Reported Location: 3641

cj said: One of the numerous internet scam numbers I have been getting calls from


Caller ID: No Name
Reported Location: naples, fl

cj said: missed call. no message left. area code 950 does not exist. blocked ph #


Caller ID: 25771025209
Company / Organization: ??
Reported Location: Ontario, Canada

cj said: I did not answer the phone as I found the number rather odd. They did not leave a message.


Caller ID: Jeremy Russell
Company / Organization: Mozart Cafe
Reported Location: 04062

cj said: Keep getting emails with an attachment for Quickbooks. Have no idea who these people are


Caller ID: "Unknown
Reported Location: 33928

cj said: Left no message could not call back


cj said: Calling for son who doesn't live with me. The same rude lady gives you a different name every time she calls. Don't give them any of your personal information!!!


Reported Location: mass

cj said: harrassing phone calls.all day no message, just calling and hang up


Reported Location: Coolspring pa 15730

cj said: All you will hear is some man telling his wife to come to bed now. They called twice, language is English. I did not answer either time, but have the message on my machine.


Reported Location: Toronto,Ontario

cj said: no person responds to "hello" most likely a telemarketer


Reported Location: Florida

cj said: Thanks


Reported Location: Florida

cj said: Thanks


Caller ID: 'unknown'

cj said: No MSG, did not sow full number on caller I'd.


cj said: Just rang my phone and did not leave a message


Reported Location: NJ

cj said: repeated calls, say & night. I never answer


Caller ID: NONE
Reported Location: Omaha, NE

cj said: It is a call center and they do political and sales calls. Just call them back.....stay on the phone and listen..toward the end it will ask you to enter your ten digit phone number to be removed from their calling list. It worked for me.
I couldn't tell if they were saying they were CCC or PCC or something like that. They gave a website:
Info@pccmarketing or info (at) cccmarketing. Like I said, I couldn't understand what they said.