Caller ID: "Out of Area"
Reported Location: sterling heights mich

Sue said: i want to know who is this girl


Caller ID: none appears
Reported Location: Lubbock, Texas 79424

syswayne said: Now sure what this number is, but when I answered the phone they hung up. On my Cell phone and home phone.


Reported Location: 28215 Bremen

tollipolli said: Called me today and said he's an employee at Microsoft and he told me I contacted the support so they recalled me. I said ne and than he meant I have to pay 17,48€ because I tlaked to him avout 45 seconds.


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Reported Location: 66701

KS Resident said: Yesterday, I received a message from this number. Someone with broken speech only said "Hello," a couple of times. This morning I answered the call and the caller ask for me by name. Then he tells me something about my loan app, the best I could understand his broken speech. I informed him that I had checked on the internet and area code 119 was "Invalid" and I have no loan app with anyone, so "GET ME OFF HIS **** SCAMMING LIST, NOW!!" The next thing I heard was only a "click!"


Company / Organization: telemarketer
Reported Location: Vancouver

David said: Took call. Told them I am a RCMP detective. They rudely argued with me when I told them they had a police number. Told them I would sen the police to their office if necessary. Foolish people.


Reported Location: B.C. canada

freaked said: Tried to get credit information


benz said: this number just called around 8:42 pm febuary 12,2013 and i did not say hello but they asked my name and i just drop the call for what they want,,,,,


Caller ID: 'unknown'

anonymous said: It was only 342 [I added the zeros after it because the site would not let me enter it otherwise] no other numbers, i said hello and nobody answered so I hung up. My caller ID came up as unknown, I never give out my cell phone number so I'm not sure how they got it.


Reported Location: 50644

DeanoIA said: I get at least 1 call a day from thisnumber. No matter what I say they hang up before I can finish the first sentence.


anonymous said: I did not answer and no message was left


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: IL

Anon said: said my debit card was shut down and i should call them back to set it up again. no thanks, ill call my bank instead


Reported Location: Amelia, OH

anonymous said: I didn't answer this call, because I'm in the habit of not answering calls from numbers I don't recognize.


Caller ID: 1 800 service
Reported Location: natick, MA 01760

Chuck Young said: Te sheer arrogance of this company is to the point that I believe calling the attorney general will be the only way to get them to stop calling. I would like to know how to block this persistent caller. We have a very sick member of our family being disturbed


Caller ID: "unknown caller"
Reported Location: Vancouver

anonymous said: I picked it up and didn't say hello and could hear children in the background. Then a man said "hello".


Company / Organization: SD Business Development??
Reported Location: San Diego

WTF said: Filipino accent, asking about an old business listing.


Reported Location: Boulder

anonymous said: Have received 9 calls from thin number in the last three days. No caller ID. Does not leave a message. Looked up on internet and this number appears to be a telemarketer. Obnoxiously persistent. Ignores those on the do not call registry.

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