Caller ID: NONE
Reported Location: 71292

Angel said: i dont know name thats why i typed it in on google


rr said: I keep getting a daily call from this number to my cell #. I won't answer ever: so stop calling me whoever it is.


Yana said: "final warning" from the IRS. They're filing a lawsuit against me? Then they tell me to call 206-792-9579


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: mississippi

Reed said: man and woman calls at various times of the day. hangs up when i say im not here. most recent call wife answers and demands to know who she with. she said ex girl friend from 6 months ago... still lmao when i think about it feb 19th


Reported Location: Redding, CA

JDM said: It was obviously some sort of scam. Some guy who said his name was something like "Marty Zellenbacher" claiming we went to the same high school and he always thought I was lovely but never had the confidence to ask me out. And that he no longer had braces or acne, and that he was rich now and had a private jet and wanted to take me to Paris. Yeah right. Not sure what the goal of this scam is, but the whole call was ridiculous.


Eagle one said: Fake "Microsoft computer error we ca fix"


Caller ID: tech support
Company / Organization: scammers
Reported Location: Florida, USA

H8 SCAMMERS said: Get calls from these idiots all the time. Today I decided to mess wirh them. Caller (bad Russian accent) named Mike said he was from "Microsoft" and my computer was notifying them that I had serious virus issues. So I said THANK GOD, I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR TECH SUPPORT TO CALL ME BACK FOR 2 DAYS! Then asked why they were calling from Washington DC instead of Washington State which he claimed they had call centers everywhere. Anyway, I asked him what to do and he said I needed to login to windows and allow "REMOTE" access. I then said, BUT I CAN'T LOGIN.....THAT'S WHY I WAS WAITING FOR YOU TO CALL ME AND HELP! Lol, then asked him where the "Windows Logon was on a "MacBook" and said "Seriously ASSWIPE...DOES ANYONE ACTUALLY FALL FOR THIS SH*T?" I guess he didn't want to play anymore cause he hung up!


Caller ID: "unkown name"

anonymous said: Don't know and didn't leave message


Caller ID: Out of area.
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Washington State

anonymous said: Several calls from this number. Never leaves message on answering machine. I answered once. Caller sounded asian and spoke with broken English. Said his name was Steven and was a friend of my wife. When I inquired how he knew her, he hung up.


peter smith said: this is a do not call #. when I called it back, it said "not in service"
this jerkoff never identified himself.
I don't like to answer these calls because I don't want to feed myself to other such parties.


Caller ID: Unkown Name
Reported Location: 65014

anonymous said: I got this call at 11:10 am. I answered it and stayed on the line for a few minutes. The line was open but no one answered so I hung up. Annoying!!!


Caller ID: Nada
Company / Organization: Alaska Air Conditioning.
Reported Location: scottsuppitydale

AAC said: Alaska Air Conditioning.


Caller ID: 6342865048
Company / Organization: IRS
Reported Location: florida

anonymous said: Said the IRS was filing suit against us...that it is final attempt to reach us...but, no name as to who they were calling for. Said we must call 360-362-4730 immediately! Can u provide any info as to business name at that location...360 came up as Washington state? Pls advise!


Reported Location: tn

CM said: getting calls identified as "Microsoft" tech offering assistance


Company / Organization: 1BIT IT
Reported Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

anonymous said: I received a pop up on my computer as I opened my Safari internet the web address was alert.securityupdatealert.com stating the possible treats spyware/adware your OS X Date; February 18, 2015. The following information could be at risk: your credit card information, your account passwords, your Facebook chat conversations, chat logs of instant messenger AIM, Skype etc, your private photos and other sensitive files and webcam privacy ( your webcam can be turned on remotely at any time without you knowing) PLEASE CALL: 1-877-913-7847 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE You will be guided for the removal of any adware, spyware or virus found on your computer. Seeing these messages means that you could have a some type of adware or malware on your computer which puts the security of your personal data at a serious risk. It's strongly advised that you call the number above and get your computer scanned before you continue using your computer. There was also a voice saying this. It said they are my ISP and needed to clear my PC of a virus as she is infected and said to call 1-877-913-785-47 I called it and talked to Abraham and he told me they are with Microsoft, and work on Apple too. I gave them my credit card number to repair it for me. The guy gave me a number to call for support 1-888-435-1922 and I called it because nothing was happening and I was told that it got disconnected and didn't start cleaning my computer and that they need to connect to my computer again and I told them NO I don't want it done. I told them I am going to talk to Apple. I told the person I want my money back and so she transferred to me to another lady who works with the billing office and she hung up on me. I had the people before her hang up on me also. I then called 1-888-435-1922 back again and talked to a supervisor and told him I want my money back and that this is a scam. I didn't get their so called cleaning service so I want my money back. I told them to refund me. The supervisor Paul told me that I would get my refund in 5-7 business days and hung up on me. I then called my bank and cancelled my card.


Reported Location: 97501

Anon said: I did not answer the call today, 021915 at 9:30am from this number, 564-323-4565. I called the number back in about 5 minutes. The operator came on and stated " this number can not be completed as dialed". Whoever, is doing the calling is hoaxing the number.


Caller ID: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Billerica, MA

Gina said: This number calls leaves threatening message about my Ex-Boy friend owing money and I'm down as Guarantor to his debt and I need to call back immediately to resolve this issue. First my Ex has been DEAD for about 2 years and we NEVER signed anything in our past together so this has to be a SCAM!


Caller ID: Name Unvailable
Reported Location: md

cyn said: called 7am no message

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