THUY said: miss call


Edmontongirl said: Didn't leave a message but called numerous times


hackrider said: i got a call today on my cell phone from this number and the voice mail said "Please press 1 to collect your promotional gift"...weird, prob some stupid scam again that i won $1,000,000 but that i have to pay $100 to get it lol


Stephane St-Onge said: This website rocks!

I got a call too.

This is phone SPAM. Avoid at all costs, do not pick up.


Adam, Toronto, Canada said: I'm based in Toronto... just got a call from this number too.  Did a reverse look up and found nothing...


Caller ID: 1-307-647-7517

me said: This number has called me 4 times.  I answer and there is no one there.


Caller ID: Credit Services

TxAxcent said: Received a automated call from Illinois 882-9983 identifying themselves as beign from Credit Services stating there is nothing wrong with my credit card, but they can get me a better rate! .. it is nothing but a scam to get your credit card number..


Caller ID: 310-693-2915

miva said: Called twice in one day on my cell phone (which I did not notice buzzing either time). Left no messages either time.


Caller type: Fax Machine

john said: prankster


Megan C said: I just got a call from this number.  It too has been calling me a couple of times a week. up until now I couldn't get any answer back.  Today I answered it in time.  The person on the other end is of middle eastern decent, and claims to be from "Debt Solutions"., but couldn't offer me the info on what I owed. Just wanted me to make a payment on some credit card.


dave said: I have been repeatedly getting phone calls on my cell from this number at different times of day. It is becoming very annoying.


jill said: I have been repeatedly getting phone calls on my cell from this number at different times of day. It is becoming very annoying.


DBanks said: Same deal with me last night; said my bank had enrolled me in a sweepstakes; asked about the weather; said I had also won a diamond watch and then hung up on me when I stated that I was on the No-Call list and said that I didn't want to buy any magazines. Caller ID said "Panorama Mgt Inc"


SC said: Yea this number called me too and said it was a sweepstakes from my bank and I was a finalist.


Caller ID: 310-578-1561

T said: These bastards call everyday at 4:00 PM PT time. They don't say anything -and don't leave message. A marketing ploy for time locator?


Caller ID: Unknown

bosslowrider said: No message, hung up when answering machine answered.


Caller ID: verizon

Jacks said: this guy calls ask for me then hang up


513 said: Did not recognize the number so I didn't answer. They never left a message, though. Thanks for the info.


Caller ID: Shela Carlson

jb said: I received a call stating to call back S.Carlson. When I call back it stated this is the Law office of Scott Harris.

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