Reported Location: dubai


Reported Location: UAE

kk said: they keep calling me as well ... i believe it is fake call to take your mony.


Reported Location: carnegie Pa

kk said: Telemarketer for unknown company PIA


Caller ID: NATAD
Reported Location: topeka, ks.

kk said: calls atleast once a wk. do not say anything when pickup the phone.


Caller ID: anonymous
Company / Organization: Commercial Recovery System
Reported Location: Tennessee

kk said: She called me Monday and said I was going to be served at my place of work for a garnishment for a debt from 5 years ago, she had me pretty scared gave me a case number. I of course ask what do I need to do to not get served at work or get garnished she ask me how much I could afford to pay a month I told her 200, she said she had to ok it with her client, she called me back and said it was ok the next day but that night I realized something wasnt right and did a search for all kinds of information, her first mistake is she never told me who she worked for or company name or anything, 2nd my mother had a recorded message on her machine that day stating they were trying to find me to serve me. Once I looked up my rights on the FTC website I realized they cant do this. i phoned her back got voice mail it just saids legal department and her name I told her I wanted something in writing showing what the debt was for which by law they have to provide you and 2nd I wanted the payment arrangement sent to me to look over. The payment arrangement was email which was just on a blank piece of paper stating I agree to pay 200 a month no letter head nothing. To me this shows me it isnt legit, once I looked up the company name in google they have tons of law suits against them for breaking the fair credit reporting act and harassment, sharing personal finance information with friends or family of the client and alot of threating. So I am just going to take my chances and believe this company is full of it. I called the county which she said was going to serve me and they have no record of that, my name or any judgement filed against me nor does it show up on my credit report. Get to know your rights and defend yourself, dont let these people scare you.


Caller ID: "unknown caller"
Reported Location: TN

kk said: Did you ever find out who this was or if it is a scam, she is calling me as well


Caller ID: Unavailable
Reported Location: 92630


Caller ID: Unavailable
Reported Location: 92630


Company / Organization: hey


kk said: They don't leave message. I don't know who it's.


kk said: They don't leave message. I don't know who it's.


Reported Location: alabama


Caller ID: 911
Company / Organization: fed crime enforce network
Reported Location: nashville

kk said: They have called me and my friends and they r saying that i have fed charges against me and that they will go forward with the charges if i dont cooperate and again leave he name Kimberly Croft @ 321-745-2007


kk said: called today


kk said: I'm from Canada too (Quebec).

Received phone call from 201-123-5082 on my cell phone.
Message recorded in spanish.

And the area code is from New Jersey (???).


kk said: Called me 22 times in the last 1/2 hr


kk said: just tey need to stop calling or prank calling


kk said: For months now I get a call in the morning from this number. It hangs up if I answer. Usually when I call this number it will say 'mailbox full'. Although at times I have been able to leave a message. No one has returned my calls. Very frustrating.