Caller ID: 248-630-2820

prince said: keeps calling cell phone


Matt said: its credit acceptance out of MI


Kali said: need to know who is this person


Caller ID: Stillman Law
Caller type: Collection Agency

idunno said: I have fought back by informing collection callers that they are being recorded and to never call back or they face a lawsuit. You must tell them you are recording them. By law they are allowed one call to inquire about a relative eg.(son or daughter). It is concidered harrassment beyond more than one call.


Caller ID: 248-887-0192
Caller type: Telemarketer

jack said: The caller number shows on Caller ID and he's asking to press suspicious numbers and promising entry for a laptop prize.


Steve said: I to have received several calls from this number looking for someone I know.  They keep calling even though you tell him to stop.  Today, just about 4 minutes ago they called and said not a word to me on the phone so I googled it and wow what I found was this page.  I read and read all of these and I cant believe it.  I put it in my phone book on my cell phone under DNA (do not answer).  Scammmmmers


Dace said: Called at 8:28 pm no message left


Caller ID: 2514524859

orostar said: this number called me twice, didn't leave a message


Caller ID: 251-452-4859

Pissed in NC said: i got a call from 251-452-4859 called back and says the number has been disconnected. How can you get a call from a number that is disconnected... Scary!


Caller ID: 251-452-4859

Cecilia said: Called left no message


Caller ID: 251-452-4859

x said: I also got a call at 1:10 PM on 10-29 and when I called back it also was disconnected.  I agree - how can you get a call from a disconnected number?
I'd really like to know what this number is


Nancy said: Number left on cell phone as received call.


Ray said: Just got a call from this number too. Called back & it's disconnected?!?!?!?!


Not Interested said: Claiming I won a prize. Marketing waterfront property.


jobs33ker said: Yeah I paid half of the money upfront and he said that I could pay the rest after I got a job through them. Well I just called the number and now it's out of service. If you are thinking about doing this DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a complete scam and I lost $250 to it.


William said: Got a call from the same number saying he was a fireman and was calling for huntsville, al fire department.


Caller ID: O.S.I.
Caller type: Collection Agency

JPCV of Las Vegas said: I keep getting calls from this number. Like others, I'm not behind on any bills. Harassment is still illegal in America, isn't it?


Atom said: left message that they had a "business offer" for me


Caller ID: Seek Careers (?)
Caller type: Telemarketer

Al said: Rec'd ph call from 262-798-3022, Sherry Nelson from Seek Careers & Staffing asked whom to speak to re: our staffing requirements? I said you don't, and remove us off your junk call list. - Reverse Lookup showed nothing.

Presumably masking and hiding.


Karol said: They billed my crediot card $35.00 for a porn membership that I never heard of.

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