Caller type: Commercial

wookjuice said: If you press "2 to be removed from the list" You are immediately hung up on and they call you back the very next day. If you press "1 to talk to a representative", as soon as you say anything to the tune of not wanting to contacted about this ever again, you are again hung up on. This time by the live person talking to you. Then they call you back the very next day to try it all over again.


Caller ID: Credit Account

sick of it said: they call and don't leave a message


Jennifer said: It's an escort working out of Burbank.


Jeff said: Cindy Brown is still at it. She (I think "Kofi" is behind the whole thing) did the whole bit, being hearing impaired, etc... Bottom line is, do not send any Western Union payments to Ghana to Kofi (who should be hunted down)


Calvin said: Left no message


Julia said: Called Neighbor next door inquiring about me, said he knew me when I lived in another city


Caller ID: ROBO voice
Caller type: Collection Agency

78kathry said: Got a robo call from this number half an hour ago. It does appear to be a collection agencey for GE sponsored Sams Club/Discover. We now owe them a whopping $40 because someone dropped the ball and didn't cash the $15 account pay off check last month. Other family and friends' past experiences with Discover illustrates that anything connected with overdue payments tends to boot you directly into collections after a nasty late fee. So guess what card is getting canceled today?


Don said: I answer they hang up.


luis cruz said: solo llamaron  y no alcance a contestar  y aparece como llamada perdida este telefono no lo reconozco menos el areay  como e he estado recibiendo llamas  amenazadoras por eso hago mi comentario.


Caller ID: Unknown
Caller type: Collection Agency

louise said: I get calls from this number or out of area numbers about 3 to 4 times a day telling me about pending legal action. I believe these calls are out sourced thru a collection agency. The callers never tell you who they represent.


Littletree said: It's a scam. See my message below for more details and for information on reporting these crooks to federal and state law enforcement.


Caller ID: 336-315-6100

Vera said: a machine from this number called me a b***h and hung up


kelly said: someone is calling and not saying anything. Then they'll hang the pphone up... Who's number and how can I stop it from happening again


Caller ID: Aspire Visa
Caller type: Commercial

daveT said: This is from Aspire Visa


Jennifer F said: I called Wachovia and they knew nothing about it. Opened a fraud investigation.


Jenny said: harassing phone calls continue


Caller ID: 347 - 272 - 1983

Bob Heist said: This caller just call me and stated he is Tim, and that he works for one of our clients. He further demanded that personal cell number for one of our VPs, and got upset when I stated that I do not have it. I wasnt just going to give out a personal number regardless of whether it is our client or not. He was very pushy and did not want to give up, and got quite rude! I kept asking him for his number so that we can call him back and he wouldnt give it! His reason was "I have a meeting, I will call back later, I need to meet with my wife..."


Ali said: Now he is using a new phone number:


Caller ID: Block Name

Chandi said: I received a call from this number and nobody was there.  I waited until finally the caller discounnected.

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