Caller ID: NONE
Caller type: Unknown

madman said: keep calling all times of day,eventually called police and reported number


Reported Location: Owensboro,KY

Tom said: Unknown caller on my cell phone with dead battery!


annoyed said: spam they call saying you won a trip to bahamas and want credit card


sleepless said: Calls during the night. No message just dogs barking and laugh


Company / Organization: SpeedyPC Pro
Reported Location: England

anonymous said: this was the only number shown on the company email to me when I tried to cancel a payment made in error. On using it, I was requested to dial an 0855 220 7905 number and pressured to buy another product!!


Caller ID: SpeedyPC
Company / Organization: Pareto logic
Reported Location: England

anonymous said: I was given the number 08552207905 by an American-sounding person when I called to cancel a payment made to "SpeedyPC Pro". They said the number I had called was "Technical Support only".but I was then pressured to buy another product for £130!! (The number I was initially given was 08004083985)


Caller ID: Call Center
Caller type: Unknown

Ron said: Hangs up when answers the phone


Company / Organization: Lucky Talk dating service

sal said: I called this number back and it was a recording. Lucky talk dating centre.


sal said: This number called. It rang 3 times then hung up.


Caller ID: "unknown caller"
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: California

anonymous said: "Hello, is Frank there?"


Caller ID: "unknown caller"
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: California

anonymous said: "Hello, is Frank there?"


Company / Organization: Microtec Support
Reported Location: London, Ontario, Canada

Not Stupid said: I have gotten 10 calls over 3 days with variations of the number but all claiming the same thing......... now I just don't pick up the phone if I see any variation of the number. IF you ARE CANADIAN and get these calls you can call, 1-888-495-8501 and report the call and numbers to them. They are the Canadian scam center. I record every number that calls me and call that number and pass it on to them :)
You would not believe how many people though that are out there that fall for this scam..... that is why they keep calling.
They should have SCAM listed in the """Call Type""" ... just say'n ;)


Reported Location: NJ

anonymous said: I have been getting phone calls from this number all week. When I pick up, a guy with a heavy accent (maybe Haitian)says my name. The reception is very poor. He said his name was "John". I hung up the phone on him but the calls continued with no voicemail to follow. Very weird and disturbing that he knew my name. I hope these thieves will be caught and punished to the full extent of the law!!!


bill said: He is a fag that don't like to pay his bills


Caller ID: [Unknown Number]
Reported Location: Toronto

cesardpious said: The # shown on my call display: V05291042090019. The way I read it the call was made on May 29 and the rest is the alleged tel. #. Most likely a telemarketeer and
as usual never left a message.


Spanish Johnny said: I didn't take the call. No message was left


Caller ID: buffalo NY
Company / Organization: scott and Assco
Reported Location: fort worth tx

Gail said: They call here very day saying we have an acct past due with them and it has turned into a legal matter ! Then some computer comes on and is suppoed to be saying an acct # you can't understand ?

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