Sam said: got calls


Red said: Called me 3 times within the past 24 hours. Never anyone on the other line. Called back and just rings. Would really love to know what this person/company wants, and stop calling me!


Caller ID: intl.number

unwanted said: got the call..pushed #1 to get a real person..perky lady asked if I had credit cards that I would like to lower the rates and payments on.. that today was the very last day I could get this offer.. asked her if I could do more than one at this very special offer and was it guaranteed to save me money no matter what?? "Oh yes you can do more than a single card and you will be guaranteed to save up to 90% of the monies you are spending now" GREAT I said where do we start.. She asked a few more mundane questions and then I said well between my husband and I we have 26 credit card,over $200.000 owed on them, over the limit on all but 2 cards and that will be taken care of by the next late charge. some of them have not been paid in over 4 years and right now neither of us are working. but you said you can help  so lets get started... CLICK.. I have never been so rudely treated..and here I thought I was going to get help.. oh well.. by the way this call was over 3 months ago and haven't had another one and they were calling sometimes 4 or 5 times a day.. that was fun!!


JSB said: It is a collection call from Tribute Card


No, they don't said: I called it back and the lady was very helpful, I explained that the cell number she had was a business phone and she restricted that number. She guaranteed me that they would not be calling it again. She also split my payments into 2 payments so it was easier for me to pay. I was very happy with the customer service!!


Caller ID: NONE

Brian from Philadelphia PA said: I am also recieving several weird numbers on my cell phone ~ 5 different numbers today alone. 336-903-6610, 866-462-6265,404-736-7077, 801-656-6393. No name is showing up on my caller ID just the numbers. Some times I get a recording telling me to hold for important info and others say nothing at all. I have stopped answering these calls but it is getting very annoying!


jimc said: Incomeing calls made in oct.2008


Suz said: The number is a spoof from the telemarketers


Carmen said: Received a call this morning.


Caller type: Collection Agency

dp said: Some chick named Debbie calls me every day. Won't say anything other than a biotchy "Call me." She has the same snippy, arrogant tone as an ex-girlfriend or mother-in-law. I'm not calling her back, and if she calls work I'll be filing with the court and State Attorney General.

Screw 'em.


PTC430 said: no message, a hang up, suspicious, DO NOT RETURN CALL- cud be expensive SCAM


Joan said: same here?! they call once every day and when you answer knowone there


E_max said: drunk lady cursing on ramdom numbers.


Caller ID: Unknown

Airhorn said: Have received several calls over last several days. They hang up when answering machine comes on. No idea who it is.


Caller ID: Florida call

mmad said: A very weird area code, Caller ID says "Florida Call". When asked to leave message, they hung up. Anyone else?


annoyed said: Same story as the rest of respondents.  Phone rings, you answer, no response, you listen, no response, you reply "you called and if you want to say something, do so."  Then "click" and caller hangs up.


oregon said: WHo thye F is this??? I think this was the chick that used to strip at cheaters or fantasies in providence.  did favors on the side


Caller ID: Unknown

Moodydon said: oct 24 2008 11:48am call from: 1-(402)-530-9000 spewing political spam paid for by local state senator incumbent (republican).


Basia said: they don't even bother to leave a message....but i think that it is interesting because my car warranty expired a couple of years ago...so how is it going to expire now?? scam artists!!!!



Joy said: I have no idea why I would get a telephone call from the number listed above.

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