Caller type: Telemarketer

annoyed said: You perhaps own a business or moved. I think this is a SCAM! Beware, I've talked to these people, yep, someone was actually on the line. They say they are from the Super Yellow Pages, The Greatest Phone Book Company in your area. Agree to NOTHING you will recieve an outragous bill (which has no number to call) as this happened with a past employer and is now happening to me (we both agreed to nothing!)and be threatened to be sent to collections! If you want to be in the phone book, call the company that actually delivers your phone book to your address! These people call me 2-4 times a day like clock work!


Caller ID: abc
Caller type: Commercial

rahul said: 12:00  to 13:13


Caller ID: P Branch

Justmemyownself said: call and nobody says nothing, get this call 3-4 times daily


Caller ID: 214-215-3412
Caller type: Collection Agency

Fred said: bill collector   uses vulgar language    also fraudulently "spoofs" other phone numbers on caller id


Angela said: unknown number calling


Ann said: Got a call from this number. No message left.


Caller ID: 12154852374

Craig in Newtown said: Text Message:  "You're approved!  5.49% FHA Fixed Rate Mortgage! 4.0% Equity Line of Credit!  Call All State Mortgage Lender NOW 1-888-532-0177 Approval Code 47806 ***  We are on the DO NOT CALL list.  And we are not shopping for a mortgage.  Totally unsolicited!  I might call just to give them heck!


Jim in PA said: You're approved!  5.49% FHA Fixed Rate Mortgage! 4.0% Equity Line of Credit!  Call All State Mortgage Lender NOW 1-888-532-0177 Approval Code 47806

I just got this message, I'm on the DO NOT CALL list and I'm NOT looking for a mortgage, what a bunch of a$$h0l3s


Caller ID: 12156339900
Caller type: Collection Agency

FRUSTRATED said: This number called a family member saying that they have a "pending law suit" and they have to get ahold of me immediately... So my family calles me and lets me know.. I call the number back straight to voicemail of "mike shannon". I leave him a message regarding what he had called for and my name and number for him to call me back.. As stupid as is.. he calls my family member back and tells um the same info as before he has to get ahold of me immediately regarding the "pending lawsuit".. Duh why didn't he listen to his message and call me???


Caller ID: (215)230-9706

Cole said: received call, did not answer. no message was left and found the number on this website.


Mia said: I searched the number on phonenumber.com and it came back as Griffin, K 44 Evergreen Dr. New Britain, PA 18901; a land line with Verizon service, age 37.


Lexy said: Omg I got the same call about an automobile warranty and I don't even have a car!


Heather said: it was breathing nd long


Frankie said: The ultimate in creepy people.  Person called and began to threaten me that I would never be able to eat again.  EAT??  What the hell kind of message is that?  I'll do my best on my lowly take home of $190K+ but in the event I do not eat again, I doubt it will be because of these schmucks.  Dear god, take me off your list.  Do I sound like a f'n Hector??


Josh said: i received a text masses


i don't give out personal things said: calls from 216-447-1115 - caller hangs up immediately - don't know who it is - but block it if you can!


kelly said: Your husband is not doing anything funny.  It's on my 12 year old daughters account also.  She hasn't called anyone or texted anyone but this number shows up.  I don't know what it is.


Morgan said: No one is on the line.


Joyce said: Called me on my cellphone. No message left.

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