Amy said: Hi, I know who this is...I am curious to know if you are an "Amy" that used to briefly date a friend of the people that own this number.  As for you Thomas, I would suspect, but not know, that this is their child; he is "developmentally delayed" and "plays" on the phone alot; many times at the encouragement of his parents. (When I say encouragement, I mean they have him call people they know all the time and leave rude messages, so...I think he might believe it is OK to call anyone he wishes.)  Maybe when he doesn't recognize your voice, he hangs up.
The reason I asked about you, Amy, is one of their friends had a brief encounter with someone nameed Amy this past spring; I could see them sitting around drinking, and playing on the phone; they really are that immature.  He is over there all the time.


Caller ID: 319-433-1442

CD said: Definitely GMAC. I have both my mortgage and home equity loan through them. They totally suck. They called my cell phone 3 times today and when I finally picked up I get a recorded message asking me to verify that it is me and punch in the last 4 digits of my social security #. I hung up.

GMAC is just awful from the horrible customer service to the non-existent grace period. And god forbid if you are 2 days late they totally harass you. Avoid GMAC if you can. They don't deserve any business.


Caller ID: Credit Services

stopit said: Nov 25, 2008. Caller said was a dept consolidation, caller ID said credit services. I was speaking to the VP, so he said, when I said I was on the no call list, he got very sarcastic and would not give me any company info.  I would like to file a claim against his company, but can not get any info.


Brooke said: I was given this number by someone responding to an ad I placed on Craig's List in jewelry.


Bimboholk said: they call but always hang up its annoying


Caller ID: ac nielsen
Caller type: Telemarketer

Nora said: harrassing phone calls from this number. asked numerous times not to call our number


Caller ID: AC Neilsen EDI

CINDY said: 6:38 pm  Did not leave message. Who is this?


mary had me said: this person is always calling my numer and hanging up


Kat said: caller stated all of the things the other above individuals have mentioned. whats going on?


WISE ONE said: Hello,
I have received an other from this gentleman!
Can you please let me know if you've done business with him?


Caller ID: ui company
Caller type: Collection Agency

bc said: Calling for someone else...


Caller ID: 325-224-3928

MMM said: where is this from


Rock said: Here's the owner of that phone number:
Ashley M Eastwood


2016 Race Track Rd

Burlington, NC 27215


Caller ID: IPA
Caller type: Commercial

Receptionist said: This is a group of mickey mouse business advisors that have no clue about what they are doing. I believe they identified themselves as ihop or ipa. Think they are some type of MLM organization.


Caller ID: kirsten

sara botty said: tis  ma  mom  mumber!!!!!!!


Lilly said: I got a call from them today.. they left no message on my machine.



db said: Its a company trying to get people to pay back student loans because it is a subsidiary to Sallie Mae. They will garnish wages if a payment is not made. Because Sallie Mae is a federal company they can search your place of business by your social security number.


Caller ID: out of area

bud said: they call every day - no messaGE


sr said: I got a call from him today. When I asked about the nature of the call he called me a *itch, so I hung up. He kept calling back, calling me names, even called me an old hag and demanded I give him my name.  I just kept hanging up and he finally stopped calling.

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