Whitney said: Keep getting this number on my cell phone.


Caller ID: Chase
Caller type: Telemarketer

Jeff said: Claim to be from Chase Bank who does not have my cell phone numbers.
They ask for my pin and account, social numbers. I never gave any bank my cell phone number and I want it stopped.


The Answer said: I recieved a call from them today and they told me that Elizabeth Berry, a friend of mine, gave them my info. becuase she thought I could use a vacation.  I told them that I didn't know an Elizabeth Berry and she told me that they must have the wrong John Watson and hung up. 10-27-08


Caller ID: N/A
Caller type: Telemarketer

Heartoluv said: I received a call from 407-995-8000,  My number is on the DNC list with the fed. gov'm.  They are breaking the law, they are telemarketers.


Howell said: i got a call from them today, asking if I wanted to lower my credit card interest rate. I said I did. So she said well I need to verify your first and last name.  So I waited and didnt say anything.  She said, well what is it?  I said, YOU tell ME.... she hung up..LOL.


Stephanie said: I had this same call today.  She hung up on me too!  I think it is simply a scam.  My caller ID said Bellsouth Tel, also.


john Clagett said: I received the same as above last week at 12:10am EST: "the recorded message said that my valley national bank visa card had been suspended due to suspicious activity. it then asked my to type in my 16-digit credit card number."


Caller ID: Warrenty

Flager said: I get that too.


Princessstar038 said: Just like the previous response on this site...
The call was for a vehicle warranty about to expire......... It also used (408)587-2179.

Received this call several times. Ugh!!


Caller ID: 408-587-2179

Elisa said: Ditto above.. just got a call... 4:47 PM EST 10/27/08 - did not leave a message. I didnt answer the phone.



j said: this number calls all the time 1 408 587 2179. I dont have a car with a warrenty if thats that number


JO said: keeps callin non stop


Robert said: Got a call saying jesus loves me


Caller ID: NONE

ricky said: recieved calls, when i call back - only music playing


Leonard said: Got a call from this phone number.


Crystal said: Trying to find who calls from this number.


debbie said: I printed out the doctors information and mailed him his own entry reminding him that I was on the Do Not Call List; and if I received ANY further calls, I would report him to the FCC as being in violation of the list. To date, no more calls!


Caller ID: M Daniel DDS
Caller type: Commercial

Robbin said: Received a call with no message left. When I tried to call the number back, I connected to a fax machine. When I tried to fax that number, I received a No Answer error, so I mailed him the warning to STOP!


jill said: I ignored the call.

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