JARED said: interrupted an exam.  unknown caller.


alli said: I got the same text this morning twice,from ladypurple heart something, I text back with sorry you got the wrong number havent heard anything since! I was thinkin back on all of the skeezers I use to know freaked me out!


Liz said: was it a telemarketing phone. i dont like to pick up those phone. keep getting it everyday


Caller ID: Beneficial Bank

Mubai said: I received a call with this number and the caller ID said "WEST PERRY."  An automated voice said that "This is a call from Beneficial Bank your debit card had been deactivated and to activate it please press 1."  I pressed one just out of curiosity and then it said you will be asked for your card information followed by 3 security questions.  Then the automated voice asked me to enter my card number.  I then hung up the phone.  Seems like fraud to me.


Caller ID: Dance Club Nite

Karen S. said: This is a Dance Club trying to sell Ballroom Dancing lessons. There was a human being on the line and I asked to be removed from her list.


Caller ID: Relief Link

lisa said: Same as experience as JT posted. Called several times to have my number removed only to have the person disconnect.  Without question these people are up to no good.


Caller ID: out of area

vlad said: Did a quick Google search while the call was coming in.  Obviously, saw the posts and didn't pick up.  They didn't leave a message.


Caller type: Telemarketer

Thomas said: "Would you like to hear about your free vacation?


Caller ID: NA

Ray said: "You have just won a prize. Please press "1" to speak to a representative."


Shaun said: A greasy foreigners accent, the kind one would expect from an italian pizza maker who jerks off in your dipping sauce. Insisting I press 1 to hear details of my prize. He called twice now, Ill burn his pizza palace down and then cut his thumbs off if he calls again. Try picking up a phone with no thumbs you italian a**hole.


Caller type: Telemarketer

El Marco said: My office received a call from Statewide Trading today at 12:13 pm. Spoke to my wife; would not give her any info other than wanting me to return the call. I did not ask for anyone to call the office. I am too busy to deal with marketing calls; my wife handles. They would not talk to her but wanted answers to a bunch of questions. When she did not respond to the questions, the broker, Chris, jush hung up. Very rude. Would not give any information as to his call.


Caller ID: 325-244-6706

jee said: Received a cell phone call from this number who presented themselves as a friendly caller.  Since I did not identify the number I did not pick up, but instead listened to the message.  

I have telemarketer blocking on cell so believe they have violated the rules re: blocked marketing calls.


Caller ID: 330-433-5839

annoyed said: Like all comments above, I'd receive calls from this number at least once everyday! No answer when I pick up the phone. No messages left from caller either.


Caller ID: School Call

me said: Keep getting calls from this number at least once a day, sometimes twice, and after hours too!.

Caller ID shows SCHOOL CALL

No one answers on the other end,


Caller ID: School Call

Mike said: I have know idea where this is coming from, but I wish they would stop. If its a FAX Machine then they should trrace it and pull the plug  on it.....

My caller ID shows SCHOOL CALL


Tod said: Caller asked for "Jessica".  Called repeatedly after being told she had reached a wrong number.


Caller ID: out of area

SARAH said: woman calls repeatedly asking for "Rita."


T.B said: Number didn't show on caller ID, but left a message.  "Wanted to know if you would join Greg Shaw, conservative candidate for Supreme Court, on Wed. Oct. 1 at Auburn (AL) City Hall."


hiram said: I get calls twice a day from this number. Immediately after I will receive a back-up call from an unregistered number. They never leave a message and they (f-bomb) wake me up everyday for I work 3rd shift and now very sleep deprived. Catch them now!!!


Archie said: breathing hard

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