Alex said: Called and hung up.


Caller type: Telemarketer

Ann said: Vehicle warranty expiration notice - they call frequently (6 + times so far) and it has nothing to do with an existing warranty. just trying to sign you up for a new warranty. Have asked to be removed, will see if they respect it.


Turk said: Unknown caller


Caller ID: 4163503642

shuffecat said: Same as everyone else.  This number calls both my home and business lines.  Never an answer and nothing happens when I call it back.


Bob said: no message, number comes up.  can't dial it, get busy signal.


dude said: Crtc won't do anything as the caller doesn't identify self and who they are with.  It is most annoying as these people don't leave messages on answering machine.  They are automated dialers and keep calling until a real person picks up - which we never do.  If we don't know them we don't answer.


Caller ID: NONE

Randal said: Silence....


MauriG said: This guy calls himself Ed and he keeps on harrassing my uncle, I wouldn't really care if this guy was harassing me. However he suffers from high blood pressure and he gets really bad when he receives these calls.


Caller type: Telephone Surveyor

anonymous said: an older male called me, breathing heavily into the phone, yelled that he couldn't hear me then hung up.  It turns out the number belongs to "Strategic Communications" a polling/telemarketing firm based out of Toronto


Caller type: Telephone Surveyor

anonymous said: Blabber about "strategic communications" wouldn't stop talking when I said goodbye.


js said: just got a call from this number. When I answered (after the second ring), there was nothing, no message, no voice or any sound at all. This would suggest a computer generated call that only plays the message to the first number that answers.


Anne said: calls all the time doesn't leave a message


test1 said: Persistent calling, different phone numbers every time. Automated dialer.


none said: automated dialer. Very very persistent calling; almost every hour or half hour.


williams said: just number dont know who


Company / Organization: Wouldn't tell me

SARAH said: asked for someone other than myself that i didn't know


Caller ID: out of area

badmonkey said: They've been calling the last few nights...no messages left.  Anyone out there actually answer a call from this number?


mama roo said: Get calls on my cell at work leaving no message--the caller can barely speak English--and these calls come several times a day and several times a week.  My cell phone is only for emergency calls regarding my son.

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