Kira said: repeated calls


tmoswalt said: They just tried to sell me the same car for $2500. Buitiful Cherry Red One!


Beet said: Same thing just happened to me I'm in Portland, Oregon, and this was also a Craigslist ad. 2000 Honda Accord LX Coupe fully loaded,lots of goodies, lots of photos. I never got a call it was all done by email......He also kept posting the ad and then taking it off. This guys name was David Edwards in the army shipping out to Afganistan in November.....bla bla bla. I wish they would ship his butt off to Afganistan......This particular vehicle books for close to $9000.00 and he was asking $2500.00 got the same fake PROPAY invoice from propaypayments.us The agents name is Robert Simmons in Melville, NY. I couldnt figure out for the life of me why he couldnt sell it right there at home in NY. Thats what held me off at first.
It was damn near so convincing that I almost sold my car to send the money......Thanks to God this thread was here in my search engine.....I just about sent the money, but Ive always been told if it sounds to good to be true it probably is........So I investigated it, I was gonna call PROPAY in the morning to verify if this was actually a true invoice of theirs........PLEASE BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!


RebelPC said: Beautiful Cherry Red 2000 Honda Accord LX Coupe VIN #1HGCG2250YA042009


Jhon said: 11:14am, Friday Oct 17 08

Yup, got the call. If I don't recognize the #, I don't pick up because I'm lazy. I hate calls that are inconsequential.


Ted said: When i answer the caller hangs up


spider said: just testing site


April said: Multiple phone calls


Vic said: Received a call this morning.


Nancy said: That is weird


Lori said: they never leave a message.


CB said: They called me today and I reported them


Caller ID: Taylor Bean
Caller type: Collection Agency

Msh said: They called me this morning with their automated system. The recording asked me to call them to discuss my loan. I ck'ed and it's all up to date. But the kicker was that the automated system called me at 6:34AM!!!! I called back their toll free number but it's been busy all day long. Pathetic.


Caller ID: mrj construction

PRECIOUS ONE said: too have been receiving the same phone calls, DAY AND NIGHT ALL HOURS OF THE DAY. Noone answers when you call back, it goes to some crazy voicemail ring back tones of some bad country music. The number that keeps calling me is 352-684-1437..I have left them a message now telling them that if they call again, legal action, both the police and state attorneys office will be notified of their scam.


Caller ID: ??

dustin said: Magazine Sales - RUDE CALL!!!


Caller ID: DC
Caller type: Collection Agency

allpay nomoney said: They use generic names (last names usually) like smith, Olson, or Johnson. Today I got a call from this number Leslie Johnson.


Lee said: Several calls


Caller ID: Florida

Virginia said: My elderly mom is getting calls from this number. She can't understand what they are saying but thinks it's somthing about car insurance. If she breaks a hip or something trying to get to the phone, they will have a lawsuit on their hands, no matter who they are.

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