Caller ID: AT&T
Caller type: Non-Commercial

josh baca said: Phone was stolen 10/27/2008.Phone died that night is on now so somebody is using the phone please contact me at this number (303) 988-0298.Ask for Josh or rainey baca.Thank you




incbuzz@yahoo.com said: Like you I would to know the same.


CESARIO said: unkonw number apear in my bill


Caller ID: Unknown
Caller type: Fax Machine

Diane said: Have had a number of calls from this number in the past, wrote it down and called to be taken off the list just now.  Will write if we recieve any more calls.  This is a very useful site.


Rosie said: It's a fax and it calls me so early in the morning.  I'm going to call and tell them to take me off their call list, glad I found the right number to call.


Grace said: Who the heck is this?


Caller ID: LLC

Sepi said: Received call on 24 Oct.  no message


Caller ID: 3039520598

Annoying repetitive calls said: This caller calls at least once a week and sometimes two to three times a day.  Never leaves a name, company name or nature of call.


Caller ID: Lakewood

EE2000 said: Called and asked for my spouse by first name, refused to leave a message


jz said: Not gmac just "extended car warranties" friggen scam artists


Erica said: This number has been calling me at least 9 tiems a day for the past couple of weeks on my cell phone. I got my cell phone 2 and a half months ago. I don't have anything to do with the company. It was whoever had the phone before me. Do you guys know how I can get them to stop calling? They are calling when I am in class(I'm in college) and also in the middle of the night.


Caller ID: Unknown

Bettyjane said: person called me obsenity names over my cell phone by leaving a voice mail. Told me I was a W...Ugly, F you, several times. why didn't i have my cell phone on, F you again....


Alex said: I typed my email address in wrong, it should be alexcjohnson (at) sbcglobal.net. I am in the process of contacting the Federal Trade Commission, FBI, Florida Attorney General, and BBB.


Alex said: same problem  Has anyone called the local  authorites


john said: I missed a call from this number.


Zina said: I received a call from this number 305-155-444. but i did not pick up.


Gary said: I received a call from 305-155-4444, unknown to me, and I did not pick up.


Caller ID: ERC
Caller type: Collection Agency

wisevirgin said: They called and after 3 rings, hung up. Just previously, I got a caller on Caller ID that said UNKNOWN CALLER ... AND... had NO phone number in the display! I believe it is ERC calling finding whom the owner of the phone number is. I think it is the brainchild mastered by Enhanced Recovery Corp. (payerc.com) calling from Jacksonville, FL (8014 Bayberry Rd.)??? Jacksonville Florida's area code is 904, therefore it could be one of their worker's cell phone to see if I was at home and would answer. They log dates and times that someone would be answering the phone looking for their victum.


Caller ID: Unknown

Tee Henderson said: Name was Hanns.  I do not know you.

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