Caller ID: verizon

SB said: Am getting same think every few minutes since yesterday evening... anyone know how to stop it???


chimpy lex said: All you have to do is tell them that you do not have any children living in the home under the age of 4.  They are doing a study to find out if parents are vaccinating their children, personally I don't think it's any of their business and I'm so tired of the CDC pushing toxins off on our children.


Tessa said: I have no idea who this is.


Stephani said: Left me a text to try and call it


Devin said: you are right.  It's Audi.


Tamar said: unknown number calling


Caller ID: Purple Heart

nick said: 313-561-1895 is Purple Heart calling to let me know when the next pickup whould be and if I had anything to donate this time.


Caller type: Commercial

Jim said: Someone from "Regional Shopping Service" asking for $3.00 service charge in exchange for some "vacation package + $1000 online shopping spree."  It was obviously fake and the caller was struggling with the English language.  So, I hung up, which I had tried to call the number, getting a busy signal.


jill said: Anyone knows who calls from this phone number.


Caller ID: 3202298460

shday pines said: They keep calling me, and when I do answer it tells me to wait for an important call.  I just hang up.  I've tried calling back but nobody answers.  They also call early in the morning and late at night.  STOP CALLING!!!!!


Jon said: Does anybody else getting calls from this phone number?


Caller ID: unknownc4e4

sammy said: none.when answering machine comes on they hang up.


Anonymous Collector said: Sending a cease and decist notice after you have been summoned to appear in court will not do you any good. At this time it is too late. You have been ordered to appear in court, this is however a civil matter. There is no debtors prison. But if you don't appear you will get a default jugment. In the state of Florida a jugment is good for 20 years and it gives the party who is suing you the right to collect the debt for that amount of time. In addition, a cease and decist will not stop a lawsuit. It only restricts the law firm (any law firm) from calling you or writting you, IT WILL NOT STOP A LAW SUIT. The best thing is to contact whoever has your delinquent debt and make payment arrangments on a voluntary basis. Often times you can get them to reduce your interest and pay a lesser amount. After all, all they want to do is collect the debt. It is much easier for you to pay them on your terms than to have your bank account garnish, or your pay check garnish.
If you never want to have any of these types of problems you need to adhere to the old saying, "if you aint got it, don't buy it".


Sue said: repeated calls to my cell with no VM. This area code apparently does not exist?


Caller type: Collection Agency

concerned said: Says he is officer of the court and asked me if someone had been to my home or job about arresting me and if not he could probably help me to get action stopped that is being filed in federal court and if I can pay he will call to see if he can get action stopped.  He sounds like he is the same person that I received a call from telephone number 858-244-0444 and he is stating the exact same situation.  So they have changed phone numbers but have all been from California.


Caller ID: mobile phone
Caller type: Non-Commercial

smokey said: Another illegal scam group looking for credit card and bank account informaiton.  They use cellular phones so that they can be thrown away once someone reports that phone number.


Eric said: 2-4 calls a day and leaves no message.


Dennis said: Calls multiple times per day.



Susan said: Received call but did not respond.

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