Sam said: Got a call from this number. The caller did not leave any message.


Angel said: Hey I got both of these numbers on my bill too! $4.00 worth of text messages that I am being charged for that I do not approve of. Not much, but to a college student such as myself it is, so WTF is going on? I called T-Mobile and they are "going" to remove the charges and Block all incoming and outgoing text messages,..what a mess I hope no one actually pays for this.


Stephani said: caller called for the first time today.


mona said: The same message from Mike Clark. Used my name, asked for my daughter. Requested she call 800 458-8432. Caller id showed NCS 404 592-0236. Supposedly number in the Atlanta area. No info found on this. We have no connections in this area, ignored the call. Am curious as to why but won't call back.


Caller ID: 404-697-4989
Caller type: Non-Commercial

ladylake said: I had the same type of call, the breathing and smacking, and then this freak asked me if I wanted to use him like a jungle gym, absolutely disgusting!


amy milton said: how do you know that they are not a law firm


Caller ID: Frederick Hannah
Caller type: Collection Agency

Mosley Motel said: Same thing, said they are a law office and wanted me to call them back. point of interest, why would they leave a recorded message if they are a law office?. Give me a break I'm smarter than that!!!!!


Blaine said: I received a call from 4049749062 and I asked the person to take me off their calling list, he replied "You are going to hell tomorrow"- I passed the phone to my husband and they cursed at him as well- The are Middle Eastern people scammers/fraudsters typical low life!


Caller ID: Operations Div

Abhi said: operations div... BUT IN ALL CAPS! oooooooo... scary stuff


nothappy said: love this number


RJW said: Unknown calls more than five times a day


Maria Zaragoza said: so did this end up in good news???? did she ever receive her trip?


Caller ID: 407



Miguel said: Got a call yesterday.


Nora said: Any ideas who this might be?


"conned" said: I also got a similar call on 18th Oct 2008. Saying that I have a holiday for 4 in Florida.They claimed to be from Mastercard and extracted my credit card details. I have not received any communication after that. I wanted to cancel it but this phone number never connects. I am also going to report a fraud to my bank stating that this is a illegal transaction.


Todd said: Got a missed call


Whitney said: This number belongs to Buyer Direct. It's a company here in Orlando that sells tiles, blinds, and things like that. They keep calling me to RSVP to tour their show room.


Caller ID: Kolonia

unwanted said: Called left no message

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