Caller ID: Unknown

Don said: Two calls, one on my personal line, and one on my home office line. Very sinister, as both are unlisted numbers, and my home office line is known only to a very few business associates.  The caller did not leave any voicemail message.


Eric said: i dont even know the guy who called me
but i think he knows me because he spoke vietnamese to me which is he knew that im vietnamese !!!!


Susie said: we have been getting phone calls from this number almost everyday and no one says anything!!!! very annoying!


Beth Hamm said: I was actually happy to be able to do this survey.  It is like the Neilsen Ratings on TV except they do not do it according to voter demographics to get a politically correct rating on shows.  They pay you $3 to fill out a diary of your listening habits on the radio.  I enjoyed doing it.  I do not do phone surveys normally.


Caller ID: verizon

Jennifer said: Several times today.  Either there's no one there, or there's a recorded message cheerfully promoting a service we're already getting.  Hey Verizon -- automated dialers and over-compartmentalization are not the key to customer satisfaction or corporate longevity.  Quit harassing the people who are keeping you in business.


Caller ID: ?

Mel said: I have also received several call's from this number. I think it should be turned into the phone company. Spam Call's.
Arrest these bastards !


Caller type: Telemarketer

nickname said: PENN TELECOM, INC


Kay said: Got a call from this number. Any idea who it could be?


lynda said: Received a 4700 dollar check from a company using this phone number, as a winner of a shoppers lottery. the check can be deposited in my account, it looks legit; but I have to pay Canadian income tax of 2980, which I can send to them from this check. I will recieve the rest of my winnings after paying taxes. talked to a Roxanne Lopez at this number. She didn't ask for any personnal information, but this just is too good to be true.


boo said: someone stole my phone and called this number.


boo said: someons stole my phone and talked to this number also


Unknown caller said: Yes, it is med health, childrens hospital in milwaukee.  how unprofessional though when leaving a message.  they think people are stupid enough to call back when they just leave their name and not the business they are with.


JaneDoe said: unknown number called several times


Stephani said: I got called by them today, no message was left, it said "San Rafael, CA" on Caller ID


Tina said: When I answer, they hang up.


Owl said: JBuilder Company.


Caller type: Fax Machine

rr said: Just beeping, like a fax machine


Keith said: This number called me, asked my name and then hung up, much like your own experiences.  Identity theft issue?  I called Bell Canada (310-2355) to report this issue and suggest you do the same.  Hopefully with enough calls to Bell, they will disconnect his/her service rather than be innudated with calls reporting this idiot.



Joyce said: Number called Oct 18 and 19th..
No one on the line


Voo said: got a call from this number on my cell 5 times so far within the past hour (2:30pm to 3:30pm EST) I hear no sound and then the line hangs up.

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