tobi said: About 30 mins ago, I received a call from this number on my home phone which I did not answer.  About 15 mins later, the same number called on
my cell phone, which I thought was very strange.  I called the number back from both phones and received a recorded message in Spanish on both.


Caller ID: 14077052408

JL said: called me speakin spanish n leave me a message too..i called back recorded message in Spanish


Randy said: Who has this number?


Mgtamer said: I received two calls from this number last night. One at 12:30am and the next at 4:20am. Not too happy about that and if I am not wrong that violates the law. No sales calls are allowed after nine pm.


Caller ID: I Want My

Embarq Customer said: This number 408-651-8171 called me 3 times last night.  Once at 9:30pm, then at 12:48AM (woke me up) and then again at 4:45AM (Woke me up again).  This is very annoying...is there anything that can be done?  On my caller ID it shows up as "I Want My" no sure what that means.  They don't leave a message and I have not bothered to call them back.  I just want the calls to stop.


CAROLYN said: I made the big mistake of calling an 800 # that offered a "free" trial of some skin cream called Hydroxatone, which was a scam and have been getting calls from 408-754-5040 every day on my cell phone.  I called Verizon Wireless and they blocked that phone number.  It doesn't cost anything and you won't be bothered anymore.


monie said: I received a call from this number this morning and they said that they were billing my credit card for $11,500.00 for the Obama Victory party held in Chicago. I told them that "they were crazy if they thought I was going to pay anything for their party" and they said that I had no say in the matter. I checked my credit card balance on the computer and the $11,500.00 charge was there. How did they get all my credit info? Now my credit card company won't take the charge off and I don't know what to do.
This doesn't sound right.


FL Landlord said: Beware of 11 Palmetto Dr. Ormond Beach, FL.  They rent home with appliances that do not work with any decency.  All work done in the home is "self" done and is substandard.  They will slander any tenant who does not do things their way...this includes speak with all neighbors with slanderous intent and will not allow you to clean the home nor leave with any dignity.


Caller ID: Wachovia

419eater said: We received 3 calls from 409 822 6712 to different people and phone numbers.
The first a return call from a doctor we where expecting.
Second a fax from the same doctor's medical group
Third to a different phone number and for a different person from Wachovia bank about a car loan.
All calls reported a caller Id number of 409 822 6712 but I know 2 of them must of originated locally from the 760 area code.
What does this mean????


lala said: Verbal harassment with naughty words.


lala said: Verbal harassment with naughty words.


Agitated said: The message they leave is automated. It says to "push one for more options". It acts like I called them, which I did not. I hope they don't continue to do this-I had the same problem with the St. Paul Pioneer press. How do they get my number?


Caller ID: Dish?

Sailingaway said: They call in on a business line.  Why would a business need dish tv?


Ronald said: Got a call; no message; number will not accept return call


AMM said: phone number (410) 800-4895
They called my husband saying they work for a law office, but they are investigators for the law office.  They are trying to settle on a debt from 1998.  Were not willing to send any proof wanted to settle right then for the amount of 300.00   I spoke with them the next time they called.  Told them it was my right to have proof of any debt that we owed, they said they could not send it because the information was being held by the lawyers, if we do not settle, they are ready to take us to court. I said bring it on.  
Today they tried to call my husband and settle for 100.00  I told him never to speak to them again.


ch4rliedog said: I got a call from this Capital investigative service as well.  I think it is a scam because they are not willing to send information about the debt they are trying to collect.  The debt they are trying to collect is from 1998 and it doesnt show up on our credit report


Caller ID: "unknown name"

Compos Mentis said: Got a call from this numbe last night, my husband answered.  Said it was "Nick from the Jonas Brothers..." (computer).


Bradley said: Got a call this morning.


Isabela said: me too.  left me a message in spanish telling me i won $2,000.


Jeff said: got  call on my cell

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