Joseph said: Who is using this number?


Caller ID: 404-455-0007

Mike said: text from this number wht is thuis???


Mike said: got 2 text messages from this number too. Not sure who it is or how to stop them from coming in.  I have T-mobile and they are of no help.  I went to a settings area on T.B site and stopped all incoming text that might be sent from internet sources.


Caller ID: 4044964676

Mia said: Call came in at 12:15 am and startled us.  As soon as we answered, they hung up.  Whom could be calling us at that hour?


Dj said: Hi-
This company located me through my sister who lives in the Southern part of the United States.  I live in California.  They informed her that they would be sending the police department out to pick me up for check fraud. My sister then contacted my mother who almost had a heart attack.  I've had contact with them however it took it least 10 attempts to reach anyone on the telephone.  A Mr. Jackson (so call investigator) is a real piece of work.  This company is very unprofessional and use bully tactics.  The cost of my payday loan in question was $300 which went up to $800. I've only paid them $100 with 2 more payments to go.  I'll be very happy when I'm done with this people. The threats I just can't deal with any longer.  Beware.  Never do payday loans



Rick B said: Multiple Calls


Cynthia said: Calls at least every other day.


Caller ID: Oklahoma City OK
Caller type: Collection Agency

bright said: This number called me and it was a computer call, when I answered yes it was I it was a collection agency.  When I tried to look up the number on line it would not show which company called with out charging me a fee. So my friend beware of this number!!


Wayne said: No message just hangup.


Dj said: I got a call tonight from this same number, said I we owed the Ok Tax commission.This was a lady called Andrea. I told her I did not owe her anything.I think if I owed OK. I would have heard from them by now.


jimbo said: Her name was Kimberly from OK Tax Commision wanted to identify mailing address and phone.  Said money was owed on State Taxes.  This is identity theft..you should NEVER give your information to anyone.  Oklahoma Tax Comm will send you a letter!


Caller type: Telemarketer

NC said: The camel jocky just called me from the "Online Yellow Pages" to do the same.  I have been battling these jerks for a while.
They're like telephone prostitutes.  They won't quit calling me even after I ask them to put me on their "Do Not Call" list.


Caller ID: Customer Survey

alie said: Calls every day at 8:00 - 8:45 AM during business days only. He, the caller ask "is the lady of the house there". At first I'd say just "no" then he would say, "Thanks, I'll call back later". After the 3rd time of this happening I ask the caller to not call my number ever again. I still get the call today.


BA said: I got the same call today and answered ~ Montana police assoc. looking for donations


Julie said: I had 12 calls in 24 hours, w/no messages left until the very last one. That message was a recording asking for my vote in the upcoming election. I will NOT vote for anyone who harasses people this way. The calls were as late as 9:00 pm, then started again at 8:00 am. This is ridiculous


Talaisan said: got this call asked for some lady dont remember the name now i told them they dont live here  and that was it


CM said: Geek squad/Best Buy appliance repair scheduling


Caller ID: Walmart
Caller type: Commercial

QueryAll said: Just call them back!!  Good Grief!  It is a customer support survey.  In my case the call came in shortly after I submitted a warranty case on a product purchased at WalMart...  End of mystery!!


sn said: i have same kind phone from this no. if you know anything about this can you plesa tell me please



Caiodea said: Same deal as others. Call from 407-000-4561 at 12:30pm. Immediately suspicious of a 000 number, I picked up to see who it was. The recorded woman's voice was clear and authentic sounding, but no mention of a company, just "your credit card" and "act now" screamed scam. Didn't hit 9, although now I wished I had to mess with them.

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