Denise said: No message just keep calling


LM said: I just wanted to know who called me from this number.. I also wanted to know if this is a lock-up facility, if so i am looking for someone named marquis johnson, he lives in missouri.


Stephanie said: I got the same call today from American Prestige. Woman's name is Amanda. Telling me I won a wedding package. It's a scam.


lilmom said: Adding to the list.Thinking it might be an Agent, as Author's we see this call on our Id stating it was an Int'l Number with a 315 area code rang bells..Some people really need a life:(


Caller ID: NONE

Morrison said: We are busy Author's as we are awaiting responses to our work..We get annoyance calls like this???Hate the idea of not taking a call in the event we are to miss our long awaiting break.


Caller ID: Barrier Windows

barrier to peace said: I know an old guy who got scammed recently from Barrier Windows.


Betty said: Keep calling my number and not leaving a message.


Tessa said: left no message


bill said: I love how they call and don't leave a message.  They can keep calling and I will keep not answering I don't answer phone call I don't know.


Caller ID: Unknown Number
Caller type: Collection Agency

me myself said: They have called several times and i have never answered.  Three of those times, they sent a text to my phone with the following phone numbers: 316-425-0113 and 316-962-3100.  The second number sent in text belongs to Wesley Clinic.


Laura said: This is Carmel Financial, a collection department, they are very persistent about who they are trying to get a hold of. Had to change my number cause of the many calls they made a day. They found my cell phone number again and about to change it again.


Jasmin said: Repeated calls from this number.



Tired said: These people have called 9 times today. Yes NINE TIMES! 8:02 AM, 9:09 AM, 10:58 AM, 11:58 AM, 1:01 PM, 2:01 PM, 3:02 PM, 4:03 PM, 5:03 PM. Not one single message was left on my machine & if I was here to answer the phone... They hang ______ up when I answer. There is another debt collection company that has also been calling for someone who had my number over 8 years ago. Looks like they are harassing me for someone else extremely and very old debt. Seriously people I've had this number since May of 2000. Can you not find a better number for this looser and annoy the stuff out of him?


Business said: This caller left a blank message on a voicemail


Caller ID: S Kirk
Caller type: Fax Machine

GuyC said: This number calls several times a day in the evening and middle of the night for months!


Wilda said: They call my work all the time, you ask company name "Credit Services" what is your call back number, Pause. . . . Hang up!!

Hah what a joke, I feel bad for those that get sucked into a scam as this because they will fall into so much debt and problems they will never be able to get credit.  And in today's economy people are suckers to this.  Why doesn't the government or other organizations look into these people, they change their company each month one day will be auto warranty to credit services.  I just don't get it?



Really? said: no message on machine


Caller ID: 323-429-7522
Caller type: Telemarketer

anonymous in Texas said: This one I've gotten on both of my phones that are on the do-not-call list and they are work numbers.  It is from a Credit Services company trying to offer their interest rates on credit cards.  I know it's a scam cause it says "there is NOTHING wrong with your credit accounts"...lol they don't know me very well obviously.

I once got a person when I pressed '1' for a live operator and the man was rude and pressed buttons in my ear when I told him this was a business number and on the d.n.c. list.  the 2nd time it disconnected me after pressing '1'.

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