tury said: calling and hanging up


Caller ID: Unknown

Jeff said: Area code 170?  Doesn't seem to exist.


Caller ID: Forgotten

Spec62 said: Received a phone call from this number on both my home and work number. Waited for the answer machine to pick it up, but caller left no message.


Caller ID: Calling

Jen said: 201- 257- 4802 is calling here again. We just don't pick up when they call. The caller I.D. says "Calling 201- 257- 4802"


Kay said: Various calls from the following numbers:


Did not speak with and did not leave messages.


b said: Random number keeps calling saying name is jeffrey....weird creepy voice...never met or know a jeffrey...number is from jersey never been there before nor do i know anyone out there. keeps calling leaving messages and harrassing.


Caller ID: Chiro Care

peds in florida said: These people never stop calling, but no one is there when I pick up and they never leave a message when the machine picks up.
This is an absolute pain an is a terrible annoyance at my studio, especially during relaxation classes or cool downs.
They will call at least 6 times between 8am-2:30pm and then when I get back to the studio, there are at least 3 more missed calls from them and then I"ll get two more calls before I leave.
Just got another at 9:47am and there were several already.
Their nubmer is:  201-334-9175


Caller ID: Chiro Care

Business said: these folks have called us every day and then hung up...this morning they finally spoke...(drumroll).... the voice on the other end said "...and junk" and then hung up. I kid you not!


f09 said: The gentleman that called said that we was doing a research for online advertising and wanted to speak to someone.  He had some questions that needed to be answered and would take 5-10 minutes.  I told him that we are all busy and kept insisting that he talk to someone.  I again, told him "we were busy, thank you" and hung up.  Seemed a little suspicious to me.


Caller ID: 201-425-4980

kelly said: No reply upon answering.


paul said: Called my cell, left no message.


Caller type: Fax Machine

Adam said: Call all the time, if I call back I get a fax machine.


annoyed said: I have been called by this number several times and am starting to get pretty annoyed now. Maybe prank callers?


LL said: No There not!


KYLE POLICE DEPT said: This number was listed on a shipping label from the sender who shipped a fraudulent check, presumably associated with a scam.


Val said: please dont call that number it is a scam nothing is free.I'm so sorry you are having problems.Do you have family that can help you and give you advice?


Caller ID: IC System

ajb said: They have called right at 8 a.m. twice in the past week.  The first time there was just a hang-up when I answered.  This morning, however, a recorded message came on telling me to call an 866 number regarding "an urgent business matter".  I did not bother to listen to the whole number or the rest of the message.  They did not ask for anyone by name.


dontcallme said: I have received numerous calls from this number.  They call up to 3 times a day, not necessarily every day, but multiple times a week, and do not leave a message.  I'd like to know who they are, and what they want.


Caller ID: 202-558-5264

A said: They called twice. When I answered - no response and finally hung up. Caller ID only says it's a Washington DC number.


Irene said: This number is calling my house.

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