Morgan said: No one is on the line.


Joyce said: Called me on my cellphone. No message left.


Mike said: These are phantoms from beyond.  Spirits who, in life, worked at call centers.  In death they find available outgoing telephone numbers and begin calling randomly, their purgatory a relentless calling of the living.  Sometimes you'll hear breathing; others silence.  But always with that lingering feeling of solitude and cold chill.


Caller ID: Chase

beyond it said: This is Chase Card Services


TIm said: let the phone ring hoping to get a VM since I didn't recognize the ph#. Had 10 calls today alone and no VM so I don't know if I should call back or let it go. Seriously, who calls that many times on a Sunday?


Caller ID: Lake Forest IL

Jenny said: I received two calls from this number, both times I wasn't home... 4:47 pm 11/23 and 7:49pm 11/21. They didn't leave a message either time. The two times I tried to call back, they were disconnected. It's says Lake Forest Illinois on both calls.


Ana said: Got a call from this # and live in Mass.


Lou said: someone keeps calling from 225-663-4192 and keeps hanging up.  Can someone put a trace on the telephone number?


Crystal said: phone rings twice, caller id "recycle now" or "go green"
I call their number and a voice mail says mailbox number 8354710 is not avail please leave a message


Caller type: Commercial

k said: For more than a year I have been receiving automated calls on my CELL PHONE about getting/renewing a car warranty.[I don't own a car] I either push the "remove me from the list number",hang up, or ignore the call.[about 6 months ago I tried talking to a representative, but he hung up on me] Just two minutes ago I talked to one of the representatives again, She told me what the name of the business was "national warranty".
    There is no reason for them to have my cell number!! they are wasting people's minutes. As far as I am concerned they are telemarketers, they have no reason to think that I own a car.


k said: I agree with your comments. I owned a Honda CRV and had taken extended warranty on it. I no longer require it. so I did not renew the same. Yet, I keep getting calls on my phone. I tend to ignore calls from number, I don't know.


ss said: Us too.  For months we have been receiving this warranty call....never ends and they won't do anything to end it.  Any tips on what to do to get these to stop battering us?


Caller type: Telemarketer

metoo said: Everyone in my office gets these calls on their cell phones.  For me, I laugh at them because I just bought a 2008 Ford about 2 months ago.  My warranty ran out?  Really?

I've tried everything to get them to quit calling - I'm just going to start blocking them.


Caller ID: Unknown

Lori Lynn Kelly said: Please stop texting number 304-546-3460.  He is not your sweetheart.  He is my 11 year old son!


Caller ID: (234)709-0288

Bank Scam said: Was online this evening and had a guy approach me with an online job processing rebate checks for him from home.  he goes by the handle brucereed64 he says it is based out of portland some business by the name of marketsource online.net but that he is from the uk he has called my phone 3 times this evening and these are the numbers i got when he called

HES BOGUS!!!!! its a scam


Jerry said: I started receiving calls from this number last week.


Dee said: 1-240-210-7058 Pentagroup
Saying I owe on an account from 5 years ago and my husband paid this in May 2003!!!! They harass me all the time. We've contacted a lawyer and were told not to talk to them.


Dee said: I am having the same problem, we paid an account off in 2006 and they are calling us also.



Pestered Person said: I've been getting calls from them also. They don't leave any messages.

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