Caller ID: out of area
Caller type: Commercial

wookjuice said: An automated call telling me my car warranty is about to expire.


Caller ID: Carnival Cruise
Caller type: Commercial

JARED said: I recently signed up for the Carnival website and started receiving these calls.  They finally left a voice mail and it was a carnival cruise personal vacation planner.  They left a 800 number to call back which I haven't.


Caller type: Telemarketer

stop calling me said: ditto above - now ignore any call from 305 area code as I don't know anyone there anyway.


Ed said: Every time I get one of these calls from Florida I e-mail it to the Florida Attorney General in the hopes
they can do something about these fraudulent  calls.  I  am on the do-not-call list too, but it makes
no difference to these scurrilous characters.


Caller ID: Opa Locke Fl

Dagmar said: Very nasty comments from a very angry person...told me not to waste his time when the call came from him!



chow chow said: Got a call today at 12:13P.M. Same junk!    Phoned the number,operater recording said phone has been discnnected.


Caller ID: FL

Jon said: I just got a call from this number.  When I called it back I got a recording telling me the number was disconnected or no longer in service.


Caller type: Telemarketer

suchalisa said: I have received numerous calls from this phone number. Always a Pakistani or India accent, claiming to be an online pharmacy wanting my order for medication. No matter how many times I tell them I do not have any medications, they keep calling. Today the person became extremely verbally abusive, over the top obscenities. Then called back several hours later as though nothing had happened, wanting to fill my medication order!


charles wiston said: because they just scammed us out of 4 grand. F*** REPO TEMPLE! I WILL FIND THAT PUSSY AND KICK HIS F***IN A**!


PA Mary said: Call received 2008.11.18 12:41pm PST.
I did not answer. No message left.


Britney said: Got a call from this phone number.


Nina said: donot know who this is


Nina said: Just received call from 307-432-1111.  Looked the area code up to find it's Wyoming.  No answer so I hung up.


yo said: I received a voicemail from this number yesterday.  A telephone number was left for me to contact someone by the name of Jessica, who wants to talk to me about my company's online marketing.  The number given to return the call is 866-545-2732.  I, of course, will NOT be calling them back.  We get these messages a lot...all of them are crap.

Oh, and I couldn't completely understan her message, but it sounded like she said the company name is "S.T.O.P.".  I am not 100% sure about that.


Caller ID: 307-432-4020

rachel said: No one on other end of phone


Tresa said: 307-432-4020.  Caller ID lists the number as a Wyoming number


Caller ID: Cheyenne WY

Miss Marti said: Shows Cheyenne, WY on caller id.  Called back and the number is busy.


Glan said: This was not a phone call. It was a post card from a Steven P. in Peoria, IL 61616 requesting my niece call them as they were trying to get in touch with her. Now, I am really curious because I was recently looking for information there as it is my hometown.


Jonny said: I got one today.  No message.  I'm amazed at how often I now get such calls.

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