Caller type: Non-Commercial

Peter L said: The number is from someone using a long distance phone card. For example a friend of mine in Halifax dials an 800 number it dials into the local area and uses the companies phone line. One mystery solved.


Caller type: Non-Commercial

darryl said: The number is from someone using a long distance phone card. For example a friend of mine in Halifax dials an 800 number it dials into the local area and uses the companies phone line. One mystery solved.


Caller type: Non-Commercial

scam buster said: This orginization takes peoples money in the us pretending that they are a financial service that wants to advise them that they won a grand prize.


Caller ID: 0-196-1211
Company / Organization: Unknown

Michael said: This is the number shown on my caller ID 0-196-1211.

There is no area code just a single zero.

These people or who ever the hell it is have the nerve to call and not say anything they call multiple times in a day.

If anyone knows what this number is to I would appreciate it if you can tell me.


Company / Organization: Merchant Services
Caller type: Telemarketer

Sean said: It is interesting how I did not get any 1-000-000-0001 calls, until AFTER I blocked UNKNOWN/PRIVATE calls.

This one was from Merchant Services selling Credit card processing.


Caller ID: zelmed
Caller type: Telemarketer

Daniel said: Nous avons une petite société, apparemment cette bande de guignol veut d'optenir le nom d'un contacte, pour lui envoyer des marchandises non sollicitées. Ils n'arrêtent pas de nous appeler, si leur but et de gaspiller de l'argent c'est gagné, comme je prends les appels donc systématiquement je les envoie ce faire balader pour êtres poli.


vp said: Il devrait y avoir une loi contre les gens qui importunent les honnêtes citoyens.


va cagare said: Le groupe mutuel est composé d'envahisseur français qui désirent s'implanter en Suisse, comme ils l'on déjà fait avec Lausanne FM, Téléverbier ou Nestlé international.


523 said: This telephone number phone me every day


Nemo said: Yeah...i dont kbow why the person didn't answer when i make a call!!! better i check with the police.


the phnee said: the same happend to me tonite. hmm, what's that?


Caller type: Telephone Surveyor

gjeto said: This is a Marketing Service. If you like to receive no more calls of this company, you can order a receipt per postmail.

Link Marketing Service AG
CH-8048 Zürich
Tel. 044/4974949



I didn't answer.


Caller type: Telemarketer

brian said: Recieving first a message about "your current credit card accounts."  There is nothing wrong with my accounts, it says, but my eligibility for reducing the interest rate is about to expire.  I press 1 to talk to a representative; the person sounds tired and wary.  I ask what company is calling me: "Card Services" and "We work with Experian."  Ok.  I ask him to remove my number; we're on the do-not-call list.  He hangs up on me.


brian said: Just this minute I received a call from 062-291-3852 same spiel about credit card reduction of interest...same as you did...They just seem to disappear for a week or so and then appear again...Sure riles me up but I called Frontier Phone services and they said they can't do anything either but I could, for around $7.00 a month more on phone bill...block the number but then they get a new one...


jb said: Never pick up about 5-7 times a day...no message lfet



Wendy said: Just got a call from this number, didn't answer.. I just wonder who it is!!



ashenator said: Received call on 9-26 at 11:34am.  No message on answering machine.


ashenator said: very garbled message



jll said: No reply when I answered phone, habe received calls in the past from this number ad same thing happened. This is not a valid phone number and it's worthless trying to file a complaint at Nat'l Do Not Call List site since there is no way to know who the caller is.

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