Receiver said: Want to who is this ?


Company / Organization: FRS Inc

thal said: Collection Co


Sharon said: They say their IRS bad guys


Company / Organization: Financial Adjustment Bureau
Caller type: Collection Agency
Reported Location: 52601

lance said: If you don't confirm your name they can't say anything. Tell them you don't want them calling you and hang up.


Caller ID: "unknown caller"
Company / Organization: legal dept
Reported Location: kissimmee

Very Upset said: these people are calling me that i owe money too cash advance and i don't.. because i email them and they said i don't have nothing too do with them and they have different people sending things about this this is very annoying i can't anymore.. they two numbers they call is 13476271160 1293 298- 3983 this guy who never he is he calls his self nick webster and kevin webster they have too stop this it's getting very annoying..


Caller ID: "UNKNOWN"
Company / Organization: T A P S
Reported Location: San Antonio

Anononymous said: They are claiming to be collection company but refuse to send any of their company name, information or location


Reported Location: West Kingston,RI

caseclsd said: Left a message stated they were from the IRS and that this was a final notice before they took action. First I have never received a call from this number before. Second the IRS will serve you with papers not a harassing phone call.


Reported Location: tirupur,tamilnadu,india

sanjay said: Hai I am sanjay. call me to this number 9443938688.


Caller ID: 1-722-432-5677
Reported Location: 30096

Frank said: Got an automated call from this number claiming to be a notification of an IRS lawsuit. Left a call-back number 202-407-9896.


cupcake said: called several times first a wqoman and then a man but the call dropped out


Reported Location: Malmo, Sweden

n a said: Scammers claiming to be from Microsoft Windows Support. They want your money...


Reported Location: Malmo, Sweden

n a said: Scammers claiming to be from Microsoft Windows Support. They want your money...


Company / Organization: IRS
Reported Location: columbus,Ohio

Scott said: I received an automated message stating that I was receiving notification about a law suit being filed against me by the IRS and a number to call immediately. When I called the number (202)657-5797, a non native English speaking person answered with a lot of background noise. The person said he was from the IRS and gave a badge number. I requested to speak with someone else or be given a different phone number to verify his identity and the person hung up.


Caller ID: NONE
Reported Location: Warrington, UK

fedupwithscams said: The phone rang, I answered, the call dropped out! Stupid brainless idiots with too much time on their hands. X


Reported Location: badlapur

7385022742 said: Plz call again I want to know who own this no


Caller ID: 1 866 606 6903
Company / Organization: EOS NCN
Reported Location: Canada

John Doe said: Frankly EOS NCN is a leading debt collection company.
In my case I or should I say that my home number was being called by an automated message system stating that they were EOS NCN calling on behalf of the Ministry of Finance regarding an urgent matter, that I should call them back at 1 866 606903 to discuss the matter. The call did not identify who in the household they wished to speak to just to call back. Well I looked them up on the internet, I do not have bad debts or debt for that matter nor do any family members living in my household, 2 adults and 2 adult children, So the first thing I did was call and speak to the Ministry of Finance, Ontario, to ask if I had any outstanding debts that I was not aware of. They checked their records carefully using my address and last Name and said there was nothing outstanding against anyone in my household at my address or recorded on record for my phone number, I have lived here over 26 years and they know how to contact me if there were any urgent matters to discuss and would have done so and that I would be fully aware if I had Taxes in arrears. They assured I was clean, debt free and to not worry about the calls.
They did advise that outstanding Ontario Government Student loans, unpaid retail sales taxes for businesses or 2nd hand registered purchases like boat purchases. etc. etc. Would be taxed and the type of debt they may be owed tried to collect and sell to debt recovery agencies upon writing them off as bad debt i.e. EOS NCN.
Don't get me wrong if you have a debt I think you should pay up or I am sure EOS NCN or similar agencies will make your life a living hell. I was advised these companies use an automated dialing system and if they are looking for debtor with your common name they go on a fishing trip calling thousands of example "John or Jane DOE" asking you to call them back. Fishing for a name match to land their proverbial fish. Be careful what information you give to them and give as little as possible because they don’t. t know which John or Jane Doe they are looking for, where they lives or if you are he or she.
I thought they would just get fed up calling that I had nothing to discuss with them as I had no outstanding business with the Ministry of Finance. But they did not get fed up dah. It is computer calling it can go on forever they called 5 or 6 times a week for about 6 weeks before I finally got fed up and did something about it.
I was very reluctant to call them before speaking with the Ministry of Finance to reassure myself nothing had gone astray with income tax or my adult children’s Student loans which were all repaid in full even before graduation. So armed with confidence I made the call to EOS NCN and all they wanted from me was my phone number. They were looking for someone else with a same last name but a totally different first name not even a matching first initial. A pleasant speaking woman thanked me for calling, apologized for the phone calls and stated she would take my phone number off of their list.
Bottom line I don't understand how they can get away with making so many pre-recorded calls to an incorrect persons home phone, it was becoming harassment I had been receiving 5 to 6 a week, over and over the same recording. I feel that if they have a job to do, then do it in person. Say who you are looking for. Don’t deliberately be vague and elusive fishing for my personal information with a blind pre-recorded call.
In my first attempts to contact them I also just received a recording stating that all of their agents were busy and that I should leave my name and phone number where I can be reached this is where I Suspected they were trolling for information. I would not leave a name and number. I would only speak to a person. Don't know why they are legally allowed to operate in this fashion. Heaven forbid if my first name had been the same as the person they were looking to track down and collect from I think I would have had to hire Lawyer to get them off of my back
For the record pay your bills any monies owed, come to an understanding with your creditor if you are going through hard times before these vultures get their hands on your account. But that won’t stop the calls if the names the same or sounds like?
The reason for my suspicious nature relates to an incident some 35 years back. A Court Ordered bailiff or sheriff tried to serve me with someone else’s subpoena. He first appears at my door pleasantly asking if I was John, Doe. Smith, not using the real name so as not liable anyone. I stated NO, No John Doe Smith lived here. One week Later same gut knocks at the door asking for a J,D,Smith, right this time I say close but no Cigar. Next week 3rd visit same guy knock again this time asking for a D Smith. out of the phone book, BINGO, yah I’m D Smith and he proceeds to serve me with a subpoena to appear in Court claiming an un-paid bill to a local Nursery, for what appeared to be the reforestation of what would have been a major estate lot some thousands of dollars for 40 to 50 trees, landscaping etc etc. And said to have conducted the work at my address. I was living in my first house a semidetached on a 35ft lot. I had one tree planted myself a Burch which I had purchased from the local nursery, which i carted home in the car and planted myself I asked him to look around my property to see if all this supposed work could possibly have been done on my property and did he truly think after 3 week of attempting to serve his subpoena that he had done his job well. He did not give one flying Sh$%, that he had served the wrong person, his job was done and I was to appear in Court I had been served. Needless to say I contacted their Lawyers threatened to sue as they were so far off getting the correct guy. Invited them over too my property to take detailed look for all these trees etc. Told them they were going to look pretty stupid in court. As it turned out the person or company they were after was a local contractor well known a big shot who took his time settling his accounts. My compensation for being wrongfully served was the local nursery came and planted one flowering almond tree at my home to apologise for my inconvenience. My lot was so small that was all there was room for, one small tree. I should have sued but I was just a kid back then.
P.S. So beware the evils of debt recovery. it’s only been about 8 hours since EOS NCN assured me my number would be taken off of their calling list, fingers crossed I may still file a complaint with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and or the CRTC,
PEACE be with you if I receive any further calls I will post an update.
J, but not John Doe


anonymous said: No response upon my answer, then recorded voice says "good bye" and hangs up.


Company / Organization: Claiming to be irs
Reported Location: Peachtree City, GA

Judy said: Automated voice that claims to be IRS - the Internal Revenue Service - filing lawsuit against "you" - last chance call back to #206-801-1902 that goes straight to voicemail to leave a message.

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