VG said: this number kept calling after 11:30 PM...when we would answer, they wouldn't respond


Company / Organization: Reimage
Reported Location: Lake wales, FL

Rocky said: Never seen this area code or this type of phone number


Reported Location: 229


Caller ID: flit
Reported Location: cape girardeau, mo


Caller ID: Private
Reported Location: cape girardeau, mo


Reported Location: 44133

Jay said: who is that


Caller ID: 7024309065

xxx said: Recording was talking before my answer machine started recording. My machine recorded " regards to a paid on-line survey in your area. The survey pays $10 & there is a $5 bonus if you qualify. Please press 1 now to see if you qualify."

Nothing but a scam. Will end up telling you that your bonus & or paid money for taking the so called survey will go off the price of some service they're trying to scam you into.


Caller ID: 18962491
Company / Organization: williams
Reported Location: Yazoo city

Albert Williams said: credit file


Company / Organization: xxxxxxxx
Reported Location: Ohio

Linda said: Received a call from this number 3 o'clock in the morning it was a foreign speaking man asking for a person that I do not know.


Company / Organization: bahama cruise scammer

xxx said: Illegally called my minor's cell phone with their recording stating you've won a free bahama's cruise. My son doesn't give his cell phone number out.


Reported Location: taiwan


Caller ID: Name not found

Mac said: Caller wanted me to go to my computer and log in so he could help with a problem that was specific to my computer. Wasn't happening!


Reported Location: Roanoke va


anonymous said: They are spoofing The College Board. Called after hours. We did not pick up. They did not leave a message. Called the number back, and it IMMEDIATELY said "Please leave a message after the tone" and then immediately beeped. There was no greeting or identification on their voice mail. They are a spam caller that is deceptively using the name of a well-known and legitimate organization. Should be reported to the FTC and FCC.

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