Mad said: Caller ID showed FedEx Ground.
I called FedEx & this IS NOT one of their business phone numbers. It's a scammer


Caller ID: Unknown

Mad said: Called 5 times today


Caller ID: Service local

Mad said: Dead air wont connect on recall


Mad said: Who calls at 5:58am?? No response sound, just a call!


Reported Location: Langhorne, PA

Mad said: I received a call from this number on my cell phone. I VERY rarely give out my cell phone number since I very rarely use it. The caller asked for me by name and said he "sends me love and kisses".


Mad said: Unsolicited phone call from this number


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: texas

Mad said: 6:30 AM - calling & recording says good bye - STOP!!!!!


Caller ID: not known
Reported Location: North Carolina A

Mad said: Caller stated IRS was suing me and to call a number in DC for more info


Company / Organization: Scotia bank telemarketer
Reported Location: toronto

Mad said: These people call every day and will not stop calling even when asked to stop. they sometimes call 2 times per day....fools


Company / Organization: Security SOlutions
Reported Location: Washington

Mad said: they keep calling!! and if I "press 2" to stop the calls it just hangs up and then they call again later!!


Caller ID: EMI

Mad said: This company keeps calling. I block one number and they call on another. So they must have a bank of phone numbers they cycle thru to circumvent blocking. ARGH!


Reported Location: Hawaii

Mad said: Called @ 3am! Unknown # so I don't answer. Keeps calling
all week.


Caller ID: Name not found
Reported Location: ok

Mad said: Called here again after a 2 week break. Did not pick up the phone. One would think they would get the message after a time.


Reported Location: oklahoma city ok

Mad said: This is redicals they keep calling every 1/2 hour to an hour it needs to stop


Mad said: This Number kept calling me on my cell. Then I started getting text messages to sell me something. I text back and asked them in a nice manner please remove me from thier list. They text me back "Fu#$ you".. wow...


Company / Organization: gordon and weinberg
Reported Location: 32250

Mad said: GORDON & WEINBERG are nothing but a couple of guys who have law degrees from schools no one has heard of and cannot make living from their law pratice so they take accounts that are many years old and they try and trick people into thinking they owe someone money but most of what they say to do it is pure crap.
It sounds like they use a telemarketing company in Nigeria and the so called law firm does not even have someone to answer the phone or any way to leave a message for these deadbeat lawers.
When I have talked to them on the phone they say thay cannot discuss why they are calling without me giving the my SSN.
They are not even licensed to do business in Florida where I live but that does not stop them they are completely dishonest


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: phoenix

Mad said: Poor judgement. What if I am on a freeway?????Stupid


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: newburgh, in