Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Company / Organization: None
Reported Location: FORT WORTH, TX, 76111

FUSE said: Message was left on voice mail stating that I was 1 of 100 out of 10,000 people that were selected in the state of TX for the Change of Life Sweepstakes and that I should call Eric Moore at 1-800-577-7137 x 8070. Of course, I did my research and found that the number this joker called from was in Illinois ((708)-441-8070)...Funny that Eric's extension is the last four of these bogus digits. What the hell is someone from Illinois doing calling a Texan about a prize won in his own state anyway? Shouldn't I be hearing from a Texan? We are not stupid! I intend to call the 800 number back and have some fun! Wish me luck...they will need it!


Caller ID: Concerned Women
Caller type: Other
Reported Location: /b/

david mudkip said: i am very annoyed. i have recieved multiple phone calls, ALWAYS during my dinner. when i am about to take the first bite of food they call. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: la calif

ss said: a civil offensive/notify
l.a.p.d. and the F.C.C. help for the next offense towards a person with family.additional # 818-638-8048with - in seconds .used many venues,but pulled up 3 # in states with multiple locations. This attempting source must be inside with ability to abuse a system. which has regulations, this must be addressed. HAVE PAYED FOR SEARCH ENGINES FOR INFORMATION .No results i shall request that this hermit conforms within a society of mon-te,it for a game in which players face up..The match is dealt,can not keep a good girl down.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Nashville


Caller ID: Charter
Company / Organization: Charter Communication
Caller type: Commercial
Reported Location: Vass, NC 28394

Mike said: This is Charter Communications. It's a legitimate number. I had an appointment for the next day for them to send someone to check my cable tv converter box. They called to confirm my appointment. When I called back I got an automated menu and just had to push to confirm my appointment or 2 reschedule for a different time.
No problem!


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Caller type: Unknown

cell said: you will hear beeping sounds and noises no one ever speaks


Caller ID: 1-202-607-2954
Company / Organization: InfoCision/CWA
Reported Location: Cleveland, OH

Anon said: This number is owned by an Ohio company called InfoCision. InfoCision’s involvement with the CWA(Concerned Women for America) is as a paid freelance contractor used to make phone calls on their behalf. Because the CWA is a not-for-profit organization, they are not on any current national no-call list. InfoCision uses this fact to its advantage by repeatedly ignoring any lists, complaints or requests for removal from the national No Call list.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Company / Organization: unk
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Tacoma

Al said: This number called me also on July 16th 09


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Company / Organization: Verizon Wireless
Caller type: Commercial
Reported Location: NC

CK said: Was Verizon Wireless rep calling about my account.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller

Anonomyous said: It's a returned tech-support call. I got a similar number show up on caller ID from Office Depot's tech support callback service after my issue was escalated to a "Tier 2" request. I picked-up, and my question was answered.


b said: I just received a call from this unknown number. There is no voicemail.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: 90802

Cup Cake said: did not answer


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: mississauga


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: mississauga


Caller ID: Allied Credit
Company / Organization: Allied credit
Caller type: Collection Agency
Reported Location: Atlanta Ga

Glorise said: Bottom feeder collection agency that buy old debts and try to collect on them paid off or not.They will harass and call each and every day. Write letter to attorney general of the state they call from and report them. If they don,t stop calling tell them to prove the debt that you owe or prove you are the person their looking for.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: BROOKLYN CENTER, MN 55430


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Arizona

Phred said: Called. Hung up after 3 rings.


Reported Location: KY

Lynnette said: Caller ID says Wilson CTR (What is that? ) They left no message. Called back to a busy signal.

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