Caller ID: Unknown

Dawn said: Received a phone call from 202-558-7117.  No one left a message, caller ID says it is from Washington,DC.  When I called it back, it said to leave a message for mailbox#202-558-7117.


Caller ID: 2028705002

carol said: they call and hang up upon answering


Caller ID: Thermo O Spa
Caller type: Telemarketer

sdchargers13 said: Relentless! I wish I could "block" the calls from my cell!


dustin said: these people won't stop calling and they use several other numbers:
They call ALL hours of the day. If anyone wants to file a class action lawsuit for harrassment let me know!


business phone said: They call at least 20 times a day, today I asked to be placed on the do not call list and they said they will keep calling because I gave them the wrong number when they asked for the corporate phone number. I gave the correct number so I do not know why they keep calling. One day the were tired of me so they placed a shrill noise that rang in my ears for 3 days. HMS TX


Will Dunn said: When I answered the phone the woman identified herself as calling for the Barack Obama campaign for change. She asked for me by name. Incidentally, this is the 3rd phone call I've received from them.
She said her purpose for calling was to see if I wanted to vote by mail.


Not me Buddy. said: That very same person with this IP Just ripped off one of my friends. I f anyone gets any info please let me know. I will personally fly to europe or anywhere to find this guy. SOME ONE NEED TO PUNISH THIS PERSON.


Ryann said: I got one from the Rev R Wesley too, but he also replied from an additional address of rev.rwesley00004 (at) msn.com

rev or not.... im not shipping anything to nigeria


DaRummels said: long message on voicemail, then some woman says "hello"" and silence/end of message. Very annoying.


McDizzle said: long message referred to earlier was all silence, until the "hello?"


Berk H said: Fax came from Carroll Foster looking for 80 Donaldson Filters, came from fax # 888-481-6795, but wanted response to 206-309-0864.


Harry said: got a disconnected call when answered


Robert said: 2063367191 called my cell phone


Seattle Michigan Transplant said: 206-336-7211 called my cell phone


Staci said: Called and left no message.


joey6767 said: This number is supposed to be a shipping company for animals and they call their company Global Pet Relocation. When ever I call no one answers the phone and the voive mail sounds very scamish. If anyone knows anything about it please let me know.


ARiveraKids said: gosh i wish i could have looked it up before i gave him my address and number..i knew there was something fishy about it since he'd asked to start right away, with no interview? how can a person trust a stranger with money?? thats just weird...so the "check" is going to be here today, and i am NOT going to accept the delivery..!!

i regret it..but this IS A SCAM!! thank gosh for this site!

Bruce Brian,sales manager of Clarenfurnisher PLC its a retail
outlet under global development--


Frank said: That number is from a collection agency. When they called me, they said they were the corporate office of Weisfield jewelers, though I suspect they field calls for other clients as well.


Elizabet said: When the machine picked up caller hung up.

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