Caller ID: cellular call
Caller type: Non-Commercial

Just Trying To Help. said: sick SOB who has calls us off and on for 20 years with obscene comments and threats.  We know who you are, it's just a matter of time until we can prove it.  Does your wife know how disturbed you are?  Do you want us to call and tell her?  Do the cops need to bring you in again?  What is your problem anyways?


selena gomez said: u should make shure millions of people rang her and said that it really is!! try it ,you might be lucky...i really whant Sels email adress but dont know how 2 get it if u have any ideas please tell ME !!


Ashton robbins said: Thanx sooo much 4 ringing her ..i really do wish i could but i live really far away..(If i get a chance 2 come 2 america next year i ll definatly ring her).By the way where do you live & and dont worry im no stalcker either im just someone who really whants 2 meet selena kinda like millions of people!!Good luck meeting your favourite star..


Tyler said: sorry i accidently clicked 4 times or more..


Ray said: UNKNOWN caller




Caller ID: VOTE IN 2008

231 732 2720 said: When I answered on second ring it immediately hung up on me.  Caller ID said "VOTE IN 2008"


Caller ID: VOTE IN 2008

JP said: I answered on the 2nd ring and heard a click as it hung up on me.  When I checked caller ID it said this number and "YOUR VOTE COUNT" (probably "COUNTS" but cut off).  A few days ago the same thing happened, answered after 2 rings got hung up on, except caller ID said 231-732-2720 VOTE IN 2008.  I have an unlisted residence land line.


Caller ID: Unknown
Caller type: Commercial

Terry said: Unsolicited call about a winning a 5 day trip.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller

Juvenal3100 said: Call on cell phone - I missed it, no message.  Did not recognize number then found it on you list.


Latoya said: Often I receive several calls from 234-703-0412-071. The calls always seem to come at the wrong time so its always a missed call.  Once someone let the phone ring until the voicemail picked up I could hear a lot of peoeple talking it really sounded like the calls are from a call center they also spoke with a nigerian acent



nikkie said: they continually call and no one is ever there.  When I call back it is always a busy signal.  I was told that it is from a foreign country that is routed through the states and they only need an open line for a split second. So whatever you do don't answer it!!


Caller ID: 253-336-6463

Pfunk said: Caller from 253-336-6463 keeps calling my cell phone EVERYday 2 to 3 times a day. But I'll never answer.  We gotta put a stop to this!


Caller ID: out of area

JMR said: This needs to be stopped.  From: (254)230-4681  

These calls come into our land line at all times of day/evening/night + weekends. No messages left on our recorder and/or nothing said when I elect to answer the call.  

Type:  Land Line
Provider:  Level 3 Communications, LLC-TX
Location:  Waco, TX


Stoogefan said: Didn't know who it is


Caller ID: MI

dave said: I don't know who is calling from this number but they call every day and leave a message saying "hello, hello, hellooo." My friend tried calling the number and it said it wasn't in service.


loubee said: Same thing happened to me on 11/01/08


Caller ID: out of area

pame818 said: I just got a call from a VERY RUDE operator.  He asked who I planned on voting for in the upcoming senate race.  I told him I was NOT voting for Ted Stevens and he cut me off and told me that many Alaskans feel he did not get a fair trial and that I need to vote for him, yadda, yadda, yadda.  So I cut him off and told him that I would never vote for Stevens and hung up on him.


Sabine said: i believe this call is comming from a scammer outside the us. beware.

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