Company / Organization: Sims Associates
Caller type: Collection Agency

yellow said: I just got a call from this number. I never answer calls from a number I do not recognize, I let it go to voice-mail (I figure if its important, they will leave a message). Even though the name for the Caller ID shows IXC COMM, the guy on the voice mail says he is from Sims Associates. He has our names (my husband's and my) right, but I'm still not going to call him back. The voice-mail he left consists of the following (with the "case number" and our real names left out):
This message is for [name] or [name], uh, This is Bob Foster contacting you from Sims Associates. Either one of you needs to call me back today it is very important that I speak to you, about an important business matter that you two have with my office. You can return my call back at 866-572-8788. Also when you call back please refer to file number [number]. [repeats file number]. This is Bob Foster contacting you from Sims Associates. Thank you.
I refuse to call back, and if they call me back and I feel like answering the phone, I will record the call. I also have a very detailed, easily accessible caller ID list and I get an email with the voice-mail attachment from my phone company when I get a new one. (In other words, I'm planing for them to leave a data trail to prove that they were harassing me... if they call back).
Also, I believe my husband has requested a certified letter from them proving that they own the debt and what the debt is about. Its been months, and no letter. Hrmm....


Caller ID: 4147654321
Company / Organization: US Bank
Caller type: Commercial
Reported Location: Portland, OR, 97227

alicia said: This number is the fraud prevention section of US Bank. When you call, it will direct you to their incoming call center number, 1800USBANK.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller

Greg said: This number is pepperdine u. I think its business school students calling on behalf of the alumni office.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Kovin Srbija 26220


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: 98103

Steve said: Was getting calls once a week. Now this number and 206-543-6538 or 206-543-6*** call EVERY SINGLE DAY in afternoon. No Voice mail and no response if I try to answer. How the hell can you get these people to stop calling?


Caller ID: Mark
Company / Organization: Maxx Global
Caller type: Telemarketer
Reported Location: Yakima, Washington

Buelingo Owner said: Same experience as that reported by the alpaca owner - telemarketing call.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller

Mike said: Calls just about once every other day, at around 5pm.
I pick up, no one ever answers.
Someone stop these illegal telemarketers. I'm on a the do not call list, and while this is generally working pretty well these days, these guys ignore it, and need to be punished.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Commerce City, Colorado 80022

Dawn said: Received a call on my cell phone from this number. When I answered, no one was there and the call disconnected. who is this and how can I get my number removed. This is the second time in 2 months I've received a call from this number.



Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Company / Organization: Unknown would not say
Caller type: Telemarketer
Reported Location: Detroit, MI 48226

Steve said: I get these calls at work all the time. Here's a solution, but it will only work if a lot of people do it. Press 1 and get a human on the other end. Then, just keep talking until they hang up. Say anything but don't give them ANY personal information. If enough people do that, their business will fold!


Caller ID: maryland
Company / Organization: Unknown
Caller type: Other
Reported Location: Washington State

rachel said: My cell phone showed this number (coming from the state of Maryland). Normally I do not answer a call from a number I do not recognize, but since I have grandparents who live there I was a little concerned and answered it. What seems to be an actual person (woman's voice) says they have been trying to reach me via mail about my car's warranty and to wait a moment. Then an obvious automated message comes on to say more about it. I didn't even let the message finish it's course and hung up. I knew it was fraudulant because I bought my car from a private individual 6 years ago. It is old and nearing 200,000 miles! Be very careful when dealing with calls like this!


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Company / Organization: Auto Warranty Scam
Caller type: Other
Reported Location: Seattle, WA

bron said: SCAMMERS: "your car warranty is expiring, we've been trying to reach you by mail, this is your last chance to ever extend your warranty", totally fraudulent.


Caller ID: 4159524541
Company / Organization: Sunrise Vacations affiliate
Caller type: Telemarketer
Reported Location: Ontario, Canada

Arggh said: I just got called from this number, it's a telemarketing company calling to "Claim My Prize" (it's a sham, I didn't enter any contest).
The lady on the other was VERY difficult to understand (Indian?) I asked several times to repeat what she said. she spoke so fast and was bearly understandable.

So after several "Whats?", "Huhs?" and "Why are you callings" she says please wait... Ok, I'm not in a hurry... So after a minute it started ringing through (on the other end) then someone else from "Sunrise Vacations" picks up says "Thank your for Calling" (at least this one speaks english, ok...) I asked why are you calling me - she responded "you called me!".

Conclusion: this is a 3rd party (affiliate?) of Sunrise Vacations, Sunrise was clueless as to why I called when I was patched through to them.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller

corina said: I received a phone call from this number also, but they only rang once...


Caller ID: Unknown Caller

bill said: No message left


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Caller type: Unknown

isa0815 said: They call or to say it right, fax on our phone number for 2 days now. 2 or 3 times an evening. Extremely annoying.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller

chris said: I found a website that gives you the exact location of the telephone if it's a land line and 206-812-1769 is presently located at Latitude 47.61 and Longitude -122.33, on the map it looks like it runs under Freeway Park near two medium sized apartment buildings near 9th and Seneca, the heart of Virginia Mason campus.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Company / Organization: Olympic Collections
Caller type: Collection Agency

chris said: Ann Wheeler of Olympic Collections is a Seattle-based collection agency and is hired by all manner of businesses to get you to pay your bills but I believe they have a lot of clients from the medical community since all my bills are medical related. They are paid on a commission basis, probably a 50/50 or 60/40 split. While the name is probably a pseudonym, she is very real. Since my PT bill was over 10 months old, go back 9 months or longer and if you can recall a medical visit that you haven't paid, chances are your provider has hired their services.

This is their livelihood, and they will use any sales tactic you can think of to close the deal since sales is a numbers game. The more calls you make, the higher your chance of success. The only difference between them and the window treatment company is that they have a heckofa lot more information on you and the law on their side to be a bit more pesky in order to get you to talk to them.

Ann uses cozy warm up lines on her voicemails such as the following, taken straight off my voicemail:

"Christine, I'm trying very hard to get ahold of you-- you like NEVER answer your phone. Call me... this is Anne."

"Christine, this is Anne Wheeler again. I'm trying to get in touch with you guys, either you or John call me back, OK? I'm right here in Seattle so it's not long distance."

"Christine, you may not remember me, but this is Anne Wheeler, and I'd really like to get in touch with you and I'm trying really hard, so please call me back, OK?"

Keep in mind that if you are using *67 to block your number from caller ID, this method is not completely foolproof. From immediately hitting *69 to dial the last number who called you from using equipment that has been tampered with to remove blocks, there are always ways to find out who is calling. I hope this information has been useful for you.


Caller ID: Cabanban

elive said: Received a call from this number today @ 4:19pm Eastern, but they didn't leave a message. Caller id Cabanban
Ever since I put my phone numbers on the Government "Do not call list" I receive more calls from solicitors.


Caller ID: 201 520 9271
Company / Organization: n/a
Caller type: Unknown

Nicole said: they called my phone so many times in so many days i didnt answer. my bf answered when they called and i was around. they guy had a middle eastern accent and said it was for some teeth whitening thing and we told him to no call my number any more and i still recived phone calls after that. most of them were when i was either working or sleeping but when i finally was able to anwer i told them that i had already told them to not call again. and told them again. and i still got calls from them so this time i told them that if they called me again i'm calling the police and reporting them for harasment. i didn't recive a call from them for about 2 or 3 weeks then they called 1 time and i was at work and so far havent heard from them again if they call me again im reporting them if they call you call your local police department and report them for harasment what they are doing is ILLEGAL


Caller ID: Unknown Caller


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