Caller ID: INVALID #
Reported Location: 30292

louise said: they have called 2 times in a row. last time i said, she died. They said really, and I hung up


Reported Location: St-Hilaire

louise said: Même numéro qui a appelé deux fois ce matin mais a raccroché. Une fois à 9h48 a.m. et une fois à 10h05 a.m. Je déteste ces genres d'appels anonymes et pourtant je me suis inscrite à la fameuse liste de noms à NE PAS SOLLICITER de qui que ce soit.


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Fl.

louise said: calls and then hangs up


louise said: This number rang me yesterday but when I answered there was just silence on the other end of the line and they didn't say anything, so I hung up.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller

louise said: Recording claiming to be from F&M Bank. Said unusual activity had been reported on my card and wanted my account information. I dont have an F&M account.


louise said: Same experience at 8:00am on 12/20/08. I hope they catch them.


louise said: I got a call too from this collection agency stating they were offering me a settlement of 2,400 from a debt of 400 from 2007.  They tried to scare me into believing that i would ultimately incure legal expense of 6K if I do not take the settlement.  They also would not give me the original debtor contact number as they stated it was a conflict.  No written communication would be sent.  They have heavy Indian accents, and the gentleman Mr. Lee was very rude.  His assitant (co-worker) Mary must have been new, she was trying to be aggressive but fell short when she was challenged.


Caller ID: Unknown
Caller type: Collection Agency

louise said: I get calls from this number or out of area numbers about 3 to 4 times a day telling me about pending legal action. I believe these calls are out sourced thru a collection agency. The callers never tell you who they represent.


Caller ID: ?

louise said: I don't know why they called me. But i submitted my number to the donotcall liste 2 months ago


louise said: i jst got a call from this number and first of all i was taking this vry lightlty but after tht they gave me such information (personal) tht i was shocked and than i got to know tht this call is really vry serious...
i suggest u to take care of the amounnt to get out of this legal mess. i wud lik to THANK those guys who gave me a vry genuine way to get of it. THANKS... GOD BLESS YOU ALL...


Caller ID: Unknown

louise said: Out of the blue I started getting calls on my cell from this number
once in the morning and once afternernoon.


louise said: THIS HAPPENED TO ME! Exact same number. I ordered my lappy last night. This morning I got phone call from "Dell". They said the transaction failed at that they needed the credit card number again. All I could tell was that the caller sounded Indian. Dell computer buyers beware!


louise said: the number started with 5 can't fins any country code with that.



louise said: Got a call from that # today, did not leave a message. I did not know the area code or #, therefore I did not pick up the phone.
I wish calls like this would not be allowed.