ra said: Are you sure this is not a mistake, i.e. a mixed up number/misdialled/wrong number or some such.

It is not a good idea to put someone's number here unless they were telemarketers etc. or out you through some grief of some sort.

My 2 cents.


Caller type: Commercial

Same here... said: left message :

"please call this office in regards to an important business matter..."
message repeats several times


mark said: Just got a text from them.  Same thing.  Also on the DO NOT CALL list.  d-bags.


Mari said: Calls twice a day, never leaves a message.  When I ask to be removed from the list they ask for personal info... ssn, address, etc.


Lindsey said: They tried to call me on a fax number.  must be a telemarketing company.


Steve said: No message. Unknown caller.


Mike said: got the call today, left no message


john said: Right - they pay you and you go to telemarketers heaven!  Give us all a break!!!!


Caller ID: Unknown

Tired of Calls said: Calls from this # recvd at least once a week.  No one responds when you say "hello".  You can hear background noise, like typing, as if calling an office.


Caller ID: 2157079999

somefool said: Got a call today. I picked up and it was a woman asking for someone with a non-american sounding name..the woman sounded forgien too...i told her she had the wrong number, she said ok and hung up....


Tomogo said: I got the phone call on 11/17/08.  I was scared and didn't look up the information before hand and gave them my credit card number.  I couldn't sleep that night.  All I could think of was fraud!!!  I cancelled my card the next morning but the charge had already come through.  My credit card company did a merchant dispute and reversed the charges.  They (First class travel wise) have called multiple times daily since.  Now I just got another call stating they are going to sue me.  I am scared half to death.  I just lost my job 3 weeks ago due to the economy.  I can't afford to be sued too.  Anyone know what to do next?  They have called from 315-307-3523 & 954-603-7950 & 216-759-4482.  Oh the best part of which is they claim my vacation was 4 years ago and I didn't do the back part of listening to another timeshare spill.  Well my "vacation" nasty San Remo Hotel in Vegas now Hooters was ummm...  6 years ago!  It took how long for them to catch up?  All for $433.


Rodney said: Don't know the caller.


nuak said: this is a telemarketing company, you guys are dumb as hell.  it doesnt take a genius to figure that out.  they are calling about telemarketing stuff


777 said: they called me


Gary said: I get a call and then a voicemail that has like noises in the back ground with no one talking!!! It also vomes from 1 223 051 6400 and 6100


Margaret said: Got a call this morning.


North Carolina said: These people keep calling. I answer and they hang up. Once I answered and it was an indian lady who said it was about continuing my education. I told her I am already in school stop calling me. She continued to talk over me so I hung up. I hate these calls. I don't answer any number I don't recognize unless they annoy me, and then I just push talk and end call


Caller ID: MI
Caller type: Telemarketer

Ryan said: When I tried to answer this call from the 231 area code number, no one was there.  I should not have tried to answer this call as I did not recognize the number.  Can you please take me off this list?  Thank you.


Caller ID: 2310000000

Jim said: a man said from PG&E, and wanted your ID of gas bill, so he could give you 8% gas bill-tricky call



bubbles said: this number calls every 1/2 hour non-stop 7 days per week.  If you call the
number, it does not answer

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