Bria said: no voice message



Kylie said: Shows up on Caller ID only, left no message.


Caller ID: MCS
Caller type: Telemarketer

Sharon said: When I waited for a person to tell them to remove my number, they answered "Welcome to NCS!" before answering my "please remove me from your lists" with a curse and a hangup.

I'm not familiar with the company, but if anyone knows who/what they are, please say so. I'm pretty sure they won't be happy with their telemarketers hanging up on people and cursing them out.


Caller ID: Name Unknown

dave said: calls at least 4 times a day. They never leave a message. I am actually getting in contact with my phone company to have my number changed!!


Caller ID: Unknown

Scrounger said: Mayor of Goleta and City Council Members recommending a candidate. The City Clerk said they got my home number through the alert system when I registered my home and cell for the last fire evacuation. Really bogus. They have been calling and leaving messages for the last 3 weeks almost everyday. It is a recording, but somehow it can recognize when to leave a message on my voicemail.


Misty said: an inmate keeps calling collect on a cell phone


Caller ID: Michigan

kwendra said: As much as it bites, the only solution seems to be not answering the call.  It helps to occasionally yell out loud.  A sort of therapy.  It will not end, so forget it.  Why waste your time/$/energy calling them? Have a nice day.


Caller ID: Pacific HUb
Caller type: Telemarketer

E said: Keep being called by this number.  There is no reason for the calls and they are persistent.  Seems like others are having similar problem.


Lee said: Received a call.


Diana V said: Driving me absolutely batty at work! I receive 3 or 4 of these a week!  I do not have any warantee on my cars that is expiring. When you dial back the number that has called you, it's a "remove" from list voicemail that does absolutely NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I just press one and let the people answer the phone. THEN I hang up. See if they get a little annoyed too!


Caller ID: 233-249-4997
Caller type: Non-Commercial

Not a fool. said: This guy contacted me from a dating site.  Within 2 days he is telling me that he loves me and we will be married. I thought it was someone looking for a green card.  Looks like I may of been wrong.


JJ said: 2347081883188- THIS PHONE NUMBER IS A SCAM DO NOT ANSer they are very harrasing


Crystal said: i got the same one. soo weird.


ATHINA said: Someone from this number text me and wouldn't tell me who they were, it's bothersome.


Jolly said: I received this call tonight. It was a young woman, sounding somewhere between 21 and 25. As she said Maritz, research. I thought why isn't she calling from BOFA. Next i couldn't understand the name, so I asked her to spell it. The caller said, M-a-r-i-t-zed. ZED? So i asked her what country she was calling from, and she said Canada. I then asked her why a Canadian marketing firm was calling for Bofa, to a Califonrnia customer or potential customers house. I said, i don't feel comfortable talking to someone in another country, that isn't technically BOFA. She laughed at me and said, oh, OKAY!, and hung up.


Chelsea said: Received a call.


Caller ID: NA

Mandygail said: no details, rang twice,

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