Allan said: Wanted to know who owns this phone number.


Mswens49 said: Called and left a music. Display name is "Broadvox Distribtion"


Caller ID: Friends of Jim

Dan said: I called it back,
rang once, machine picked up,
They called again,
I missed it once again,
the first 3 times they had called
it said unknown,
this next time it said "Friends of Jim"
Maybe its some sort of political Ad.
But when I answered, I heard a click like
it hungup.


Caller ID: cell phone

Dan said: Calls several times a day and hangs up immediately after I answer.


Marie said: Probably "spoofed" the number.


outxlaw said: are they going to get me if i answer it?


Caller ID: Unknown

reficuL said: this number cannot be called back. when i attempted to return its call, it says that the code you entered is not correct. I beLIEve that the persons whom called from this number are scammers. i would advise you to answer and demand to be added to their do not call list.


Caller ID: 407-000-1478

M said: automated call offering to reduce my rate on my unnamed credit card.     the company was not named.  i was instructed to press 9 to speak to an account rep, when i did i was disconnected.


Caller ID: Unknown

just me said: Spanish call


Caller ID: 1-407-121-8014



Caller ID: Unknown

Betty said: I have been getting calls from this number on my cell everyday at around 5:30pm. It is a Spanish recording, i dont speak spanish therefore i have no idea what they are saying. ive tried to call the number back and cant get through. i do not want these calls anymore, what can i do?


jbres said: My wife and I both received spanish speaking calls on our cell phones at the same time. ??


coondog said: Hi, I'm sorry but the information you have provided are untrue, we went back in the logs and we heard the convirsation..your wife had asked us to help her with her credit card debts and the advisor who was helping her told her he will work on it and call her back...she gave him all the information and he just did not want to make her wait... when he called back you answered and said that "we did not want it", i think it a communication error because your wife had not told you about what she was doing.... Sorry for troubling you but we service 5000 clients/day and this is a first.. we monitor all calls...


jlm said: We are sorry for what had happened, but i can assure you that we had contacted your father to help him with his credit card debt because he was paying high rates... Please do not judge a company on allegations, you did not receive our service and we did not take advantage of anyone...if you provide a phone number or a name then we we can contact you and answer any questions you have....


Nina said: On October 17th I too was offered a holiday by 'Four Vacations'.The agents' names were Mitchell Johnson and Sebastian O'Brian. There is a company called "Travel Four Vacations", based at 482 Notch Road, West Paterson, NJ 07424, USA. Tel: 00 -1-973.812.4949. email: RickP (at) TravelFour.com.
When I phoned the British telephone number 0870-479-1821 to ask for their address, "Mark Anthony" put the phone down.
Unfortunately I WAS conned - they took USA Government taxes from my credit card, and gave me the phone number 00-1-407-506-0539 as that of a Legal Verification Department. I could not find such a department as "FCCA" on-line, although there is an “FCA”
I am now in negotiations with Mastercard and with the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary to try and reclaim the money - also, I should quite like to catch the crooks and send them to jail!
Sorry I have no further details - no-one seems to know anything about this prize competition which I am supposed to have won.


Tired of annoying calls! said: UNKNOWN NAME, leave no message. Tired of these calls. Anyone know how to stop them???


Caller type: Telemarketer

wyatt said: Calling about my timeshare... did not solicit their interest in my timeshare...


Caller type: Collection Agency

tbill said: caller tried to call COLLECT-attorney's office...lower than low zombie account debt collector.


Linda said: Left no message.


Esmeralda said: I was also charged $2.95 on my CC with the same FL number as above. It happened in May for $4.95 which I didn't notice. They must charge very small amounts where people may not notice but when added up across a number of people, could be a sizeable amount.

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