guest said: Where are you from


Rbn190 said: This number called twice and didn't leave a message.  They got through to me today, and the first thing the woman said was "Is this the owner of this number?"  Thought this was strange, so I asked who she were calling.  She couldn't tell me, claiming she couldn't read it.  I asked her not to call me for marketing, as it was a cell phone.  She did tell me what company she was working for...sounded something like "window," but I told her whatever she was calling me for, that I wasn't interested.


Caller ID: Private

TJ said: On caller ID as private number



Nikki said: Multiple calls, never leaving any message.


gray said: This call is from USAA Bank/Insurance


Kelsy said: phone calls with no one on line when picked up.


Caller ID: NONE

Nicole said: I got a call on my GrandCentral account from this number at 1:30 p.m. local time on 10/10/08.  Googling the number provides the name "Sergio Cortes" in NYC just west of Central Park.  This is probably some sort of spam call, and it is possible that the CID information is spoofed.  

To Nicole:  I have a friend with a Net10 phone and she had the same problem with unsolicited marketing calls.  Somebody at Net10 is selling their directories (or somebody is stealing them).


AAA said: aaaaaaaaaaaaa


Caller ID: 1-213-555-0000

JD said: I got a call from this number at 9:48 am on Oct 11, I didn't pick up but the guy left a message(not really, but he was talking to someone in the backroung), he sounded chinese(LOL).


Irritated Irene said: How did you trace it back to the stalker ex? I would love to have the ability to trace several calls as an obsessed ex-girlfriend of my hubby is relentless and I know still calls him from several numbers. Many numbers are from cells, so without paying a service, I don't know how to trace them.  This has gone on for about 2 yrs... HELP!!


bk said: An automated system that calls & detects if a live person answers.
Ifa live (real) person answers, it sends a series of beeps (coded) to put that number on a sales solictation list which will be used shortly!


Caller ID: The Share Group

msds said: "California Call":  leaves no message.  This is a number used by
The Share Group.  This is from their web site:"Today - from our three offices in Massachusetts, Washington, DC, and Phoenix - Share Group successfully represents over 100 institutions, campaigns, and socially progressive causes and businesses whose impact often reaches throughout the world. On any given day we might call to help save a rain forest, fund a pediatric AIDS unit, or rebuild a country devastated by an earthquake.  Good People, even if they are annoying.  I think if you call the number back there is an option to get taken of their calling list; I have read that, but didn't wait after I had called back to identify the caller.


msds said: I got the call - and no one send anything.  I called the number back and the auto attendent id them at The Share Group.  They explain they represent various organizations.  You can opt out by hitting 2 (takes 72 hours per the message).


Caller ID: 213-504-7041

john said: There were two calls.  The first call asked for me; I asked who was calling and they hung up.  No one answered on the second call.


SC said: Obama volunteers are asked to use their personal phones to call fellow supporters. This is most likely the case and not a left-winged conspiracy involving chickens.


Caller ID: Paging Phone CA

MNBill said: Paging Phone CA


Patrick said: Got calls from the number.


ihatecalls4rmtelemarketers!!!! said: I got a call from this number ,,the lady told me she was calling for "AAA"company for auto insurance..when I asked her if I could call her back she just told me that she would call back..I'm not sure if this is real??


Caller ID: Edina Couriers


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