Reported Location: 94587

ROY said: Call Claimed To Be From IRS ,Advising Us To Call Back, Time Was Of The Essence.


Caller ID: focus receivablr
Reported Location: texas

ROY said: never answered


Reported Location: Texas

ROY said: This number called 2 times on 1/17/2017 and 2 times on 1/18/2017. We do not answer phone calls of phone numbers that we do not know.


Company / Organization: None
Reported Location: Pune

ROY said: I just received a call from this number, somehow i could not answer. Please get back soon..


Reported Location: 40219

ROY said: They claimed to be from Microsoft and was offering to fix some computer isues I had been having.
I did not call them they called me.
Then after checking my computer they claimed it had been comprimised and I know needed anit hacking software to which they would provide for me and that I needed to buy it right then. I refused which made them mad and I eventually hung up.
But, I am concerned since they had already been allowed in my computer, that they may have access to more personal info now.


Caller ID: 00-1876-648-0805
Reported Location: India

ROY said: I also received a call today from this no. around 2:36am.


Reported Location: Canada

ROY said: They are calling me a lot as well. I'm not picking it up either.


Company / Organization: NewAgSMB
Reported Location: Princeton, NJ

ROY said: Web & Application development company


ROY said: Telescammers


ROY said: scammers on the prowl...


ROY said: I got a long distance charge because of a call concerning this no.  I did not call it, but a charge appeared on my at@t statement due in dec for a 9/29/08 call that I did not make.


Caller ID: steven smith
Caller type: Commercial

ROY said: das-auto-express  number , i have made some transaction with them. they are good.... everything was ok.


ROY said: This phone number was listed on the credit card transaction at time of posting. I did not receive a call from them.

Same details - $4.77 charged to credit card, pending charge on October 20th CJ Financials. I have never heard of them either.


Caller ID: 407-323-3406

ROY said: I live in NYC area, just had my Honda serviced @ the dealership 2 wks ago.  This # appeared on my cell, I ignored, and a msg was left by a woman (a real human), saying they were following up on my recent car servicing experience and "we will be calling you over the next few days the ensure complete customer satisfaction."  Annoying, but at least I've been warned of the future calls...


ROY said: Next time they call I'm going to make an appointment.  Then get the information from the guy who shows up about where they are located.  You can guess the rest of what I'll do after that.  These idiots need teaching a lesson.


ROY said: called cell phone but didn't answer


Caller ID: Unknown Caller



ROY said: called Friday and didn't leave a message.