jgarner said: Same thing here.  I pressed 1 and asked specifically which Visa he wanted to lower my rate on.  He said they do it for all Visa and Master Card customers.  I said I'd like to be removed from their list so I don't get calls for this sort of thing and he slammed the phone down.  Redialing the number, I got a recording that it's been disconnected.  How can these people put a number on caller id that's disconnected and why doesn't the phone company do something about it?


janice said: These people call us constantly, I am and have been on the nationa do not call registry, but yet, we continue to get calls, tonight though I made a complaint.


Cin said: I went through a spew with one of the telemarketers from this company, she asked for the make and mode of my car, I gave it to her, then she asked me for my name, I gave her a fake one "Anita Morecoch", well, she kept on asking the questions and was going to extend the warranty!  What a idiot!


Jake said: It's credit card spam and who I really think these people are are people looking for information so they can steal identities.


Al said: Received phone call. Did not answer.


anonymous said: Receving the call only to hear beeps


Jodi said: no one responded.


Dalton said: Left no message


cassie said: Received voicemail from this # regarding a soon-to-expire warranty on my car.  Ridiculous.  So I called, woman with southern accent answered, asked model/year of my car and then asked if I wanted a warranty.  When I said, "Why would I want a warranty?" she said, "So you don't have to pay for repairs," and immediately hung up.  Can someone please arrest these scam artists?  I'n guessing they give up when they realize the person on the other end isn't going for their lame setup.


Caller ID: Rhode Island

George said: They called at 8:15 PM - I was here but did not pickup the phone because I did not recognize the number and they were calling on a phone I use for work only. Someone said "Hello, hello" when my machine message was playing and then they did not leave any message.


who is this said: They called two days in a row at 11:00am Eastern time.  I did a search on the number and it says it is from Omaha Nebraska


who is this said: thats crazy. i got called two days in a row from the SAME EXACT number as well...


Jen said: I seem to get a lot of these calls where there is no-one there. Not always from this number.  Very annoying!


Caller ID: UCC of Canada
Caller type: Telemarketer

Carl Macdonald said: If UCC of Canada is really Direct Buy you wonder why Direct Buy is so ashamed of themselves that they have to hide behind something other than their real name.

A friend of mine got involved with them and found out what a scam they are. First be prepared for a long initial meeting. You can't compare prices but you will be hammered for hours until you sign up. If you do compare prices you will find they have no significant savings over a well negotiated deal with a private company. The private company will also stand behind there product and installation far better.

Just ignore them.


hk said: so, does anyone knows
whos that number from?
i have got 3 calls from that number today
and when i call back its saisy the number is disconnected



bryan549 said: called my home number x2 looking for my ex-husbands wife told me her full name all the info was correct but how did they get my number?  I called my ex-husband and explained the situation, his wife acted like she know nothing about the caller.  I called back and all the call said was Nathan Taylor.  I thought it was against the law to give out other peoples info.


MG said: Called and left a blank message.


chris said: Left no message


Caller ID: Unknown

MN said: Missed a call from this number. No VM.

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