Caller ID: Unknown

bill said: left no message


Sean in NC said: Called my cell phone. The was a voicemail, but it was only a second or two long, and no one said anything, although there was background noise.


corey said: Same s**t different day. Wtf, said she was at LaRico's house when it happened...


QBee said: I got a call from this number too, but did not pick it up. when i google the number i got this name too. very strange


Caller type: Non-Commercial

Gail said: This is either Alpine Financial or Costello Law Firm in the collections business.  The phone number is a match for a north side Milwaukee/Wauwautosa area Law Firm.


Tyler said: Who is this from?


HeyMrQ said: I stop answering this because they keep callig me when I have been constantly busy at work. I believe I asked not to call more than once but they just don't quit. I will donate blood when I can. I understand there's always need for blood since less and less people can donate blood but it is becomning too much pressure.


Sydney said: Multiple phone calls


Jonny said: This person needs to go to jail!!!1


Jonny said: See you soon!!!!!


RH said: I received a call also from Kevin Johnson. I am having it investigated through my job.


Caller type: Collection Agency

Denise said: i keep receiving calls saying that i am in trouble and owe money. at first i said i would pay if i really did owe. they told me to fax a letter or else the sherriff would be at my job.


Mike said: need to know who caller was?


Caller ID: Future Films
Caller type: Telemarketer

slippy said: Keeps calling I have asked them to stop and they just keep calling.


brian said: caller called for the first time today.


Caller ID: 4166239476

Romy said: this phone caller made  a call to remind me about duct cleaning appointment. they are doing business on the name of GTA duct cleanig, but I got telephon from GTA web site duct cleanigand enqire that this company is allready sold-out and now there is no existing company. I don't know who they are and they did not tell anythingh about thier registered name and website and told me that their company poicy is not allowing them to tell thier website and other infermation.


V said: i'ts a skype number.


Sonia said: No message left. Do not know who called me.


Voo said: no idea who this is


Calvin said: Calls at least every other day.

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