Jon said: Did not answer, did not leave a message.


Caller ID: out of area

wa said: fax call


bates said: polite lady named Kathleen called me


Aldous said: NGO Finacial is also using the same number to call to collect debt. And they will refuse to give you their address so you can write to them to stop calling you.


Carlota said: I received a request exactly like this with the same name and phone number for 2 weeks in May at our condo in Destin, FL for him and his wife.  It was from Monte D. Ford and he provided his mailing address of 110 Marylebone High St., London W1U 5AY,United Kingdom UK.  I still feel uncomfortable about this even though we do not accept credit cards and he would be paying by an US Check a long time prior to arrival.  I have not provided him my mailing address but did provide him my cell phone number and asked him to please call so I could talk to him.  It was then that he provided his mailing address.  I cannot confirm that foreign address on line.


C T said: I have gotten "exactly"  13 calls from this phone # and when I call it back, there is a voicemail incurring the box is full!!!


lisa holz said: It's a scam, and all their threats are false and illegal. See my message below for more details and for information about reporting these criminals to federal and state law enforcement.


That guy said: Received the same call and the ideian guy said he was a officer for the company. He said I owed my for a unknown loan. I told him that I contacted my lawyer and filed a police report.


Concerned Parent said: This individual is part of some collection agency who evidently doesn't have any rules. These people continue to call and harrass the wrong people looking for their money. The best part is, they are such foreign @ssholes you can't even understand what he says.


John Griffin said: caller has called me like 5 times a day a little bit annoying


Paula said: Sounded like a garbled evangelist or telemarketer. All I could understand was "EXCELLENT".


rhonda said: They have called 5 times this evening. Usually nobody is there wben I answer. I got a real person the 5ht time and they said they are from "Government Grants".


jb said: Got 5 annoying calls 10 minutes of each other.  Picked up 4 times and nobody's on the other side.  Called them back and goes straight to VM stating the mb is full.  I'm very PO!!


Miss America said: This number was on the shipping label from Wabash Technologies, C/O Kacia Services LLC, also containing a check, and presumably associated with a scam.

The original contact email given was Laura Dobbins, ll.dobbins.acc (at) gmail.com, who claimed she was hiring for the clothing company 66 North.  This was confirmed by 66 North to be false information.

The letter that came with the check contained an email address, payeeverifier (at) yahoo.com, which I was supposed to email to verify that I received the check.


Dee said: can you give me a number i can call so these people with these scams cannot and will not call me again?


Rose said: call and hang up


Caller ID: IC Systems

anonymous said: They called my parents house looking for my husband, who has never lived there or used their number for anything. They called 6-8 times per day and when my mother finally called the number back they told her (very rudely) "nobody has ever called you from this number" and then hung up on her - even though she has it on caller ID!

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