jreysmooth said: this person has been calling me & asking me to perform immoral & illegal things to her. it's disgusting; only a disturbed or deficient person would request the sick things!


Caller ID: 210-697-4027

hey said: Number calls 3-4 times a day.
Usually in the early evening.  
About once an hour.  
I say hello two or 3 times with no reply.  
When you call the number back it rings and nobody ever answers.


Caller ID: 210-892-1115

Madeline said: My cell phone rang today at 1:05 p.m and I answered - no one was on the line


Caller ID: 210-892-1127

gpb said: Did not leave a message


Caller ID: 210-892-1136

Alice said: Received call and rang about 3 times and hung up


Rob said: when the call came through.. it rang for about 3 seconds and then hung up. I never got a chance to answer. I tried calling back and it was busy. No idea who is calling.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller

Anon said: Calls all the time, never leaves a message. I even tried to pick-up before my answering machine comes on but no one on the other end. Very annoying!


Derek said: Called my mobile phone.


Caller ID: 1-800-Flowers
Caller type: Commercial

Al said: Yep, 1-800-Flowers.  They left a voicemail telling me that my order couldn't be delivered today.


Et Al said: don't worry Et Al, the calls will stop.  I did the same thing and once I realized what I'd done, duh, I just didn't answer and they didn't call very much.

keep the faith.


Kevin said: Missed a call


Caller ID: ?

louise said: I don't know why they called me. But i submitted my number to the donotcall liste 2 months ago


Julie said: I agree. I just did the same thing, and I was wondering why do I qualify for so many positions and I never hear anything else back from ANY of the companies.

I wonder if the companies are aware of the scam....

I am forwarding the information to the GBI and this should soon come to an end.

Freaking people with nothing better to do. . . . . . . .



Caller ID: ?

azbreeze99 said: continual calls. I have tried every approach... ingnoring the calls, telling the caller to take me off their list, being rude, being nice... nothing is working! They continue to call me multiple times a day.


Mike said: Do you know anything more about this caller, Mark? My bank called me and said this number called them trying to access my account, and they said they verified my information and had my credit card (which was supposed to be mailed to me that i never got).


Rick said: I'll add to other sites.


Juli said: Hi :) new here, did some searching & found all you people with the same problem. This number (caller id says out of california) has called me at least 3 X a day for the past week.
Says I won free satilite tv, I called the number Josh suggested and left a message to have my number removed. The guy on the recording has a southern accent and even gives the national do not call number. Anyways, I hope it worked because it's annoying to have voice mail messages with just clicks & to always be running to the phone at 8:45 pm. thinking it's important.
Good luck everyone :)


gypsy46049 said: Thank you for this information. I finally was able to call these people to have my number removed. They have been driving me crazy 3 times a week for months.


Tia said: Got a phone call from this number. No voice message left.

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