Dan said: One ring. No response. No caller ID but I *69ed it. Looked it up on a reverse lookup and it apparently belongs to Your Vote Count in Morley, MI. The phone company is Lucre, Inc.


Caller ID: Unknown
Caller type: Telemarketer

Alan said: This number called me last Friday night and I answered by accident as I was trying to text a friend. I didn't say anything but could hear a guy saying my name repeatedly on the other end as if waiting for me to say Hello or Yes or something. The same number just called me now. I didn't answer. I called the number back about 5 minutes later and it says "please hold while yur call is transfered". Nothing ever happens. No one ever picks up. This call is coming from Michigan.


Shell said: tele-marketer.


Harrison said: Looking for owner info.


machinery sales said: caller won't give company name but wants to buy multiple pieces of machinery at a time


Caller ID: 233244110456

jack said: how this # belong to


Caller ID: Unknown

Cianfrock said: Caller call 5 times and would not Identifu self.  4 of the times they just held the line open.


mark said: got a couple of calls from a similar number a week ago in ireland its a nigerian no. i went to a payphone dialed and said i would hunt them down if they phoned me again


Caller ID: ft myers call

Cam said: 2 hellos..no reply.disconnect


richard said: They keep calling my work number.


Caller ID: No Name

tired of paying for these calls said: answered the call - but no one was there.


Caller ID: Barack Obama

GrandPam said: Live person calling to solicit votes for Barack Obama


psuutmom said: Just received a call from this number; answering machine picked-up.  It was a conference call and message my phone company may charge.  I tried to end the call but could not. They were still talking several minutes later.  I will have to check phone bill to see if there was a charge.


Caller ID: 248-915-3000

Flowerjml said: This number has called my land line and my cell phone (on a Saturday at 7pm) and has never left a msg


Caller ID: AACC
Caller type: Collection Agency

mad in dr said: These people call all the time. They are wasting their time because I do not answer. However, they are tying up my telephone. Also, the telephone rings at inconventient times. Since I am forced to look to see who it is that is calling on my caller ID, this also is a nuisance.


Caller type: Telemarketer

Bob said: automated message. Left me message on my voice. Selling credit card equipment as in swipe machines.


Seattle said: calls from this number and no one is there??? Getting sick of being bothered on my one day home.  Please disconnect there phone.


Caller ID: *69

Bella said: calls from this number and no one is there??? Getting sick of being bothered on my one day home.  Please disconnect there phone.


bobinga said: number called my home number several times at 1 am. They didn't talk. Sounded like their cell was accidentally calling from their pocket.


Caller ID: NCO
Caller type: Collection Agency

Kat said: They call and keep on calling also they change to an 800-503-2463....NCO it is a scam

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