Caller ID: ???

millicent said: I got a call this morning again  only this time the #was  123-456-7814
instead of 7812
I answered it this morning, it was the SIERRA CLUB I told the girl this is the fourth time I got this call, How many times are you going to call me and tell me the same thing.  
I went online to the website and got an email address, so I might email them


Caller type: Collection Agency

Dan Perry said: Many harassing calls trying to collect money for dept that was not of my making.


cwc said: I did not answer this call as I did not recognize it as a call from within the US.


Caller ID: Comcast

rural Iowa said: I receive calls from this number at least twice a day.

No messages just a hangup, it's getting very annoying.



Caller ID: new jersey

Shaz said: Call ID said merely New Jersey - a Google search says the number belongs to a Michael Sackman in Paramus.  No message left - a political call?


BobW said: attorney general Terry Gottard is providing a promotional political advertisement for voters. A support message for Rick Boyer of Arizona running for state representative in the current election


rd said: I'm so sick of them calling. They want to sell me movies no matter how many times I tell them no they keep calling AND they call from multiple numbers (including multiple area codes)


Caller ID: tennessee

suzann said: keeps calling


KATT said: Crazy person calling me at 730 am yesterday 3 times and hung up twice.  I am an old widow woman and on short income with my cell phone.  I have had my 703 area code number for 3 years and now must change my number.  At 73 years old I don't need this.  Who is this man?


Caller ID: 202-239-0162

202-239-0162 said: call unwanted when i call back mailbox full


Caller ID: Unknown
Caller type: Commercial

Robert said: unsolicated call about Vehicle warranty to expire soon! (drive a 94 Nissan!)  Automated call, let it go to voicemail and called number (non-working) later.


Caller ID: Unknown
Caller type: Collection Agency

sd007 said: I looked up ICS Systems, it seems to be a software company...
the 202-367-9845 is a collection agency, how ever they never leave a message of any kind. They call 10-12 times a day, until they decide to leave a message, I won't answer.



spamassaissian said: On 10/29/08, I received a recorded-message phone call from what my caller-ID showed as "XO ONE/FREEDO" at 202-379-3742.  The message knocked Lisa Brown, a Deomcratic candidate for the Michigan Legislature in my Oakland County MI district.  I suspect the message was financed by Amy Peterman, Lisa Brown's opposing Republican candidate.
   What a lucky coincidence for me, because I had just mailed Amy Peterman's committee a samll contribution check two days earlier, and my check hadn't cleared yet.  So I put a stop payment order on the check, and wrote a letter to the Amy Peterman committee telling them that I would not stand for my contribution being used to support recorded-message negative phone calls.


Lowhisper said: It's an autodialer from Barbra Denno (sic?) State Senate.


Caller ID: private call
Caller type: Telemarketer

Pam said: get this call also finally called it back and it does give you the option to remove your name from the call list.


Caller ID: Washington

kidd72 said: Pat Boone recording pitching to get out and vote Tuesday for the Republican party.


Caller ID: Washington DC

Ronald said: Caller hung up


Lori said: UNKNOWN caller


Caller ID: Washington

Lori said: This number came in on caller I.D. as WASHINGTON , D.C.
Probably another annoying politician call!
We have them on the company answering machine by the dozen when we come in the morning and check the machine.


CINCIGIRL said: I called back and left a message. I told them if this is a call from Obama, they know EXACTLY what I thought of him. I told them he is a commie and that all of his relations and friends were commies, and that his promises were so much bu***hit!

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