ifrigginhatebradpiercetoo said: hey guys i just wanted to let you know that I just looked these wonderful people up on the better business bureau website and this is what i found:
(it is rather boring but it tells me that there are more complaints on this website than w/ the bureau please make a report w/ the bureau i know it is annoying and takes time but it is the only way to get rid of this kind of treatment from jerks like Brad Pierce)

The following data concerns complaints processed by the BBB over the last 36 months.
Complaints Closed As:
Closure Type Definitions Last
1 month
12 months  Last
13 months
24 months  Last
25 months
36 months  Total Last
1 month
36 months    
Complaints Resolved 1 0 2 3 60.00%
Complaints Unresolved 0 0 0 0 0.00%
Administratively Closed 2 0 0 2 40.00%
Complaints No Response 0 0 0 0 0.00%
Total 3 0 2 5 100.00%

Complaints Concerning:
Nature Definitions

Closure Type Definitions Advertising Issues  Selling Practices  Delivery Issues  Repair Issues  Service Issues  Customer Services Issues  Total  
Complaint(s) Resolved 0 0 0 0 0 0
Complaint(s) Unresolved 0 0 0 0 0 0
Administratively Closed 0 0 0 0 0 0
Complaint(s) No Response 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total Last 1-36 Months 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total Last 25-36 Months 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total Last 13-24 Months 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total Last 1-12 Months 0 0 0 0 0 0

Nature Definitions

Closure Type Definitions Guarantee Or Warranty Issues  Product Issues  Refund of Exchange Issues  Contract Disputes  Billing or Collection Issues  Total  
Complaint(s) Resolved 0 0 0 0 3
Complaint(s) Unresolved 0 0 0 0 0
Administratively Closed 0 0 0 0 2
Complaint(s) No Response 0 0 0 0 0
Total Last 1-36 Months 0 0 0 0 5
Total Last 25-36 Months 0 0 0 0 2
Total Last 13-24 Months 0 0 0 0 0
Total Last 1-12 Months 0 0 0 0 3

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Ellie said: called me several times leaving no message.  Am member of RCI and have not had this problem in the past.


Caller type: Telemarketer

dave said: I've never been a member - I probably entered a contest at an air-show a few years back and they got my number that way.  It just started, now they're calling my cell daily!


Caller ID: 1-318-998-6345

Chuck said: The call is saying they are from Orange Savings bank and that my accounts have been compromised and press one to transfer to the security department.  Many people I know have gotten the same call.


Neleha Dun said: Neleha,

No, No, I am NOT Justin.  I am also NOT Gail, or anyone else.  I am also not Bevin or Joe, because Bevin and Joe are really you.  Most importantly, I am not lying.  

You seem really upset with me because I have been truthful about your business dealings.

For the record, I have called your office approximately 20 times.  Not once was the phone answered.  I encourage all readers to call to see for themselves.  

You seem to have had a verbal orgasm all over yourself here.  You really need to not get that upset.

Why don't you quit whining and proceed with your suit.  I am really looking forward to deposing you.  It will be very interesting to get you under oath and start asking you to name all your satellite offices, their occupants and phone numbers.  Then we can start talking about how many times you have not made your payments and fulfilled your contract obligations.  It will be a lot of fun to watch you start to squirm and shake and then start to sweat.  I will inquire about Discovery Investments as well.  Do you really want to talk about them??  Be sure to bring your transcipts from the colleges you say you have graduated from, because they say they don't know you.    

To be totally fair, I will say you gave some very sage and wise advice to people considering dealing with you  -  "disregard our offer" was your quote.


CP said: Called about my timeshare.


sued by borack said: We don't have a Nancy in this office.


beth said: Beth,
A cease & desist letter doe NOT stop the legal proceedings! It only stops phone calls. But we can still enter judgement and still proceed with garnishments.


j said: A cease & desist letter via the mail only stops phone calls. It does not stop the mail, bank or wage garnishments.


Cathy said: Cathy,
I love your reference to "us" as jerks. You are the one who owes our clients money and we are the ones who are the bad guys? If someone borrowed thousands of dollars from you and NEVER paid you back, how would you feel.

We, as collectors have to be "polite" to you, but you guys can treat us like dirt? How does that work? I don't understand how you sign a contract to pay back a debt that perfectly states the company is entitled to late fees and interest accrued, but then gripe when the debt is an additional $1-3,000 more! When your file has been on our office for 2-4 years, what do you expect?! In my opinion debtors are IDIOTS!! I mean don't get me wrong, there are those people who genuinely fell into some hard times and have every intention of paying back what they owe. But those of you who think WE owe YOU something is ridiculous.

And just a word of advice...if we keep calling, 9 out of 10 times it's because you have more than 1 file in the office!! If you paid your bills in the first place we would NEVER call you.


Caller ID: verification fr

andy said: I have received five calls from this number (an automatic answering machine says "customer service")in the past two days.  They say to type in my phone number if I want to be removed from the calling list.  Unable to speak to an agent.  Very suspicious.


Caller ID: AIS
Caller type: Collection Agency

mrj said: second call from them 10-2-08.  was  told an attorney contacted them, AIS, to look into my assets because someone was looking into suing me for an alleged "personal loan" taken out years ago.  I asked for the attorney's name and they refused.  I asked for them to fax me a copy of the papers with my signature.  They refused saying they couldn't.  I believe this is a scan because my credit is clear of mortgage & personal loans.  The FBI should really look into this "business".


O said: they always call and when we pick up no one is ever there.


Caller ID: cellular call

At Home said: Rang twice.........no message left........


Caller ID: cellular call

Pip said: rang 3 times, hung up.


Caller ID: omega gpr

hydropro said: Got a call from them yesterday.


hydropro said: Called my CA area code 805 business phone at 6:41 p.m. and hung up on the answering machine.  I am on the Do Not Call list.  No I.D but the phone number.  Have to have a list for whoever I am going to report these abusers to so here my list of 115 numbers for May to October 2, 2008  below.  Many call repeatedly for months and many call several times per day.
201-221-3014    No message
202-629-9389    No message
202-629-9389    Preapproved million $
213-430-4260    Global Reach Int
213-537-1392    No message
215-525-6561    NCC phone savings
218-740-2135    No message
231-224-2031    No message
231-224-2034    No message
231-732-2306    No Message
231-732-2310    No message
231-732-2660    No message
231-732-2768    No message
231-732-2788    No message
231-732-2800    Auto Warranty
269-768-2102    No message
269-768-2170    No message
269-768-2257    No message
269-768-2706    No message
281-520-3779    Auto Warranty
301-997-2022    No message
302-737-9533    Innovative Consult.
310-599-5729    No message
310-599-9115    No Message
323-208-3801    Medallion
323-429-7524    No Message
334-493-3059    No message
336-343-4145    MortgageProtect
386-304-9434    Daytona Beach, FL
408-587-2120    Credit card
408-651-8124    No message
410-705-6007    Auto Warranty
410-774-8005    Extended car warranty
415-262-0266    No message PBIS
480-285-2000    Credit card
480-543-1367    merchantcircle.com
503-620-8554    OREGON
508-458-0199    Insurance Selec
517-931-2214    Auto Warranty
517-931-2347    Free Satellite TV
517-931-2361    No message
517-931-2511    Satellite service
517-931-2526    No message
562-289-8146    No message
562-394-0341    SOCAS
567-255-6121    No message
603-214-3535    A Grayson
603-214-3539    PRIVATE OFFICE
603-214-3637    No message
609-279-1990    B R Interviewing
610-687-1030    Reminder Call
616-980-2581    No message
616-980-2589    No message
619-801-8114    No Message
626-551-3384    No message
646-572-7883    TELE EXPRESS
651-256-6181    Pioneer Press
702-520-1248    No message
702-520-1275    No Message
702-520-1344    Auto Warranty
702-520-1466    Auto Warranty
702-520-1484    No message
702-520-1497    No message
702-520-9150    No message
702-736-3099    NOT PROVIDED
714-607-5740    Auto Warranty
714-682-8307    No message
714-682-8311    No message
732-242-6503    Repeated Calls
732-242-6504    Doctors Group
732-242-6510    Doctors Group
760-536-8137    No message
763-392-5983    General Warrant
765-331-0000    5 Star Roof-No message
770-894-4718    Marble Hill, GA
800-328-0185    Unavailable
800-348-4271    No message
800-399-5166    GE Money
800-434-4240    No message
800-620-2403    NET 10
800-644-0296    Sprint Credit
800-888-8888    No message
800-919-8021    Energy service
800-931-6381    No message
805-560-1265    Amer Message-med plan
805-560-4500    Dial Page
805-560-5032    Dial Page
805-985-4838    No message
808-298-6114    No message
808-372-6602    No message
816-389-2729     TELEPHONE MANAG
818-656-4565    California
818-804-3142    Callcatchers
847-250-6801    No message
850-473-1276    Penscola, FL No Message
858-309-5533    Transaction Service
858-380-4952    Bancard1
858-380-4958    Bancard1
858-633-8105    Transaction Service
866-671-9489    No message
866-822-9401    Bank of America
888-338-6938    Unavailable
888-485-0975    Credit card
888-638-4742    No message
888-665-9900    No message
888-678-3552    No message
909-502-9110    No Message
931-563-4182    No message
951-398-5060    SPEC OL CA STH
954-366-0317    Florida-No message
973-685-2588    No message
978-570-2325    No message
978-570-2364    CANC
No number    Unavailable
No number    PRIVATE


Nancy said: i recieved this call on my cell phone, when i called it back i was instructed to press 1 to have it removed from its calling list. i never even waited to find out who it was.


chris said: How bizarre...if the FBI were looking for me, they'd find me in an hour or less, but we can't figure out who has this phone number? Weird!


Caller ID: GE money

Amber said: I don't even know how they got my number. The Mervyn's card is in my mom's name and she never put my number as a contact number. They call me 4 times a day. By the way, the bill is being paid!

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