Reported Location: Sioux Falls, SD

anonymous said: Called my number...when I called back message said the number no longer in service, been changed or disconnected.


Caller ID: NONE

Intune2 said: Received a call that I did not answer. Tried to call the number back and couldn't, considered not valued by Verizon.


Caller ID: "unavailable"
Reported Location: Madison al 35758

V said: They said they needed to fix something on my windows computer and to go ahead and start it up. Then I said we didn't request any service calls from Windows and told him he was a scammer, then, no joke, he starts cussing me out with the most imaginative cuss words I've ever heard.


anonymous said: Called twice. Tried to call back and number doesn't exist. But twice there was a uh, hello in my voicemail. Annoying.


Reported Location: Montreal

anonymous said: Called 5 times weekdays around supper on week of nov 16, 3 times last week middle of afternoon, the week before around lunch time and, of course, on message at all.


Caller ID: Not available
Company / Organization: Windows support

Bob said: Computer scam. Indian person on phone with bad English skills. Trying to get you to install their ransomware so that you have to pay them to get your computer and data back. Just tell them to "Go eff yourself" and they will understand. Moron I talked to just started laughing because he knew he was caught.


annonymous said: threatening and harassing


annonymous said: a harassing phone call, threatening voice, telling me i'm in trouble with law if I don't resond immediately.


annonymous said: a harassing phone, threatening me, i'm in trouble with the law if I don't respond.


Caller ID: Oakland MD

RAS said: Recording comes on upon answering phone stating that IRS has been trying to get ahold of me.


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: Underman Breadford and Sheppard
Reported Location: N Y

kenneth said: Woman said her name is Monica Jackson and that she is a paralegal for a Law firm and the name of the firm is Underman Breadford and Sheppard and that they had issued a supena for a court date on Dec 7 for the amount of $630.00 unless im willing to settle out of court. She said i can pay with a credit or debit card over the phone. I told her i will call back. I looked the number up on line the exact mumber came up under another name. (Aidenmike Willowsmith) and i went on line to see if that firm has a web site or even exist. Guess What?? It does't. Its a scaaam!!


Reported Location: Des Moines, IA

anonymous said: Called Friday November 20th at 10:04am.


Reported Location: Nevada

Cri said: A man with a heavy Indian accent called yesterday morning at 4:48. Then today, from the same number, a woman called at 6:20 am. Ungodly!! The police / FBI should do something about these people.


Company / Organization: UNIT PREFERENCE
Reported Location: SOUTHAMPTON

KILLERKEV said: Dozens of calls a day from a company calling itself Unit Preference. Scam surveys also use 0119 numbers will keep phoning no matter how rude you are


Caller ID: "Unknown
Reported Location: Toronto


Reported Location: Huntington, IN 46750

anonymous said: This person has called here repeatedly today. I've blocked the number, but they keep trying to call. They always hang up after a few seconds without saying anything.


Caller ID: 572-406-0000
Reported Location: Austin, Tx

Chelo said: a foreign man called saying he was from US Window/Microsoft stating they received errors from my pc and he was calling to help me fix the problems. I asked his name & employee ID # so I could verify with Microsoft corporation. he paused. I asked him if the errors were from a PC. he said yes. I said really - I have a MAC. So I asked for his employee ID # and name. he hung up. His accent was not American, Australian, English, but sounded middle-eastern. Either way, heads up.


Michelle said: Received the voice message from this number on behalf of TD bank. But the number is from US. It doesn't sound right to me.


Caller ID: Smart Connect
Reported Location: Missouri

JD said: Financial call


Company / Organization: Rooms to Go

anonymous said: Called on another number and left a voice mail to ask for a particular person when you call 1-866-296-5420. Received this call twice with two different names

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