Jonny said: I got one today.  No message.  I'm amazed at how often I now get such calls.


Allan said: Anybody getting calls from this phone number?


RobM said: Receive calls from them number on my fax line


Caller ID: Promo Offers

Tim L said: These people have been calling me for 2 weeks, we told them NOT to call us again & have at least 1-2 times everyday since - even as late as 9:30p.m.  Very heavy Indian accent that I can't even understand trying to tell me that I've won a gas card & verifies my mailing address.  I have tried to call the number back & it says if you want to be removed from their call list to press "1".  It doesn't work because they have continued to call me for the past 2 days. Ready to report them to consumer protection in Wisconsin.


justhereagain said: Nope, you explained it exactly as it happened to me.  They call from craigslist right when you ask them to call, so you can verify who you are.  I couldn't have said it better myself.


dww50 said: They are at it again.  I just got another hang up call from them.


Anthony said: Got a call from 310-201-4321, heard three fast clicks then hang up.  Since I'm a 310- cell #, thought it might be a friend but nothing.  Not going to bother calling it back.


Caller ID: 13102014321

Tony Caruso said: same here. as i picked up the phone all i heard was a click and silence.


Caller ID: (310) 201-4321

Karen said: (310) 201-4321 called, I could hear breathing in the background... what do I do?


unknown call receiver said: (310) 201-4321 called twice as soon as I answered it hung up


Caller ID: (310) 201-4321

DD said: strange, everyone is posting so closely together, i'm in 702, just got a new phone, got a call from this number and hung up on answering.


Caller ID: California Call

Carlsbad said: Receive call today at 9:28am from this number (310-202-4320).  I answered on the third ring.  There was no sound on the other end, and after about 8 seconds, the call disconnected.  I called the number back about 2 minutes later, but heard the "this number has been disconnected or is no longer in service" official message.  WTF?


Harry said: I missed a call from this number.


j. said: These people have been calling me for months.  They are some kind of financial organization who solicits money for buying options.  I think they may be owned by a well known bank in Pennsylvania.  They are at best pushy and at worst fraudulent.  Be very CAREFUL!  I no longer answer at all.  Once in a while I will call the number in an effort to discover the bank that owns them, but they never answer.


Helen said: Did not leave a voice message.


Laura said: Does someone know who calls from this number.


Manda said: Lol

Umm, That is Britney Spears Line.

So, Yea..
You got a call from Brit.

Bein For Real Here. Look it up She calls it the 'B line' ^^ Its on her myspace and her youtube.


Samuel said: Got a phone call from this number. The caller did not leave any message.


Caller ID: 310-562-0212
Caller type: Commercial

toadhall said: my # used to belong to someone else a year & 3 mths ago.  i keep getting calls for the other person as i guess he used to purchase drugs over the phone as his favorite past time.  i get at least 4 calls from this # every day & i'm done w/screaming at them - i prefer to let the electronic screeches i send irritate them.


Caller ID: 310-539-1783

libbysue said: Received a call at 7:09 p.m. on Monday, November 17th.  When it started to go to voicemail they must have hung up and called again right away.  I never picked up and they never left a message.

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