DR said: It is a scam. They offer you a great deal no one can refuse and they ask for credit card and driving license information for "credit check"? It doesn't make any sense to have a credit check when one is already a Bell customer. Don't provide anything over the hone. Multiple flags in my phone conversation indicate that they are not legit


Caller ID: Scott

DR said: Devil


DR said: Getting annoying


Caller ID: Unavailable
Reported Location: Illinois

DR said: caller id states "unavailable" Voice message was only that of someone who said "hello" 2x and then hung up.


Reported Location: st.cath

DR said: Didnt anwer no message!


DR said: Annoying, repeating calls!


DR said: Annoying, repeating calls!


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Reported Location: Los Angeles

DR said: Foreign accent, claimed calling from the Microsoft Network and Security Department regarding computer virus; hung up when I asked for a callback number


Caller ID: "unknown caller"
Company / Organization: C.A.R. Holdings Ltd
Reported Location: Victoria,B.C.

DR said: Call came in at 4AM


Caller ID: 0
Company / Organization: TRC
Reported Location: BC

DR said: wanted to know my date of birth because he had a sensitive business subject to discuss with me. I initially refused, but after talking to him he said it had to do with a TELUS account. I supposedly ended up being the wrong person, he had been given my phone number either by TELUS or someone in his office. TRC on goggle is a collection agency with headoffice in Toronto.


Caller ID: Unknown Company

DR said: This number called about 5 - 7 times within 1 hour.  They asked for me, and my boyfriend said I was not home - at which point they hung up on him every time.  Quite irritating...


Caller ID: snfc cntrl

DR said: who, what and why?


DR said: if it's asking for a PIN, it's probably a local calling number for an international calling card.


DR said: Dr- No, there is no such number. What they do is, they go to a website that specializes in spoofing caller ID. So, for example, if their number is: 200-000-0001. Then what they do is they tell the company how they want the number to show instead of the above example. Its a blanket over the actual number. In this case, 000-000-0000