Bob said: I Got a call from this # 1-408-286-4752 Caller ID on my phone said it was IND Wiper Supply.  The recording said taht a 3rd party wastrying to access my dept card & I need to input my 16 digit debt card.


lisa said: Just got a call from this number saying my credit card was accessed by a 3rd party and it instructed me to press 1. Hung up.


Caller ID: 408-286-4752

kary said: got a call at 10:30pm automated person said that my debit card has been illegally been accessed and that in order to take the hold off my acct I would need to authorize the transaction.  I hung up on them -- then called my bank to check my balance -- no issues -- will report this issue.


Noformation said: Called today and left a message asking for help with the Obama campaign.  I've gotten 50 of these calls from different numbers over the last 3 months and I'm a registered Republican.


Jane said: called my phone number and did not answer


raj said: These guys are from India and have fake numbers displayed.  They are tele-marketers, and they are rude.  And they will call you back over and over again.


D Kong said: Call made in September


Elena said: This number appeared on our monthly long distance statement and I cannot identify the call as ours.  I have tried two prior times to get through to AT&T to get an answer without success and am now "holding" for about fifteen minutes.  All I want to know is who called to verify before I dispute it.  Can you help me?


Wendy said: Only two rings before abandoning call. When I returned call it said, "We only call business numbers, if you'd like your number removed from the calling list, please press one.


Dot said: Thanks, brianc. Just got one of these ... "doing my due diligence... nature of the call is somewhat time sensitive..."

7 = delete voicemail :)


Caller ID: 4105616062

annoyed said: Called.  No name or message.


Caller ID: Dish Network
Caller type: Telemarketer

Bob said: Long pause then recording starts advertising "my dish installation and free..." Which I have not signed up for. call recieved at least twice..


Caller type: Telemarketer

Bob said: Recording saying "someone submitted your name for a vacation at either Sears, The Bay or Holt Renfew & you have been selected to win" press 1 for more details. It is a time share offering various vacations. The website they give you to look at is not very well put together, makes me think it is a little shady.


Mac said: I got the same message, wish I could call them back with my own message...


JayShack said: Didn't answer this call. It seems that i activated the Telemarketing calls because as soon as I registered for the donotcall.gove website. Then they started pouring in.


G said: I have also been receiving calls from this number.  I called the number back and it just rings and rings.  I want to know who this number belongs to so I can inform them that they are not to call me phone about anything.


andy said: Calls my phone at least 6 times a day!


Caller ID: US GOVT

UNotSlick said: This number is definitely from the Social Security Department.  Had very recent information that only they were told in the last week.


kimokandy said: I got an answer.  It was an older male voice that said "Hello this is Ben Yualsen, how are you doing today?" I heard what sounded like a call room behind him. I hung up. I'm sure they'll call again dammit.

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