Rosie said: No message just hangup.


Caller ID: Unknown

john said: This is another number that I get tons of calls from.  I don't understand why I'm getting them.  If it is in fact WaMu, weren't they bought out by somebody else?  So how do we know this is not a scam?  And, they NEVER leave a message and when I answer, nobody is there.  It's very annoying as I don't have a home phone so they are calling my cell and eating my minutes.  Between the 3 numbers that are calling me, I get over 40 calls a DAY, starting at 6 am going up to 9:30 at night!!


Caller type: Commercial

TSmith said: I called the number back a lady answered and I ask what kind of place is this. She says Suez Energy Resources. I asked what do you do? She said they provide energy for business and industrial places. I asked what kind of energy and she said electricity. So I told her you are a solicitor. She said no. I was like ok whatever. Considering I think she is soliciting business...duh! So maybe this will help in understanding why they are calling, but they should be calling businesses only!


Faith said: Did not leave a voice message.


Caller ID: Unknown

West Bloomfield, Michigan said: If you don't recognize the number then do not answer the call. People make the biggest mistake in answering these calls. If you don't want them to hear your answering machine, simply pick up the receive and hang up without saying a word. Eventually they will get the hint.


Caller ID: Animals Costume

john said: hung up after two rings.


Frog_Gentlemen said: These calls come from phone # 281-838-5162  and comes up wireless caller


jeni said: I just got a call from this number. Did not answer but copied their number. Glad I did and thank to all for info on them.


Caller ID: Top Class
Caller type: Telemarketer

Mrs. Khan said: I have been getting a call from this company for the pass 6 months once and sometimes twice a week, there are selling Duct Cleaning, I have asked them muliple times not to call back, we are not interested in what they are selling, I have threatened to call the police, the telemarketers seems not to care. I always get a call back from even after, I have asked for their phone number and company name, each time they give me a different name and a phony number, today at 4:22pm they once again called for the same reason, this time I acted as though I wanted they're services to get thier correct information. I then told them not to ever call back or come to my door as to my suprise they even have my home address, that I will be filing a police report.  I immediatly called police and they refered me to file a complaint.


Peggy said: Peggy, the letter itself gives you three options to A: take a small portion of the winnings to pay for taxes/fees & receive 33k, B: opt out of taking check and paying taxes/fee yourself & receive lump sum of 37k, or option C: opt out completely and give winnings to charity. I have opened a citibank bank account, and deposited the check. I have kept that account and my regular bank account seperate so they cant get my personal money. Right now I am waiting for the check to clear to cover my butt, then if it does Im gonna send them their money and keep the rest. So even if the check doesnt clear Im not out anything. So I will kep everyone updated as to if you guys all missed out on big money or if I myself and being scammed too......so long for now.


George said: Got some random call from this number, but when calling back, the number was disconnected.


Adam said: calls from this number


Caller ID: 00013013928060

Roman F. said: they are calling me several time to my office
when I return call the line is alway busyy



jc said: miss calls


Caller ID: wyoming

Amy said: I applied for a loan right after i got a phone call a text was sent to me saying I was approved for 700.00 I applied and after submitting I was told that my money was going to deposited. But all I got was phone calls and texts messages.


Caller ID: Western Union

dude said: Got a call from this number at 4am Nov.26th. They asked if I'd wired money to India. I hung up.
At 9am, I recieved a call from Mastercard and they closed the account due to the odd charges. $2.45 to a christian charity and two charges of $245 to Western Union.


unknown1 said: This is NOT a washington mutual number. This is a scammer trying to get you to call back and give your credit card information. Do NOT do so!  Wamu denies any association with these people.


Caller ID: GE money
Caller type: Telemarketer

Sydney said: I got 6 calls from this no.
no voice mail was left,
when i called they didn't want to say why they called
they said (my husband name) gave them this as "her" phone no, which tells you, they don't know who is that


sadeja said: this is not danele arrington, please do not contact me again.
thank you

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