A B said: I didn't answer. Left no message. I tried to call it back and of course it did not connect. Seems like a scam # to me.


Caller ID: Narcotic Enforc

Jimmy NF said: NOT a law   enforcement agency.  They reportedly solicit money for narcotics education in schools.


Me Too said: i just got a call from them too. norcal @ 4:32PM. how do we get them to stop calling?


Rogel said: got a call at 4.50 pm


pb said: called me at 5 35 in mass, didnt know the number so i didnt answer


allie said: it says to press 2 to get off the callback list... I tried it. Let's see if it works


annoyed said: I received a call from the number about ten minutes ago.  Eastern MA.


Dan said: NorCal.. Got a call at 10:57am, missed though!
Did anyone know who it is?


Ditto said: just got a call from this number......eastern Massachusetts


massachusetts said: Just called me in MA at 6:55 12/15


Courtney said: called my massachusetts number at 5:22


Lilly said: yeah i got a call from this number.i answered but nobody said anything.


Caller type: Telemarketer

Julia said: My warrenty has expired for the 20th time. I have pressed the 2 button to get cancelled from the call list so many times I can't see the number anymore. These calls come from Alabama I think. Hell, I don't even own a car...........


Caller ID: Marketforce

Bradley said: This is a number that belongs to MarketForce which is a secret shopper site. I too rec'd a call and did not answer because I didn't recognize the number but called back and found out it is marketforce. They should only be calling you if you signed up to be a secret shopper which I did.


MrMojo said: Wanted to rent my room off craigslist.  This guy actually emailed me pictures of "himself" and samples of artwork.  Like usual (get these all the time) seems like the fake check fraud.


Frank said: Emailed me about something for sale on my craigslist this # was left wanting my full name address and phone # where he could send me a check...he is going by Benson Collins

Fraud alert!!!!


d said: thank you.  i just got an email from him on craigslist.  Looked a little sketchy when he asked for so much info.


Doug said: He sent me the same thing too...This was sent on the 15th

Good to hear that you still have the item for sale,..Actually i'll like to see closer views of the item if you have some cos i wont be able to come over to see it, i'm currently at the Bahamas on Vacation and i'm getting the item for my son who is just coming to town from the United Kingdom to reside here in the states and i'm setting up an apartment for him which i'm sure your stuff will make the place look better I'm willing to pay $900 and i hope you will be able to sell to me for that price.I'll be sending you a check for the payment and also i will need yourfull name,address and phone # to send the payment to you and also i wanna know when you will be around so i can send my shipping company to pick it up after payment.Hoping to read from you soonest


bookstore nun said: I got a fax from them for prices too. A truck company asking for medical books didn't sound right. I'm glad I decided to check on internet first.

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