Company / Organization: xm
Reported Location: dallas

WTF said: Incessent calling at home and workplace to re suscribe for xm radio


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Company / Organization: (Unknown Scammer)
Reported Location: kentucky

anonymous said: looked the number up with no luck, dont answer calls that are unknown to me.


Reported Location: Fredericton NB

Johnny said: Foreign sounding guy who wanted to speak to my wife, since many scammers call I assume another one


Reported Location: Islamabad, Pakistan, 54000


Marie said: August 3, 2012 1:30 PM EST. Called, left no message.


Caller ID: +15192666802
Reported Location: edmonton ab

tdub said: Called saying they were my bank asking for credit card info... and to do monthly payments to get money


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Plantation, Florida, 33324

P said: I started receiving phone calls starting 12:49 AM 8/'3/2012 from 919553347586- I think this is caller ID from a job number and all the numbers are appearing on my phone. So if 9-1 are removed then (955) 334-7586 is left.


Caller ID: Kingsley Paula
Company / Organization: ?
Reported Location: Maryland

Lucy said: Calls every week. Never picked up. Never leaves a message.


Caller ID: Paula
Reported Location: Baltimore, Maryland

StopCalling said: Person keeps calling. Don't answer numbers/names I do not recognize. Never leaves a message. Stop calling my number!


Caller ID: TX
Company / Organization: End Zone Athletics
Reported Location: 352412

TR said: End Zone Athletics sell advertising for fund raising. Not rated well on BBB and bad reviews in general about them on the internet.


Caller ID: Name Unavailable
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: New York, NY

none said: Annoying music playing when I picked up.


Reported Location: Saratoga Springs, NY

JMB said: call repeatedly every day on cell phone wasting my minutes


Company / Organization: sinfultech

im at you said: this f*ckface is a scammer sinfultech.com is a legalsite....... do not go to sinfultech.com report this site


Seriously.... said: I am getting the calls at least twice a day and I finally answered and the girl says I filled out a survey online and was interested in employment, really? I hung up on her.


Reported Location: New Jersey

anonymous said: Has anyone tried calling their provider to see if they can block all numbers with this fake area code? I know the provider can block numbers if you are being harassed or threatened. I just got my first call today.


Company / Organization: craigslist scammer
Reported Location: vancouver

meanboi said: scammer on craigslist as a mechanic


Reported Location: kolkata

http: www.fetr.net said: very nice


Caller ID: out of area
Reported Location: 92508

anonymous said: Why is this number calling all the time????????? It sounds like a senior ripoff company.....don,t even answer when seeing this number


Sue said: I checked the website but thhe ref# they left wasn't me & matched anything

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