Fler said: Called my cell and my wife didn't answer. She gave me this number taken form the missed calls list. I live in Ontario, my cell provider is Rogers. Time of call was around 11:30 AM 17-Oct-08.


jess said: i just got a call too, im with bell in toronto.. never answered, no v.m


b said: missed call, no message about 1 hour ago. my cell is nj - 201


Dee said: Same here...405 area code is OK city, OK


heath said: I just had the exact same message
No message left and when you call back someone with "british" like accent states a "travel related call" and if you want to be removed you can.


TX Aggie said: Same here just got a call on my cell didn't answer, no voice mail. called back from diferent # and tried ro remove my number from the list.


Alaska said: You're a moron if you don't use lead services....they are providing the upperhand on competition!!! Maybe it's the agent's fault for not being able to work the lead properly. I make half of my sales off of lead gen companies!!!!


Timpy said: I'm getting calls from (407) 771-0887 -- 9 today so far, 8 yesterday, 11 the day before -- and I don't even have any accounts with Chase!


Caller type: Commercial

Maria Zaragoza said: My mother receive a call from 407-506-0403 on Oct. 16, 2008 and the person she spoke to her in Spanish. The woman said that she just had won a trip to California for four people and the only thing that my mom had to do is just pay shipping.... So my mom gave her credit-card  number and later she call to her bank and that compony took all the money she had in the account. The name of the company is Vamos a Vacaciones.com


Rosemarie Jacob said: Received this automated call yesterday. Female voice.  Also no company identification - although Florida was mentioned in short time that I stayed on the line.  I'm located in Canada.


ricsou said: Both my daughter and I got calls from this number on our cell phones within an hour of each other. We both answered and had someone speaking in Spanish to us. I hung up...my daughter pressed "1" and someone came on. She told them that she doesn't speak Spanish and she has no idea what they were saying. All they could say back to her is "no espanol?".


DM said: I have also been calls from this number and it is all Spanish - I just  blocked the number - hopefully that will help


Viviana said: I got a call today from this number at work. Same exact scenario as you guys.  Creepy cause its one day after you.


Paola said: We are getting calls from this number too and don't know who it is. They hang up as soon as I answer. Does anyone know who it is or why they call?


colby said: This is a followup call from Orlando Infiniti...most likely to see if you were satisfied with recent service you had done.


Robin said: didn't answer


scoundrel1728 said: I worked for RTI Travel but quit because they are frauding people out of their money and telling them that their vacations are free but it's not.They owe alot of people money because the people canceled their trips that they were suppose to receive but RTI wasn't giving people their money back.When people call RTI to tell them to stop calling their phone RTI says in their own words ''F*** WHAT THOSE PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY AND WE'RE GOING TO KEEP CALLING THEM UNTIL THEY DECIDE TO GO ON VACATION''so I couldn't stand working their anymore and who ever is getting calls from RTI please REPORT them because they just want money.They have false checks thats why I quit to because the're tricking people. RTI TRAVEL is located in Orlando Fl, address 87 West Michigan Street 32801


Michelle said: Thanks for your blunt honesty. I was just about to have them come in on a couple issues. I won't bother now.



Caller ID: 407-670-0452

SBP said: I get phone calls from 407-670-0452 ALL the time!! Can't it be stopped?

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