Caller type: Collection Agency

terrence mescha said: I continue to get a recorded message to contact the law offices of Arnold Scott Harris - they are calling for someone who is not me or related to me. Clearly they have a wrong number. Five times I have requested (based on what the recording says) to be opted out of this call and to date nothing. I have now threatened legal action for harrassment.


Tracy said: A guy called me and asked if I would be interested in selling for a larger profit, and/or rent my weeks out for Large profits again. He asked if I was interested. I asked who it was and he said with the resort. I asked him to call me back in 10 minutes. I then googled the 321-282-0600, then I called the # back and it was REM. They said no way knowing who called me. Then would not take my call. No return call as of yet after an hour.
NO DEAL is ever good to be that easy.


chris said: they never leave a message.


lala said: The Company the telemarketers are calling for is "AVANTAPURE"; of Longwood,
Fl.  I made the big mistake of not reading the fine print on postcard from
Lowe's (Not), saying I good receive $50.00 gift card (I know, I know, there
is no such thing as a free lunch) if I would participate in a survey.  I agreed.  The survey was a 3 hour sales pitch in my home to install a whole
house water softener system for only $8,000.00!  The last 20 minutes of the
sales pitch, I literally stood with my front door open telling the person I
was late for an appointment!  I had explained time frame to appointment setter who assured me it would be no longer than one hour.  I was promised
my "free" gift card in 3 days.  It has now been 8 business days.


Jany Lorenc said: I think the 321-445-2914 is connected to the 866-849-3242 as I continue to receive calls from both - one right after the other - and when returning to the caller and asked for the person who had left the message - someone starts talking really fast not giving me the name they are collecting for and really rude. If anyone finds out the name of the company I would like to forward to my attorney's office.


Caller ID: trading

swapan das said: my call waiting said "trading" and there was no one on the other end.  I was into commodites about 10yrs ago..nothing since...these calling lists must persist forever!


Ryan said: A female asked, "Is Shawna there?" and I said "wrong number."  She said sorry and hung up.


Caller ID: 1-323-319-5925

lw said: unknown person, noisy background


Caller ID: polling results

Sue said: Phone rang twice. I answered but no one was there. I called the number back and the recording said it was a polling results number and to press 1 if I wanted to participate. I pressed 1 but no one has called back.


Caller ID: 323-429-7557

CINDY said: Calls and hangs up on recorder¿


Caller type: Commercial

mark said: Haven't we all seen enough of Corporate Mortgage Rip Offs via UNKNOWN caller ID's.  Congress should stop this BS.


Caller ID: California

Diane said: calls frequentlyt - does not leave message as I don't answer these types of calls even if at home


Alice said: I read an add in the newspaper about a stay at home medical billing job. I called the number in the add & a Paul Evans answered send to send him $199 & he would send a soft ware for medical billing & I would get pd. 4-7 for each claim.  I read alot of things about this person a different websites. It seems that everyone doesnt trust this person.  The numbers he used to call me were 323-841-9606, he said to call him back at 866-764-0257, & the newspaper had 806-425-3317. That 806 area code is in the panhandle of Texas 7 the 323 area code is a California area Code. Funny, why would he have a number from Texas & a number from California to contact him. Sounds kinda weird to me.


Caller ID: Unknown

Bob said: No msgs


Caller ID: Unknown

Bob said: No msgs


Caller ID: Unknown

Bob said: No msgs


just me said: get the same thing here in california


Lacy said: The girl's name is Jenni Somers. Jenni saved me from what could have been a complete catastrophy. Had it not been for her, I could have lost my medical license, my job, and my house over something I had simply overlooked.

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