Caller ID: NONE
Reported Location: Billings MT

none said: Threated to come to my home and/or work and have me arrested... I was driving and couldn't write down the number to call them back at so I tried calling the number it showed up as and it rang and rang.... then I about 20 minutes later I tried again and said the number couldn't be completed as dialed.....SCAM??


anonymous said: do not give this caller any information. They claim they are mircosoft and someone is trying to hack your computer. Microsoft will never call you you would have to call them. This is a scam do not give them any information.


Company / Organization: TRS Staffing
Reported Location: South Carolina

anonymous said: Soliciting for job seekers


xxx said: I heard this bleep sound & then the person said "Hello!, This is Greg." There was a pause of a few seconds & then he says "Are you still there?" Then he hung up. It sounded more like a recording than a live person.


Caller ID: "Out of Area"

me said: Claimed we were using an expired Windows account and needed our registration number. Wanted us to use CTRL + r , which when used in a console window is a reverse search function. SCAM. Trying to get personal information


68mustangGT said: Cell phone rang once, then caller / computer hung up. I am on a DO NOT CALL LIST!!!


Reported Location: WI/CA

notscamed said: This number is a scam. they say they are from Microsoft and try to get access to your computer so they can steal your info. Do not answer hang up immediately.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Illinois

anonymous said: caller claimed to be a Microsoft engineer in California. When I said that I didn't believe him, he hung up.


Caller ID: Oregan
Company / Organization: Unknown Bill Collector
Reported Location: MD

Patsey val said: This is some bull crap these people need to find something else to do. I have 4 calls from this number. Someone needs to do something about this mess!!!!


Company / Organization: Del Rey Associates
Reported Location: Idaho

kristy said: I was also just called by a "Patrick" at this company, hreatened me, was rude, obnoxious. Told me he did a background check, that I was being sued by the DA, would take no less than $400 today or I would be served and sued for 6x times the amount I owed on a payday loan. One I got during a horrible time, and have been making arrangements in the last year to pay all my debts. They bullied me and broke me to tears. Glad I found this information, I am calling the DA to see if they are filing a suit against me.


Reported Location: winston salem nc

american citizen said: Have no idea who calls from this number but to many scams from outside of country using phoney numbers to charge peoples cells.
This kind of stuff needs to be stopped. Identify your company or don't be allowed to call peolle. It should be the customers choicento answer the call, not get triicked and then charged for a boogis call.


Caller ID: NONE
Reported Location: OK

CINDY said: These people have call my number several times the last 2 days most of the time no one on the other end wouldn't say anything, they called this last time and I told them not to call me any f-----g more. Will see if that works..


Caller ID: "unavailable"
Reported Location: illinois

anonymous said: This number called me 2 times in less then 5 min, looked up the number..its a scam. He said he was from Microsoft and needed to access my computer, told him he was full of $hit, he got pissed and lost his accent LOL. I told him he was a thief and a liar and I was going to call the police. I never had called Microsoft with an issue, I have 2 adult children who work with computers as their job, I don't need to call anyone LOL


Reported Location: Illinois

anonymous said: Called here about 10 min ago. Told them that I know that are a scam and they hung up. Called again 2 minutes ago and hung up when I answered. Have to block them on this number. But they'll just use one of their multiple other numbers in the future.


hockeymom said: They have called my home 11 times in one day! They said their name is Lexington Legal and they were calling to help us repair our credit!! Seriously, we have stellar credit. They said we requested their service on line--really, no one ever requested anything online! They are intrusive and lie about how they got your number. THIS IS A SCAM SCAM SCAM.


Company / Organization: Windows
Reported Location: Eastchester, ny

robshel said: A man called from this number saying he was from Windows and that our IP address was being used by other people. He wanted information on our Windows license number and that he would verified. I hung up on him. This occurred at 3:30 pm EST.


Caller ID: 'unknown'

veryupsetperson said: why can't i find this number and who it is....

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