jean said: Called several times. no message.  Its a cell phone out of Atlanta. A call back gets a voicemail of someone named Maria???


Erica said: ECR Debt Collection


Caller ID: 770-4947100
Caller type: Commercial

Calvin said: WANT me to call so that they can lower my ccard interest rate


j said: I got his call too, she has been calling my house and work everyday.I told her I will not speak to her until I receive something in mail explaining who I owe, how much, address, and who what company she is calling with. I have yet to receive anythin and that was a wek ago, and she still calls everyday.. I called the mumber back she gave me, too see how they answer the phone and she answers the phone as investigatons. No one is allowed to issue a warrent except for fbi and police. Don't believe them. She claim the company is called Delanoir and Kemper Assoc, she is simply a bill collector...I will be reporting them & her, cause I know my rights. I told her not to call my work and she has done so three times since I have told her not to.

Bill collectors have nothing better to do...


whoisit said: Caller leaves name and wants callback. Does not explain reason for call.


Pissed off user said: Called and asked for my wife in Spanish and abrubtly hung up on me. Calling back says the carrier has blocked incoming calls


Andrew said: I just got a call from this number to my cell phone.


Caller ID: 406-371-9028

Mike said: I'm getting this call a couple times a day.  I don't answer but it's very frustrating.  how does one stop this kind of thng


Leonard said: darnit, was hoping this number was the man of my dreams.


Caller ID: "unknown name"

MO said: Got a call from this number today.  No message.  11/24 at 1:02 PM PST.


Caller ID: Unavailable

tortillarat said: Just received a phone call from this number. As soon as I picked up the phone and said Hello, they hung up.


Caller ID: Florida

MyEmptyCanvas said: calls often, does not leave message on machine.
when i call them back a recording states the number has been disconnected.


jnc said: these people called and claimed they were with chase mastercard/ visa and they wanted to lower my current rate.  When I would not give her any more info she hung up on me.  I'm mad I got caught up and gave her any information at all.  I called to tell chase this had happened they did not seem to care.  I'll be canceling that card!


Caller ID: colorado company
Caller type: Telemarketer

Marie Westerkamp said: I also received this call, and I am on a do not call list as well.  This person got my name and telephone #.  Clearly I was distracted thinking it was one of my cc companies looking for my permission to lower my rate.  What will she do with my name and # I wonder.  I think this # needs to be shut down.  Good lesson for me I am usually nice to telemarketer's  now I have good reason to just hang up.


Mad said: callled for lower credit card;. tape-hung up


Caller ID: co info sys

grm said: You guys saved my life.  They call me too, but leave no message.  In the past I would have wondered what this call was, my curiosity would have killed this cat for sure. ID would have had me believe it was an innocent survey, but above reports say they are scams.


Scoutor said: Unknown- spoke, I think, spanish.


Caller ID: 407-123-2040

Sara said: keeps calling 2 to 3 times a day


Caller ID: 407-123-2040

sharna said: 407-123-2040.  I got a call from this number.  When I answered, it said something about winning a vacation and to "press 1".  Of course I didn't press anything, but the nerve!  They called my work number...lol.

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