Caller type: Telemarketer

Pat said: Recorded message from Joe Severson at freshinterviews.com wanting to sell junk.


Caller ID: 317-564-5071

Laura said: This person calls my cell phone many times a day and never leaves a message.  No one outside of family has my cell number, so this is definitely a wrong number.  This is very annoying.


Caller ID: Indiana call

carter said: A call to find out how things are going politically in Marion County? Well, I can tell you this: I'm displeased with the failure of the "Do not call" list.


Caller ID: Unknown

s said: called my cell and did not leave a message. Unwanted and unknown caller


ash said: number keeps calling then hanging up when i answer.  then when i call it back its a constant busy tone????


buffalobred said: thanks for the info


A said: no message left


Caller ID: compucredit
Caller type: Collection Agency

Bondo said: Keep calling my number and it is not for me, calling me just because I rent from the perosn who have the credit card


Samuel said: Found this number on my caller id.


Caller ID: LLC
Caller type: Telemarketer

Logan said: Called asking for person in charge web designing


worried too said: I received a call on today, 10/20/2008 from Mark Ryan stating I owe a payday loan back in 2005 and if I don't pay a legal affidavit will be filed against me and I don't owe this Loan because I paid all my payday loans and the one he is talking about Quick Payday I have never had one with them before I send any money please let me know if this is a SCAM


Caller ID: Wireless Caller

Linda said: Just says Wireless Caller in the caller ID. No one ever there.


Joseph said: Anyone else getting calls from this number?


Caller ID: California Call
Caller type: Telemarketer

Paula said: We are on a do not call list and these peckers called at 9 p.m.

I am reporting them to the fcc too!

they'll pay.


Bill G said: got a call, I asked who was calling, and the lady didn't answer.  she hung up and said I'll see you in court tommorow


Re said: got a call, I asked who was calling, and the lady didn't answer.  she hung up and said I'll see you in court tommorow


Erica said: 7:31pm, October 19-- no voicemail was left


Dara said: Trying to find who calls from this phone number.

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