maxim said: woman


Caller ID: Social Services

carol said: Called at 6:40pm Friday 10/31/08 he said I could stop paying medicares $96.40 questioned the amount I received from Social Security asked if he could send the papers to sign up to see if eligible.


Karen said: I also received this call at 6:30 Oct. 31st, said he was sending info in mail.  Calling today and leaving a message to not call me anymore.  This is a scam do not sign up or give out your info..........


s said: I Also live in canada and had a phone call from this number at around 6 pm this evening. Luckily my cell phone was on vibrate and I didn't hear it to answer or that would have been a hell of a long distance charge!
Spam, telemarketing whatever. It's been worse since they came out with that phone number And website to put your name on so you'll STOP getting these calls. It's rediculous. I understand that these people are just doing their job, but I work in retail and trust me if it's ok for customers to freak out at me for bagging their purchase incorrectly, then I'll hang up the damn phone half way through your speel b***hes!


TY said: same here. called this morning a couple of hours ago.


Staci said: Does anybody else getting calls from this number?


Caller ID: Alex Erika

Bethanie said: Texting me and i dont know who it is.
his suppose name is Alex Erika.


Ashley said: Always calls, never leaves message.  Call back and it says number is not activated.


LK said: Same as above, they call a couple times a week and then don't ever leave messages. I picked up once and nobody came on the line.


Caller ID: Unknown

keads68 said: call from 310-599-5733 at 10:30PM!!


Caller ID: 2008 ELECTION

debbie said: I received a call at midnight 10/31 from 310-599-5733, the caller ID displayed the name "2008 Election."  I answered on 2nd ring and they hung up.  I'd like to know what candidate's office is calling at that time of night.


Rene said: Wanted to know who owns this phone number.


Mandi said: her pimps name is red and he is bi


Caller ID: Missouri

Melissa Dougherty said: I didnt answer it, but the caller id was "Missouri" and I dont know anyone from Missouri


Jimmy Dean said: Called at midnight.  Don't know him.


Caller ID: outbound only

Someone said: These people have me SO mad. 3 to 4 phone calls a day starting at 8:30 Am. I was nice to them for months telling them the person they are calling for is NOT here. It is a BUSINESS phone and the person is not an employee. The fact that we KNOW who the person is does NOT give them the right to call for that person at our place of business, she is a customer of ours who is on mental disability and is homeless. TODAY , I was told if I hadn't been so rude they would have taken me off the list months ago!!!!! WTF!
Who can I call to stop this constant BS?


bang said: I keep receiving calls from this number but since I don't know anyone who lives in this area code I just don't answer and they don't leave any messages. SCREW THEM!


Morgan said: calling my house


Caller type: Non-Commercial

******* said: GMAC mortgage company has not stopped calling me all day. I'm not even 30 days late and I'm still within the grace period. I guess they have nothing better to do.

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