W said: I received a call from this number from someone who emailed me from a craigslist posting to rent my house. he claimed to be from the UK under the name Lewis Splatter. He provided me a number in the UK, but called me from this number which is showing up on Grant St in downtown Pittsburgh. He sent me a check and asked to deposit it and send the balance to him via Western Union.


Caller ID: NONE

crystallady916 said: this gut named dave langley tried the same scam in tampa fl useing 813-814-3876 for a supervisor of restoration projects same BS fast talker gave no info i filed reports with the fbi and state attny. thank god i didnt fall for this, what a piece of crap to be doing this to people with the job market like it is. hope they burn in hell


Caller ID: Wireless Call
Caller type: Telemarketer

Marvin C said: Just got call from this number with steam boat whistle in backround saying I won a cruise. Don't answer the ten questions. They sell your name to everyone. It's a scam.


Caller ID: don't know

shazamo said: Got a miss call from this number too 412-803-0100.. they didn't leave a message. When i tried calling it back got msg stating this number is not available. Glad to see we have posting like this to help stop scammers


Caroline said: Received a call.


Caroline said: What did they say, I missed the call and a recording comes on saying "your call can not be completes as dailed"    what is it for?


Michael said: It is a fedEx person


Caller ID: Unknown

bill said: left no message


Sean in NC said: Called my cell phone. The was a voicemail, but it was only a second or two long, and no one said anything, although there was background noise.


corey said: Same s**t different day. Wtf, said she was at LaRico's house when it happened...


QBee said: I got a call from this number too, but did not pick it up. when i google the number i got this name too. very strange


Caller type: Non-Commercial

Gail said: This is either Alpine Financial or Costello Law Firm in the collections business.  The phone number is a match for a north side Milwaukee/Wauwautosa area Law Firm.


Tyler said: Who is this from?


HeyMrQ said: I stop answering this because they keep callig me when I have been constantly busy at work. I believe I asked not to call more than once but they just don't quit. I will donate blood when I can. I understand there's always need for blood since less and less people can donate blood but it is becomning too much pressure.


Sydney said: Multiple phone calls


Jonny said: This person needs to go to jail!!!1


Jonny said: See you soon!!!!!


RH said: I received a call also from Kevin Johnson. I am having it investigated through my job.


Caller type: Collection Agency

Denise said: i keep receiving calls saying that i am in trouble and owe money. at first i said i would pay if i really did owe. they told me to fax a letter or else the sherriff would be at my job.


Mike said: need to know who caller was?

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