Caller ID: Harris & Harris
Caller type: Collection Agency

livid said: I get 2 - 5 calls a week from them with miscelaneous names and when I try and call them back I get what sound slike a person who can't hear me and then they hang up.  I think it is a scam of some sort, because if they really are trying to collet a debt and someone were to call back, no one would actually answer.  I researched their website and called and left a message at the following number 312-423-7421 (Their sales department)  Good luck to the rest of you.


Madeline said: Called to tell me that my credit card was being used..wanted my CC# for verification.


JED said: Called and left no message -


Caller ID: not known

Hank in Arizona said: I received a sweepstakes call telling me this was the last attempt being made to contact me about my winning an "SUV". They left another number of: 877 or 878 or 888, not sure which it was and the other numbers for sure was: 556-7527 extension 4786.


lax said: i had a missed call from this number but when i called back it kept ringing and ringing with no voicemail or anything


Caller ID: Unknown

The Man said: Received same type of call at work number which came up as unknown on our caller ID.
A "Mike Valant" wanted to speak to me about our company material safety data sheets and asked that I call him back before end of business day.
I called number back which went straight to his voicemail, so I pressed '0' for the operator who reluctantly gave out their company name of MSDS Online. Just another unwanted sales pitch...


Caller ID: 3134148413

uno said: harrasing begging my love to be with u


Connie said: Anyone knows who this is?


Casey said: apparently this is some business in St. Louis


chris said: Got a call from this phone number.


SP said: called back and got a mona spencer did not want to tell me company name then finally did CTCI some collection agency very rude


sm said: They spoof their numbers that way you cant call them back, they could as easily call you from a number that says 5 but that would be too obvious


Caller ID: Unknown

Capital Group Companies said: Called again,,,third week in a row, can't leave a message - because they really have nothing to really really call me for.  basic blah blocked outgoing, telemarketer call.


Ana said: Would like to know who owns this number


Angel said: Hung up on voice mail. Caller ID shows them as Global Market and ?. My guess is they're a survey company!


Caller ID: Indiana call

k said: answering machine picked it up and it was one of those ' someone will be with you in a minute' recording, after the beep, then the guy chimed in confused as to why no one was answering! btw, i'd bet political calls are exempt from do not call as is the census bureau which hires out to do a lot of survey type calls commisioned by govt.- they can call any time as many times as they want and its hell getting off their list- you can beg or plead, only your congressperson can get you relief from them.


Deb said: Called my cell.


Paul Wilson said: A woman asked for "the woman of the house." I hung up. I'm on the state and national do-no-call lists.


Caller ID: Directv

Worried Mom said: I called the number back 319-274-1905 and got a recording it was directv please leave a message and a rep will get back to you


chris451 said: did not leave msg

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