Caller type: Telemarketer

kelly said: These people phone and ask to speak to the owner. When told we don't put telemarketing calls through to the owner, they say they're not telemarketers. They call repeatedly, in spite of being told to stop calling.


nik said: This probably is Regent Bank because I have my car loan with them.


JO said: I also received the same call twice today, once at 6:58am Central time and again at 1:00pm Central time. They did not leave a message and I also have been working with BOA due to fraudulent charges on my check card.


Elena said: I got almost the exact same thing...

Thanks for your Reply.. I am happy that you still have the item because i have been searching to see this kind for long now, i am buying it as a special gift to my son. Your price is considered.I will be sending the payment to you can send me your Full name and Home address so that i will send it to you through money order or paypal account which is also 100% safe for online transaction. I will be taking care of the shipment tax so you don't need to bother yourself regarding the shipment fee as i will add it when sending the payment to you.
Please i will want you to get the package ready for me and consider it as sold  as i will be sending out the payment once i receive the required information as stated.
I will be waiting to receive your reply soon. Have a nice day.
206 666 1926

oh and the email address lol.. this is a good one

mary jane [mary_jane20008 (at) hotmail.com]


Nigerian Scam said: I got a similar e-mail. I was unsure from the beginning due to the unprofessional english and grammar. I have not replied but will do so to suit my curiousity.
Thank you for your response,after discussing with my client this morning concerning your reply to our enquiry on your boats's condition ,he is really satisfied with the details of your response and  the boat's condition update from the Boattraderonline ad.. To that effect,and considering the urgeny/timing of this purchase, he has commended your boat and has instructed me to carry on the transaction at the  price of $19,000 ,he said he will be going on a business trip soon and will rest virtually all the transaction on my shoulder and  assign a shipper like wise that i will work with,he futher stressed that he will be issuing out a cashier check of ($25,350) which was an earlier cancelled order made by him,this amount is expeted to cover both the shipping and any other expences that might accrue in the course of this transaction, so you are required to deduct the cost of your boat which is( $19,000) and then refund balance which is ($6,350) to my clients pickup agent and shipper after payment gets to you to enable him come for inspection /pick-up,transfer of title paper and other tax charges.
Confirm arrangement and send me your NAME,ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER for check payment to be delivered to you via fedex courier services .All other information needed in completion of this transaction will be given to you in due time.

1158 Broadway Seattle, WA 98122


BS Detector said: We received the same phone call.  Sounds like a Vacation Club Timeshare scam.  They want us to bring two forms of Identification.  We didn't "win" anything other than a 90 minute waste of time.


Tom said: It is a scam. The guy who said he saw her is not being truthful.
She/They ran an ad on craigslist(Boston)using a photo of a real escort from another state.
This is ANOTHER fevkey scam. Don't waste you money.


sweetcakes156 said: didnt leave a message


pmcpod said: The same number calles me 5 to 6 times a day , and hangs up after I say Hello. Also get the same Canned voice about a message


Caller ID: Unknown

Geo said: AAAuuuggghhh, call after call from these jerks... nothing works how is this legal? we don't have a fax number, they just keep calling our business phone over and over, there is a chance that we are missing important phone calls for customers cuz they are holding up our line!!!! who can help?


Caller type: Collection Agency

Anon said: This is Olympic Collections - O.C.I. They call me at work and harass me although my supervisor has told them to stop. They also called my cell phone.


Caller ID: UNUM

Marcia said: I have no business dealings with UNUM. They have no reason to call me.


Bob3 said: I got a call from Jaime too. I asked her if I participated would my information be provided to other parties, she said no. After Jaime was finished, she said she had to transfer me to her supervisor to verify she did everything she was supposed to. (Jaime didn't ask me for a credit card number or anything personal). The supervisor stated that my cost was going to be reduced; I informed him that I paid off the subscriptions 2 years ago. He said that he showed I still owed half. I advised him to send me something in writing, of which I have not received (its been at least a week since I spoke to him). I then told him I was going to hang up because I believed the call to be a scam.


Rocky said: got a call from this number but no one replies. It ia a blank call. Are they the spies?


Kav said: called me from +44 207 133 9111.  Indian guy said he was calling from HSBC offshore in India on behalf of Jersey.  Gave him no details and asked him to confirm the bank address in Jersey - he didn't know.  Told him where to get off.  Have reported it to HSBC Fraud Dept


Paula said: a missed call


Caller ID: 55555

Dj said: text unwanted text message


wateryboy said: Salut maman je suis pris dans porte d'autobus


Caller ID: "unknown name"

JG said: Local call asking for a person in life. tried politely to ask who is calling, May I take a message? Did not get thru the message...as he said no, thats ok and hung up on me... called the # back and it is a automatic message????? Called Info and it is a Non Listed #, Reported it to DNC listing


Caller ID: ??

joanne said: JP Morgan Chase (caller ID) is repeatedly calling my house starting at 8:30 am and into the dinner hour.  They ask for my husband, who is not home (work related).  I have asked them 2X to stop calling my house and they have not stopped.  I don't want whatever they are offering and have told them that, but they start up with the "But wait a minute" stuff until I just hang up on them.  I feel like I am being harasssed.

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