Dennis said: Keeps calling my number.


Dean said: i also received a call from the same numbner you posted Oct, 18, 2008. i dont have any idea who's number is it or to where it came from. im wondering what telephone code in the philippines is "097". i dont usually take calls if im not sure of the caller. i just left it ringing until it stopped.


Tom said: No one is on the line.


Tappio said: oct08 - they still r calling...


miksu said: Just called to me too


Caller ID: 112 175 1200

yo said: keeps calling and hanging up we live in brazil


Caller ID: Unknown

walt said: called , no message


gilder said: Received a call from 123-456-7815 and since the number looked phony I hung up.  Ha - screw them.


Prank caller has no life gets ... said: Said from Discover card taking voting preference survey. Told him that I didn't vote and he hung up.


bubba said: Called my house phone, hung up as soon as I picked up.


Ztl said: no message left


dave said: 2 calls in 5 minutes,did not answer


Caller ID: 186-690-8823

Deb said: Called a few times in the last few days between noon and 7pm.


Kristina said: Multiple phone calls


Caller ID: out of area

Momof4 said: called my husband kayla


Caller ID: Unknown

Bill Morris said: I have received two phone calls in as many days from the number listed on my caller ID  1-191-124-5815.  They do not leave a message, and hang up.  The alleged area code 191 is not a US area code or as far as I can tell, an international code.  What is this?


Vicki said: I also received this number but it was at 4 a.m.  I knew it was from my son in Kuwait he called to wish me happy birthday.  I dare anyone else to call me at that time of the day.


Scott said: I have been receiving calls on my cell from this number (2012970394) for at least a month.  I never seem to be around when they call, and they never leave a message.  When I call the number, an automated voice says the mailbox of the number is full.  When I Googled it, it showed that the origination is in Tennessee.

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