Tony said: Several calls


Caller ID: SEIU Local 99
Caller type: Telemarketer

annoyed said: Ok the most reasonable explanation for me it's that a few weeks ago i sent a rebate and they asked me for my phone and my email,so ever since i sent the stupid rebate i got tons of unwanted emails and calls like that local 99 whatever is one of them,so don't think too hard you gave your number somewhere,and that's how they take advantage by sending crap or to try to sell crap to you!!!,plain and simple!


Brook said: Im sorry for the woman who's daughter has been missing .I hope by now she has been found and is safe. To all of you trying to find where this number is from - I will try to post something up real soon. My brother just called me from this payphone on his was back to AZ and I will ask him any details. If you need to know right away you can go to websites that give you info. You will have to pay but if you need it bad - I guess its worth it. This website might help.
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RAGE said: Just got a call and hang up... and recording after calling back... thought it my be my ex.....good thing to know it isn't...


Caller ID: 213-797-1040

Irrated in Florida said: I came home from being away in PA for 2 days and saw that number on my caller ID. When I called its a recording that says leave your message after the tone.


Caller ID: 213-948-4324
Caller type: Collection Agency

Drea said: My son got call (s) from a Rick allen or Ron Goldman (the213-948-4324) posed as an PI or Detective/the Ron Goldman I'm pretty sure alias as an Atty.  I used to collect debt for a living.  He (they) threatened arrest for fraud, contacted friends (freaked them out).  I called him, told him I would have my local PD contact him, (he freaked out).  Called my vm, left mess. (screaming) I was stupid, he was going to put survilleance on my place (like I care), he was at the sherriff's office, on&on and he dared to play VM for police or DA.  I did, they said good luck.  No problem.  Going to have my son suit the finance company that used him!  No more debt....Next time people know your rights before these kind of debt collectors give the legal ones a bad name.  Can't represent them as law enforcement (get badge number), threaten arrest, call before 8:00 am or after 9:00 pm, disclose a debt to a 3rd party just to start.


olddebtcollector said: Just a quick update.  There is a Ron Goldman attorney who is not legally allowed to practice law in CA.  Sometimes these boneheads try something new.  I also worked for attorneys, this kind of action is what gives attorneys a bad name also.  Report this kind of action to your states Attorney General also.


tired of junk faxes said: I did as this person suggested - first I reported each incident to the FCC.  Next I took all 7 faxes I received from this number, wrote "Remove 806-###-####" across them in large black letters and I am now faxing them back to the number given.  Ever so often, I go back to my fax machine and feed the papers through again- I'm now sending page 22.


Mary said: just got a call


April said: Who is this from?


jyps said: Numbe keeps calling my cell phone...


Caller ID: LSU

iyahyoohailey said: Caller ID says it's LSU


me said: I've received phone calls daily from this number - one time I answered a female told me this call was about my VISA card... Needless to say I hung up. Still receiving the calls - I called the number only to receive a recording that all telemarketers were busy....


Caller ID: Unavailable

mixed said: Clicks and buzzes then nothing.  Sounds like telemarketer phone system switching to live operator.  I hung up prior to real person getting on line.


Fiddley said: I keep getting calls from this number as well - never leave a message though a couple times, I could hear the person freakin breathing on the other end before they hung up.  Wackos!


Caller ID: Marley MI

Mickey said: did not answer


Ruth said: calls cell phone


Caller ID: not known

Ruth said: Left cryptic message about car warranty.
No identification or return number provided.


Caller ID: 239 249 5054

mil said: no one on line after 2 hellos.. Call back get fasr busy or no circuts.


OVERIT0405 said: My caller says his name is Andy Smith and when I tried to even call this number it doesn't even go through.  He keeps calling my workplace and is very persistent and claims legal action.  How do I get hime to quit?

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