Kevin said: Went to voicemail but didn't leave a message.


Caller ID: 276-757-7033

youknowho? said: 276-757-7033  

the following is basically what happened during the call i just received
from 276-757-7033. (i said nothing and hung up when the guy with a heavy east indian accent - it was hard to understand him - asked me if my business name was correct.)

it's #7 on the 16 ways you can be phone scammed list found on this
800notes website.

Free Listing at Yellow Pages:  This scam targets businesses. The caller says that he is from Yellow Pages and is calling to update their records. He proceeds by asking to confirm some basic information such as owner’s name, business phone number, address, and company name. Then they start billing the victim and only then the business owner realizes that it’s not a free listing and it was not Yellow Pages directory that called.
The victims report that when they call to complain, the company plays the recorded conversation with the victim saying 'Yes' except that the caller is reading from a completely different script. The scammers replace one side of the conversation, making it sound as if the business owner agreed to a paid listing and a monthly fee.


Caller ID: Virginia
Caller type: Telemarketer

youknowho? said: I say nothing and hang up when they begin asking if my business information is correct.  I advise everyone to do the same to avoid being billed for service you didn't order.


Sparky said: faaaaaafffffffffff


Caller ID: Conn's
Caller type: Collection Agency

Machelle said: Keep calling saying they know they have the right person but they don't, freaking insane ghetto collector from a store named conn's I think the name suits them well!!!


Shawn said: it did not said anything


Peggy said: I recieved the same letter, supposedly from electrlux wich is based in TN. the 289 area code is in the Toronto area, and the letter also came from canada.  Its definately a scam.  DAMN CANADIANS!


Caller ID: 3012193355

anonymous said: thank you  i got A CALL from melissa trusty as well  i will just ignore the next time she calls me


Olive said: Who owns this number?


grannienan said: when i answer no one says anything.  i have received two calls - same scenario.


val2008 said: I just got a call from same number. No one said anything and finally call disconnected. Have had several of these same calls. I wish people could get real jobs.


Joe (not the same as the other Joe) said: 3023693107

calls - leaves no message on answering machine


Caller ID: 3023367401
Caller type: Telemarketer

Divine said: These scum suckers called me in a middle of a business call and the repeating recored message went on about choosing a sport that might let me win $50,000.  It was 4pm in Los Angeles, and I'm on the do not call list, and yes, I did report these a**holes!


Caller ID: Card Services
Caller type: Commercial

Silent Knight said: I am getting about 10 calls a day from this number and it disconnects every time I answer.


Gary Lillie said: I normally don't answer phone call with area codes I don't recognize, but I did answer this one and the it disconnected.


freaky said: They call several times a day and ask for "Sandra". I don't know anybody with this name! I tried to explain to them that they have the wrong number, but they hung up... The only thing they do is trying to cheat people!!!! I receive about 10 calls a day from these numbers:

303-255-several extensions
614-729-several extensions
614-212-several extensions
913-563-several extensions

Obviously, I'm not alone with this problem. I probably will get a new number. This IS harrasment!!!!


Caller ID: 3033378074

stacy said: The number calls everyday at various times and never is a message left. I wish they would just stop calling.


Caller ID: 1-303-364-0334
Caller type: Commercial

SST Kentwood said: Stewart Construction in Denver
Frank Stewart



Steam said: Have called us several times.  When we answer they always hang up.


Nina said: received call just 30 second ago, outgoing message went on - hung up- left no message

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