Faith said: No one spoke.


Albert said: it was a call to my cell phone.


Caller ID: 202-476-4000

RANdom said: Called my Virginia (571) Sprint Cell Phone 08DEC08 2052.  Didn't pick up.


Caller ID: ACLJ

frank kostreba said: Wanting money for some thing. The english( I speak,write and use english language)so bad I could not understand.


Donald said: Kept getting hang up calls.  Just called this number back and it is from Concerned Women of America.  They apologized and said it is a glitch in their automated calling system.


cathyfarr said: To go to website and apply for a loan.


Caller ID: Katherine Belle

GLO said: Caller is unknown. No message left.


Caller ID: 203-375-7861

me said: wanted to report a problem with my transaction with Bank of America.
No transaction happened. When I called the 866-449-9174 number they left (stupid I know) it was a fax machine.


grant said: Called and hungup


chris said: Birchwood Automotive Group calling to say my car is due for maintenance. I took my car to one of their dealerships during the summer to cash in a free oil change. Apparently they add you to a call list automatically. Looks like I was signed up for a few different types of calls (maintenance, reminders, deals/offers). I told them to remove me from all of their lists.


Caller ID: 2049755200

IG Guy said: This company keeps calling me at 4:00AM!  How can I make them stop!!


Jen said: How did they get our numbers??
The same thing happened to me, Jen, just about 5 minutes ago. Some lady with a deep southern accent on a recording.


KATT said: Well I am not a flood victim/survivor or whatever! I have no loans at all. I do not own a small business, and I have never lived in Alabama, so why the (#%*()#*% are they calling me about a late payment of $1424.00?!?!?!?!?!?!


Skeptical Perosn said: new emails

lnlovs007 (at) gmail.com

kelly.smart23 (at) whatagod.zzn.com

kelly and lauretta smart


SAS said: I got the same call but hung also.


voltmeter said: Also in Des Moines, but I have an Ames cell number.  I did not pick up as I did not recognize the number.  Caller did not leave a voicemail.


Joey D. said: Same here in Johnston, IA


Justin said: in south jersey too but didnt pick up the phone thank god

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