Robin said: got calls


ASAD said: yeah i'm gettin' them too.
how bout if we all keep calling that number and return the favor?
drivem' nuckin futs.


Caller ID: 4403447742
Caller type: Collection Agency

HOLD UP said: Yeah she started this last summer with my family, first out of Ohio in the Cleveland area, now they seem to be in Maryland. Tina calls every few weeks and makes all these threats to which nothing has happened. I follow the clek of courts here in town and nothing has ever shown up in the courts, she tries to scare and intimidate. because I like to screw with her I will bring up Cleveland na d she backs down. I have told her I have been waiting since the last time she called for the police to show up and NOTHING!!. The one time I did receaive mail it was from a different company than who called and the letterhead was reproduced poorly on a crappy copy machine. The addresses on the letterhead didn't even match the address on the outer envelope. This whole thing is a scam and any of theese folks on here that say they got served and their accounts froze and such are a part of the scam. There are so many ghost numbers and fake agencies she and others call from that you couldn't list them all.She called a few minutes ago. I told her I had been waiting to see when she would call and where was my summons, and how was the weather in Cleveland or is it maryland now, she got pissy and hung up.There are legit compannies out there, but, she and her cronies are not one of them. They buy these wrote off debts for pennies and try to collect anything if they can, for their profit, don't fall for it.


Caller ID: CIS
Caller type: Collection Agency

hooru??? said: By the way, here is one of the many numbers used to operate out of Ohio 216-393-0456. There are at least 20-30 others they used in this suburb outside of Cleveland Ohio. They just get new cell phones in other states, and try to pull the same crap. Tina always calls back may be every few months but I know the voice and call her out on it everytime. If you are concerned check clerk of courts in your area and check with your law enforcement agency in your town, if their is a legit civil case they show up on clerk of courts sight, It is publicly available. They are a bunch of scammers who will phish you for any nugget of info they can get out of you, be careful!!!


Caller ID: Verizon Wireless

Dawn said: Calling at all hours.


Caller ID: Bronson & Miglic
Caller type: Collection Agency

Ms. Edwards said: I have received calls from Bronson & Miglic based out of Glen Burnie , Maryland, stating I owe a debt that is more than double what I should owe.  When I question about this I get no response and on my credit report it states a collection agency not a law firm.  When I ask for the number to the collection agency they would not oblige!


Caller ID: verizon

Not Happy said: No one on the other end


liltp01 said: They are a collection agency


chin said: calls and hangs up


Gail said: I didn't pick up


Kiki Miki said: someone called me from this number and repeatedly texted vulgar remarks and comments, that i would rather not discuss...
when asked who they were, of course, i didn't get an answer...and they wouldnt pick up the phone, so i couldnt even tell if they were a guy or girl.


VINCE said: call at midnight\


Jeff said: no voice message


Caller ID: don't know

Kylie said: Calls several times a day...they get the voicemail and never leave a message.


Helen said: When I answered nobody was there.


iflyme said: first 10 digits of pi after the decimal


Caller ID: 415-989-0068

Misc said: I just got a call from this number in my cell phone. It is the usual computer voice saying that my zia visa has been block for some reason and I should press one ( and give card number and exp date) to unblock.


Suzanne said: Just missed a call from the same number on my cell. Tried to call back, but couldn't get through


Nat said: Just got a call from this number too about 4-5 hrs ago.  Missed it though.

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