Mel said: You're 100% correct, AAFES Exchange Catalog Services Customer Service.


Caller ID: Drive Finance
Caller type: Fax Machine

annoyed said: My mother is receiving this same fax machine.  Why are they faxing us and how can we stop it.



Caller ID: Drive Finanical
Caller type: Fax Machine

lococatlady said: They get faxing my mother and she does not own a fax machine.  What can we do to stop these unwanted calls that wake her at all hours of the morning, as early as 3:00 a.m.



maxiumus said: Did not pick up, left no message.


Caller ID: Unavailable

Dalton said: Received a call at 1:07 PM this afternoon and when I answered it no one answered at the other end of the call.  I held on and I never got a dial tone until I hung up on my end of the line.  UNAVAILABLE was on my caller ID.


Ron said: Wanted to know who owns this number.


Caller ID: Philadelphia

x said: A woman (sounded like a Latino) called me and asked for me.  I said "yes this is..." and they hung up.  I tried to recall the number and even had the operator assist.  It said that either it was disconnected or not in service.
The operator thinks it was a telemarketer.
What is up with this?


ten_speed said: I just missed a call from this number too. Called back and got a busy signal.


Caller ID: 215-613-9010

Ellen said: no message on my voicemail. just called so I looked the number up online and found this site. If this is coming from a prison thats scary!


Caller ID: samsung

gi gi said: keep caling me and i do not know who it is


Mike said: I answer they hang up.


Nathan said: a spammer

John Reiman (JR Enterprises)
Phone: 216-759-1594
PO Box 803338 #53996
Chicago, IL 60680-3338


T said: samething no message - no nothing...


Kara said: I ignored the call.


Patrick said: Received a call.


Caller ID: t-mopile

amin said: yeah amin


Clara said: I just got the call from this number.


Caller ID: Call From

Careful with numbers that you ... said: Got a strange call from 1-221-775-1814 from a person whom seems to have a accient. Did not leave a message. No one has my number but family.


Caller ID: 1-222-334-4144

bobby said: the caller did not leave any further identification

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