Caller ID: 212-268-8014

Tina said: I too got a 'call' from the 212-594-8000 number.  When I did not hear a reply, I hung up and received another call from 212-268-8014.  The address that was given for me to show up at is the same: 224 W 35th Street between 7 & 8, Ste 203A.

I had the same experience as everyone else during the call where the company name was slurred, the person speaking sounded rushed and asked to come in today.  However, I was told that I was free to bring my own headshots, but if I did not have them, it was OK.  I could also dress casual.

After reading all of these postings, I will not be going to the office tonight.


Caller ID: 212-268-8014

Lil Me said: I read the ad on craigslist and emailed back. A woman call me today @ 5:57 (from 212-268-8014. She didnt ask any information about me. Only asked me if I could come in before 8pm. I said no, and asked her for a number to call them back tmrw and she told me to call 212 594 8000.... Some thing didn't sound rigth so I decided to look up the phone number on google.... and found out that it is a scam. Thanks for posting this information



STANDING FIRM said: This is the 4th call today that I've gotten from numbers who seem to be phone-spamming people.  I belong to the do not call list, but get these kind of calls all the time.  It's rediculous!


just a guy trying to get some ... said: They keep calling me, noones there though 212.847.8317


Caller ID: Unkown
Caller type: Telemarketer

ssj4trunks said: waling me up at 525 am didn't stop till 3 pm calle every 4 to 8 min.


Sam said: the phone rang and number 213 212 3450 came up on the I.D.
I let the answering machine  say  Thanks for calling dial and a**hole.
Right now all our a**holes are busy. Leave your name and number and we will have an a**hole return your call as soon as possiable
the caller did not leave a message...
Tried to call the number and got it was out of service.


Rob said: I ignored the call.


Joan said: Got a call from this person, who asked for my daughter (15 year old) by name.  When I asked who they were, they hung up.  When I call back, I get a recording that says "This phone number is not in service.  This is a recording."  This repeats twice.  It sounds suspiciously like an answering machine. The call is terminated about 20 seconds after the message stops.


Vlada said: I get a call from this number every day. I never answer the call and they never leave a voice mail too. Its annoying.


Caller ID: Unknown

JR said: This number called my phone, 1-213-363-5109. I have no idea who it is, or what they want. I do not answer calls from numbers I don't know.


Caller ID: Unknown

SG said: Call received 6 in the evening - I have no idea who it is and do not accept calls from unknown callers - should I find their number, I would send them a bill for unauthorized use of my private resources.


Caller ID: 213 452 6593

COWGIRL SASSY said: persistently calling, not listening to objections not legally following rules that i want off the call list. Calling for mr Martinez... not ME!


Mike said: I too am getting calls from the 213-504-7032, showing up on caller ID as TRVL. Phone only rings 3 to 4 times then they hang up. No message. Is anyone else getting as tired as I am of receiving calls all day from telemarketers. Some of them can be so persistant.


beth said: same here ,,, i didnt answer the call back to back 2x....


Nancy said: called but left no message


Caller ID: California Call
Caller type: Fax Machine

carol said: They called at 2:30 am and 5:47 am today - and this has been going on randomly for a year!


Madison said: Called at 9pm and 4am, beeps like fax machine.  *69'd the number, called them back, and there is no ring...


Caller type: Commercial

annoyed said: Got a call at 12:30  am stating someone tried to access my bank account and wanted info to reactivate it.


Caller type: Telemarketer

Mike said: I pressed 1 and I was on hold for a moment then connected with an American woman who said they were giving away $2,600.00 travel dollars today. I told her I was not interested and she hung up. (Maybe I should have said yes and then gone to mexico?)


Caller ID: Unknown

Darryl B. said: I answered after the second ring but they hung up. (!!)

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