Caller ID: 330-752-6187

Libby said: Got a call on my cell phone which is illegal.


Becky said: I got a call on my cell too- I think it IS legal because they are a non-profit group. I really don't mind...seems like a good thing they are trying to do.


Caller ID: Kids First

Zeb said: Got a call from this number this morning, it appeared in my missed call list on my cell phone. I called the number back the first time it was busy, the second time I got a response. He said he wasn't trying to sell me anything, that it is a non-profit organization wanting to send 2 free family DVD's to me and have me rate them. Looked them up and they’re for real.


bito said: they called , but did not leave any messages.


Nina said: Just wondering who is calling


Toni said: Called and hung up with no message.


Lilly said: Left no message


336-909-4817 said: caller acts like know who you are and wants to get your cell phone number.  He said his name was paul


336-909-4817 said: caller acts like know who you are and wants to get your cell phone number.  He said his name was paul, he called my house phone first.  Totally ignorant when i wouldn't give it to him and he hung up on me.


Frank said: Keeps calling. Who is it?


ChP said: 336 441 3046 is calling my cell.......who is this?


Caller ID: compucredit

aundineagain said: called, did not leave a message.  Calls once a day now for quite a few days


Daisy said: When I answered, nobody replied.


Caller type: Collection Agency

Smee said: this call is from a credit collection agency. My daughter used to work for them.


J.A. said: Time to find a telemarketer and burn thier house down.


Boris said: Hi I got this phone call too.  Apparently they are "Publishing Warehouse" I think.  They were trying to sell me magazines.  I told them to remove me from the their calling list.  They were very rude and he hung up on me.  I tried to call back but the line was busy.  What a jerk!


Bob said: I have also made many attempts to speak to a person. The only contact from Canada is via the e-mail address. I am not trusting the site until I can confirm it is a legit business.


Caller ID: Service Provider

angry at telemarketers said: I received a phone call from 360-868-3100. I answered and the male spoke with an accent, possibly Indian. He kept saying my name over and over as though he could not hear me say "yes". He finally hung up. Called me back 2 more times as I did not pick up. When I checked my messages, it was beeping, so I listened. No message but I could definitely hear people speaking in the background, then he hung up. I was surprised that a telemarketer would call back repeatedly. What scam are these guys up to?


Caller ID: Qatar

Jeanine said: I also received a miss call.

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