Caller ID: 303-974-1802
Caller type: Telemarketer

BONE said: received this unsolicited call from telemarketers from 303-974-1802.  i have also gotten the same call, from same telemarketers with a different number.


Caller type: Commercial

firegirl said: Call 5 times every day at least for some nursing program.  this is insane.


Caller ID: 304 525 0443

lloyd said: me too -- last night (a hand up on the answering machine) and the night of the election when I actually picked up and told the guy I was about to go to sleep and he asked to confirm my phone # which now I'm sorry I did.  How can I get off this call list?


another in nj said: Whoops!  I meant to say "hang up" in previous post -- not "hand up!"  Sorry!


A1C Herrera said: this numbers calls my phone, everyday and when i answer its hangs up in my ear. so when i do decide to call it back ,it say this number has been disconnected.


Smiey said: this numbers calls my phone, everyday and when i answer its hangs up in my ear. so when i do decide to call it back ,it say this number has been disconnected.


James said: Just received the same call tonight, as I have in the past from this number. I say hello and no one answers. I've called back only to get a discontinued number message. What is the purpose to call and not even answer, especially if it is some scam that they are trying to lore me into.


Caller ID: Angie's List

pj said: Might be a VoIP end-line.  I just got a call from Angie's List, of which I was a member, asking for feedback.


Mike said: We just joined the club and got taken too. Not a large amount of money, but it is the principle of course... I HATE getting ripped off, and in fact in 10 years of business we have only written off 3 small bad debts (we are very thorough). So this really p--ses me off. Anyway, we are also filing a report with Hialeah police and FBI fraud dept. Also spoke to Florida Attorney General and they said we are not the first to report to them either.

Does anyone have any substantial and/or new information about these crooks?


ism said: Spanish speaking automated message received 8 minutes ago


just me said: i got a call from 3051234020 today while i was at school.

no message or anything, i have no clue who it is.


Caller ID: 305-125-7305

Alexandria, VA said: Left no message on answering machine


Caller ID: ?

boots said: keeps calling want it stopped


Caller ID: Florida

patty said: Called twice so far this week. When I answered the first time I also pressed one and then got disconnected.  They called again today.  When I called back I hit *67 (of course) it rang a couple times then said the number was disconnected.


hype said: I have also received calls from this # from a Peter Jones. When I requested that I be sent something in the mail regarding this he stated that they did not send information in the mail. I have received calls from him at home as early as 7:20 am and daily at work.  I requested that I not be contacted at work. Even when I gave him a date of when I could make a payment I still received daily calls from him. When I told him that he was harrassing me by all of the calls I was then called by a Anna Cooper (at my place of employment) who stated that she was a legal investigator for United Investigations.  I offered to make a payment when I got off work that day.  She advised me that I only had one hour to pay the entire balance or she would be sending federal officers to my work place to have me arrested.  She also stated that I would need to contact my childrens school/daycare to advise them that officers would be taking them into protective custody. I don't have any childre. She also requested to speak to my supervisor to advise him of what would be happening, which I refused. She requested that I send the payment via Money Gram on a "green form" to Smit Shah in Highwood, IL. When I went to send the Money Gram I was told by the agent that the green form is for the person receiving the $$. She said that if I was sending $$ to pay a bill it would go on a different form and that it would require an account #.  I tried several times to call the 305-396-9594 # and reached a recording that said the "selected destination is unreachable."  The only time I was able to get through to someone on this # was at about the time I was supposed to call and give Anna Cooper the confirmation # of the transaction.  When I was able to speak with her and asked for an account # she stated that I did not need one since it was being sent to directly to the director of the company that the $$ was owed to.  She stated that the reason it was being sent to a person instead of a company was because the fees are cheaper. I was told that the $$ was owed to Midland Marketing.  When I requested a phone # for that company she refused to give me a # stating that I was wasting her time.  Upon investigation I found that there is no Midland Marketing in Highwood.  The only thing that is listed for that name is in Northfield, IL.  I contacted the company and was advised that they do not do any kind of loans and that there was no one there by the name of Smit Shah.  I have notified the Illinois Attorney General's office regarding this for investigation.


KT said: yeah, def spanish person calling.  i said hello twice, they spoke, then hung up.  weird.


Amanda said: We received a call yesterday.


Caller ID: Unknown

tw said: Call from a David Jackson regardin legal issues if I didn't call me back.  I am not wasting my time.   I have had these calls before and fell victim of another scam so I know based on listening to the voice mail, he can barely speak english.


Caller ID: 305-749-8180

hno said: This number has called me several times.  I found out today that it is a spanish promotion company that was offering me a Thanksgiving cruise.  I pressed "1" to say that I was interested so that I could tell whoever to take me off of their calling list -- but it connected me NOT to the company, but to another man's private phone who became very rude with me.

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