bzzz said: whos you're husband and what's his phone number.


Kimberly said: Keep calling my number and not leaving a message.


Caller ID: 312-265-7830



Caller ID: no

TIZA said: Someone called and did not leave a message and cant call this number back , consinstantly engaged !


bldr said: They have ANOTHER NUMBER NOW.  They called me from 708-679-1814 and the caller ID said "Sweepstakes Pro." They left a message and said "This call is in response to the entry you submitted to win a brand new SUV.  This is our last attempt to try to reach you."  I called 1-877-439-4491 per their request and was to ask for Ms. Ball.  I GOT A RECORDING:  "This number has been disconnected."  I hung up.  A man immediately called me back from 708-679-1669 (My caller I.D. showed "Ash Rose" and he said his assistant tried to transfer me and lost me.  (b.s.!) I asked how they got my name.  He said I either filled out something at an event, at the mall or online to win an SUV.  (I knew I did not).  He asked me what my name is.  I said I was not interested and he said "Well then, don't fill out any more entry forms!"  I said "OKEY DOKEY!"


Deal with it!!! said: To the debt collectors here, I want to know why all of you do not get a real "human" job rather than continue being bottom feeders.  

I can only imagine that you are uneducated professionals, unskilled ex Wal-Mart workers who could not succeed at pushing a cart in front of someone entering the store and saying "welcome to Wal-Mart."  I suspect you couldn't manage the smile.  

Think about it, you work for attorneys who cannot win a case in a traffic court so they rely on this type of thing knowing they are eating at the souls of so many unfortunate people - people who have medical problems and medical bills they cannot pay, people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, people who were young and got in trouble with credit cards.

These attorneys know their actions are indefensible. They know they are wrong to represent CC companies because they know the people at the CC companies are charging rates that exceed what once could only be found among loan sharks.  

All I can say to the people on this forum who work for debt collectors is that your time will come, karma makes a big circle, and when it does, you will know what it feels like to want forgiveness from your debts, to yearn for compassion only to be harassed by some subsequent bottom feeder.


Garwood said: when i call my voicemail, this is the number that my phone says is my voice mailbox number, but it clearly isn't my number.


Daniel said: on nov. 21, 2008. I received the same letter. I called and the guy ( chris) said it was no joke but then i googled it. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE. IT IS A SCAM


Caller ID: 317 578 6000

john said: they call all day and  i dont know who are. i dont want marketing calls


teacher said: They want your s.s. # so PLEASE don't give your number.They said: "We need your number for view your stament or account"


Miller said: keeps calling dont know the number


brian said: Yes, called cell phone this morning, I did not answer and they did not leave a voicemail.



mouse said: They called again today, they don't say a word, then I get a "fast busy signal".  I am starting to log time and date.  I owe Dish some $ and started paying them recently.  I will delay repayment to them by 30 days for EACH new call, if they don't say anything when they call me.  What do you in cyberspace think??


Caller ID: Uknown

BEEP BEEP said: No message left - unknown caller ID displayed.


Caller ID: Unknown

wow I am mad said: This number calls every night at the same time, and when I answer and say hello, it hangs up... It is a real problem because They call after 8pm. If I don't answer they will not leave a message.


Stacey said: Here come the Wal-Mart Boarder patrol again....

Where's my bail out!!!!!?????


dwash said: oopps... forgot to pay them again... here they come.... I wana BAILOUT.... Barock.... WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


Caller ID: verizon

Danielle said: I had also a series of 4 calls right in a row. When I would pick up - there would be no one there! I tried to call back several times, no answer...


Non Chase Fan said: these people have called me every 30 mins today ihave never been late, i am this month due to layoff- im 4 days late. i am refinancing this loan becuase these people are rude and inconsiderate, ever heard of voice mail??  what ever happened to 10 days behind and a courtesy call? this is total BS--

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