granolegal said: My guess is no one claiming this to be a scam has any evidence of that at all! Why? Because they're not a scam.  I know this because they're helping my sister who has breast cancer and if it wasn't for them I don't know what she would do.  None of the other "cancer charities" would do anything but give her educational information and send her to someone else.  These people are one of the few that actually helped her (financially).  So, if you clowns don't want to support them, fine, but don't be calling them a "scam" just because you don't like people calling you on the phone for help!


Caller ID: 2482036087

nwt said: my ex husband had given my number for credit some kind of collection company


Vasanti said: The reason they can call even though you are on the do not call list is they are not selling anything. If you read the do not call it will say that


Caller ID: Jem Carpet CAre
Caller type: Telemarketer

moi said: Unsolicited sales call for Jem carpet cleaning.


Caller ID: Unknown

Nunuv Yerbizness said: Two rings then silence.  I didn't even have time to answer.


Caller type: Non-Commercial

Keith said: I don't know how he got our number because he says he only met my husband once at a gas station but he wont stop calling.


Frank said: Got a call with no message left.


Frank said: Automated election questionnaire, computer left start of questionnaire with my answering machine, hung up when didn't get response to first question.


Caller ID: FMA Alliance
Caller type: Collection Agency

Insanity said: The number belongs to FMA Alliance, a debt collector in Houston, TX


Caller ID: A T & T

B.O.B. said: Cool girl,nice to talk too.


Caller ID: A T & T

B.O.B. said: Cool girl,nice to talk too.


Caller ID: A T & T

B.O.B. said: cool gal!  Good conversationist


ree said: received two calls from this number today within 20 mins of each other. did not pick up. texas area code but i have an illinois number.


Caller ID: DA Call
Company / Organization: AT&T?

Tired said: We have a call on our phone bill of 000-000-0411.. It says that it's a "DA Call".  I believe that it came from either the sheriff or the county jail house as this person receiving the call was talking to the DA or lawyers, or the sheriff.   It was on the cell phone and we weren't billed.


xorpheus said: Me to...living in Germany and the call came in while I was absent at 8:12 pm


rml said: did they find him?


xx101008 said: text message with the name (jdwaksond) sending offensive text messages


Caller ID: 039-854-6000

annoyed tonite said: I have been getting regular phone calls from this bloody number 039-854-6000  for the last 3 months asking for individual people, I keep telling them to stop calling as they have the wrong number, the idiots just wont stop.


Eliane said: Bei mir war es dasselbe. Lästig...

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