carol said: SPAM - do not talk to them


who knows said: Effers didnt leave a message.


anonymous said: I got the same call from a woman with heavy accent. I told her I was not interested and asked me why not. I told her I'm just not interested and she called me a vulgar name and hung up


Caller ID: 1-409-123-4567
Company / Organization: (Unknown Scammer)
Reported Location: 57701

MM said: Spoffed number


JRP said: calls asking for my wife. ( On my cell Phone). Hard to understand but says hes from some US government agency. Ask to speak to his manager he states he is the manager. Asked to speak to his boss he went off on me listing any and all females i may have in my family stating he had s3x with them, as well as large amounts of profanity and name calling.


Company / Organization: Windows
Reported Location: Virginia

anonymous said: Got a lovely phone call from this number today.. He start telling me how he was "from windows and there are viruses on my computer" blahh blahhh blahhh and i said "im sorry sir im not interested in your help with that" and his response... "f*ck you mother f*cker" and hung up :) hahah


Caller ID: Unavailable name
Reported Location: 23060

anonymous said: Calls Every Day But Doesn't Respond When I Answer


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Florida

fedup said: We have gotten calls like this for two years. They threaten court action and/or arrest. They are stepping it up by demanding that we call this law firm within xx hours. Have never talked to them. They leave messages on my phone. We don't answer the phone anymore and I am thinking of getting rid of it altogether.


Reported Location: Southern Oklahoma

M. Greer said: This number called me at 12:30pm on July 23, 2014. 11 seconds of silence, tried calling back from my number and my sisters but all silence.


Company / Organization: Airtel
Reported Location: ahmedabad

vimal said: i want info about number


Reported Location: India

kumar said: I am receiving the call daily from this unknown number 1 (726) 697-700. I haven't received any of these calls as I am in Saudi & my phone is under roaming. Would like to aware the other people not to entertain such unknown calls.


Company / Organization: Honest Abe's Heating and Air
Caller type: Other

Yousef Haddad said: Honest Abe's Heating and Air is a San Jose based residential and commercial HVAC company that provides installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance for air conditioning and heating systems. We are located at 1755 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95128, but offer service for air conditioners, heaters, water heaters and commercial HVAC systems throughout the Santa Clara County area. You can reach at 866-888-1857 to schedule service. We also offer 24 hour emergency service with the hour.


Reported Location: Ottawa, Canada

Ann said: I picked up the phone : dead air


Reported Location: Ottawa, Canada

Ann said: I picked up the phone : dead air


Greensboro NC said: Got multiple calls from a crying woman claiming to be from Europe looking for her boyfriend
It's some kind of scam.


Caller ID: IPSOS
Reported Location: 37036

anonymous said: These people call 3-4 times a night. Don't know who they are & I'm not answering. I'm on the do not call list for what good that does


Caller ID: 18416747852
Company / Organization: unk
Reported Location: 72204

Elias said: this number called in at about 7:00 PM this evening reverse number look up indicates no us 841 area code number appears to be a spoof used by telemarketers to hide real number I have smart phone and blocked number inside phone my number is on us
government do not call list which doesnt seem to do a whole lot just a fyi i dont answer or return calls if i do not recognize number

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