josephene said: who was this call from they just hung up and will not answer now


bill said: I keep getting calls from them, I don't owe them sh*t so I don't know why they keep calling!


Tara said: I just got a call from this number to my cell phone.


cltmech said: a female named Mary called asking for someone here,person was not here.then asked,do you have another number I can reach him,said no.then said thank you and hung up.I asked whos calling she said Mary from comprehensive health service.


Shahzad Hameed said: they called me and hung up. oh well.


Ikill4fun said: slept thru both calls... too bad, this time would have been fun. it's amazing what you can make people do on the phone... they'd go so far as to kill themselves for your money... like watching puppets on a string...


Bradley said: When I answered, nobody replied.


a760b61 said: So what do we do with this information? I was actually stupid enough to call him back and he kept trying to verify information. He had my social secuity # and work history from a long time ago. How does that happen?


Caller type: Telemarketer

SP said: Marketing on residential home warranty


Caller ID: 1-323-429-7529

Pradeep said: I receive calls from many different numbers like this one.  Several times a day.  They never leave a message.  Always trying to sell warranties for my car....too bad I don't even own a car!


annoyed said: call me and did leave a message.... call me many times.


Caller ID: 1 323 429 7529
Caller type: Telemarketer

izabella said: caled me and I responded with the standardd "this number is on the nat'l do not call registry and if you call me again i will respond with a complaint"  answered with an apology and a hang-up


NOLA recovery man said: I keep a nice airhorn next to the phone.
Works nicely :-)


Deja said: I answered and the caller disconnected.


Johnnie said: Male caller called and sounded like he just got out of drug rehab.  Lots of "Dudes" "oh mans" and "oh bro....".  

Proceeded to complain about his lack of a s3x drive and how one time in high school he got turned on by the boys in the shower.  Very strange!!!


Caller ID: Unkown Name

d said: called received on sunday nov. 23. 2008 at 8:20 pm


Caller ID: DCS

meme said: someone called from this number twice last week.  they asked some questions regarding someone who supposedly lived in my neighborhood.

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