Reported Location: Co.Limerick, Ireland

rg said: missed call 13.05.2014 at 5.27pm, who is this call from?


Caller ID: Name not found
Reported Location: Anaheim, Ca

anonymous said: This number calls at 9:00 AM. Does not leave a message. Continues to call.


Caller ID: "UNKNOWN"
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: New Hampshire

Deb said: Caller calls several times a day. When you say hello the call disconnects! No messages if you let it go to voice mail and no caller Id on phone.


Foxy said: Whose number is this


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: Houston, TX

PO'D said: They called my cell and then my place of employment! This caller insinuated they were with "Harris County" and claimed they had to deliver documents to me by 3PM for a suit filed against me. They said I had to call this number to get a stop order if I didn't want them to show up at my work. I stated this call was recorded and my place of employment is private property and these calls are not allowed by my employer and they had better cease now.

Don't believe their BS...my ex has served me and you typically won't know when the process server is coming to your home.


Company / Organization: individual
Reported Location: Patna Bihar India 800016

D. Sharma said: This caller called today 13th May 2014 at 6:00pm Indian time. A lady introduced herself from Who's who and after detail lucrative offers asked Bank card no. and validity. She desired to deduct 500€. But denied to mail details. Is 100% fraud. Be aware.


Caller ID: hunt family?
Company / Organization: I called and got the # off the card
Reported Location: mooresville nc

pat hunt said: Just want my card back again. It has expired 10/13


Caller ID: patricia m hunt
Reported Location: nc 28117

Pat said: My freedom card expired 10/13 and I wounded thought a new one would be sent to me. But nothing. My first card was patricia hunt 112 castleton dr. Mooresville nc 28117. Than I started watching my grandchildren at 141 sleepy cove trail in mooresville nc 28117 her name was christine Stockton. So being that I was at her house taking care if mt grandchildren I called and asked could they do that for me and they said yes and thats how it was and worked. Well when my card expired I assumed I would get a new card. But nothing. Anyway Iam back llounging in my home as my grandchildren are full time in school. I no need to stay at my daughters home any more
Things are back to normal and would appreciate that. Same address:patricia m hunt, 112 castleton dr. Mooresville nc 28117
. Naturally wanting my same low interest rate. Thank you..pat..if you need moore information from me I can be reached on my cell # 704-239-7153...looking forward to hear from you. Patricia hunt


Name said: These idiots claimed they were with Publisher Clearing House (PCH). They tell you that you have won a large sum of money and possibly a car and ask for your name and address. (you can barely understand them first of all) These guys weren't very smart about it. They had a flipping dog barking in the background while trying to retrieve my information! After we called their bluff and called the sheriff's department and let them know that we called, they panicked and began cussing us out. Like I said they're idiots and scam artists (I guess you can't call them artists because they are so stupid)..... DON'T FALL FOR THIS!!!!


anonymous said: Received a letter today informing me that I won 2 round trip tickets to anywhere in the country. This was the phone number they gave to claim my "prize". I smell a scam.


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: Law Firm
Reported Location: unknown

Kent said: Scammers trying to collect a debt on client that is in bankruptcy. By law all collection activity must stop by all creditors when debtor files bankruptcy. these guys are just trying to get money they are not entitled to collect. They threaten arrest and lawsuits. None of which they are allowed to do. They will not give address or location. Don't pay them anything it is pure fraud.


Reported Location: ottawa ont

JO said: Have several calls telling me my computer is going to crash


Reported Location: ottawa ont

JO said: Have several calls telling me my computer is going to crash


Caller ID: 0-999-173-6300
Company / Organization: unknnown
Reported Location: MANILA

anonymous said: DONT KNOW THIS NUMBER


Caller ID: Name Unavailable
Reported Location: Henderson, NV

anonymous said: The person was clearly phoning from overseas and was in a VERY busy 'call center'. The accent he used was very thick and I could only understand that he claimed to be from Microsoft. He claimed that my PC was causing errors out on the Internet and that he would walk me through the steps to clear the problem.

I have 5 PCs on my home network...none of them are experiencing and issues not have they been for the last several years.

I simply hung up the phone and proceeded to set my phone to block the number in the future.


suominn said: Not sure who this is?
Call never leave message on my phone.
Answered once, very noisy like a bar in background caller said his name was ken wouldn't tell me why he was calling just kept asking to talk to a particular person. When I said he had wrong number he hung up.
Have received atleast a dozen calls from this number.


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: williamstown,ky.41097


Caller ID: 101196896720656
Company / Organization: not known
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Toronto

Hitek said: Receive two calls but did not answer


Reported Location: 19053
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