Reported Location: Dubai

escorts emirates said: J'ai toujours l'habitude de penser que, si le premier mot signifie une personne qui blogue, le second mot était pour un site d'hébergement de blog! Maintenant, je suis tout à fait confus parce que mon oncle me dit que les deux sont sur le même site d'hébergement pour ceux qui blog avec Google en utilisant Blogger / Blogspot! Quelqu'un peut-il de la connaissance authentique s'il vous plaît m'aider à résoudre mes doutes? S'il vous plaît prendre ma question au sérieux et «J'apprécierais vivement" Y! Quelques membres de répondre avec des réponses discrètes académiques, conformément aux directives communautaires ..


Reported Location: Windsor, Ontario

Editor said: Keep getting calls on my cell from this number, even at 7:30 a.m. and 11:30 p.m.! Never answer when I don't recognize the number. Eventually, they'll stop calling if you ignore them.


Reported Location: Bronx N>Y

Dell said: Why is this person or company constantly calling my number? I am tired of this, how can I stop it?


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: T0b2co

anonymous said: Whose number is this?!?!?


anonymous said: I dont know this person


Caller ID: 206 812 1771
Company / Organization: OCI
Reported Location: Everest

hp said: Scum


Company / Organization: WM Positions
Reported Location: DC

anonymous said: The caller claimed to be following up on an online job placement survey. He wanted personal information to complete a profile before matching me with jobs. Each time I pressed for more information about the company I was given a canned answer about WM Placement, a job placement company that wanted to place me for free. There were many long pauses as I pressed for more and the caller started asking me personal questions about my marital status and military involvement. I hung up. Definitely spam, but one of he more bizarre and persistent calls I've ever gotten. I was thrown by the local area code too.


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: EL PASO, TX 79901

Johnny said: did not answer.


Caller ID: Name Unavailable
Reported Location: Western Michigan

Krissygirl said: It is a cell call from someone from the US whom is traveling in Mexico. Calls must bounce off from the towers there. Text messages come in normal.


Company / Organization: fax
Reported Location: chiocago

joe said: stated incomming fax with virus attached


Jay said: They told me almost the same thing about hgtv and that his name was David I forgot the last name and the next thing you know he says that I was randomly selected to win surprise and the next thing you know he asked me a question and I don't answer him the next thing you know he says hello and then he hangs up I just got this call exactly 1:21 today January 8th, 13.


Reported Location: Fort Collins, CO

Rick said: Recieved this same call today. Very fishy. Gave me employee ID for "Angelo Smith" (this Angelo Smith was born somewhere in India, for sure) as E 2024. I asked for his supervisor's name and called the #. "Mike Johnston" answered and I assure you that Mike is also from India. He prompted me to go through a few key strokes to show me the error messages my computer is sending the last few days. Off hand comments like "wow, this is a mess," etc. Then he wanted me to go onto his site - I'm sure to take control of my computer or to install some malaware. I finally hung up on him. He just called me back - 5 minutes later. I told him he was a scammer trying to get into my computer - or my underpants, not sure which. His response? "I'm a perfect scammer sir. It was nice talking to you!


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: CRS Associates
Reported Location: Houston, TX

firesafesmith said: I received a call from Rochelle Overton regarding account number F389####. She did not identify who she worked for, but in her message she informed me that a matter had escalated regarding the account number and to call her within 24 hours or have my attorney contact her. All I can say is SOL


Company / Organization: Telemarketing contractor scum

F you and that horse said: Telemarketing contractor scum


Company / Organization: Telemarketing scum

f you and your horse said: Telemarketing contractor scum


Caller ID: "No Name"

anonymous said: I answer and then another phone rings before someone answers. Obviously a telemarketing company! Thick accent, very difficult to understand, too!

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