Jordan said: No message left. Do not know who called me.


Caller type: Collection Agency

lucy lu said: calls at all hours bill collecter


ribs@sasktel.net said: Four rings and then no one there


Caller ID: 307-274-9069

juniper said: Just got a call from this number.  Just silence on the other end.  Don't know who it is.


Kris said: I got the same call from that number but my caller ID says Casper


meme said: meme do you go to brookside.


TW33 said: the same number called me but it said out of area.


Gabriel said: Calls multiple times per day.


Caller type: Non-Commercial

jjen said: noooo it actually was a joke 4 yo info. lol but it really was a joke though.


buttface23 said: lol i no!!! it was a joke!!! so dont worry u guys!


Caller type: Non-Commercial

Emily said: personal call - said she went to college with me but did not leave name


Mazer said: Good luck...I've done this numerous times in the past few months. They will still call and haunt you and suck up your minutes day and night. If anyone has Sprint, possibly they have sold our phone numbers for solicitors?


nick said: On a lark, I decided to enter the telephone number of a call I just received on my cell phone, on my way out the door actually, into Google as a search word, having heard that that can now yield some information.

Wow.  Did it ever.  The number is the same as in this thread:  
(310) 485 - 8901.  So, it belongs to an auto-warranty telemarketer, huh?

No wonder they didn't leave a message!


Lou said: We received a call yesterday.


PA said: I got a call from this number for someone who did not live here, and when I said that the lady had the wrong number, she said "No it's not!" and hung up on me!  There is no way this is an actual business. Watch out for a scam! Caller ID said it was Panorama Management In


bk said: My original call came from a robot at 603-214-3579 and I yelled at the Indian guy for waking me from a nap, and hung up. Two minutes later he calls me from 310-568-6006 saying he's "sorry we were cut off." I yell at him some more and he calls me three more times in five minutes (I hear only silence). The caller ID on the 310 calls says "En Pointe Tech"


A said: I am curious has anyone who gets these phone calls had dealings with GMAC-"customer service" which is resourced in the Phillipines?  I've had a dramtic increase in calls and spam since I got my car loan with them and they got my phone number and email!


Caller ID: Steve - AIG
Caller type: Telemarketer

Staci said: Answered the phone at our company and had no response for 3 seconds.  Then a pre-recorded message from a guy named Steve started to talk about new loans and rates from AIG.

Needless to say, we've since blocked this number to prevent future calls.


Caller ID: CRS
Caller type: Collection Agency

mat said: Got a call from this number today, saying they were CRA and to call them immediately or have my representative call them TODAY. I hope they are holding their breath!


rosita said: bugs alot 100 times a day omg!

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