Randy Monn said: this number goes to Harry Durham as such. He is to be calling me from Washington State


Caller ID: Unknown

CMH said: Let the number go to voice mail. no message left. second time it has happemed.


Keree said: This is a scam. We at Halton Financial Group Ltd. in Burlington, Ontario Canada have been contacted by numerous unsuspecting persons regarding an offer to lend money provided that the individual paid some up front. Unfortunately, some people have forwarded proceeds to this criminal firm and waited for their loan to arrive, which of course it never did. Be aware of this and others scams that prey on the people most in need of assistance.


Don Flack said: Thank you man i almost lost 650.33 but because of you i know know i got a call from that chick lisa stanlt to but they told me it was 20 thounsand dollars.
I Bless you for speaking up.


Caller ID: 203-857-3800

Janet said: Called my cell. Didn't pick up.  I suspect it is related to a craigslist job posting I looked at


mr.brown said: Fake Lottery Scam


plz put an end 2 this said: I received a call today from a woman talking in spanish and saying she was Jessicas from Centro Cultural Hispano (Hispanic Cultural Centre) and when she asked for my name I responded that I dont know her and if for what she wanted to know my name, she hang off inmediately. I dont use to take calls from unknown people.


JeniBeans said: Yea, this number just called me earlier today.  I made some light screaming type noises and told them I was in the bathroom and to call back later.  She said "oh" and hung up.


Ashton said: Does not leave a message. Does anyone know who is on the line?


Vivi said: Rang 2 times and then hangs up


Caller ID: 205 421-1936

Fed Up said: I think it's a scam.  Same person called from this number and 5 minutes later from another area code, claiming to be calling about an overdue bank payment


pie said: I just got a missive from that number on craigslist too.  He goes by John Smith now.  Thanks for the info.  I won't be calling him.


Clock said: I got the same thing he says his name is James Scott and he wants to rent a room. He said he was going to paypal the money for the depsoit over. I have gave him my paypal email but have not heard anything yet. The whole thing seemed fishy cause he wouldn't call me or answer the number he left. Now I know he is a scammer wasting my time.



Shawn said: Lottery scam, do not reply.


Caller ID: transcom holdin

Pissed about a call said: called multiple times this last week, no message, no one on line.


Caller ID: 206-206-2060

localyokel said: I just received a call with that number and they left a voicemail saying go to turbocashlink.com it's some kind of get rich quick scam


Lindsay said: Yeah- I got the exact same call as well- already filed a complaint with the FCC.


retrac said: I received the same call today.  So sick of scam calls.


Caller ID: Jabil Circuit

Oanh Dinh said: Request Statement


Dean said: This number keeps calling me also. She thinks I'm some guy that she's seems to be madly in love with, but the feelings are not reciprocated, so I get a lot of boohooing and sobbing, and I can't get through to her to let her know that she has a bad number.

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