Torri said: +5-062-247-8656 calls frequently.


Torri said: I have been receiving calls from 062-247-8656 or 062-247-xxxx, seems to change every day or so.

Called At&T, they are no help. They say the number is invalid so there is nothing to do.

Filed a complaint with donotcall.gov, but it seems worthless


Caller ID: Unkown Name

JT said: Car Warranty Scam


Jason said: I got this call twice in a row tonight, but no messages were left.



Caller ID: 062-246-9470

Sammy Noodleman said: recv'd call from 062-246-9470 on Oct 9th, 4:30 central - no message, hung up - they called right back again - no message -

do we know what co. this is?


whats going on? said: I received the call from this number during lecture, and when i call back there was a voiced message saying that i missed an offer and would call me again. what i am concerning is where does the caller get our private phone numbers?


Caller ID: private number
Caller type: Fax Machine

ATI said: I received a response to my website by a Rev Henry Davise wanting to order 600 curtains and sending them to Osu Orphanage Home in Ghana.  I emailled him on revhenry.davise (at) yahoo.com and he rang me and the number came up private number.  My director was in contact with him after that and Rev Henry Davise used 2 mastercards to pay for the order which were both rejected.  He continually was phoning the Director and then he made payment on a credit card which was accepted of $3000. He told my director to get a price for freight from Jumbo Shipping.   My director contacted the bank which confirmed it was a scam.   this guy is African with a heavy accent and dont understand him very well.   Also the phone number was the same as the fax number as the Director had phoned it a acouple of times trying to contact this man.


mommy eS said: i guess this will be a bank,,, just got a call today and 2 missed calls of the same number...



Ed said: one call, today at 1:10pm, october 9 2008. no name on the i.d. and no sound on the line


Serena said: Im just now getting these messages i want the to stop how>???


Unknown said: Why can there not be a total stop put on this phone abuse?
We should be able to charge these clowns with harassment and
charge any unwanted calls back to them. I am sick and tired of
people abusing the telephone service that I am paying for.
Enough is enough. Robbed by Bell and harrassed by these idiots.


Snarg said: They always hang up when i ask what te name of the company is etc - so now when they call i press 1 liek the message says and put the phone up to the stereo speaker and play the heaviest music I can access


Caller ID: IBS
Caller type: Commercial

JNB said: Caller was looking for "qualified sellers" interested in selling their business to a "qualified buyer".  They would collect some basic information now then would have someone else call back for more specific information.


Kent said: out of area call


Jeff said: recording telling me to press a number to get a lower interest rate.


Caller ID: 17208624808

Warren James Bond said: hwo want receive a call at 00.14?no body.
I received a lot from this number 17208624808.damn it


brent said: they had said that we had won a $10,500 holiday cancun florida would only have to pay the tax which was $567.00 and it would take 7 to 10 working days for tickets to arrive, that was 2 weeks ago.


WW said: No one said anything


WW said: No one said anything


Tony Pham said: Thanks for the site

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