Caller ID: Anna Polownikowa
Reported Location: Kenora,Ont, Canada


Reported Location: VA

anonymous said: Fortunately I didn't answer my phone. Searched the number and found it to be a scam
Which led me to a website full of complaints about different ways the number is being used.


xxx said: Called not speaking. Held on until my answer machine disconnected the call. I could hear other people talking on phones in the background. Another web site with multiple complaints against this caller, they all state caller wants access to computer because your computer has a virus, or error problems, or ............


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: California police department
Caller type: Commercial
Reported Location: Baltimore MD 21215

Naila Khalafova said: Hi
My name is Naila. I live in Baltimore. The number 1-213-456-7890 calling me none stop! Disturbing me through all days . I even cannot call them back because they blocked. Please help me by warning them to stop to calling me. Thank you so much! God bless you!


Reported Location: 33714

Estee said: No one there when answered...Who/what did they want???


Caller ID: 7287328295
Company / Organization: No name
Reported Location: Virginia

Dee said: Called the number back and got a busy signal


Reported Location: newark, ohio, 43055

anonymous said: recieved a phone call from this number but they didnt leave a message


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Yorkville, IL 60560

Debs said: It said call forwarded...from where or whom, I do not know. I did not answer.


Company / Organization: embriodry
Reported Location: garden east

zeeshan said: my phone number details


Reported Location: nyc

noel said: It's a scam. A man with indian accent says somebody hacked into my computer. He will guide me through the steps to remedy the situation. I said I was busy, can I call him back, he hung up.


Reported Location: 51012

anonymous said: billing (at) midus247.com


Reported Location: NH

bill said: They are persistent. We have told them more than once to put us on their "do not call list" they have not honored their promise to do so.


Caller ID: Terence Mooney

anonymous said: He has called here twice this morning regarding "issues" with my computer. I am NOT having a concern. Noted this number and hung up on Him


raz khan said: raz khan 01834299659 i want to know about the numbr from where it is??


Caller ID: Terence Mooney
Reported Location: Saint Louis Mo 63123

bug said: Got call at 8:07 am 5/27.Didn't answer. No message left on A/M. This person has called before.


Reported Location: 16117

Grams said: This Idiot calls about my computer and calls me Honey. Really.


Caller ID: 616266
Company / Organization: BSNL
Reported Location: Nashik

Vaibhav said: Dude


Leslie said: multiple calls late at night, sounds like fax machine


Reported Location: 14709

balls said: arab

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