Leo said: i just recieved a call as well and this person knew my boyfriend... pretty weird


Bert said: Possoble vacancy


Caller ID: NONE

Puzzled said: I have been getting calls from this number. When I answered it was to let me know that someone was worried that my mortgage was too high .. I do not have a mortgage! So I hang up right away. Now I will pay attention to the caller ID before picking up...


Caller type: Commercial

Robert J. said: I received a call 10/25/08 from this number 062-272-9196 ,that requested that I talk to them about my credit card interest rate. After checking on the Internet, I found that the number is in Indonesia. It sounds like a scam to get credit information. I plan to call or e-mail this information to the federal agencys.


Caller ID: Unknown

Steve said: Even though I am listed on the US do not call list, I get a telemarketers call that I was prequalified for a reduced rate mortgage from this number


Caller ID: not sure

john said: No Message left.


Caller ID: 062-288-1089

skydancer said: unknown caller


Caller ID: ?
Caller type: Telemarketer

leave me alone said: your cars warranty is about to expire


Tami said: Calls at least every other day.


Caller ID: 1236085003

na said: Called two days after I did not answer a call from 120-611-1111.  Did not leave any message.


Caller type: Telephone Surveyor

Derek said: je reçois souvent cette appelle   c est en anglais  je ne sais pas c est quoi   j ai téléphoner et ça dit de racrocher


lucie said: This number 121-121-1212. Why don't these annoying people get a real job and quit hararessing victims. There got to be some law to get rid of pesty fingers that dial people homes and don't leave any type of message.
Makes me  mad quite frankly!!!!


jane doe said: I received a phone call on my cell phone from area code 123-608-5003.  There was no message left.



jane doe said: I received a phone call from 123-608-5003. I answered and it was silent for a few seconds then they hung up.



Caller ID: Telemarketig
Caller type: Telemarketer

John Doe said: I just received a call from 123-608-5003, they left a message, it's a remote something, anyway, it's a telemarketing call. said push one for help 3 to be removed from call list.


Caller ID: V10251421010008

Canada said: 2:22pm  Hello - hello - silence - hung up


Caller ID: Name Unavailable

serge said: rang three times and left no message.


Caller type: Commercial

mark said: NY MAG HOLDINGS says the Caller ID. I never pick up, but I'm guessing they're trying to get me to re-subscribe to a mag that I got free with airline miles.


Caller ID: 210-425-4980

Bree said: 201-425-4980 kept calling me every 30 minutes in the evening. and hour.  I was concerned about who it was.  early in the morning 7:30a.m. tried the number. Mailbox was full. I thought that odd. looked on the internet. Was glad to see this related issues. I called Verizon. They blocked the number no charge. can block up to 5 numbers no fee.


brian said: i just got a call from it as well and they didnt say anything.

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