Caller ID: 4082209222

4082209222 said: I am gettign calls in the midnight which is very annoying. I have to wake and take the call but no one from other side talks


408-350-6224 said: I got eight of these calls last night.  A few showed up at unknown and the rest were the above number.  It was an oriental man asking for someone.  I kept telling him that he had the wrong number and I finally hung up.  But the calls started at 4:00 p.m. and didn't stop until 10:00 p.m.


zdld17 said: the number came up on oct.16th 2008 as TN REMOVAL LIST (408)587-2148. i didnt answer. i get calls 24 hours a day. even if i change my number. they still know my name,. so it has to be the phone company selling the info


Ann said: I received a text from this number with the message stating " Now everyone has your number "


Caller ID: m daniel

chris said: you guys keep calling but no one can get through to stop the annoying phone calls


Don said: hung up on my answering machine.


Joseph said: Received phone call. Did not answer.


Caller ID: verizon

Donna said: I rec. a call from these idiots every day and I am fed up with it. It may cost me a trip to their location but someone is going to get an A** whiping for sure..


Leetsdale said: Very interesting. A white pages search gives you a picture of where (they claim) the call is originating which look like a public phone in downtown pittsburgh. Given people's experiences above, doubtful that it originates there. We live in a strange world where this is possible.

Somewhat reassuring that the number is hitting other people, though.


s said: Call from PPU's Institutional Development team, asking for pledges.


Caller ID: Keechobee Fl

texas said: CALLS REPEATEDLY....


Caller ID: 4125866092

Melissa said: I'm in AIChE also. The call caught me off guard because I know a lot of people in the Pittsburgh area (thought someone got a new number). I let it go to voice mail and no message was left. If it was important enough, they can call me back.


Nancy said: just got a call


Fed Up said: I told the pushy woman that she is calling from an non existing phone number, so I am getting a phone call from an non existing person and or company and will not talk to non existing people and that I called my local health dept. as she told me that is where she was from and the police fraud department to help her be found as they don't exist! Then I hung up.


Paola said: No message just hangup.


Whitney said: No message left...


hb said: Keeps calling my son's number, and when we call back it goes into voicemail.  then calls again when we are not able to answer the phone, and leaves no message.


c said: sounded like call center. confirmed my first legal name. then said phone wasn't working would call back.  no second call.


winna said: Hi,
I received the same call from a guy named Patrick Morrison. I am a single mother of 3 also. He told me the same thing about a make over. I called a friend that went through extreme home makeover and questioned her about him. I am glad I read your email. Thanks so much for the info.

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