Olive said: The caller did not leave a message.


Caller ID: 2038571597

Olive said: I got a call from this number the area code is idaho I don't kno anyone from there so ₣úČ₭ em lol


VeNoM7688 said: It's to renew my car warranty. It's the 4th time they have called.I asked to speak to someone in charge, the woman hung up.


Caller type: Non-Commercial



mark said: i want to know who's this number belong to and who called mw


MM said: me too, the real question is why. They obviously do not want anything, so why the calls and how do they get the numbers


Brooke said: Didn't leave a message.


Caller ID: 2093238693

RP said: keep on bothering me with stupid phone calls.


Steve Myers said: is this dangrest to me ?


meldawn said: just had 2 calls back to back from this guy. What does he want?


Caller ID: mz_

luisa said: Called asking for son - think must be collection of some sort...young girl, wouldn't give any info other than "personal"


me said: do you remember who you talked to? Some guy named Clint keeps calling me. He is very rude. He called my whole family and my landlord looking for me and I dont know what he wants!


I hate DCS said: WOW this guy is an a**! whats his deal? I tried calling to speak to a supervisor but the call goes straight to his phone! I dont know what else to do


Caller ID: Scarborough RSR

Annoyed in NY said: They are calling just about every day.  And calling late!!!


Shirley said: would like to knoow who called from this number because they called at least 4 times would like to know if its an emergancy when i called back it says that its not a working number.


Erin said: This number keeps calling my house and not saying anything. When i hang up and call it back it says it is not a working number.


tickedoff said: They called me saying the same thing I have a cell phone so it really makes me mad when you tell them to take you off there calling list and they keep calling you


same as ticked off said: they keep calling and i told them to take me off there calling list


Caller ID: 2102498808

Chip said: guy with heavy accent, claimed to be from state of illinois business services dept.  I asked him why he had an out of state phone #, he claimed to be in winnetka.  when he started asking questions, I hung up on him.
Illiinois att'y generals office said unless i'd sent them money or given out personal info.... nothing they can do.


Tiffany said: Who calls from this number and what do they want.

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