Caller ID: Dish4U

Wendy said: Called 10-09 at 11:26am

Didn't bother answering. I'm not interested in satellite TV. Plus these tend to be telemarketing tricks or scams.



annoyed said: Saw this number several times, but never picked it up.


annoyed said: One call has come from this number. It was preceded, over the course of a month, by at least a dozen calls from 410 837-5400. All calls showec "Md State Govt" on the Caller ID. Whenever my wife or I answered, there was no response. Once, she called back via "Star 69" and got an answering machine. She left a message requesting no further calls to our number. That has made no difference - the calls continue.


Cristian said: no message left


Caller ID: Citizens Bank
Caller type: Commercial

SJ5379 said: This is Citizens Bank's Corporate Office in Downtown Pittsburgh


Bob said: Got a call on my cell phone at 11:46 am. Didn't know number so I didn't answer. Voice message was some lady named Paula who kept saying hello, this is paula may i help you. After repeating 3 times she said operator 5573 ending call, no responce. Google phone book said "Lori Kownacki" for that number.


Dawn said: Rang twice, picked up and had dial tone. Called ID said Milwaukee, WI.


John in Minnesota said: I dialed this number and got a recording saying "This number is no longer in service." It had a computer or RTTL sound in the back ground.


It's probably not Robert Ostoich said: google reports this number 414-302-9626 as

Robert Ostoich
6930 S 20th St,  Oak Creek, WI 53154


Caller type: Telemarketer

anon e moose said: Some car warranty scammers


Caller ID: 414-3029626

Jfonzo said: Called my cell # and hung up


T said: Called my cell phone - didn't leave a message


ollie said: called my cell phone and hung up


jz said: I got a lady saying the same exact thing....I'm not gonna call them back if they don't me what i have to make a decision about!  wat a scam to get you to call them back!  errrrrr !


Caller ID: 414-902-6020

STELLA said: No message??


Caller ID: privacy manager

Rissa1 said: My wife and I got two calls within minutes of each other.  First, came in at 6:38 pm on 10/9/08 and had a caller id of "Privacy Manager" (415) 545-0073.  Upon picking it up, my wife was prompted to press certain keys to get by the privacy manager.  Fearing having the call forwarded (at our expense), she hung up immediately.  Then the phone rang 1 minute later with a caller id of "Take a Message" at (415) 545-0009 at 6:39 pm.  At this point we let the answering machine pick it up and whoever was on the line, hung up as soon as the machine kicked in.  This is not the 1st time we have gotten these calls from "Privacy Manager".  I'm on the No Call list and long ago decided I wanted to know who was calling, before I pick up the phone.  My caller id routes through my TV, so if I don't want to talk to you, you get the machine and will be given 90 seconds before the machine hangs up on you.  As a result of this site, I'll watch for these bastards to call again.


Caller type: Commercial

Scott said: This is a sales call from TIPPIT, a media company representing VoIP-News.com, InsideCRM.com, HRWorld.com, and ITSecurity.com


Caller type: Commercial

Xoze said: This is a call from the main switchboard at UPS in San Francisco, CA.  It is not callable though.  PBX operators have the ability of sending out ANY Caller ID they want.

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