Sam said: got a call from 1-310-201-4321 - a lady said hello and then disconnected.


chick said: I got a call from this number on my cell phone on Nov. 25. After I said hello music started playing. I hung up. (I don't have minutes to waste). When I called back on my land line it just rang and rang.


DW said: I've had calls from this number on two different phone lines. They must be systematically calling every possible phone number, one by one. I hope they all die in a car fire.


Caller type: Telemarketer

felicia said: Clearly from India - they say they are American Pharmacy and my prescription is back in stock. They have called me over 25 times and I have told them to stop. They continue to call and/or hang up on me when I get irate. I have a phone number to their call center but they recognize my number and won't pick up any more when I call but they still manage to call me every day.


Horse said: Ken Byro contacted me for an ad on craigs list.  Sent a check for 4,000 more than my asking price.  Said he was from Australia but check was sent from Salt Lake City, UT.  It's a scam.


Caller ID: NONE

wirelessqueen said: received 2 phone calls from this #, then another call from a similar #.  Same thing as said from everyone else above this.  They had my cell #, name and address.  Everything is listed in my husband's name, so how in the world did they attach my name to it?  And, how did they get my cell #?


Kali said: Did not leave any message.


Caller ID: 310-599-5795

Michael said: Got a call from this number on Mon, Nov 24 at 12:17pm CST.  I answered and they said something and hung up.


Caller type: Telemarketer

Bandaid said: Got a call that I was a finalist for a million dollar prize. After asking "seven" survey questions, she asked if I could support the business by purchasing a magazine subscription. I said no and she hung up.

I should have known.


Ashton said: I keep getting phone calls from that number.


Caller ID: "Rx Pharmacy"
Caller type: Non-Commercial

scammed said: These people blatantly HARRASSED me for 2 solid days, logging in 47 incoming calls on three separate phones (that almost NOONE even has the numbers for!) They repeatedly LIED to me, falsified their phone numbers (as above: suppossedly a professional business) that robbed me of over $270.00 and falsified all of their contact info from phone numbers to a variety of web sites. I cannot believe that this has happened! The initial 47 calls were from a 052 area code (Mexico) and didn't even have the appropriate digits (9, rather than 10 - for US #s). They went by many names, but I will list the numbers on all of my caller IDs and the name that they kept trying to feed me.


Caller ID: 310-831-1197

T Y said: WHO IS THIS?!


Wendy said: I missed 3 consecutive calls from this number, all within 4 minutes of each other. When I called the number back, it had a busy tone. I have tried calling it back about 8 times and every time it is busy.


Caller ID: American Agency
Caller type: Collection Agency

Kristina said: they keep calling and dont leave a meassage,  its apparently is a collection agencey  Amercian somthing, they had a wrong number.   310-868-5719


Caller ID: 312-775-1287

CM said: Called and left no message.  Have a son stationed in Chicago in the military trhought it might somehow be him but there would have been a message.  Right?

When i try to call the number back it just says all circuits are busy now and to please try my call again later.


Teatro said: same thing happened to me just now.
I tried back from a different number and it said all circuits were busy.


Trisha said: They called my cell and did not leave a message.. I am a Realtor in Oregon.


Caller ID: Venali

cc said: Left no message


richard said: Left a name - says it's importatnt to call before close of business. But no clue as to what it is about.


Joyce said: I just got a call from this number to my cell phone.

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