Caller ID: Unknown

chris morgan said: Indian accented person said he had permission from my mother to contact me regarding computer problems - this was left in a message as I don't answer out of area or unknown name/no. calls - said a microsoft tech would be able to help me - I have a Mac, so don't need any microsoft help...


Caller ID: 213-316-7133

emma said: I receive missed calls from this number.  When I do answer, they hang up on me.


Caller ID: "Cell Phone CA"

Sammie_Baby said: I called the number back - a woman's voice recording states "We are sorry if we have called you in error.  We only call businesses... If you would like your number removed from our calling list please press 1" - after doing so a man says "thank you" and the call drops.

I also received a call from 702-520-9176 and received the same results with the recording.  Whatever company it is, they have a "bank" of multiple "available" phone lines that they use (which is becoming more common).

I do not believe the company is legit after all the reviews I have read online.  Remember to NEVER give out personal information to someone calling you.


Caller type: Telemarketer

ivan said: Me again, 2 days after they first called me, they called again, with the same "free satellite TV" robo-call.  Again pressing 9 just results in an instant hang up, so obviously that does nothing.  Next time I'll press 1 and see if I can talk to a real human.


Caller ID: 214-758-0000

Ashleigh said: i just received a call from this number too & it's past midnight! I googled it & found all these comments on this phone number making calls to different people. I'll make sure not to answer the call if it happens again.


Caller type: Collection Agency

Unhappygirl said: Received call about my boyfriend's car note. I do not know how they got my number. Then they called by parents and told them they were trying to repossess the car. The only connections between the guy they are looking for and me or my parents are phone calls. They have to have accessed his phone records. It is neither my nor my parents' business about my boyfriend's car loan, and the guy shouldn't have told us. He called himself "Investigator John Abrams." The company already agreed to an injunction against using fraudulent tactics to get phone records because of an AT&T lawsuit, but I suspect they are at it again.


chaz said: I get this call 5 time already, when i pick up no answer and when i call back it ask me to dial ext. and hand out.... Please do call me anymore...


JD said: do NOT call me anymore....214-389-8988


Irishguy said: I checked on this bike, and in the process I Googled you MSgt Gosselin. You looked good and congrats on placing in your contest. They gave you a good write up. I quickly realized that this was not legit. That in itself makes it pretty obvious that it is some lowlife using some one's name that has some integrity attached to it.
I played with this fool pretty hard for over a week, and in the end I let him know that HE had been played and then signed him up for all sorts of Internet offers, mailing lists, surveys, educational opportunities etc... He probably had to dump that address due to all the incredible offers I'm sure filled his inbox.

Thanks MSgt, for your service. Rest assured that I didn't believe that the actual person named was behind this scam. It never is.
By the way, is that actually your Harley? Just curious if he stole pictures of your bike along with your name. Nice ride whomever owns it.


Caller ID: 214-501-6598
Caller type: Telemarketer

turicum said: Received call from this no. at 7.52 pm Vancouver time (Texas time 10.52 pm!) claiming that I have been chosen for a vacation in Mexico!! A kind of typical scam!!!


ferny said: HE IS A BOY HE IS BETWEEN 12-13


ferny said: HE IS A BOY HE IS BETWEEN 12-13


Tami said: Got at text from them at 11:18 at night offering mortgage approval rates.


Cole said: Received a phone call from this number. No voice message left.


Alex said: Caller ID: 215-230-9706
AT&T Provider

Recieved Car Warranty message.  Get call at least once a week for the last month.


pissed said: they called me on my cell and my home number they did not leave a voicemail at either location.


Pamela said: Calls multiple times per day.

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