Caller ID: cell phone

Tired of these calls said: I keep getting calls from the 347 area code.  When I pick up, they sometimes hang up or say some nonsense.  They call all hours of the day.


Athenia said: Looked this number up on the net and it some kind of hole in the wall street vendor it looked like. but why call my cell when im in 804 area code?




Caller type: Telemarketer

Hillary said: My wife received a call earlier last week to take the "Survey" re air pollution.. She agreed to do so. Two later calls from female named "Katherine" claiming she won a prize were answered by me (who was unaware of wifes earlier contact); she refused to talk to me, so I passed third call to wife. Wife was promised a free beach weekend if they could come out to our house when both of us were home tomorrow at 5:30 PM. Wife agreed, then told me. I smelled a rat, googled this site. and immediately called back to (360) 373-2001. A male answered, I told him who I was, and specifically "uninvited " them from the appointment. Just to be sure, we'll not be home. My thanks to Google and this site!


Caller ID: Coastal Aire

joe said: I too received a call twice, the first was she asked me to answer some questions and i did. then after a couple of month i received again a call telling me that i won and made me select the prize that i want. although i was thinking this might be scam because of unbelievable prize that they mentioned i gave them name and our address telling to me that they will deliver the said prize to me and asking if we can give them time to talk on saturday at 10am. i dont want them to come to our house realizing they have hidden agenda. i called up the number they used in calling me but they dont answer the phone. so then i know this might be a scam. i hope the woman who called me up will not show up because i ahve no time really to entertain them. i was only tackful enough the answer them, but i will not tolerate the kind of strategy that they are using to fool persons.   thank you so much for this and hope this will be read by concern person who according to them from coastal aire. i received a call 11-6-08.


Casey said: Hung up on my answering machine.


eArTh69 said: I also received a miss call from +3727022224. Tried to call back but this phone is not working.
I m from Dubai.


rawsham2001 said: I also got a call today morning at 2:02 am. I didnt answered it as I was in a deep sleep, I advice not to answer this as this may be internationla scandle. I live in dubai and getting call miss call from so many international nos.

Dear all I believe that this call may be received  by most of the people in dubai only.


may said: They call my cell daily. never have answered it...


Caller ID: Rhode Island

Lori said: i cannot find out who is calling, or why!! how can it be stopped???


Caller ID: cra
Caller type: Collection Agency

will said: This company keeps calling me for someone else and leaving me very bad messages being very rude.  Company Called CRA.


Caller ID: VMS

annoyed said: i have been getting this  caller for the past three days and calling me every  half hour during the afternoon..totalling 8 calls a day,..and it comes up as vms...i am not answering it..and not calling back either..its too annoying


Allan said: This number belongs to an escort/prostitute.


No Phishing said: That number called me twice yesterday.  No voicemail left.  Figure it to be a solicitation.  So no biggie.


ccrider said: Do you have their number where you can reach a person


Pete said: Here is how you do it (hopefully).  On company letterhead write a letter requesting to be removed, (if you're not a business and they are bugging you thinking that you are, make up some letterhead).  Here is my letter, feel free to copy and paste it!

To Whom It May Concern:

Our receptionist today informed us that an unidentified caller asked her to verify our information and then hung up, thus prompting her to inform us that this call had occurred.  We searched through our caller ID and called back the number 402.930.3659 to discover that the caller was a representative of Info USA.  This deception leads us to believe that we may become a victim of a common scam where a recording of our receptionist “verifying” our information will be used as proof that we asked to be listed in your database.  An alert has been sent throughout all departments, especially Accounts Payable, so that we will be able to find and avoid paying false charges from Info USA, whether by that name or an alias and whether attached to our phone bill or through direct invoice.  We will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Nebraska should this occur.

Complaints have been made to consumer websites and also to the FTC about this call.  TCPA regulations were violated and I hope that this practice of duping receptionists and hiding your identity from them will end, either voluntarily or by legal force.

Please remove our company from your databases, call lists and any other lists for internal use or to be sold.  It has been mentioned online that your company not only maintains a database for directory use, but also sells its customers’ information to telemarketing companies.  I do not look forward to the barrage of telemarketing calls our office will receive in addition to those already calling, should this be true.  I do not understand how your company is still in business considering it’s terrible reputation online.  On one website alone, there are 15 pages of complaints from those your company has called.  

A copy of this letter and the postmarked envelope will be kept on file for 3 years.  All new hires who will be answering the phone will be informed of tricks such as the one you pulled on our company in order to prevent an attack like this from recurring.  I will send a copy of this letter to our Attorney General along with copies of our phone records should we be billed or continue to be contacted by Info USA.

Thank you for your time,

Send to InfoUSA
       Attn:  Content Feedback Dept.
       1020 E. 1st St.
       Papillion, NE  68406


Caller ID: DMV

Chad said: This call came from DMV, Nebraska, Bradon

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