Reported Location: AZ

pj said: I received a call from Duane (with a very Indian accent) stating that he represented Card Member Services, representing all of my credit cards. They wanted to lower my rates. They asked to verify a card number, which I refused. They refused to validate their company by giving me a website. When I insisted they asked why I was being rude. I hung up. P.J.


Caller ID: 1-116-881-235
Company / Organization: known
Reported Location: California

sale said: called 2 times on 3/8. Second time I blew my powerful; whistle in their ear. It is a scammer because there is no such number.


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Chattanooga, TN

anonymous said: Received the call on 4/8/14 and did not answer it. Called the number back on 4/9/14 and it was "not a valid number"


Caller ID: NONE

anonymous said: This number called my cell phone. I opened the phone and my phone started dialing.


Reported Location: 13606


Caller ID: Express Scripts
Reported Location: Slidell,La 70461

anonymous said: wanted personal info including ssn. I am so glad that I have a call id. I hate these calls.


Caller ID: jnvarty174091
Reported Location: Calgary, Alberta

anonymous said: Who is this?


Caller type: Commercial

seo-saytov said: how do you determine the size and personality of a mixed breed dog?


Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Bangalore

Arshad said: Since last couple of days, been getting calls from this number without identifying themselves or answering to my query


Caller ID: "unknown caller"
Company / Organization: will not identify themselves
Reported Location: Bangalore

Arshad said: Getting this call frequently since last two days


Caller ID: 560-605-4001



Caller ID: "unknown name"
Reported Location: Toronto, ON, M5A 4E7

john said: Received a call from this number. Turned out to be person from Cuba calling Canada direct.


Tiff said: “He was Asian and said his name was Kevin calling about Car Insurance. Could barely understand a word he was saying due to his strong accent. Told him to take me off calling list and he tried longer to sell product and I hung up. Annoying”


Reported Location: Manor, Texas

anna said: i keep getting calls from this number. they refuse to leave a message but are constantly calling. I have been getting ALOT of telemarketing calls lately and think this is what it is.


Reported Location: Montana

PK said: This guy called look for the owner but did not know the owner's name. He hanged up after I told I'm the owner.


Company / Organization: Auto finance network
Reported Location: Southern Ontario

anonymous said: A man called saying he was from Auto Finance Network. I had to ask several times to get that out of him. Called to say I was approved for a car loan. I said I didn't apply for a car loan. I think the man said that I must have applied online and a bunch of other stuff that I did not understand. I told him I couldn't understand him because he had such a heavy accent and asked if there was someone else I could talk to. His boss came to the phone and was a bit better but still had quite the accent. He repeated what the other man said. I could hear lots of noise in the background that suggested it might be a call centre. When I told him that I didn't apply for a car loan and that I didn't need one he he said okay and hung up. After hanging up I dialed *69 and got the phone number. When I looked them up on the internet I found out that the area code 893 does not exist. Its a spoof.


Caller ID: 1-289-378-3503
Reported Location: Quispamsis NB Canada

Watson said: This caller is a telemarketer.


Reported Location: mississauga

cliffyy said: Do not call

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