88 said: just called - no message


Disney Fan said: just got a call again from this number...they call often


Caller ID: NONE

Sara said: Got a call on my cell.

"You are a finalist in the Million Dollar Sweepstakes. Do you know which credit card company entered you in? If not, which credit card do you currently use most often. Is this your current phone number and if this is your current address (They had the correct one)."

I think it is a scam. Don't give any information.
Shoot, these people should burn in hell!


Caller type: Telemarketer

jz said: Received a call this morning from this number.  I spoke with a woman who had told me taht I was one of 5 finalists in the running to win $1,000,000.  She then went on to ask me my age, my profession, if I own my home, my marital status, and hten listed a number of credit card companies to see which I thought had entered me in the contest. She quickly then proceeded to tell me that they wanted to send me subscriptions to magazines and only asked that I pay the shipping cost of $4.95/month but owuld lower it for me to $3.95/month.  I told her I did not read magazines and was not interested in receiving magazines she continued to press and rambled off a list of magazines she woudl be sending me.  I finally informed her that I would not be signing up for anythign today and that if she wanted to send me somethign in writign for my review she could.  She then said she woudl take me off the list for the magazines but keep my name in the drawing for the $1M.  Crazy! The more I think about it the more I shouldn't have answered any questions - thsi is probably a fraudulent scam!


Annoyed in MA said: Yep... David's Bridal here too... I am pissed. I have been getting calls from this number too... the horrible part is that I was actually entered in a REAL sweepstakes from my bank. I was VERY excited until I came here... jerks!


Yet another... said: Hi, I live in Canada and I get so many calls from this stupid number, always reaches my voice mail and doesn't leave a reason for call. I am on prepaid phone every time they call i get charged. I am wondering if any of you guys have prepaid servives?


teller said: Telemarketing Please don't call me agen


Sam said: 12-9-08 Called my business number with a recorded announcement of the last chance to lower credit card rates.b  Nothing on Caller I.D. but phone number.  Am on Do Not Call list. Here is a list of 146 unwanted callers since May.  I print it and put it by the phone so I know not to pick up certain repeat callers.  I basically do not pick up toll free numbers and those from other area codes.
201-221-3014    No message
202-629-9389    No message
202-629-9389    Preapproved million $
213-430-4260    Global Reach Int
213-537-1392    No message
213-797-1040    No message
215-525-6561    NCC phone savings
218-740-2135    No message
231-224-2031    No message
231-224-2034    No message
231-732-2306    No Message
231-732-2310    No message
231-732-2660    No message
231-732-2768    No message
231-732-2788    No message
231-732-2800    Auto Warranty
269-768-2102    No message
269-768-2170    No message
269-768-2257    No message
269-768-2706    No message
281-520-3779    Auto Warranty
301-997-2022    No message
302-737-9533    Innovative Consult.
305-408-6643    No message
305-625-3064    No Message
305-836-7371    No message
310-599-5729    No message
310-599-9115    No Message
323-208-3801    Medallion
323-429-7522    No Messsage
323-429-7524    No Message
334-493-3059    No message
336-343-4145    MortgageProtect
386-304-9434    Daytona Beach, FL
386-409-3699    New Smyrna, FL
404-524-0000    MCIVER LAW GROU
408-587-2120    Credit card
408-651-8124    No message
410-705-6007    Auto Warranty
410-774-8005    Extended car warranty
415-262-0266    No message PBIS
480-285-2000    Credit card
480-543-1367    merchantcircle.com
503-620-8554    OREGON
508-458-0199    Insurance Selec
510-373-3863    PAYMENT SYSTEMS
517-931-2214    Auto Warranty
517-931-2347    Free Satellite TV
517-931-2361    No message
517-931-2511    Satellite service
517-931-2526    No message
561-733-4697    Boynton Bea, FL
562-223-8807    No Message
562-289-8146    No message
562-394-0341    SOCAS
567-255-6121    No message
578-570-2233    SERVICE
603-214-3535    A Grayson
603-214-3539    PRIVATE OFFICE
603-214-3637    No message
609-279-1990    B R Interviewing
610-687-1030    Reminder Call
616-980-2581    No message
616-980-2589    No message
619-801-8114    No Message
626-273-8206    No Message
626-273-8207    No Message
626-551-3384    No message
646-572-7883    TELE EXPRESS
651-256-6181    Pioneer Press
702-520-1248    No message
702-520-1275    No Message
702-520-1344    Auto Warranty
702-520-1466    Auto Warranty
702-520-1484    No message
702-520-1497    No message
702-520-9150    No message
702-520-9183    No message
702-736-3099    NOT PROVIDED
714-607-5740    Auto Warranty
714-682-8307    No message
714-682-8311    No message
714-682-8314    No Message
732-242-6503    Repeated Calls
732-242-6504    Doctors Group
732-242-6510    Doctors Group
760-204-8410    No message
760-526-8513    No message
760-526-8513    No message
760-536-8137    No message
763-392-5983    General Warrant
765-331-0000    5 Star Roof-No message
770-592-0400    S.S. I.
770-894-4718    Marble Hill, GA
800-260-9125    No Message
800-328-0185    Unavailable
800-348-4271    No message
800-390-4812    No message
800-399-5166    GE Money
800-434-4240    No message
800-620-2403    NET 10
800-644-0296    Sprint Credit
800-663-1306    No message
800-716-3812    No message
800-888-8888    No message
800-919-8021    Energy service
800-931-6381    No message
805-560-1265    Amer Message-med plan
805-560-4500    Dial Page
805-560-5032    Dial Page
805-985-4838    No message
808-298-6114    No message
808-372-6602    No message
816-389-2729     TELEPHONE MANAG
818-656-4565    California
818-663-9405    No Message
818-804-3142    Callcatchers
818-870-5029    No message
847-250-6801    No message
850-473-1276    Penscola, FL No Message
858-309-5533    Transaction Service
858-380-4952    Bancard1
858-380-4958    Bancard1
858-633-8105    Transaction Service
866-484-8278    No Messge
866-671-9489    No message
866-801-8623    No message
866-822-9401    Bank of America
888-261-7859    Electric bill
888-338-6938    Unavailable
888-485-0975    Credit card
888-638-4742    No message
888-665-9900    No message
888-678-3552    No message
888-686-8191    No Message
904-954-1091    CITIGROUP
909-502-9110    No Message
931-563-4182    No message
951-398-5060    SPEC OL CA STH
954-366-0317    Florida-No message
973-685-2588    No message
978-570-2325    No message
978-570-2364    CANC
No number    Unavailable
No number    PRIVATE


CR said: What a way to wake up at 1 a.m.  My husband answered and when he heard
ATM machine, he hung up.  I am glad I googled this number so that I wouldn't wonder what was going on.


john said: I keep getting phone calls from this number, and sometimes the area code changes to 954 or 407, but the 123-4070 remains the same. So annoying.


Rodney said: Say they are First Revenue Assurance please call this number


theb said: left no message


Caller ID: NONE

Nancy said: daily calls from this #


Caller ID: unlisted

guy said: I received a call from 305-764-2142, an unlisted cell phone number from the Dade County Florida area. They left no message, I do not recognize this number and it's the second time they've called me.


Jake said: I got a call from them just now.  They said because my husband is on disability and medicare.  I could be eligable for something in my husbands behalf.  So they asked how much does he get per month.   I tell them. Stupid me part.  The call comes up social Services.  I thought it was the actually government office I applied for state help.   Not noticing the area code.  I stupidly gave out my ss number.  So I immediately went to the credit reporting bureaus and put us on fraud alert.  Is this place a valid company or a scam.


DK said: called then hangs up, usually in evening


tricia said: I got a call from this number and it was a guy with a heavy middle eastern/Indian/Pakistan accent.  He told me I would receive a free newspaper in the mail, and provided no additional info (didn't ask for any info either).  My guess is that he just wanted to verify that my phone number is working, so he can sell it to someone else.


Neckvein said: I just started getting calls from this number today.  I missed the first one, picked up on the second one, and the other party hung up.



jillian said: persistent calls

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