Caller ID: google
Caller type: Telemarketer

Corey W said: I think its them


Ill call them back and see

Also watch out for


they call me 9 times an hour


Caller type: Non-Commercial

xman said: Hey wuts up


Merry A said: Yep. Definately from empire. I had Empire install flooring a month ago. I get calls from this201 number every night - at the same time!


Caller ID: NA

Patsy said: i have gotten a call from the same number 4 times today, i missed the call the first time & they didn't leave a message & next time saw the number but thought they would leave a message but then they continue to call, I just ignore it now but would like to know who it is...


sunshine said: I received a fraudulent check from this phone number as well.


Caller ID: service announc
Caller type: Telemarketer

wrong#? said: An offer to help with credit card debt


personal assitant said: got a call claiming my warranty is about to expire and this was second and final notice. I pressed #1 and the lady I spoke to when I asked why she needed my name as she was the one who called me-0 told me that my number comes through a central data base. I told her no thanks I wonp't bother and hung up on her.


Cierra said: Left no message


none said: None who is it.


Caller ID: 206-456-6486

cold_warrior6 said: call came in on my husband's cellphone.  WTF do people call, don't leave messages only a stupid recording.  How did they get our cellphone numbers!  I tried to explain to my husband but he claimed I was lying!  What a**holes these people are to make families fight over stupid things!!!!!  What made it worse is that tye called at 8:45 PM!

You people should stop calling folks!


Tiffany said: When the machine picked up caller hung up.


nickname said: Is that a legitimate number?


Caller ID: Global Lion

ET said: Thuis is a Seattle Wa number but received a call from a strange Chinese woman named Dorothy from Global Lion. tracked it Rosemead Ca. These guys are communists. BE CAREFUL! I think they carry Mao's Little Red book.


Lesley said: unknown number calling


Kat said: I recieved a call from this number on my cell phone this morning around 8:00am and missed it and then no more then 2 minutes later  another from the same number. Answered and was hung up on.  Who is this?


Grace said: Keeps calling. There is no one on the other line.


analisa said: That number has been calling me everyday for the past week, but I'm never home when they call so I don't know who they are.

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