Pamela said: No message left.


George said: No message left. Do not know who called me.


Caller ID: 405-547-3490

RHONDA YA KNOW said: Hung up when I answered phone.


Caller ID: Countrywide

rachel said: i also keep getting calls and I told them it was a scam into getting credit card #'s and the woman hung up on me.  Trying to get the charges reversed and she was a b***h with a capitol B


REALTOR said: Ok, you idiot...you just made it worse, if you have to take a test to be a realtor and you're this dumb, then maybe you had to sleep with someone to get YOUR license!!!!


Caller ID: 1-406-000-0000

Jason said: Called and 6:33pm Nov. 5 2008 Nothing there.


Caller ID: NONE

Cam said: Want to know who called


miami, fl said: I had the same experience (5 pm on 11-5-2008).
"I'm calling about your home based business" and then when I tried to call back and cuss him out it always went to voicemail.
I'm on the No Call List and I've reported him about 4 weeks ago but obviously nobody has done anything about it yet.  I'm going to keep reporting him till somebody acts on my complaint.  I've searched the web and there are many complaints about him . . .  he's calling lots of people on the No Call List.


Shannon said: Anybody getting calls from this phone number?


Caller ID: unk

Mike said: call to lower credit card rates


Madeline said: We received a call yesterday.


annoyed by continuous text said: Hello everyone football will be at 3 on Saturday in Altamonte at the usual place. Please text me if you will be coming or not hope to see you there.


Caller ID: Unknown

Punter said: called me multiple times, no V.M left


Carlos Gonzales said: i just got 3 calls today from that number, and its just the same gibberish over and over again


Kevin said: I got a call from this number tonight and last Friday, both in Spanish. It sounded like a recording. Not sure what it's all about..


SL said: I keep getting this # on my cell. i have no intention of ever picking up or calling back. you'd think they'd take the hint!


suzy said: Repeated phone calls to my phone?


Sue said: Got 4 calls from this number at 12:12AM, 2:43AM, 4:45AM, and 11:54AM. When I picked up they just hung up. I called the number back and I got a message saying that they were from financial freedom of America and would like to speak with me. Not Sure what it is but very annoying.


VIJ said: missed calls

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