Caller ID: Usher
Reported Location: Virginia

Delaney said: That is ushers fan number


Caller ID: NONE

Nancy said: sorry forgot to include the 2187 became 3867. Also, they had information that was dated so I thought that legitimized somewhat, plus they knew about a parcel of land I owned in another state.


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: Fletcher and Associates
Reported Location: California

Nancy said: This number called me at my work. Said I owed a debt to a company I thought had been paid off by a debt management firm I was using. The woman, Ms. Malone, said no that it had not, but if I paid it today it would only be 2186.74. But if I could not they would take payments until the 26th of the month off my credit card., Like an idiot I said yes gave my information. After thinking about it I called the number back to find a ringing phone that when finally was answerred said that noone was available at this time to take my call. I looked the number up on Google and found that it is in India. The woman I spoke to had an American accent,, so I was really taken in. Beware do not give your cc number to anyone. I had to shut down the card and get a new one. Luckily my cell phone has call blocker so that they cannot get through on my cell phone


xxx said: Caller has called 4 times today now, each 2 hrs apart. Caller lets phone ring between 1-3 rings before hanging up.
Other web sites with complaints out against this caller call it car check, trying to sell vehicle warranty coverage.


Caller ID: Name not found

Do Not Call said: Called my number, which is on the do not call list.


Reported Location: spirit lk,id 83869


Reported Location: Columbus, GA

anonymous said: Couldn't make up out what they were asking; sounded like a telemarketer


Reported Location: Columbus, GA

anonymous said: Called and asked to speak to Kathy; sounded like a telemarketer. After I informed him that he had the wrong number, he hanged up the phone.


anonymous said: call back says non working number


Company / Organization: RIVER REGION HEALTH
Reported Location: VICKSBURG, MS 39183


Caller type: Unknown

Zillow said: Very frightening phone calls all during the day and night. Violent, s3xual, deviant personal attacks. Threatening to hurt family, friends, our chilldren and ourselves.


anonymous said: Has called twice today. Asks for a gentleman that had my current cell phone 4yrs ago. Try to tell them this isn't him and to take the cell phone off their calling list and BOTH times they hung up.


Caller ID: WY
Company / Organization: WY
Reported Location: Holly Hill, Florida

MTorres said: Not sure why they are calling me. Just trying to find out who they are.


Reported Location: Halifax, NS

Ravage said: Called, no one on the line. Bastard telemarketers!!!!


Reported Location: Ohio

anonymous said: It's a fake number that asks for medical information they act like they're your own insurance or Medicare and are just checking up on you. But they're snatching info and at the end say we're now going to give your info to health insurance companies to help you find better deals.


xxx said: Caller let phone ring 3 times then hung up


Dan said: Call may be bogus, but 817 area code is texas - fort worth area


Reported Location: beirut


Caller ID: selena gomez

tiffany wong said: call me 14157063237

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