steve0 said: picked up, no answer.


CaliGuy said: I work for a telemangment software company and just talked to a client who's PBX was freaked (hacked) by this number.  Beware of anyone from this phone number and what ever you do don't dail any kind of number sequence while connected to a call from this number.


shran said: I received a call from this mother f***er as well.


juice said: keeps calling me 30 times in a day at some days


Rob said: I did not answer it.


andy said: got a call from this number... guy kept talking - never gace a name...acted like he knew me and had been trying to reach me.  hung up on him


Alyssa said: Yeah, these idiots keep calling me too... I just don't answer.


Mike B said: Hi -

I have also been getting these calls for the last week. They do not leave
a message and hang up. It is out of area for me and I am hesitant to answer long distance calls on my cell - So I wait for a voice message.  None is ever left. I have not tried to call them back.  I wonder what part of the country the area code is from.  I will try that next.


Shelley said: Just got the call AGAIN.  Why can't someone make them stop?  Why do they call if they don't speak?


Delaware? said: It is a prankster hotline. Different people can set up prank calls to you that is why everyone is getting different messages. There was a Wal-mart advertisement on mine as well. I did not retrieve my prank record as I was afraid it was one of those phishing things as well. Some people have nothing better to do.


I didn't like it either said: Same here. It is from heycosmo. The message is about special deal from DirecTV. I registered my cell phone with donotcall.gov, still it got to me. I thought spam is illegal for cell phone?


Caller type: Fax Machine

Chief said: i got call from this number it was beeping and its was fax from aig


Daisy said: I answered and the caller disconnected.


Caller ID: 303-771-1143

tiggerpooh said: This number has been calling our office phone every weekday morning and hanging up.  This morning they finally spoke.  He asked for Darren.  When I said no one works here by that name, he slammed the phone down.  Lovely people.


Caller type: Telemarketer

Receptionist said: THEY CALLED BACK!!!  He asked for the owner by name.  I pretended to be the boss.  He said his name is Steve with Seattle Specialties and they just moved to Denver.  They have a large supply of retractable pens and wanted to give me a deal.  I asked if he had a website so I could see the pens.  He said no but I could GOOGLE them.  After letting him give his "speech", I told him to take me off the list and never to call here again.  He was very polite and said he would try to see that happen.


Lauren said: silence when i answer this call and they call about 5 to 7 times a day. i am really sick of this and wish they would stop calling.


Caller ID: 303-209-7419

c said: recieved 3 calls in the a.m. from this number with a fax machine tone..
Sent a fax to this number stating to stop calling my cell phone #


Caller ID: ?

? said: ?


Jacob said: Computer voice (circa 1980's, like in Wargames) said "hey guys, can I get your opinion of those cars we saw?  Press 1 if you liked the hot corvette, press 2..."

I assume they are trying to steal money from me so I hung up.


Jacob said: This number keeps calling.

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