marca said: I didn't answer. Voice mail message was just static.


asmith said: I received a call from this number about 8:15 pm. I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message.


acs said: repeated calls on a daily basis and voice mails with hang ups


Caller ID: ?

baloo said: called and hung up over and over


Not Happy said: I get these calls on my cell.  I have put it into my address book with the name "Do Not Answer" easy to remember.


Kristina said: I just got a call from this number to my cell phone.


Kristina said: Just got a call from 310-599-5795 on my Vontage private number. Details were it was from a private office. ??


Bridget said: Who owns this phone number?


Matt said: Did not leave a message.


Kelsy said: Any ideas who calls from this number?


reka said: sends text messages aven after I request them to stop


sfmona6 said: Got the same phone number but didn't answer. Tried calling back but it has been a busy tone for the past 30 mins.


Caller ID: 310-878-9759

kappa said: called but left no message - number is Compton, LA


Ryan said: long distance phone service


Caller ID: Corporate Publi

j said: A woman calling from this number asked for my exhusband, when I asked who she was she just kept asking for him, then said is this Ms. (last name). I asked where she was calling from she stated some Publishing company name then I asked what was the call in regards. Her response was if your not Ms.(last name) what's it to you. My response your calling my number, She then proceed to say F you and began with many more prophanities.  I told her I would be contacting their corporate number her response was "You don't know it so" and again with more prophanities.


Caller type: Collection Agency

not given said: I got a call from these people back in August and they stated the were representing the state of KS and that I owed them Income tax from 2004 along with the lawyer's fees. I have always filed jointly with my spouse and they said that they couldn't talk with my spouse because he wasn't involved with this. Anyway I have received no letters from them only 5 phone calls and the refuse to send me anything only demand payment and threaten to garnish my tax return........sounds really shady to me.


Jason said: Got a call from this phone number.


Melinda said: I also got a call form these people on the 19th of November.  They threatened civl action.  They are some sort of collection agency and they have the wrong guy.  In fact they don't even have the right name.


Annie said: I got a phone call from this number around 6:45 saying I had won a Ford Explorer. I called back and the guy that answered told me to hold on a minute and said "Hey, I got one over here." Thinking I wouldn't be able to hear. He said he would have to call me back. When he called back he started asking questions, when I would not cooperate, he asked me if I wanted the prize or if he should call the runner up. I told him to call the runner up.

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