Caller ID: 1 unavailable
Reported Location: Bethalto IL

Ruth said: 1 unavailable will call for weeks. When someone is on the other end they want us on our computer, which I will not do. I hadn't gotten a call for a while so when I saw the 1 unavailable I just hung the phone up. This time they left a message wanting my husband to call them back. They mispronounced our last name. We will not call back. On one site it said this area code is on an island.


Caller ID: "unknown caller"

anonymous said: They've called me multiple times but I never answered


Reported Location: Fuqay Varina, NC

anonymous said: Received a call from someone identifying themselves as a lawyer in the Mexico Attorney General Office hunting down people who may have been scammed by timeshare resellers in Mexico. I confirmed no information for them and also let them know that I had all of my credit accounts protected by monitoring agencies.


Caller ID: M624
Company / Organization: unkown
Reported Location: Los Angeles

Richard B. said: Caller ID appears as: M624 1653400143.

After answering there was no response until I repeated "hello". A woman asked for Richard and after saying "Yes", she disconnected. It appears that the M624 signifies it as a mobile number.


JustAGirl said: didn't answer left an empty message


Caller ID: Unknown

anonymous said: This number has called me about 10 times today


Reported Location: California

Anon said: I did not answer. I did not try to return the call.


dave said: Called but did not pick up when i answered


Reported Location: Atlanta, Georgia

maria said: This man will tell you that your Internet security has been breached and you need to pay him money to restore it and all of your private information on your PC. If you call him out about this being a scam , he will threaten you. He told me he would " F me up" ( he did not just say "F" ) He Is very rude and sounds threatening.


Caller ID: NONE
Reported Location: Hendersonville, TN

Kmchest said: "John" called and said he was from Microsoft Windows. I immediately asked to be taken off the calling list. "John" said "f*ck you biotch" and hung up. Hopefully this means I am off the calling list.


Company / Organization: premium technical support
Reported Location: Canada

jess said: This company is a fraud and uses peoples lack of technical knowledge against them. DO NOT give them any of your information, do not give them any information on your computer, it is easily repairable by yourself or a reputable computer technician. ALWAYS back up your information and if you are technically inclined create a safe backup or computer image. ** I got ransom ware which froze my internet browser and I could not access anything, it informed me I needed to contact the above phone number, thankfully I was able to fix in 10 minutes but this is not the case for everyone, never ever give your information to a company who calls you or an phone numbers that pop up in error messages.


Caller ID: It said
Reported Location: 93401

Santana said: Received a call from this number to my cell phone at work. Didnt pick up.


Terence David said: Called, did not answer. Would not allow me to return call.


Reported Location: Glenview, il

GV said: Sent virus that disabled computer through a file after being given computer information. Then attempted to obtain financial information for a bill of $350


Caller ID: "Unknown

anonymous said: this number let me to this site I just want to know who it was


Company / Organization: canadian pharmacy
Reported Location: 48439

Ted said: They scammed money from me and are denying it


Caller ID: "No Name"
Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: vermont

anonymous said: didn't pick up..didn't leave a message, and that led me hear...


Reported Location: England
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