dwash said: oopps... forgot to pay them again... here they come.... I wana BAILOUT.... Barock.... WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


Caller ID: verizon

Danielle said: I had also a series of 4 calls right in a row. When I would pick up - there would be no one there! I tried to call back several times, no answer...


Non Chase Fan said: these people have called me every 30 mins today ihave never been late, i am this month due to layoff- im 4 days late. i am refinancing this loan becuase these people are rude and inconsiderate, ever heard of voice mail??  what ever happened to 10 days behind and a courtesy call? this is total BS--


Caller ID: Telcel
Caller type: Telemarketer

jaime said: Recibí llamada a mi celular de ese número. Me confirma la Srita Griselda Gonzalez de Telcel Guadalajara MX que efectivametne es número telfónico par promociones de esa empresa.
En cualquier caso son llamadas molestas e insistentes para vender promociones.


Caller ID: Unknown

carol said: these guys have called several times in the past couple weeks ..no message, but of course vm is full when you try to return a call and you can not get in touch with anyone


Caller type: Non-Commercial

fire46 said: Drunk dialer no voice just a radio.


Evelyn said: No message left...


J.Known said: this is really pissing me off.  5 calls today.  only spoke to me once.  something about a 250 dollar gas card.  grrrr


Caller ID: 360-635-5292
Caller type: Non-Commercial

R E Broker said: I just got a half-price offer on a house listing from the mysterious Nidal Shabilla.


AD said: hi i am from Saudi Arabia and i have a missed call from this number +3727022226 !! what is this ? also Google he doesn't have answer.


Caller ID: ?

Jim said: None


JAL said: I got a call from this number last night and this morning and when I tried calling it back I get a busy signal


Caller ID: 401-719-1533
Caller type: Telemarketer

CB said: telemarking  harassing my cell phone


Cait said: Just like the previous post, I got calls 4 to five times a day- no message. I knew it ws Omaha, I just hoped they would get the hint...they didn't. I called the number as mentioned in this post and they took me off the list and apologised for the 'inconvenience.'

On the plus side, I called at 3:40am on a Saturday morning and a live human being that could take care of my problem answered within five seconds - I don't get that even with my doctors office.


Madeline said: Received phone call. Did not answer.


Susan said: They called my cell today and did not leave a message.


April said: Several calls


joe mother fucker said: c**k sucker called me at 1 am woke me right the f*** up


mark said: Called me at work.


Caller ID: 404-349-7339

Augusto said: I got a call from them, their ID number said US Government???

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