Caller ID: Unavailable
Company / Organization: Unknown Bill Collector
Reported Location: NY

anonymous said: Jade or Jada Hernandez said she's calling to collect a debt. Very rude. She says the name of the company, something like Something Finance, but it's hard to understand her. Very nasally voice. Doesn't say which company she's collecting a debt for. She calls home, cell, and job numbers.


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: 72034

SweetT said: Middle Eastern man called, said was with Microsoft...wanting to get into my computer due to some files that supposedly were downloaded without permission. Total scam! This isn't a valid ph number, nor valid Microsoft Reps! Be careful


Reported Location: Redding, CA

john said: Is this a google plus number?


Caller ID: john singleton
Company / Organization: brookwell reseach group
Reported Location: miami.fl 33037



anonymous said: this number called me twice i told them the second time if they missed dialled all was good, but if they were prank calling me i was the wrong person to do it do, and that i have resources to find out their location so they stopped. Then i called them back and did the same sh*t to them they got pissed off then i said in a creepy voice i will haunt your dreams, and nightmares with distress, pain, and agony they freaked out, then i hung up just say some creepy ass sh*t and they wont do anything to you again.


Sally said: Some guy keeps calling from this number asking about health insurance. I think his name is Joesph.


Jennifer said: I think it's some health car telemarketers. When I call back it's a recording.


Caller ID: Bob

Bon said: some telemarketers keep calling my house.


stop wasting my time said: this number is about to be reported for invasion of privacy STOP CALLING THE SAME NUMBER AND NO ONE IS THERE THEY ARE WASTING MY MINUTES


Reported Location: ON Canada

OntarioPerson said: No caller ID. Did not leave a message.


Claude said: Passez le message à toute votre famille, amis, collègues de travail comme quoi ces hosties de Bell Canada sont des bandits juste bons à harceler criminellement les gens. Moi ils réveillent sans arrêt mes deux enfants qui se couchent en après-midi. Bell Canada se cache en arrière de Bell Nordia : deux hosties de gang de crisse de bandits. Avisez tout le monde que vous connaissez. C'est ce que je fais et j'en connais plein qui ont flushé Bell Criminel pour d'autres cies !!!.


anonymous said: I picked up, line was silent for a few seconds then they disconnected.


Reported Location: East London, UK

MR AHMED said: Got a misscall 26/03/2013 @ 5:54pm
Another call 28/3/2013 @ 6:19pm
Pretty annoying!!


Company / Organization: Primerica Financial

The dude said: Tony Farnsworth heads a Primerica Financial Services location/region based in Pewaukee.


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: not known
Caller type: Telemarketer
Reported Location: Jackson, MI 49203

anonymous said: Its a SCAMMER... if they were legit they would NOT be hiding behind untraceable numbers. I redialed the number and got a recording stating the number was not a valid number. It looks like a land line connection for Skype or something similar.

Robocall... offering reduced rates on existing credit cards.


kelly said: this woman is a low class escort that will screw your husband or boyfriend for money! Christina Haskett is here call name she live in Cocoa Beach If you see this number on your boyfriends or husband phone record dump his ass and go get yourself checked quick!


Caller ID: 736-000-8921

anonymous said: must be a new telemarketer number. Someone named Ann started talking during our answering machine message.


Reported Location: KS

Dreams said: Guy with a very heavy accent called and asked for my husband. He hung up when I said my husband wasn't home (husband WAS home)


Reported Location: losangeles ca

Anita said: they called me today 3-28-13 asking for a guy and they laughed and said apple ganger and when i tried to call back it said it was dissconected

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