Reported Location: FL

x said: Caller claimed to be my grandson and was arrested for drunken driving. Asked him his birthday and he answered xx-xx-1988. My grandson is not old enough to drive. He hung up.


Caller ID: ?
Company / Organization: ?

x said: Do not answer


x said: these people are buying and selling body parts for transplants


x said: Do not answer this number! No message left, and no identification left. Area code is non-existent in N.A.


Caller ID: Cazdero

x said: Cell phone caller from Cazadero, CA.
Caller didn't leave message.
Complaints on another site, people don't know what caller wants.
1 complaint said belongs to a company that sells solar panels.


x said: Had got a call from this number today stating he is from LIC and stated there's 1lakh rupees in my dad's name!! When I ashes for policy number and other details, he kept quiet! We didn't entertain further conversation and disconnected.


Caller ID: Dominica
Reported Location: 97007

x said: One ring, no message


Reported Location: US


x said: Whose disturbing number is this?


Caller ID: Unknown
Caller type: Unknown

x said: called 4 times. i didn't answer