Caller ID: Unknown

Nicole said: Got 2 phone calls from this number in 2 consecutive days. Our caller i.d. came our with "Marie Brighton" but she did not leave any message.


Caller ID: IL 312-775-1288

Tom said: ask to speak to a bessie shepherd, didn't leave a name.


Caller ID: 3133441973
Caller type: Telephone Surveyor

sducoach said: It is a research firm that is allowed to call you because they are not selling you anything.  You can call 800-864-8601 and put your phone number into the automated system.  They will then remove you from their calling list.
Trust me- do it.  They called me about 75 times before I finally called back to get the 800 number.


Caller ID: Floor Covering

Michigan said: December 5, 2008

Harassing Calls. The caller ID shows Floor Covering (313)357-6133. The caller hangs up when the telephone is answered.


Caller ID: 314 333 3491

Pat said: I received a call from this number and they did not leave a message,then
when I went back to call it the number is out of service.


HUNGG said: Here's the address for 314-567-3905 They mess lab billings, thats why I'm filing a complaint with the BBB. plus they never called before turning the bill over to collections.  This is why America is going down the tubes, companies like this that cross wire information. Its a shame. You all should report them too.


Phone: (314) 567-3905


Caller ID: Lee Richmond

jb said: Uses cell phone to harrass and text people for nonsense.


SARAH said: call to hire-35,000 as manager-it's a managing pyramid thing-you don't put in $$ but you sell for them with the goal of having your own office--you can have your own office but you can't make $$ selling perfume door to door so you hire people and tell them they'll get their own office and 35,000/year and they sell as you train them making you $$


Mandy said: she did not tell me her name.


me said: Someone called my brother with this number asking questions about me and said i was hiding from them. i was so creeped out!


Caller type: Telemarketer

Liz said: I recieved the call today from Dana. Not knowing the number i didn't answer. She left a msg saying i won a Bridal Package from American Prestige, call her back at 1-888-966-7712. I never entered a drawing to win anything. So a little suspicious i returned the phone call for more info. I won a free vacation 3day/2nights pretty much everything included and $1000 in grocery coupons. To receive my prize my fiance and i had to go together to a meeting. Sounds to good to be true and it is.
Upon research i found out that this is a SCAM. They also have a website americanprestige.com click on bridal vacations to see what you won. Suprise, Suprise once entering the website what do you see....brides? I wish, you see COOKWARE!! Anyways they sell expensive cookware. They have you sit in a 90min sales pitch meeting. There are a few people that went thru this torture, some received their prizes, some did not. The ones that did, did not like what they got.
Well needless to say my fiance is in currently in Iraq so i will not be attending. If he was here i wouldn't go anyways after all negative things i read.
Thanks but no thanks
Hopes this answers any quetions you may have. If not google American Prestige and find out for yourself.


chris said: Anybody getting calls from this phone number?


Caller ID: 315-580-3109

Cathie said: i get repeated calls from 315-580-3109


Caller type: Telemarketer

L P said: I keep getting harrasing phone calls at my place of business sometimes three and four times a day from the above number. I have ask them repeatedly to not call me again at work or at any number, because I am not intersted in what they are selling and they have called until I am worried about my losing my job. I never solicitited or ask for their product and have told them not to call. They continue with two calls just this morning. They will talk to other employee's if they cant get me - how can I stop this. I am about a mental case over this matter. They are asking for Frances Johnson and selling soma medication or other medicines


Caller ID: Local Call

mamasita said: Calls a couple times a day leaves no message.


Caller ID: Peforming Arts

Duke said: I have received several calls when away from phone.  Caller never leaves a message on voicemail.  Caller ID shows "Performing Arts."


Timothy said: missed the call


Annoyed Caller said: how could this person make you miss "important phone calls"?


Kara said: When I answered, nobody replied.


Fran said: I keep getting calls on my cell phone from this number and no one talks. No one will respond to call back messages either.

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