Caller ID: wv resident
Reported Location: WV

mattie said: Rang 3 times, picked it upand silence. It rang 2 more times - picked it up and hung up immediately.


stave williams said: Muốn tìm hiểu người dùng số điện thoại này


Company / Organization: US Pharmacy


Caller ID: unavailabl4e
Reported Location: Altus OK

Rustyrooster said: Call from female with slight accent asking for my youngest daughter name. I ask who they were calling, she said I have wrong number and hung up. My youngest daughter is 44 years old lives in Quatar.


Reported Location: St-Jude Québec

grafigne said: I got tired to answer phone regulary, I have a list of number like this one.The calls are from my neighbour just to intimidate me.
I wish the police arrest them, he and his wife. They live in St_jude Québec Canada Their phone number is 450-792-24__


Sheri said: Received repeated messages in regards to an "urgent matter" from Rogers. Never did answer when I saw it on call display. Finally fed up with repeated messages. called back the 1 855 704 7980. Did not put phone number in as requested. Kept hitting 0 + # until a person came on. Informed them I have NEVER had a Rogers account. They informed me that my phone number is a secondary contact for a Rogers customer that has something to do with their account. I asked who this person is who listed my phone number a secondary and she stated that was confidential. However, if I answer the call next time and not let it go to voicemail I would know who they are asking for (the owner of the account). I said "this is ridiculous, why don't you give me YOUR personal cell phone number and when my credit runs into trouble, they can call YOU up to hunt me down"...to prove how f-upped this sounds. She said she took my number off as the secondary contact and I should be getting no more phone calls from them. I called Rogers Customer Service from their website (1 800 435 9792). spoke with a
Customer Service Rep. asked them if this was their phone number and definitely it is not. Explained what's going on and she took all the info and said she will report to her manager. Do not give out any info for sure !


Jenny said: That # has been calling here for the past 3 weeks!!!!!! Getting pissed ...


Reported Location: 55912

anonomous said: Prank call


Reported Location: 55912

anonomous said: Foreign accent and when I told them I was having a hard time understanding them he said F--- You


Reported Location: California

LL said: Caller tried to convince me he was calling from "Windows tech support team" & wanted to access my computer to show me the error messages which were being returned to them due to updates not being downloaded. Told him I had no error messages & all updates were installed. Asked him to name my ISP, my email address, my acct #-he couldn't. Spent 8 minutes trying to convince me to allow access-finally asked if he could call me back later. Total scam. Had fun messing with him though...


Company / Organization: TD Canada Trust Bank
Reported Location: canada

Rick said: left voice mail claiming it wasn't a telemarketer but very important to call back. I looked up the number and see all the various scams from this 844 area code


Caller ID: 7777777779
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Groton, CT 06340

DW said: Didn't answer, no message left


Legal said: If they say you have a lawsuit against you, go to your county district court webpage and type your name in to check if you have a lawsuit against you. This is the way it works. If there is a lawsuit, you will need to be served with it. Once you are served with a lawsuit you will have a certain amount of time to respond to it. It will say on the citation attached to the lawsuit. Don't ignore it. Get an answered filed. After the answer is filed, they will set a hearing for the judgment. They must serve you notice of this hearing by certified mail, hand deliver, or fax. If you have not been personally served then it is a scam. Real debt collectors do not call you with threats of you missing a court hearing or that you have a lawsuit against. If an attorney is involved, they will send you a copy of the lawsuit against you. If they don't, again it is a scam.


Reported Location: arizona

anonymous said: this number called our home at 2AM TWICE, 10 minutes apart. We didn't answer because there was only 1 ring each time. Just enough to interrupt a night's sleep.


Caller ID: Florida
Reported Location: Maharashtra

priya tambe said: I got 3missed call and one phone I want to know who is this person.


anonymous said: tried to upgrade their cell phone using my information


Reported Location: j5v2c8

test said: fais chier


anonymous2 said: calls but never leave a message, call it back it's a non-working number


b said: 2 nights in a row at 10:30 p.m. called

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