Carlos said: Same happened to me today 10/23/08.  Bad upsell attempts, and as soon
as we hung up he emailed me a delay of 3-4 weeks.  I called and cancelled
the order and the Credit Card.  They are swindlers and DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH 86PHOTOVIDEO.COM  THEY ARE CROOKS!!!!


Caller ID: NSA/CIA

mickey117 said: This calls are coming from the NSA or the CIA. They are targeting decent Americans, looking of course for potential terrorist in our land. Unfortunately they harass and discriminate against hard working Americans in the name of Protecting the Country.
Let get together and have a "Tea Party" and kick out of Washington the corrupt and the violators of our civil right.


The Revenger said: called my cell and no message either, how can we block these tele marketers, they call and use up my minutes .


Caller ID: 3475315431

Fariyah said: this no has been leaving me blank phone calls and weird sms. i am really annoyed. can anyone help? how do i report this no?


ukrainian said: I got a call today from the same number from a guy named "Billy".  I have iphones posted on ebay and he wants to buy them out before the bidding completes.  Interestingly the only good review on this thread is from a guy named "Billy".  Hummm, something seems fishy.. but i'm just a girl.  What would I know about lying men?  LOL!

Ok, no more man jokes, I checked with Western Union and they do not offer an escrow services so there is no guarentee that you would recieve the money after you shipped it.  Why don't these guys ever offer cash on delivery?  My guess is that it's too hard to say "cash on delivery" with a forked tongue.  Additionally, I spoke with a trusted dealer/seller, and she said that when a deal is honest they supply references to each other and always do these deals in person due to the money as stake.



Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

Mikec said: this call several times ,always apear in the caller ID screen Intl. Number and when answer nobody in the other end.


lin said: Call Log:
October 15 12:38pm - I completed a survey about air quality. They said my name was entered in to win some prize. I didn't think anything of it.
October 16 8:47pm - Saw they were calling on my caller ID... but let the machine grab it. No message
October 17 1:17pm - Saw on my caller ID that they called while I was at work... no message again.
October 22 4:05 pm - "Catherine" told me I had won a prize... an all expense paid trip... I agreed to set up an appointment at my house to give us the prize package... Said both my husband and I needed to be there to sign for it... So I googled it and read these messages. Fearful I called the number 1-360-373-2001 (Which I found online) and asked to speak with Catherine. When she got on the phone I told her that I couldn't make our appointment and would have to "reschedule." I said I would call them... though I have a feeling they will be calling me.

The Number on my caller ID was 1-360-373-2289 but when I called that number it just rang. The number I was able to connect with is one I found online ending in 2001.


Caller type: Telephone Surveyor

me said: I also had the same phone calls as most above, did a survey, won a prize, set up a time and date to receive, both of us had to be home, test a product, etc. Befor our appointment, I felt very unsure of the entire thing and tried to do some research, this web site is the only one that I was able to find any information at.  Need less to say all of the numbers that I tried to call were worthless.  The only number that did work was 360-373-2001, talked to the same supervisor that I had talked to the day befor and told them that they may not come to my house, and to take our number off of their calling list.  We are registered on the do not call list and it will do no good to report them as they consider themselves a company doing surveys.  Be very alert to any calls from them.


Caller ID: Key Land Co

odouls said: No message left --only one call - Centralia ,WA Location


luie said: called me twice


Bryan said: Got a message from someone named Casey from 360 748-4256. Her message did indicate why she was calling or what company she was with.
Did not call her back.


FYI said: Got a call on my caller id from this same number, called back and states not a working number.


lynn said: Recently I've got a call from the number (386) 269-0942. The guy was talking about my payday loan reimbursement. Even he was threatening me on this issue. What should I do?


wp said: who is this


Caller type: Commercial

JEMI said: Phone call was at 12:30 in the morning.  Recording was a voice,  saying that Valley National Bank has suspended my visa card, and to press 1 to get to a security office.  Since I don't have a Valley National Visa Card, I hung up.  I believe that this is a scam. If you press 1 then the phone would ring somewhere else, they would see your phone number and/ or name on their caller id. and begin to ask you questions, using your name.


Caller ID: Road Island

irritated said: This number calls my house several times a day, but I do not answer.  It is still very irritating!


Caller ID: Rhode Island

CM said: Didn't answer.  Left a blank message.


Caller ID: Reliable Listing
Caller type: Commercial

me said: They say they will promote your company.  Boost your position in search engines.  At least that is what the recording says.  I patiently waited and listened to the canned recording.  Then just when I thought I would talk to someone, they hung up.  
So I called them back.  Listened to the recording again.  Finally got through to a live person.  I asked to speak to his supervisor.  Told him that the call had just come in and that they had hung up on me.  He confirmed my phone number and said they would remove me from the list.  I thanked him for removing me but insisted that I speak to his supervisor.  After several requests to speak to his supervisor, he hung up on me too.  Thought about calling again but decided against it.


Louanne said: West Interactive is a subsidary of West Corporation as is West@Home, however they are different in many aspects.

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