Caller ID: no ID
Company / Organization: nothing provided
Reported Location: canada

rusty said: received a call from this number heard a male voice they would not talk when asked what they wanted they hung up Call was at 9:36 pm April 10th Tuesday. These calls should be blocked people shouldn't be bothered with these calls.


Reported Location: 16701

rusty said: the post card states they are holding a $100 Walmart reward card. If so instead of the post card, why didn't they just send it to me


Caller ID: No Name Found
Reported Location: Missouri 65804

rusty said: I'm tried of receiving this call, they call about 5 times a day for the past 2 weeks, and saying nothing.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: carrollton,ga,30116


rusty said: Just received a call from this number, but also received a telephone book from Yellow Book out in my driveway. I am not sure when it came, but maybe they are just making sure everyone in the area received one.

From what I know about YellowBook they are a somewhat new and upcoming directory listing attempting to compete with the "big boys".

Not sure how they got my listing though, my number is unlisted through an offshore business. That's the only part that urks me.



rusty said: person keeps calling cell phone