Caller ID: 5102308410


Reported Location: 49009

Mike said: Computer repair scam


Caller type: Other
Reported Location: Arlington, TX

Mike said: Offered me a $9000 government education grant if I would lie about going back to school. Thick, thick foreign accent. Middle east or Indian accent?


Company / Organization: Chase Bank
Reported Location: Houston


Mike said: This is a spoofed number claiming to be some sort of computer repair company. They claim that your computer is infected but if you tell them you don't have a computer they instantly hang up on you. Then, try calling back... The number has a fast busy signal.


Caller ID: "Unknown
Reported Location: Canada

Mike said: I didn't answer


Caller ID: NAD

Mike said: Continuous calls to try to see me an extended warranty on my car.


Caller ID: unsaved number
Company / Organization: n/a
Reported Location: Santa Rosa,CA 95401

Mike said: Call came in at 1:41 PM PST and my phone answered the call on the first ring without me touching the phone, and it immediately ended the call. Scary.


Reported Location: Rochester, NY 14609

Mike said: I received a call stating that their product is proven to lose weight and with money back guarantee. I called them after several days and the agent said, they do not refund, I cannot talk to anyone else, and he was very RUDE. I have tried to call back with zero success so far. This should now be allowed and there should be away to get this resolved.


Company / Organization: TCR
Reported Location: Toronto

Mike said: collection agency TCR---manager's number Mike Parent


Mike said: Called to say that he knew me to my wife and that he wanted my phone number and that he was a friend who wanted to visit me tomorrow at 11. All was in Spanish.


Company / Organization: Alleged Microsoft support
Reported Location: 23456

Mike said: Microsoft scam...


Company / Organization: Garett Eddins ... is an ahole

Mike said: These spammers are pushing their crap service via crappy means. If they were worth anything, they'd post their "terrific" website in their spams or ... wait for it ... THEY'D USE THEIR "TERRIFIC" SEO SERVICES TO BE FOUND!! Instead of spamming everyone with their crap. Screw them, hope they all die.


Reported Location: 10588

Mike said: Called and hung up when I picked up the phone. This has happened several times.


Company / Organization: scammers
Reported Location: New Jersey

Mike said: TOTAL SCAMMERS claiming to be Dell, they said they were following up on a "recent support issue" started asking me all these questions. I said, "let me call you back" so I called Dell's official support number, they said DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION. These retards kept calling 15 times a day, and I finally broke and said "Stop Calling, you've been reported to the FTC and the..." (CLICK) they hung up before I could utter another word.

SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Caller ID: 054-054-0040
Company / Organization: Quebec Habitation

Mike said: Disent qu'ils appellent pour Quebec Habitation, diminuer frais de chauffage, probablement thermo-pompes... Un africain (d'après son language) qui appelle


Mike said: I didn't answer as I didn't recognize the number, and no one left a message.


Mike said: says her name is Marlena, but won't say from where.


Reported Location: AZ

Mike said: Robo Call. Stated my computer was sending error reports to their support center...don't have a computer but they wanted me to turn it on anyway. There was an echo during my responses...my guess is an overseas call.