Company / Organization: USA
Reported Location: alabama

marty mullins said: wants to make payments


Caller ID: NONE
Reported Location: 17257

rkr said: I am thinking this area code is from the UK.


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: 30281

Pyrate said: Out of AREA # , never leaves message - calls at least 5 x s a day


Peter said: Calls every day around 10 A.M. leaves no message.


Caller ID: Deena and Scott
Company / Organization: ibt
Reported Location: Cheektowaga New York Julian role

dee green said: her name is Sarah Colvin she goes by Jennifer Chris works up there there are collection agencies who scam to try to make you pay a bill that you already paid I repeat do not give them your credit card number do not


Caller ID: Name not found
Reported Location: Texas

ankie said: The call was received at 9:29 am, Saturday morning. This is an edit to my previous comment


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: Unknown
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: 7424

Don said: Looks like the only way to avoid these perpetual calls is to not answer any call I do not recognize. I was in Pier One yesterday and they asked for my phone number. I said "Are you kidding me???"


Company / Organization: A


Caller ID: Name not found
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Texas

ankie said: Indian guy called and said I had microsoft problems with my computer. But before hanging up, I told him what to do to himself. MF camel jocks!!! Also, my phone numbers are now on the National Do Not Call Registery. This # has called my land line several times in the last week. I've never answered, they've never left a message. This time I was asleep, 9:45 am, so I was especially irate when awakened by this completely and totally unnecessary call!!! Report these types of call to your phone company, the FTC and tell everyone to do the same!!!


Reported Location: NY, USA


anonymous said: Where is this from?


Company / Organization: AIIPL
Reported Location: Bangalore

V Murthy said: Everyday I am getting 5 to 6 Blank calls from this number.. Horrible experience.


Caller ID: Name not found
Company / Organization: couldn't understand
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Michigan

dt said: DO NOT TRUST!!!

Indian guy, couldn't understand him very well.
Me: "May I ask who's calling."
Him: "....Who's calling... not.. funny..."
Me(under the impression that we were both answering the phone): "Hey! You called me!"
Etc. for about 5 minutes.
Still don't know his name, it rhymes with Funny.
He told me that my computer was slow from people trying to get into it or something. He told me to exit out of anything I had open, and go to the "basic place with all the icons." Once I actually sat down at my computer, he started saying he couldn't hear me very well.
I ended up telling him that I was the child of computer experts, no we don't own Dell, IBM, or any other standard computer, because my dad builds them from scratch, and that he sounded like he had no idea what he was talking about.
He started saying that he would call back.
Me: "NO! Don't call back. Do Not Call Us Back!!!"
Him: "Is there something wrong with me if I call you back?" (exact words, two or three times)
Me: "Yes, there is."
Once I started practically yelling into the phone with him still saying that my voice was very low, my sister heard me and told me to let her deal with him. She chewed him out and told him never to call here again.

She says that he wants to steal our computers (virtually of course) and our information and money, that he called before, and that he wants us to do stuff that would make our computers vulnerable. From his word choice, I can tell that he is used to calling old or otherwise digitally inept people and conning them.

If he claims to know personal information, it may be a lucky guess if it covers things like: the OS you use, the fact that your internet connection is slow, or what internet browser you use. Most people have MS in some form or another, 100% of people have a slow internet connection (or at least what feels slow to them after a year at the same exact speed), and most of his victims probably don't know how to download firefox or chrome, or know why they should, so IE is a lucky guess as well.


Caller ID: David Robinson
Reported Location: 14 Gertrude pl Atlanta GA.


just me said: Just wondered who called as I do not recognize the number. Nobody was at the other end.


Reported Location: 44060


anonymous said: Its a f*cking scam


anonymous said: Its a f*cking scam


Company / Organization: nsa-satellite intel
Reported Location: ca

tobor said: hello all.


Caller ID: Name not found
Company / Organization: claim to be Microsoft Windows
Reported Location: texas

dork said: knew about personal information; said computer had critical errors from unauthorized access to our computer; instructed to go through admin event log which showed 2,262 errors since yesterday

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