noname said: Called me 3 times today.  I returned call and got an operator message ... "not a working number."


KB -Update said: I'm actually an out-sourced employee for T-Mobile Customer Service and I'm amazed how many people are being affected by this. I was just reading some information about this, and I found it odd that there would be two specific numbers that were causing duplicate messages. As the current article in my knowledge base is titled, "Duplicate SMSs to the Numbers 206-313-0026 and 404-455-0007." So I Googled the numbers to try and find out more information about them which led me here.

As a(n indirect) T-Mobile employee, I understand I'm somewhat the enemy here, but I'm also a fellow cell phone owner and I imagine I'd be pretty heated if these charges were appearing on my bill (I use a different provider). I'm posting here to hopefully let everyone know that the issue has been resolved and T-Mobile is in the process of correcting the bills of those affected. Just call us and we'll get you taken care of...

"There is an issue where some customers may be charged for duplicate SMSs when SMSs were displayed in usage prior to October 25.

How to identify: Customers would have SMSs on or before October 24 to the following numbers:



Note: All SMSs to these two numbers prior to October 25 are considered to be duplicates."

Again, I get it that I'm working from behind enemy lines here, but I just wanted to wish everyone the best of luck in getting this resolved as quickly and painlessly (cheaply ;)) as possible.


P.S. Just in case anyone doesn't know, "SMS" is synonymous with "text message."


Caller ID: Unknown Caller

Wendy S said: Called on 10/28/08 at 1:22pm


Bee said: Vandenberg Chase and Associates states in their message that either I or my lawyer need call them.  Give me an 888 number and case number


squido said: His original email has been pasted below. WE are a brisbane (Australia) based company.  Definately a scam.    

From: rev jakkson Ferguson [mailto:revjakksonferguson (at) yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, 27 October 2008 7:27 AM
To: info (at) newd.com.au
Subject: Banners order

Hello,i am Rev Ferguson Jakkson and i would like you  to help me with some banners order and i need 3x8 banner 40pcs white back ground with blue lettering artworked FERGUSON INTERNATIONAL CHURCH....And there should be grommets all round too,,Kindly email me back the quote with the type of payment you accept?I will have them picked up from your location as soon as they are ready..



Banner Brothers said: This Jakkson dude is a banana eating monkey. Send him back to his cage


judono said: If you call the number and ask to speak to a manager, they will take you off their phone call list!


Deb said: I have received 2 calls this week, no one answered when I said hello. Tried calling back, phone never rang thru.


Caller type: Telemarketer

reficuL said: Received call listened to offer to lower interest rate on CC pushed 9 and a live person responded. I ask what CC they represented and she claimed Visa and Mastercard. I asked the  name of her company and all she said was "Account Services"  located in Maryland. I asked for the address of the company and was disconnected.

I am on the national DNC list I thought the call was a political call since they are exempt.

This  seems like a phishing operation to me.


Caller ID: 407-000-6543

beartracks said: Caller ask for another person not in the household. He did not identify himself.


Caller type: Telemarketer

manx27 said: Yep, same deal here, they seem to be a telemarketer to save up money in Wal-Mart, although I doubt Wal-Mart is affilliated with this. Apparently whoever they are, they're able to get cell numbers around the Orlando area and leave a recording, once you call back, the number does not exist. (Same thing happens with College Assist loaners)
The only thing you can do is to block the number with your cell phone provider, although number blocking is an extra service. They're stupid enough to actually show the number rather than block it.


Oscar said: What the Fart!! - i keep getting a call from the same number - my brother gets it too!! we have Metro PCS - Do you think they're selling our numbers - do you guys have Metro PCS?


Caller ID: 407-123-4023

adfromorlando said: same here around 6.30pm did not answer though thats what you hear when you call back   "Your call can not be compleated as dialed, please check the number and dial again"

I assume some sort of telemarketing??

my wife got the call the day before..creepy lOl
dont want to spent the $1 for the reverse look up.
If any knows who this sucker is please post ;-)


Lucas said: Appears as a missed call on my phone at work.


Nina said: I just received a call from 407-788-3038 and decided to pick it up.  They said they were calling from FAFCO and asked if my energy bill was higher than usual last month.  I let him keep talking and then he said that his company offers a free energy check.  At that point I told him I was on the National Do Not Call Registry and to remove my number from their solicitation calls list.  He then hung up on me.


Bridget said: I answer they hang up.


Panen said: Rocky from Prpoerty Minder trying to give away a free web site for 30 days

fast talker with an accent


Caller ID: 408 521-2555
Caller type: Non-Commercial

Rob said: This is a FAX number given to me from a fraud e-mail from craigslist.   I am trying to find out where this fax machine resides.  They are selling fake items and requesting money via Money Gram.  The e-mail requests the Money Gram receipt to be sent to this FAX number.


Caller ID: (408) 649-5607

hoteldogma said: Wednesday, October 29, 2008 1:23 PM
No Message left.

Phone Number:     (408) 649-5607
Line Type:          Landline
Phone Carrier:     Broadwing Communications, Llc - Ca
City:          Santa Clara
State:          CA
County:          Santa Clara
Latitude:          37.3750
Longitude:          -121.9593

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