Whitney said: This number belongs to Buyer Direct. It's a company here in Orlando that sells tiles, blinds, and things like that. They keep calling me to RSVP to tour their show room.


Caller ID: Kolonia

unwanted said: Called left no message


Adam said: Yeh. It's just Hilton promotions.  I just called back the #, hit 2, and told a rep to place my cell phone # on their do-not-call list. They didn't hassle me about it or pitch me anything. It took less than 1 min.

I'm not sure how they got my #, but I probably put my cell # when I stayed at a Hilton affiliated hotel.


harold said: el es una persona casada comentenlo
ho is a married man that is


harold said: ho is a married man that is


Caller ID: not

harold said: ho is a married man that is


Caller ID: FAFCO
Caller type: Commercial

Unwanted Calls said: Caller asked me what my electric bill was.  I asked who he was and he said he could help me out with the high prices energy bills I pay.  My caller ID showed it was FAFCO, what ever that is.  I told him I didn't need his help and he hung up on me.


Caller ID: 4087545577

Flight Mehanic said: I have received at least three calls from this number.  I don't answer, because I don't recognize the number, and they never leave a message.  I thought cell phones weren't supposed to receive soliciations?


Justin Mc Donald said: I inquired about a car and got a response that smelled fishy.  I played along and the seller said he'd do the transaction through eBay for safety.  I gave him a bogus name and address and got an email with a link to an eBay looking screen although poorly done with instructions to wire money and have the pin code faxed to this number. From the grammatical errors in the emails English is not this persons first language.


Lori said: repeated calls


anotherwastedminut said: these are the numbers i got from the cae warrenty people 408-587-2179--763-392-5983--/201-210-6015-/909-650-9119-/715-842-00914-/503-603-8921-/-507-345-5596-/310-394-0606- i kept a running list of all these calls dates, times, they are from california, minnisota,new jersey, northern california, and the bay area.


Caller type: Fax Machine

chris said: Got email saying they were from Wells Fargo Financial asking to provide my personal information to this fax number. Losers.


Mike said: my vehicle is 17 yrs old, and they was calling me about the warrenty was ready to expire, i asked the woman on the phone, how do you put a warrenty on a 17 yr. old vehicle, guess what, she couldnt answer my question.


Caller type: Telemarketer

ryan r said: same here. i asked them nicely to stop but then they started to curse at me. i am sick of them harrasing me. they said they were offering me a discount medical card or something.


Caller type: Collection Agency

Deb said: Stop these people-they keep asking for someone I do not know.  You cannot call them and reason with them.  They tell me that they are immune from Do Not Call because they are not soliciting.  Well, they have no business past present or future with me for them to call my phone number.


Caller ID: Unknown

jimmy said: same thing, called I answered they said wait for important call then the phone disconnects.  I called it back from a different line it is a busy signal for hours.


shorty said: HAS  HAPPEN TO ME ALSO, THE NUMBERS ON MY CALLER ID ARE 410-969-4237 AND 410-969-7474


Kyra said: The caller did not leave a message.


Kyra said: Called my cell, left no message.

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