Lena said: WOW...
These calls were coming at all hours. Most of them had no response on the other end. EVERY day at 9 am as well. I called the number you posted from the Colorado BBB. I was treated semi rudely by the first lady and transferred.Then transferred again..... I was about to blow when I realized I was hooked to the right guy who was actually looking into it. He asked if I knew 2 people. Both people had used my phone # on credit applications. The credit was behind and in collections and their job was to scour any possible way to contact and get paid. Hence their call. They use the call method to get them to return the call and be "reeled in" to making their payments.
But the guy said that he removed the number from both files and very courteously apologized after the explanation.
OK.... I am good for that.

Thanks for the help.


50 said: filled out a form to get info online, calls me daily now.


Caller ID: Colorado
Caller type: Telemarketer

byl said: yeah i get them too ... i had inquired 3-4 months to American Merchant Services for some stupid reason and they have called me relentlessly ever since ... the trick is to answer the phone and say they have the wrong number or tell them that you already have a merchant account with them ... they sorta have stopped but i still get the

3039315053 calls sometimes


Caller ID: Colorado

ATHINA said: someone called my home and said my car warranty was bad and i need to have it renewd but i don't have a car  so was up with that


tac12 WV said: robbed at gun point then called my cell


Caller ID: ??????

Billy said: Sounded like a Nigerian scam. Could not tell what the woman was saying or who she was calling for. My caller ID presented the number. Said something about a $40 gas card, Possible phone service switch. I called the number to find out who owned the number. Blue Cross Blue Shield of FLA. The lady said they had received similar calls and had reported it to the supervisor. I told her someone should contact the Attorney General. Reverse look up showed the call was Type: Land LineProvider: Fibernet, Llc,Location: Beckley, WV.
I called Bell South to make sure no one was going to switch my service over.They transferred me to their annoyance service which ended up with an
answer machine, "Hello this is Chelsey at Direct Link Marketing". Then I
called Bellsouth and cancelled my phone service something very strange
about the whole event-


seacoast said: They have also called me a dozen or more times.  The last time it happened I hung on the line to tell them to take me off their call list and the operator said, "Or else what? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?"

I was so pissed.  I said, "I'll sue you."  She said, "Good luck with that" and hung up.

I will go in on a class action suit as well.


assananity said: I run a business from my home. So, we have many phone lines. A fax number, CallVantage with 2 lines. 5 cell phones, and 2 SkypeIn numbers. Every line has been called at least 6 times in the last two weeks.


ec said: This is another number that The Oceans Treasures was known to use.
Any updates on these people??


wookjuice said: scammer looking for credit card numbers. report to FTC and your states attorney generals office.


Concerned citizen said: My call went exactly like your call, only the man on the other line told me "We a very busy here and do not have time to play my Cat and Mouse games", and hung up on me.  I tried calling them back, but got a recording saying that the number was disconnected.


Frospop said: I got one of those phone calls that said this is the last time you will be allowed to have a lower interest rate on your credit card.  Dial 1 to speak to a customer.  I did that and told them I was on the do not call list and did not want to be called. They just hung up on me.


Caller ID: Tag44
Caller type: Commercial

T Berg said: The same thing happened to me. Unfortunately I had not read this posting prior to involvement. They are most likely (as someone wrote earlier) an international recruitment agency/bottom feeder.
Their tactics are horrible. It is borderline (if not worse) harassment. They will call, with their international number 8 times a day if they need to. They will call your current employer to get a hold of you (THEY DID THIS TO ME).  
I ended up not accepting the job they found because of how uncomfortable the correspondence was. They are NOT TO BE TRUSTED.


marlene said: I got this same call today!! He even had my full home address!! I tried to all back but it says the number has been disconnected. Too Scary!!!


samet said: Please make them stop.  I am on the do not call list.  maybe I should re-register, because this is the 5 call on here I reported.


cmickie said: git call from this number , when i picked uo my cell no one replied from the other end.


Caller ID: wyoming

II said: I'm getting repeated calls from this number for the last week or so.  I'd get the calls at 9 am every morning, but now I'm getting them multiple times a day, at different times (just got another 2 minutes ago).

Call display reads "Wyoming."  The message left has a lot of background noise, then a woman's voice saying "hello?" repeatedly.

I don't know anyone in Wyoming.  I don't do business with any companies from Wyoming.


whats the deal said: My husband and i got a text saying a bank card was deactivated at a bank we dont even belong to.


Caller ID: californa call

Sleepless in Alabama said: Just hooked up landline and this number calls several times a week.


Mike said: I also received a call from number 818-870-9155. If you are googling this. Please do not give them your credit card number. They told me that I was one of 2 people in the United States that Had been randomly selected for a survey. I am a Christian and felt like the Holy Spirit told me that these people were frauds, but my heart broke for them. I do not know why they are doing this, but they are desperate people who are trying to get rich quick. I forgive them for trying to take advantage of me and hope that no one else gives them their credit information. I explained that they should be giving out of their hearts not to get things.

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