Caller ID: Virginia College
Caller type: Commercial

Grizzz said: called and left message. this is Virginia College, a legitimate number, left a toll-free callback #


Meka said: Unknown number


Jamie said: Who is this?  I'm getting text messages from this number.


Michelle said: I also get mesages from this number...
what do your meassages say?


Mike said: One was s3xual in content, another one referenced my fiance, and another was about some credit card offering.  What do yours say?


Tom said: Has anyone reported to this to the authorities, or confirmed that it is a scam from the IRS?


Kyle said: they never leave a message.


spook said: Person keeps text messaging and won't say who it is.


Downeast said: Hang up calls from this number every evening starting around 7 pm - 9 pm or so.


George said: I have no idea who this is.


Calvin said: This number called several times.


Caller ID: 209-238-9008

Working said: Thanks everyone for posting here.  This number showed up on my business line as a missed call.  They've called off hours, so I haven't answered - but based on the conversations here, sounds like I may not answer or will be very cautious if I do answer.


Toy said: Person called and said "How are you, today", and I asked her who she was.  She said she was calling from the State of Mass. Business Development.  My theory is if the state was calling, they wouldn't be afraid to introduce themselves.  I told her "We weren't interested" and hung up.  I did a reverse check on the number and found this site.


David said: just got a sticky note on the door. i havent called but does anyone know what its about. im afraid its a  scam or like you said someone trying to break in.


annoy by said: 3 calls today from this number, no message left, no caller id.


Caller type: Fax Machine

T said: Worst nightmare. The president of our companies CELL PHONE! I'm having to delete faxes from his voice mail every thirty minutes. Who has info? I call the number and get busy signals.


Executive Assistant said: URGENT! Don't even bother with the Intelius report for this number that I just paid 9.95 to get. It's totaly USELESS. This is what I got.
Name: NY Address: NY , that's it. Seriously. I'm on hold getting that charge refunded because that's ridiculous and no help at all.


Caller ID: NY Call
Caller type: Commercial

roxie said: Has bank account info and is requesting additional.  Claiming to be a recovery company


Michele said: we don't answer these phone calls either.  but when you call this number back it says its a non-working number of Amer Express.  Go figure...

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