DD said: called at 7:30pm...who is this?


Atinsley said: Keep calling, does not leave voice mail.


Karla said: Called my cell.


Caller ID: Unknown

john said: Called my cell phone.


dusty said: Ok just want to let everyone know that they called again today and I answered. Turns out it is a recorded message from Wheaton Franciscan Health Care reminding you of an upcoming medical appointment. The problem is that it takes forever to start talking, so it seems like a prank call. If they call you, just wait a bit and don't hang up. It will start talking eventually.


Caller ID: 911

SFnative said: was trying to report a reckless driver.. operator was slow and rude sa i said nevermind !


mimi said: Yeah I have metro.. you think there's a connection


Caller ID: Unknown

Sawz said: Unknown caller


Jeff said: there is stupid spam going around talking about fedex and a package in the uk just report the spam like i am doing.  i hate spammers


Betty said: Got a call from this phone number.


Caller type: Telemarketer

joe said: would not give name of company


Helen said: Did you hear back from "them"?

I just had a phone call like that, and I was asked to confirm our mailing address - Should I be worried?


Monica said: i called the number 416-504-5489. oncve i listened to a brief automated message, i pressed in my 10 digit phone number, and it was removed from the list.


Chad said: Hello' I have recieved 3 calls so far so dont't pick cause I heard they make money from people that pick up these calls. How I dk but do not pick up the phone!!! It's a scam!!! too many people ripping people off these days to make a dollar..very sad.


Doris said: Trying to find who owns this phone number.


Caller ID: Mark Cocu

dgh said: Mail scam.  No. Amer. Prize pool.  we received a check for $5000 from a bank in Maine.  Real bank w/ real company attachment.  Misplellings on the check, waltz co-oporation.  Either they tried to spell corporation or cooperation.
check is from fake account do not cash.  I believe it will take a few days for the banks to communicate and then they will find out the check is bounced.  but they wont find out in time before you pay the Prize company.  So you will have to pay back the bank w/ fines.

I called the phone number the guy was definetly African.  hmmmm, maybe Nigerian.


Jason said: A female caller said she was IRS. When I tried to return the call, number was disconnected.


Vitesse said: I received a check in the mail for $4,890.00 from Premier Financial Securities, Inc with a letter saying that I had won $250,000.00  The check was to deposited in my account. I was to send $2,985.00 to be paid by MoneyGram or Western Union to pay the taxes on the money.  I contacted the company.  They said I had won the sweepstakes from either Home Depot or WalMart.  They gave me an address in Canada to send the $2,895.00 to.  I called Wells Fargo Bank N.A. whose name was listed on the check, and they told me it was a scam but there was nothing they could do about it.  I have reported this to the local police.  I feel notices should be posted in at least these two stores and bank so customers should know what is going on. THIS SEEMS TO BE AN INTERNATIONAL SCAM AND I BELIEVE THE FBI SHOULD BE MADE AWARE.


Caller ID: Unknown

Jordan said: this number was on a letter i recieved from unique solutions inc. located at 3771 victoria park ave. toronto, ont. m1w 3z5. The check was for 4,815 and when i deposited it it came back counterfit. they closed my bank account and sheila harris is still the claim agent and ryan noble is the claim agent.

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