Keith said: They have called our number twice. The first time I answered there was no response and the second time we did not answer the phone. It seems that there would be someway that the phone company could block this phone# 1-254-523-9088 from calling anyone else.


Caller ID: itl number

punky said: annoying don't leave meassages as who is calling


Caller type: Telemarketer

wigirl said: Got several calls from this number with the caller ID "Market Probe". Have also gotten calls from 262-605-2842, 262-605-2851 & 262-605-2938 with the same caller ID. Since I don't know this number or name I don't pick up the phone and they never leave a message. I Googled name Market Probe and found that there is a company in area code 262 with that name. This is a market research/telemarketing firm. I am on both the federal and my state's Do Not Call list so I will report this to them.



Dee said: 262-397-1067 WI STATE SPO  they call to often and are some what rude when I ask what they want. Some kind of scam????


Harleyman said: This call didn't leave a message when they called at 1am


Caller ID: meetsafe.net
Caller type: Non-Commercial

Shawn said: craigslist s3x thing....bogus


Caller type: Commercial

hijakk said: Called and left a message on my work phone "Hi, I got your information online, I have a few questions, please call me at 267-543-8343"

When I called the supplied number, it was a pyramid scheme directing you to a website.


rudorama said: The calls continue.  I just got another one.  Thanks for the info on what the number is.


taa said: Same as everybody else but they got my cell phone. Called me 4 times in the last 3 days from 3 different numbers.


gretchen butler said: text message from unknown sender


Bob said: Continuously calls and leaves no message.


Steph said: it has to be someone who knows ur number. its from the calling website hoaxcall.com and its a fake radio station


Caller ID: Highway Patrol

anna said: Got a call asking for funds for fallen highway patrol.  Did not have correct address.  Asked for a guarentee of when we would pay money.  We explained that we only do contributions we have documentation on and hung up.  The thing is, they scare you with the caller ID saying highway patrol.


Erin said: I got the same letter stating I won the grant. I took it to a bank and they told me that is was a fake. They even called the bank listed on the check and they could not verify the funds and said the client had a block on their account. So if anyone willing to try take the check to any bank and ask one of the branch specialist to check the number and see if they get the same answer


Ashley said: i got the same letter as you all, except when i called the # on the check it really had the funds in there. i am too scared to cash it, besides they want you to cash it in YOUR account. that sounds funny to me. then after all of that they need you to send the $1950 via money gram ONLY to leslie gonzalez. wierd, but i want $37,000. my next step is look up the banks # and call them


Hopeful said: i got the same letter! i called the bank and they said there was a block on the check and they couldn't give me any info. and i called the 289 number and talked to someone who told me i needed to deposit the money in to my account and pull the fee money and moneygram it back to them. it sure sounds like a scam to me... i know there is plenty of them out there with fake checks and what not. when i was looking for a roommate online i got SEVERAL emails of potential roommates claiming to be out of the country and were being relocated for work they told me they would be sending me a cashiers check for deposit and their entire stay... once i received i was supposed to deposit it in to my bank account and only keep the deposit costs and 1st months rent, the rest of the money i was supposed to wire back to them for their traveling expenses to get here. How the scam works is that you just deposited a fraudulent check in to your account and they don't realize its fake until a couple weeks later (after you already pulled money out and sent it back to the "potential roommate")... and now you are held responsible for the missing funds.


Curious, is this real? said: I got the same letter. Has anyone actually cashed this or tried? I could desperately use this money and if this is a scam (which I believe it is), it is EXTREMELY un-cool thing to do and whoever is behind it needs to be delt with properly. In a permanant way if you know what I mean.

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