Caller ID: aotyel
Reported Location: imfis


Caller ID: US GOVT
Reported Location: Vernon, CT

Anon said: Recruiters.


Company / Organization: Account Services - Ken

Jim said: Same Number calls everyday with a different script either its cardholder services or a gift card or auto loans, scam artist fraud they should be banned


anonymous said: According to a few other places while lookin up this number Microsoft should be investigating why a bunch of Indians are posing a Microsoft reps and trying to scam people into letting them crash thier computers


Stacey said: Call dropped as soon as I picked it up with what sounded like a busy tone.


anonymous said: called to tell me my home loan approved and I don't have a request in for a home loan. Area code 528 doesn't seem to be valid and the number doesn't exist.


Caller ID: "unavailable"
Company / Organization: mrs assosiates inc
Caller type: Collection Agency
Reported Location: sarasota fl

ace said: First time I received a call from that number,did call # back and then hung up.


Company / Organization: Yolanda Palmer
Reported Location: Virgin Islands


Company / Organization: cornerstone
Reported Location: rapid city sd.

anonymous said: f*ck these sh*theads i am a marine all i need is a location my buddies and i will pay them visit


Nicole said: Asked me about a card I supposedly used on their supposed website. I don't use my card anywhere online except ebay, Amazon, and the app store. Nice try.


Caller ID: 4582010383
Reported Location: 77571

Old Ed said: Our phone rings with the above number displayed on Caller ID plus the number shown again as the name. When we answer the call after a couple of rings, no one responds. We say hello a couple of times and then hang up. Very annoying. We are registered with the federal do not call program.


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: None
Reported Location: Ny

jane doe said: They called... I said hello... hello? No one replied. I hung up. March 19th 2013 1:43pm


Caller ID: "unknown caller"

anonymous said: calling our cell number


s o said: sells health care insurance, :Peter from india :))


Caller ID: 1-849-963-4873
Company / Organization: I don't no
Reported Location: NY 11964

anonymous said: Please stop this number and locate who is messing with USA.
They wanted information about my health. Back Pain +Diabetes supplies. I told him, I don't know you and he hung up the phone.
By the way, they called 2 times.


anonymous said: received a number sounded Asian calling and there was a lot of background noise and when I asked why they wanted to talk to the person they waited a second and hung up.


Caller ID: Name not found
Reported Location: 48183

shipdog7 said: As reported earlier this call 1-849-963-4873 is from the Dominican Republic. Mine came with the 1 in front it.
Telephone numbers in the Dominican Republic use area code 809 with 829 and 849 as overlay codes.
Telecommunications in the Dominican Republic use the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) country code, 1, followed by the area code in the same form as an internal area code in other NANP countries, such as the US and Canada.
They will claim to be from the Social Security administration and a bunch of other outlets. It is a scam folks. They are looking for a victim and identity info.


anonymous said: not sure if wrong number




Caller ID: "unavailable"
Reported Location: Syracuse, NY 13207

anonymous said: Calls all hours of night. 30 or 40 calls within 1 year. Do not answer when I pick up.

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