Reported Location: liverpool

nelo said: ppi


Reported Location: Ontario, Canada

Charley said: Call from this number at 1:27 p.m. October 9th, 2014. Answering machine took it.....no message.


Caller ID: "unknown name

pissed said: Been calling the house for the last 4 weeks. They never leave a message.


Caller ID: pdl recovery
Company / Organization: david jenkins
Reported Location: murfreesboro nc 27855

David said: collection scam


Reported Location: 94122

KSB said: This number called my cell 10 times on one hour yesterday. I have no idea who is doing the harassing!


Caller ID: Unknown

Anon said: I hit call back and was asked by my name along time ago when I was married. I asked who was calling. They said Matt and hung up. I did not talk to them beyond that. I assume they got nothing from me.


Caller ID: "Unknown
Company / Organization: Easy Tech
Reported Location: USA

Gum said: Caller from fake phone number wanted to go over web site to help make it better for search engines. When I asked if I could pay them in Gum they hung up. Caller seemed to be from India.


Caller ID: TLT
Company / Organization: tlt
Reported Location: 11106

BERNADETTE said: Finally there's someone out there who is a good guy. TLT transported my bike to safety and got me back home. One of the coolest people you can meet. Loaded up with expertise and his equipment looked top notch. You them or any other approved services in NYC but definitely call TLT first.


Reported Location: UK

qq said: Picked it up. Insurance claim rubbish.

The way the number is displayed is to make it look like an international number (as I am dealing with overseas clientele I will automatically answer it) .

I don't know how the operator telecoms SS7 networks are processing these messages, but this particular one should be technically illegal (a UK-based party is placing a non-UK - and therefore invalid - "calling number" in the SS7 message) .


Reported Location: Edmonton


Caller ID: +18766480047
Company / Organization: No name
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Punjab,india

Ment said: Disturbed me many times


Caller ID: tlt towing
Company / Organization: tltmc
Reported Location: hollis ny

georgian peaches said: tlt towing liar tony tltmc wrote that garbage about innocent man beware tony tells lies all day long tltmc is tony lives in truck Mexican cartel true meaning beware of this fact. beware of tony and his wife lilian who made fake vespa tpw call to me and I save the number and traced it leave me alone with all you bs stop posting my info on line fukk off 2123007666 with your slick lie bombs on meThis is tltmc computer hacker. This pedophile is entertaining itself by harassing people. Runs a bogus illegal motorcycle towing, telemarketing and credit card scam in NYC using a Florida and NYC numbers. Real number 2123007666 hollis ny not Brooklyn Spam his email tlttowingnyc (at) yahoo.com see how he likes it or Call it and tell it to stop harassing the public. This animal is a known felon and has been arrested for harassing people and credit card scammer. Well known computer hacker and pedophile.
Go to his residence and ask him why he must harass everyone and let him feel what aggravation feels like. Drives a jalopy maroon/silver black truck 4 door by elementary schools and masturbates to it.vespa tlt towing 2123007666 bad person wrote it written by tony of tltmc and white truck 2 trucks


Caller ID: 1955565980
Reported Location: Carlsbad

Debbief said: Second call from this number - no answer.


Reported Location: Quebec Canada

Jay said: I am worried can they make long distance on my cellular because in the Survey they asked me to inter one or 2 followed by #.
What should I do?
When I phoned back the number I got callnet asking me to enter my mailbox number followed by password followed by #.
I do not deal with callnet so I do not have any of this information.


anonymous said: Some idiot calling. Don't answer and you'll be fine.
I strongly suggest to never answer when you don't know the number and don't call back if they don't leave a message.


Reported Location: 81005


Company / Organization: Burns and Stevens
Reported Location: Miami

Peds said: These people called suposedly collecting a debt for which my father in law is responsable, but they call my wife?? They call from a Miami number as well, but say they are in South Carolina??? This had to do with a Chase Bank account. Wasn't Chase hacked into recently?? Coincidence?? These people threatened with charges, a case number that doesnt exist.... My brother is a detective and had me file a police report. Told me something very simple: Why did they contact you over the phone?? Anything legal will be done through the mail. If they got your phone number, they can sure as hell get your address. No mail?? SCAM!

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