Caller ID: "Unknown
Reported Location: Skokie, IL

anonymous said: Calls come in late at night or after midnight. Never leaves voice message.


Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: USA

anonymous said: International missed call, no message. It's a Mexican country code, but I have no idea what part of the country. 011 52 687 161 9204.


Reported Location: 91403

jack said: This caller wanted to Facetime with me! That's a new one!


Caller ID: 799-841-5639
Reported Location: NY

Sally said: This number have being calling me this week, when I finally picked it up the guy sounds like Indian. telling me that my state have selected 17000 people to receive grant from the government. I can use the money for anything for an amount of $ 7000.00, when I asked him " do you see the state that I am currently living in he said I don't see it in my screen. He told me, I will go over you info with you, he said my last and first name correctly, he verify my zip code incorrectly but I told him it was right cause I have a feeling that he's collecting my crucial info, everything else he verified with me were incorrect, it was a scam. After he verified my info he gave me a number to call with a serial number because he said that I'm qualified. But he never verified the name of the company... I never called the number..Please People Stay away from them...


Caller ID: "unknown name
Reported Location: Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

Business said: This number called my business asking for the owner trying to tell me they will put me on front page google. I asked how their business made money doing this and he wouldn't answer. I proceeded to tell him I did not want to give my email as this seemed like a scam. He got very rude and defensive. I told him that was it, I am done because he was rude and asked for my name to be removed from caller list.


Padovanno said: Son insistentes y fastidiosos!!!!!!!!


Monkey said: they said my computer was extremely infected but I could hardly understand the caller then when I asked to speak to a supervisor they hung up odds are very high it was just a scam because they have nothing to do with my internet service


Reported Location: Cranston, RI 02920

Stephanie said: This man introduced himself but I don't recall what name he gave me. He spoke with a thick foreign accent and asked for me by name. He told me that he was a licensed Microsoft Representative and at that, I hung up on him.


Caller ID: Wireless Caller
Reported Location: wyoming 82533

stoptalk said: We also got repeated calls from this scam number. If you are tired of repeat calls, here is a trick that works some times. Pick up the phone when its ringing and then set it back down real quick. Some calls are automatic dialers and will register the call as completed. This doesn't work all of the time but it works sometimes.


Caller ID: "Unknown

tree said: Annoying calls daily. Eastern accent regarding a grant.


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: None
Reported Location: 29550

tired of this said: Caller in thick Indian accent wanted me to know that my application for a $10,000 loan had been approved.


Caller ID: Unkown
Company / Organization: No name

Betty said: "Are you setting in front of you're computer" is the opening statement. Scammers who prey on elderly should be shot!


Erik said: Here is another on BRECKNRDGINN #1034623604. Followed by a charge from FRESHPAIRIN


Caller ID: "unknown caller"
Company / Organization: unk
Reported Location: Paris, TX 75460

Bitsi said: Answered phone and recorded? voice merely said 'goodbye'


Reported Location: London ont

Eken said: Some guy keeps calling me saying that I have a virus in my pc, when I told the guy to stop calling everyday he said f*ck you and hang up.


Company / Organization: Songsong
Caller type: Non-Commercial
Reported Location: USA

Retro Jordan 6 said: Hey
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