Reported Location: Chicago, Il

Chip said: Aggravating repeated phone calling every day. Sometimes 10 per day. Harassment at the very best.


Chip said: Advertised an item for sale on Craigslist and recieved a text concerning an interest initem...we called the number because we wernt into texting much and thought a conversation with the interested party would be fine.... a male did answer said he couldnt talk now....he texted us again asking for pictures.. but now the number is invalid


Reported Location: 23323

Chip said: unknown number from a caller over Christmas Day 2014.


Caller ID: 2102498808

Chip said: guy with heavy accent, claimed to be from state of illinois business services dept.  I asked him why he had an out of state phone #, he claimed to be in winnetka.  when he started asking questions, I hung up on him.
Illiinois att'y generals office said unless i'd sent them money or given out personal info.... nothing they can do.


Chip said: call twice a day for a week or so now


Chip said: unwanted text