Caller ID: CALL

kh said: Received two calls from this number on 3 Nov 2008, both left messages on may machine.  One was from a "concerned Teacher" (she did provide a name) in support of a local candidate (D) for a FL state senate race. The second was from the candidate.  I am a bit concerned that a candidate for a FL race would use a telemarketer in DC. Makes we wonder who exactly was paying for the service.


Caller ID: Four Vacation
Caller type: Commercial

PM Rigby said: received a call at home that my daughter answered,they asked for either me or my partner, who were not in, so they stated that she had won a holiday of a lifetime to Mexico, florida all paid, they asked for credit card details, when she refused they said that they had all her details already and that she just needed to confirm, they were on the phone for 20 mins before giving up. however they rang her again to try, she asked to speak to the manager, who came on the phone and verbally abused her, using foul language, and this is to a tennager! she was very upset and i have now contacted the police, these people have no morals and need to get of their bums and earn a decent living like most people.


Caller ID: ?

leigh said: I have gone beyond disappointment with telemarketers phoning my cell, internet phone, and home phone phone. I now call my Congressional Representative or e-mail them with these numbers that are daily breaking the autodial law...

I suggest everyone contact their elected representative until the loop holes established by the telemarketing industry Lobbing  are closed or their random dialing polices are to expensive to continue...

Something about a squeaky wheel getting the grease.  I am certain everyone is angry about this abusive violation of existing statues, and wants this illegal activity stopped..

I no longer have any patience, in my opinion these telemarketing companies owners, principals and their stockholders need to be burned at the stake in the town square...  Their company & personal assets need to be seized and everything liquidated to reduce the taxpayers bailout obligations of other fat cat criminals courted by a few elected officials...

Wives, family members and relatives are responsible to make these law breakers stop violating the laws, if they want to protect the assets they enjoy, or hope to enjoy.



Madeline said: No message left. Do not know who called me.


Edward said: left no message


Caller type: Telemarketer

ian smith said: claimed to be coin dealer....was high pressure...hung up


andy said: Called at work and a message was left from a stranger.  The call sounded like it was being read from a script without any identifying company or reason for the call.  It just asked that I return the call.  The voice also sounded like it may have been a computer voice.  The "caller" identified herself as "Ann Merino."


Same thing said: I got the same odd feeling about this place.  I called the Better Business Bureau and they had no information on Cloud & Tidwell, LLC, but referred me to the Birmingham Bar Association and they said that Brian M. Cloud was in good standing.  So it appears to be a hybrid law firm/collection agency (working in conjunction with the odious AmShare Collections Agency).  As much as I despise they horrible people and their profession, it appears they have followed the rules and cannot be as easily ignored as most of us might wish...


PAUL TAYLOR said: This guys is stalking me! Calling all hours of the day and night repeatedly.  My local police have been working on this and now turning it over to the state police.  Please please someone find this guy he needs to be aprehended.


Caller ID: Westar
Caller type: Telemarketer

Jay said: Same here, on my cell phone no less. Weak. Offering me air tickets and a shopping spree.

Go to hell all you liars and cheats in this country.


Caller ID: Unknown

James said: Don't know how they got this number, but when I find out...See you in court!


mykowheelah said: Same as others. Free airline tickets. The lady sounded so annoying I wouldn't have called back even if it was real.


Caller ID: Unavailable

Barb said: Called my voip line and left no message.


missbeverlyann said: Called me 5 times yesterday.


Caller ID: 206-336-7191

me said: They called my cell phone twice:

11/04 at 6:40 AM

11/04 AT 6:39 AM.

left no message!


km said: It's Virginia Mason Appointment Reminder Line


Kylie said: called and left no message


Paula said: Have no idea who it is.


Caller ID: WA

JJ said: no message

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