this Canadian Pharmacy crap - the phone 210-888-9089 led me to this site. Of course, i forward all this to aol asking them how it is possible that someone can use my e-address to send spam, to my same e-address, but they will not get back in touch with me - I suspect some sort of collusion between aol and these a-holes.


Frank said: yup its wamu I am paying them through consumer credit counseling they know that they have gotten the payments through them but they keep on my counselor said may go on for 90 days just punch phone off and on and keep going.


Caller ID: 210-348-5763

mmorton73 said: for the past 2 days i have had the same thing.
don't who it is


Caller type: Telemarketer

Travis said: same guy called me too, wish there was a way to stop these guys. He tried to sell me stuff and asked me a lot of questions. I think he was phishing for info to steal my identify or financial information.


Taylor said: They called and left no message.


irriated said: I got the call supposedly from the Ontario Business Development Office asking about if we were moving,had new location, how many people.  Didnt give them any information, but asked where they were calling from, was told Toronto which i knew was bogus as i have call display and could see the number.  Put them on hold until they (hopefully) died of old age.


KAK said: I've gotten calls from this number almost every day for a week.  When I checked my caller ID, they have calls dating back to August.  I called it back, and no answer.


Jenny said: Call Time Warner Business Customer Service at 210-352-4646 and lodge a complaint.


Caller type: Telemarketer

dew said: Some telemarketer trying to sell oil wells

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