Reported Location: 89109

ber Annoyed said: Caller ID said "TBD INFOR". They didn't leave a message.


Caller ID: Private caller
Company / Organization: Ackerhault

anonymous said: I had a similar situation happen to me with a Miss Palmer calling me at work and I found out what they are doing is illegal and the orignal company to which money was owed did not know these people nor give their permission to represent them or collect money on their behalf. These people need to be stopped. I am reporting them to the fbi and bbb and hope they do not threaten or harass anybody else.


KRez said: Hung up after I said "hello"


Reported Location: Cleveland, OH

Courtney said: This phone number has called me repeatedly after I filled out an application for a payday loan. I asked them to not call again, they hang up, AND THEN CALL RIGHT BACK! I have started to just ignore their calls, but that doesn't stop them. So much for that loan place not giving out my information....


Reported Location: 33063

anonymous said: Male indian accent purportedly from Microsoft offering technical assistance for pc problems. Hung up when questioned. Potential attempt to scam.


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Company / Organization: Direct Energy
Reported Location: Toronto

Steve said: I get a call daily from this 1-855-228-6574 as well as weekly calls from various numbers for furnace duct cleaning services (like they think I am stupid enough to hire morons who violate the CRTC's do not call list). After futile filings of complaints, I found that the best the CRTC can do is disable the duct cleaning telemarketers number, which they counter by activating a new cell phone or thru Magic Jack. As far as Enbridge/Direct Energy, I am an Enbridge gas customer, they are entitled to pester me under the rules of the Do Not Call List whether I want them to or not. I finally found piece of mind by purchasing on ebay a device that blocks phone calls. Once you receive a call just press the black list button and that number is automatically disconnected forever. It can be programmed to block calls from "Unknown Number" or from ####### or ******* and so on, up to 1500 numbers. The blocker gets its power from the phone lines and allows you to add or remove numbers from the black list. You can black list outgoing numbers as well though I do not use this feature. They run around $80-90 and effectively do what the CRTC seems incapable of doing with the Do Not Call List Program. The blocked numbers are displayed on the blocker and will ring the phone momentarily for 1 ring, before the line is dropped. I haven't had a conversation with Direct Energy or Duct Cleaning Morons since I installed the device 6 month ago. I just get used to knowing that two rings or more is a legatimate caller and a single ring means that a telemarketer was disconnected faster than I can pick up the phone. And if it is some new telemarketer, I just block them out from my world!


Caller ID: 800 Service
Reported Location: 53204

sr x said: this guy try to get some money from me. He told me that i had a problem with mi electric services one. This person is an impostor. report if some one call you with this number.


Reported Location: usa

sports supplements said: Io davvero amore per te per gli ospiti la pubblicazione su www.namethatnumber.net


Reported Location: Escondido, CA 92029

Cyd said: ATT couldn’t (wouldn’t?) help identify where AC “527” was located. They suggested I try “nametharnumber.net”, which turned out to be merry-go-round - yes, I mean No Help.


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: Corporate Office
Reported Location: Saskatchewan

Anonymoose said: They phoned me 3 times today and once yesterday saying I entered an online contest for $100 in gasoline. Sounds like bullsh*t to me.


Reported Location: Florida

anonymous said: just wondering who this is if anybody


Reported Location: Marion, IN

anonymous said: This guy called me three times in one day talking about birth control. The third time he called I told him to stop calling and he started yelling at me and was very rude.


Caller ID: "unknown caller"
Reported Location: Bellevue, Wa.

ConcernedConsumer said: I received this spoof call @ work. This was somebody attempting to retrieve Personal Information from a Credit card. The message was "informing" the answering party their Master Card had been "locked" and you were re-directed to another VRU (Voice Responder Unit) that is supposed to be the "Security Department" to enable the receiver to "Unblock" their credit card. DO NOT ENTER ANY INFORMATION.


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: 70607

Hank said: disgusting calls at all hours .ring three times and is unkown caller. no way to trace


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: 98104


Reported Location: killeen


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: Scotia bank telemarketer
Reported Location: Alberta

anonymous said: I searched and found numerous complaints about the number originating from a Bank of Nova Scotia telemarketing place regardless of wether you asked for, are a current customer or even want anything to do with them.


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: none appears
Reported Location: Humboldt, TN

S Urlaub said: Pp 180-074-5606, who keeps calling my unlisted telephone number that is registered of the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY. Called several times


Reported Location: wilkes barre Pennsylvanian

anonymous said: Wanted me to turn computer on after I told him it was off, and sounded foreign but spoke very good English. Was calling for my deceased parents gone 3 years now


Caller ID: toll free
Company / Organization: NationStar Mortgage

peanut said: This number comes from NationStar Mortgage.

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