Caller ID: united states
Reported Location: New York

ami said: I received a call from this number around 4am and was surprised to se it being tagged as a United States call - According to Google 3706 is the country code for Latvia. Also found that free numbers from the UK can be re routed through 3706 - but that does not explain the US ID attached to it - obviously there’s something not right with these numbers.


Reported Location: NJ

ami said: Claimed I had "people" trying to put viruses on my computer. Said they were a computer co.
Had Indian accent. Told him I know about computers and hung up. He had my name and
phone number. Told me I needed to delete certain things on my computer.


Caller ID: "UNKNOWN"

ami said: Not sure who this is, they never leave a message. I don't owe money to anyone, possible telemarketer


Company / Organization: wind
Reported Location: surrey

ami said: I got a message from this number too that :- Your mobile number has been selected to receive a donation of $100,000 USD by Roy Cockrum. To claim, send full name to email:roycockrumfamily (at) gmail.com . I saw that but didn't reply back . Coz Iknow its a scam .


Reported Location: Moreno Valley ca

ami said: Caller is unknown and never leaves message. when we return the phone call it says cannot be connected as dialed