Caller ID: 247.com
Caller type: Commercial

N said: On the third attempted call from 307-274-9069 I decided to pick up the call.  They asked for a Tasha (no Tasha here) but they had my last name.  I kept them on the line long enough to have them identify themselves as 247.com.  The other thing is that a few days later I received two credit card junk pieces from: LPC Cards and Horizon Gold.  Neither have a phone number to contact them and to get information they require social security or other contact information.


Caller ID: wyoming

Tired of Calls said: This number has already called me 4 times from 9am till 12:40pm today. As i have never set foot in Wyoming and the fact that i don't even know anyone living there i have refused to answer this call.


Caller ID: wyoming

draytalon said: We get calls from this number 4 to 5 times a day.  They called and said they were with iMac Insurance Company.  When we told them not to call anymore, we still kept getting calls from the same number, but no one would say anything when we answered.  We called the number back, no one answers.


Caller ID: 307-274-9069

DHB said: I also get a call from this number several times a day on my cell phone but I never answere it


belle said: this is acutally another Cablevision phone number. its incredibly annoying. i get a 718 number 15 minutes each day prior to this one. so i can only deduce that it has to do with the cable people becuase the 718 number is definitley my cable provider. incred annoying!!


307-215-1009 said: Caller said it was a survey for Allstate.  Wanted auto information, then went on to spouse, birthdate, etc.  Hung up at this point.  They called back (didn't answer).  I am on the do not call list.

Reverse phone directory shows unlisted.  Return call does not go through.


davisgirl said: same thing caller did not leave message and i did not answer.


Caller ID: 310-599-9138

JR said: mortgage scam


Carolynn said: you know what i do have a real jon a brobably make more money than you yes this is the one and only wonderful Taylor and i was probably an a** hole to you for a reason...... alot of people buy magazines from me for a reason your the one with no life loser


Taylor said: Wow, telemarketing must be the only job you COULD get because you cant spell or use proper punctuation worth a damn. Go back to high school.


suspicious said: I got a call from the same number and apparently I won some sweepstakes and a 2-year subscription to a magazine along with a watch, was asked to purchase a magazine... i declined, they asked for me by name & new my address.. which was very creepy.  I didn't give them any information over the phone.


Lyn said: phone calls with no one on line when picked up.


bud said: No one on the line. Called number back and got a generic message box answer



Joe the Plummer said: They keep calling me and don't respond even though I can hear people in the background. The display shows ACTION MARKETING. I'm sure they are telemarketers breaking the do not call law.


Joe the Plummer said: They've been calling me twice a day for a week.  They don't leave a message.  When I call the number voice mail eventually picks up and says that the mailbox is full.


Lucy said: I called back and they have an automated system that supposedly adds your name to a 'do not contact' list.


Caller type: Telemarketer

Can't Take It Anymore!! said: Yeah I put my name on the do not cal list 10 times, these people are jerks


Caller type: Commercial

Jason said: I have receivd this call more times than I can count - at least dozens, and that is no exaggeration.  It is not, however, DirecTV.  I have DirecTV and the only time I've ever received calls from them, it was a live person.

This is another sattelite company.  I also pressed 1 to speck with a rep.  She answered and said, "are you calling to sign up today?"  I said, "no you called me, and I want it to stop."  Before I could finish, the witch hung up on me.

I called the number back and got a voice mail, and demanded a call back immediately from a supervisor.  As you can imagine, I never got a call back.

1.  THEY interrupt my day by calling me.
2.  THEY want me to sign up, yet ask ME if I called them?????
3.  THEY want you to push 1 to speak to a rep.  When you do, you get some rude, arrogant, uneducated idiot that talks to you stupid.
4.  THEY hang up on YOU when you try to talk to them.
5.  THEY inconvenience YOU with a sales call you didn't solicit, and then HANG UP on you.

This is uprofessional and very angering.  I HOPE SOMEONE PUTS THESE IDIOTS OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!!!!  If I can help do so, I WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Caller ID: 310-599-1301

Angry Person said: I have received several calls from 310-599-1301. The last missed call was received on 10/21/08.  The callers do not leave messages.

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