Reported Location: Cleveland OH

SARAH said: Hung up when I answered


SARAH said: has to surely be a scammer


SARAH said: I have 296696 799 no last diget believe to be a scam I need to try all numbers for the last digit


Caller ID: Name not found
Reported Location: 32428

SARAH said: calls no name no message


Caller ID: Name not found
Reported Location: 32428

SARAH said: calls no name no message


SARAH said: Received text message which I have not opened


Reported Location: willis texas

SARAH said: Called and didn't answer phone cuz I don't know the number and didn't leave a message


Caller ID: auburn wa
Company / Organization: us goverment
Reported Location: de 19703

SARAH said: they said they had a grandent for me i went to moneygram and i called the guy on the phone and he could not give me a number to get it it a scam


Caller ID: out of area
Company / Organization: Survey
Reported Location: somerville, al, 35670

SARAH said: they called and said they were not a telemarketer but a survey group. I first just hung up on them within an hour they called again, and i told them i was not interested and hung up once more. Within another hour they called for the third time and i had to threaten them with harassment charges to discontinue the phone calls. They have called for the fourth time today.


Caller ID: "unknown caller"
Reported Location: Washington

SARAH said: Got the same call this morning. Thanks for the report!


Caller ID: Mattew
Reported Location: Jamaica

SARAH said: Calling from Indian


Reported Location: gladstone mo


Reported Location: Virginia

SARAH said: Claimed to be from Windows. Wanted me to check my 'infected' computer and allow them to 'fix' remotely the virus that was attacking and destroying and computer.


Caller type: Unknown

SARAH said: He said for being such a good customer and paying my Visa card on time I was entitled to a interest rate deduction. He wanted the expiry date on the card which I didn't have as I cancelled that card. He then asked for a balance to verify, which I gave to him. He then said I had a MasterCard that was also entitled to a deduction. He asked for that credit card number. I hung up on him. He had a hard accent and was hard to understand. If it was the bank for the Visa card they should have known I cancelled the card. They should not of had the information to my MasterCard which is with a totally different company. Be Ware!!


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Reported Location: Saranac, NY 12981

SARAH said: Has called several times in the last two days saying they needed to update our health insurance information.


SARAH said: CALLED at 6:18am didn't leave a message blocking the number