Tired of Scam Artists!!! said: I just got a call from this number I didn't answer


Heather said: thank you for the information and the phone number


Caller type: Commercial

teebone said: Back in June I had called about the corporate flight attendant job out SNA. 4 days on 3 days off. 1050.00 per wk. Sounded good. He called me back and said someone would contact me on Monday. They never did. Later I tried the number and it was for another position entirely. I always thought it was strange when he wouldn't give any info and he sounded really mean and rude. When he asked what I was doing I said commercial flight attending. I fly for free. Hummm...couldn't get any money out of me for a ticket. That would explain not getting a phone call in Monday. Hope they get this guy.


Caller ID: GDF Financial

Fred said: Same deal, some A$$hole calls and says he is 30 minutes away from my house and he is serving me papers for a court case and gives me my address and tells me "by law I have a right to know what this is about" and then he gives me a number to call and a case number.  So I don't call the number and 10 minutes later some dirt bag calls and says he just heard from the first caller that I don't know what the court case is about, so he is going to transfer me to someone who can help.  So now the original guy gets on the phone, the one who is supposed to be serving me papers in 15 minutes, and says he is in Culver City (300 miles away) and that they bought a 9 year old account and they are trying to collect, which I have no clue what it is or if it is even real.  Idiots!!  They say they are with GDF Financial, but I cant find anything on the net for GDF...  they are just stupid bill collectors grasping for anything possible.


ffeli said: I am also getting calls from this number.  My phone is a pay as you go phone.  It upsets me that they not only call every day, but they call more than once.  I had one of these scammers call me in the summer as much as 5 different times during one day.  I will never answer it.  You would think they would get the hint.


Max said: Just as Max stated it's not a phone call but a letter that is clearly a sweepstakes scam. I recieved a letter that includes 'check' for $4,900.00 drawn on Key Bank/Key Bank of Maine. Says I am required to pay $3,900 for the Government Tax. I reported them to the FTC (Federal Trade Commision).


DR said: if it's asking for a PIN, it's probably a local calling number for an international calling card.


Caller ID: TVO

JK said: It's TVO, i.e. Television Ontario. They are fundraising.


Lucas said: Trying to find who owns this phone number.


Dinah said: I answer they hang up.


Geri said: Wanted to know who owns this number.


Caller type: Commercial

j said: another "last chance" to get lower rates.


MLH said: I received a few messages from this number regarding "important warranty information".  When I was finally home to answer the call, I spoke to a man asking for the year and model of my vehicle.  Since my car is 15 years old and well out of warranty, I wanted to know what this was all about.  He only got so far as to tell me that my car had increased in value and the warranty had been re-classified before the call was disconnected.  Not sure if that was intentional or not.  Does make me curious and very suspicious.


Caller ID: out of area

Pat said: Received call.  Hung on after I answered.  I ended up hanging up.


Pat said: Called two times on my cell phone - hung up when voicemail came on.  They have called before and I don't answer.  Am I going to get charged a long distance charge on my cell phone for this?


Mel said: Got a call this morning.


CORNE STRAUSS said: Ek word uit die bloute van die nommer af gepla hy klim in my karakter en beledig my sleg.  Die smse kom laat in die aand net om my te ontstel sodat ek nie moet slaap nie.  Ek wil weet wie pla my so sonder dat ek dit verdien


grunge said: yeah me too. i had calls same as that numbers. from oct 15. then nov4,nov6, and nov7... just wondering what is this callers want??? i thought the calls were from the province. hmmm?


Jake said: unknown caller

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