Rene said: just got a call from the same#.... anyone know who it is


Caller ID: Ibfa Aquisition

Dj said: Caller wanted know the owner of our company. Said he was calling from a cell phone in NC. The caller ID showed it was from Dallas TX. Polite but not honest.


Caller ID: WaMu

Maine said: I missed 1 payment on my card & now I get over 100 calls a week ALL FROM WAMU, there is a thing called harrassment. Calls start at 7:00 am and don't stop until 9:00 pm. They never leave a message & when you call back it is either busy or some foreiner answers.


Calvin said: Received a call this morning.


Caller ID: Rolfson L.

Nikki said: No message left.


Caller ID: 215-665-1380

L said: I justb een called by this number and some wierd dude asked about my husband, when I asked him who he is and that this is not my husbands number he just hung up on me!


Caller ID: Unknown
Caller type: Fax Machine

madsleeper said: got a call from number 216-779-7745 at 1:59 AM, yes 2 in the morning on a sunday night.
it sounded like a fax beeping.  I cant find info on this number. anyone else get called by it and know who it is.


man guy said: they called saying something about my friend and i cant find out who it is


sandman1965 said: This number showed up on my caller display. I read your message before calling it back so now I won't be bothered. Thank you!


Dan said: Receiving various calls with unintelligible woman's voice at other end.  Calls at all times of day and night.


Lorenzo said: Filed a complaint as well... Thanks


dotbrown said: This number is from Trwin County Detention Center in Ga.


Mel said: me tooooo WTF!!!!!


Caller ID: Education Dec

Bob said: I've started getting a lot of calls from this "Education Decision" center or whatever, but i don't know how they got my number and my name!
When i asked the guy(who was heavily accented, and very difficult to understand) he told me i filled out something Online(which is not true) ...


Vero said: i have been receiving calls from this Number and all they do is call and hang up. they dont say anything they simply hang up. they are just making me waist my time!!!!!!!


norma said: These people called me at work and offered me information on a nearby college.  I advised them that the number they were calling was a business phone, I was busy and could not take this kind of call.  He insisted and I hung up.  He called back about 7 times consistantly and I finally answered then he just said "How many times ma'am?"  I don't know what they could possible want but I don't think the guy was very happy.


Caller ID: 231-732-2157

FED-UP said: Dead silence when I picked up. Call originated from a landline in Morley, Michigan. No further info.


Ira said: 231 732-2543 My caller ID shows this number for a call that came in on 11/8/08 at 11:45 am. There was no message and I do not recognize the number.

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