rth8000 said: I received a letter with a check for $4480.00 form a company claiming to be a secret shopper company and they tell you to call them at the above number for information. This is a scam and the check is written on a fake bank account number.If you cash the check it will bounce and you will be responsible for the full amount of the check and fees. The company changes names and uses logos form real businesses to make it look real.


Caller ID: NA

Fred B said: Today I got 4 calls from this number in a 2 hour period. On the 4th call I answered and they where looking for a completely different person than before and would not give any info about there company.


Caller ID: 3012230048

CME said: I am glad for the internet and posts like this. Gave me information I needed to know. It was an Incoming left no information and when answered I hung up.


juice said: the call came in more than one time on my cellphone and never knew it was.


Kristin Dowty said: unwanted text messages


Ryan said: called and left no message


Jimmy the Weasle said: Called our house at 5:30 AM this morning!! Looking for someone we don't know.  They had the same last name but different first name!


Lou said: Got a call with no message left.


Ashley said: This number calls my house and my cell phone all the time. And a few times after 9pm


Caller ID: Western Union

Troedel said: rec'v a call from 303-224-8011 at 3:15am on 10/21/08.  they claimed to be from western union wanting to verify info. And, noticed that same morning that there was money taken from my account. Is there anything that can be done to catch these crooks. The name listed above is the one who tried contacting me to verify info.


Mike said: Missed the name. Now it's not on my caller ID.


Caller ID: Unknown

Hirsle said: I found the following entry on my AT&T Bill; googled for this tel # and came to this site. I will make sure these pests never get to call my home again by disconnecting the land line phone. The only reason I have a home phone is, in many places, including pharmacies, credit card companies, schools, DMV, Insurance, etc a home phone # is almost invariably a mandatory requirement.
I have no idea what Automatic call back means.

Automatic Call Back
1 10-16 1210P 303 672-6720 1.99


Caller ID: agncy of credit
Caller type: Collection Agency

kms said: I keep recieving calls from (303) 757-1214 and I would like it to stop.

Agency of Credit Control
2014 S Pontiac Way Denver, CO 80224
303 - 757 - 1214
Category: Credit & Debt Counseling Services
Caller: Agency of Credit Control


Sonia said: 303.952-5430 continues to call my house, I do not answer call. When they get my v.m. they just hang up.


Al said: Keeps calling my number.


Peter said: Who calls from this number and what do they want.


Caller ID: Citibank
Caller type: Commercial

Peter said: Three calls in the last two days.  One day, no one was there.  The second time they asked for my husband and said good bye when I said he was at work.  This time I got mad, and said "what do you want??!!!"  Turns out it's Citibank Mortgage.   They bought our mortgage last year.  They wanted to sell me insurance.   I hate it when a bank thinks they have a right to bug you!


rachel said: Yea, they can set an answering machine up to enter after one ring. Then put this no longer in service message as their outgoing message. If that's what they did, they also probably laughing allot when it happens.


LF said: Yes - our company along with 8 other Florida companies (more specifically out of Hialeah) have filed police reports with the Hialeah Police Department.  Please file reports with them as well as the Florida Attorney General's Office (Bill McCullom), the BBB, the Federal Trade Commission, and your local FBI office.  If there's anything I can do to help any of you, please feel free to contact me either by phone or e-mail.  Sarah Kessler 941-755-3149, accounting (at) hotwaterheater.com or maca897 (at) aol.com

Good luck to all of you.



Caller type: Telemarketer

Tammy said: I just pressed option 1 and scheduled a cleaning.  They don't know me so I gave them the address of the Metro Dade Police in Cutler Ridge.  Every time they call I'll just give them a different address.

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