Caller ID: Unknown Caller

brhill said: Calls, no one on the phone.  No caller ID.

Must be a scam.


Caller ID: indecipherable

d said: got a call, no message. called back and got a recording with the beginning saying who it was conveniently cut off asking me to "please enter my 10 digit phone number".. i hung up.
i get allot of these calls from different numbers but all with the same result and most all are listed on 800 notes.  usually though when u call back it will say the number is disconnected, even if it's 2 seconds later!


Caller ID: 1233245160079

reno said: as soon as i answered they hung up both times.


Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

crh said: I live in Naples Florida, the ID said INTL. Number with this number...I answered when I saw the local area code, and I got a Spanish sounding woman asking for me. I said I wasn't available, and asked if I could leave a message. They paused, and said "No, thank you." and quickly hung up....skeeeettchhhhhyyyyyy...


Justin said: I got a call from Respitory Rescue Air Duct Cleaning...  

I'm on the do not call list and I'm a telecom guy for a living.

The problem is that ANI is so easy to spoof who knows.


speedy said: just want to know who it is


passer said: i don't know who called and want to find out.


Caller ID: 253-269-4056

TJ said: Has called and hung up several times. When I call the number back, there is no answer.


PhotoFlash said: Calling numerous times and beginning to be rather annoying. How do you get it to stop when you are on the do not call list???


Gnome said: Have received calls twice now from this number. Both times in early evening. First time didn't answer. Second time picked up, but didn't say anything. The caller also said nothing and after a few seconds they hung up. Didn't call back.


raymond davis said: I to&some freinds are recieving these messages@all times of the day,It is as if they are wacthing us,anticipating our daily lives.the police said they can't do anything.Well so it is up to us to be detectives&put&end to this senseless (b.s.) of these"pranksters".


pazz said: calling me a homo and other things




Caller ID: 2697682316

Samuel said: This number calls me late in the evening after 9pm but no message is left. No answer when I call back.


Logan said: Hung up on my answering machine.


Trina said: I receive this number twice today. Don't know who it is.


Jeff said: I got exactly the same call and recording today.  The number comes up as coming from Texas- I called the number that came on my caller ID and of course it is a number that is listed as "not in service".  These people have been calling for at least the past week sometimes 4 or 5 times a day.  I am thinking of putting a block on the number- any thoughts.  I too would just like these ridiculous calls to stop.


Caller ID: fourvacations
Caller type: Telemarketer

Clot said: Just been called by Fourvacations , Same story,won a holiday to Mexico !They got quite pushy when i refused to co-operate,They seemed to know alot of details on my mastercard.Have rang up and cancelled my card.

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