Reported Location: Kingston ON

Anon. said: I am so fed up with these calls, wanting to clean my "windows", as I am with countless other calls that are now coming several times a day. They usually call twice in a row so I can weed them out but sometimes one may slip through. It's driving me crazy! I am thinking of getting rid of my landline.


Reported Location: California

Anon. said: Received on my cell phone. 183 is not a North American area code.


Reported Location: 90505

Anon. said: spoof?


Reported Location: Pennsylvania

Anon. said: We have received multiple calls from this number and other similar numbers. The person (who has a strong accent) tells us hackers are trying to get into our computer whenever we are online and they say it involves Windows. We usual just hang up. It is a pain.


Caller ID: none displayed
Company / Organization: spoof IRS recording
Reported Location: Rochester, NY

Anon. said: Recorded message claiming that the IRS is investigating me. It gave a number to call, which I did not. Research of US area code 726 shows that it is unassigned and most likely a scam.


Company / Organization: claim to be Microsoft Windows
Reported Location: Seattle, WA 98199

Anon. said: Called twice today, said we had viruses on our computer, got our phone number from a data base.


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: 40217

Anon. said: I got this on my home land line. I did not answer as I know this is not a valid area code.


Company / Organization: Nature Conservacy
Reported Location: New Jersey

Anon. said: This number calls me every single day for the past two weeks. I've never had anything to do with the Nature Conservacy, and never will after this. I'm on the do not call list, and have told them to stop calling me. They don't. Every time they call, I report them to the FTC. I hope they get fined for every single time they call.


Caller ID: Tuscon
Reported Location: Scottsdale Az

Anon. said: We never answer as they never leave a message other that say "idiot" when our message starts. They have called 5 evenings in a row. I finally blocked the number. All it says is "Tucson" on my caller ID.


Reported Location: 37138

Anon. said: Someone from this no. keeps calling my home asking for someone that don't even live here , sounds like an India accent.


Reported Location: Manchester

Anon. said: every day same time but hangs up.


Reported Location: NF Ont Canada

Anon. said: Been getting this call alot lately. They just call and don't say anything.


Reported Location: 43701

Anon. said: may be connected to 951-266-5507,951-266-5548, and 327-764-8959


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: new york


Reported Location: Amelia Island Fl

Anon. said: I have received 2 calls in the past 2 hours. I don't answer calls I don't know.


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Reported Location: bastrop, la. 71220

Anon. said: click on other end when answered----don't know who pinnacle is or even care who they are----just want these calls stopped!!!!!


Caller ID: AICR
Caller type: Telemarketer

Anon. said: This is a telemarketer calling on behalf of the American Institute for Cancer Research based in Washington, DC.
Call them directly at: 1-800-843-8114 (Mon. - Fri.) and request your telephone number be put on their DO NOT CALL list! Express your displeasure with the frequesnt calling also!


Reported Location: Oakville, CA 94562


Caller ID: Solix CMR LLC
Reported Location: 15237

Anon. said: no voice, sound, message when answered.


Anon. said: It is a free call if this number is calling an 800 number, they then request to be transferred to another number claiming their call was dropped or mistakenly routed to you. This way they use you to get a free phone call.