Caller type: Telemarketer

jmadss said: I think I reported this number previously to the FCC for a Do Not Call violation.

Their representative hung up on me the instant I asked for a phone number so I could "call back if necessary."


Gail said: Got a call at home this morning. Tell-tale pause after I said hello, and then someone answered, obviously not having heard me (automated calling system). Asked to speak to [mispronunciation of my name]; I said no.


herro said: It's an international phone call and that's the local exchange number that pops up!


jack said: Got a call from this number. No voice message left.


Gena said: GE Money is Sam's Club cedit card bank.


kenbehr said: these numbers have been calling me 15 times a day.
334-409-2558, 334-394-9901, 334-409-2594, 334-409-2587, 334-394-9910, 334-409-2581, 334-394-9900, 334-394-9914, 334-394-9904, 334-409-2584, 334-409-2564, 334-409-2588


Manda said: When I answered the phone, they guy asked me "Is this 'so and so' " and I said yes, who is this? and then he said "thanks" and hung up.  Strange!


Eddy said: I get the same call daily, from the same number,334-448-1868 Phenix City AL. I won't answer it simply because I don't recognize it. Now I'm curious as to who this may be. I reported it on whocalled.com. Hmmmmmmmm


roya said: Yes i too have been called by these people.  first the name was steve anderson, now it is allan hill, and they are claiming all the things you all were talking about.  He even went as far as to tell me how much it was going to be.


Margaret said: Keep calling my number and not leaving a message.


Jack Smith said: It is amazing how such an American sounding name (Jack Smith) has such little command of basic English and grammar. I received the same type of call from Sam Duncan, Don Wilson, and Alfred Thompson all with heavy accents. Sounds fishy to me.


john cena said: yes dear. i m the same person.
thnks 4 tht.


john cena said: I get a call from this number and I immediately put this no. in "Google" and d funny part of these notes is that I am not able to understand that why some of us r making a big issues of dis. I think u r d peoples who wants to escape from paying back whatever u have taken from. I agree that their way is very very wrong but they r doing for the sake of our country America.


hptsm said: Called about a financial deal, then called my wife a goddamn b***h when she told him I waqs not home. Telemarketer piece of s**t.


A Starr said: He was calling about Imperial Majesty Cruise Vacations. I vacation I had won because I attended a MMA fight and I registered to win. I don't know if it is fully true or what. Then I had to talk to someone to verify this trip and what not.


Caller ID: Kevin Coleman

pissedatpersistence said: I received a call from this number requesting the owner. They were rude and very persistent. I hung up and they called back playing on the phone.


brwnigrl44 said: I also received a call from this number.  No message.


Caller type: Telemarketer

edkohler said: I received a call today, November 13, 2008, from 360-326-6727.  I am on a no call list and should not be receiving solocitations.  Does anyone know who is placing these calls?


Caller ID: Snohomish WA

madman said: unknown would not leave message


Hannah said: Who owns this number?

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