Ginny said: We received a call from that number. A person with a strong Pakistani or Indian accent stated he was with the United States Treasury and this was our second notice to pay... Hung up at that point.


Caller ID: "Out of Area"

Ginny said: Leaves a message of beeps.


Caller ID: "unknown caller"
Reported Location: OH

Ginny said: I do not answer calls from "unknown callers" I want them to stop calling


Caller ID: Presenters Edge
Caller type: Commercial

Ginny said: Presenters Edge in Calgary Alberta with locations in other cities. I don't appreciate being telemarketed on my cell phone. Further they will have to prepare a much better "Presentation" if they expect to get any business.


Ginny said: Four minutes after someone else reported this as a telemarketer I received a call from here offering to lower my interest payments on all credit cards.  I went through the speel with them to find out more.  They want people with high debt loads (over 5,000 arrears) and high interest rates (over 14%) -- then they want to get credit card information!!

Stay away!


Ginny said: Ooo, thank you so much.  They've been calling the past couple of days.  If I catch them again, I'm writing and calling their company..and depending on how they respond, I'll go file a complaint with national registry do not call list thing.