April said: foreign accent man calling stating that he is apart of the government and wants to give me free money($5000) scam they have my information and need to be blocked.


Caller type: Non-Commercial

edove22s said: breathing in phone


holly said: holly-do you live in california?  I was searching for this IP address but what name do you have?


tomatp said: How do we get this guy?


Caller ID: Comm Serv For

Luke said: Earlier this morning (11/11/08) I received a call from this number, but upon answering they quickly hung-up.  I attempted to call them back unsuccessfully.

So as to avoid any future "prank" calls I am going to block this number.  

BTW - thanks for this service.  It's great to know that others have experienced the same issue(s).



Florendo said: Just want to know if this is the right number I have to call back for an inquiry.


Kali said: No voicemail was left.


me-too said: So I got a call at around 2:17 PM and the person told me that they are calling from Airtel callhome and then asked me why I'm not using there service.. I told that I'm using another service and by that time, she started saying hello-hello and cut the phone.


Caller ID: 206-336-7211

emanon said: Called my house at 3:15 am and 3:58 am, Nov. 11. hang up calls.


Jethro said: now getting emails asking me to call this number.


Kim said: just got this call this morning
its a solicitation


thorn3686 said: This person is an obvious retard. don't ever do business with this loser. He is an a**.


Lucas said: got a disconnected call when answered


Madeline said: Who owns this number.


Madeline said: Got a call from this number at 8 am.  No message and other end is a disconnected number.


Sue said: I dialed the number back and it did ring through, suggesting an actual company.  I asked why I received the call when I am on the do not call list.  He basically said they don't look at it and offered to take me off of their list.

I don't know if this is the same outfit, but I have friends who did go to a similar fire safety dinner presentation.  They try to sell you an alarm system charging $300 for $30 alarms.


Caller ID: 208 597-8790

graydon said: What is this message, it's mumble jumble


Caller ID: private number

amyann said: Calls about once a week during the day. I'm not home during the day.
Never leaves a message.


Caller ID: Unknown
Caller type: Telemarketer

Mikie said: A telemarketer called me today on my cell phone telling me how in 20 seconds he could get me hundreds of free dvd's.  I kept trying to speak but he obviously would not shut up.  If these damn people want to use my minutes and pay my cell phone bill then by all means continue calling.  If not, leave me the hell alone.  Further, if it is a legitimate business, have a website where the public can order what you are selling or express our views about you.


Caller ID: NONE

ladyisis said: this # comes up on my phone about once a week. No name or message. I work nights and they always call befor 10am.

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