Jodi said: They called my mom's phone asking for me. She said i didn't live there and they hung up. Since i googled the number before attempting to call back and got a hit. I'm not going to call it.


Johnny said: dont pick up....scam!!!!!!!!!


Caller ID: NONE

Kevin said: 3 min ago - unknown number (no name) did not leave a message . . .


Caller ID: 401-785-1659

Rocky said: No message


George said: They just treied to call me too.  Did you find out who they were?


Caller ID: 401-868-4357
Caller type: Non-Commercial

Jake said: Hard to believe that anybody responds to these criminal rat phone scammers anymore. They should go back to busting parking meters for a living or trying to steal electronic equipment from department stores - there's more money in that. LOL

In any event, they always windup in prison which is where they belong. Hope they enjoy their stay there for a long, LONG time.


Caller type: Fax Machine

Corrie said: We keep getting calls from this fax number.  The latest was at 6am on a Saturday. Is anyone else being bothered by this number?


Linda said: Received my T-mobile bill.  Looked at the text messages section, saw 6 of the 10 text were incoming from 404-455-0007 and 206-313-0023, all in October.  I never received any text during those times.  Because of Michael R.'s note, I called T-mobile for the credit, merely $1.20, figuring the problem is documented and should be resolved easily.  NOPE, still a big hassle.  The rep said those text msgs did register to my phone, so they are not able to credit me.  Rep said these are not their routing numbers.  I finally had them check this site and they agreed to give me my credit.  I'm a honest person. I pay what I owe, and I don't pay for things I didn't receive.  Really waste of my time, but it's for the principle of it.


Caller type: Telephone Surveyor

Veronica said: Someone called claiming to be AJC.  There was a lot of dead air.  After asking me how many times I've read their paper, there was more silence.  I said "hello?" Then the man replied, "Oh, did I just call you? I'm sorry." Then I hung up. After I called the number back to see who it was, all I recieved was a generic answering machine. Didn't say the name of the business or anything.  Very weird.


Caller type: Telemarketer

leadhead1 said: I received a call from this phone # today.  I let it go to my v-mail, no message was left.  I called the ph# back & received an operated recording that stated that "Your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check the area code or phone number and try your call again"  It is obviously some company's computer calling.  


Caller type: Telemarketer

Martha said: Got a pre-recorded call for them saying my interest rate could be increased, and to press 9 for more information. I pressed 9 and got an operator somewhere overseas. I told them I wanted information about the company and the Do Not Call list, and got hung up on immediately.


Caller type: Commercial

Toni said: They call from a lot of different numbers,  today it was this one.  They call 5-6 times a day.  I no longer answer their calls, and i'm taking note of the day and time they call.
I'm making a report to the Attorney Generals office in our state, about the calls from Wells Fargo Auto Finance.


Sara said: about 6 months ago i got about 2 calls a day from this number. i finally asked what it was and they said someone had registered spanish lessons under the name juan on my phone.


Dale Miller & Son Septic said: They call and Hang up.  They call all the time


akash said: hung up when I answered


PK said: I got a voicemail message from an Apple employee.


Caller ID: No Name

MM said: I got a call from  408 651 8137, they hung up.  I called right back and they said if I want to be removed from this list press 1 so when I did it made a strange ring noise and it made me feel like I had just been had.  I thought it might be from a jail house phone where I accepted the charges.  I hope not.  Beware! nb


Donald said: Called my cell.

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