Reported Location: Dubai

Greg said: I keep getting calls from these numbers


Company / Organization: Refuse tand Hang Up
Reported Location: USA

Greg said: Multiple Calls received from these foreign area codes every day of the week. Sometimes multiple times in an hour. This ties up business lines, cell phones, runs down battery time, interrupts family meal time, and are disgustingly annoying. Callers do not have the coutesy or decency to speak. And when they do speak, They are truly recognizable fy the discreditable and disgusting Accent from INDIA. It is amazing that when a Indian person wants something, they can be demanding, obnoxious, litterly rude, and mostly for free or outrageous discounts. When a victim of an Indain caller asks to please stop calling and annoying people, the Indian Caller Hangs up. This the example of What a culture of Rude S.O.B's they are.
How can this stop or be prosecuted.


Company / Organization: Bell Canada
Reported Location: peterborough

Greg said: your computer has a virus


Greg said: Scammer saying they are US government and they have a Grant they want to give me


Reported Location: NY

Greg said: No one answered. Call disconnected/caller hung up.


Reported Location: wilmer texas

Greg said: calles repeadly ... keeps asking for some named jeff. explained it was a new comapny new numbers and no one here by that name.


Greg said: Somebody's called me in Belarus at 16:24 GMT, October 29, 2014. It's interesting, really. Call me, please. Or send me message on my number (you now it). Thanks.


Reported Location: 94559

Greg said: Adult services


Company / Organization: notifications

Greg said: just responding to a entry my wife & i did at the home show....good news!!


Reported Location: 75104

Greg said: unsolicited sales call


Reported Location: 75104

Greg said: unsolicited sales call


Greg said: Hang up. No one there


Reported Location: 21012


Caller ID: Unknown Caller

Greg said: This number is pepperdine u. I think its business school students calling on behalf of the alumni office.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller

Greg said: May 5, 2009 - Sorry to say that they have not stopped. I get calls from this number daily - been going on for the past two weeks.


Caller type: Commercial

Greg said: i recieved the same letter  end the phone +  one check  this is true?


Greg said: I have recieved threatening and perversive prank calls from this number.


Caller type: Commercial

Greg said: I recieved a letter with this phone number staped on it along with the name of Thorncrest Sherway Inc.
1575 The Queensway, Tornoto, Ontario- M8Z1T9
signed by a Boyd Sogan e mail address boydbarret (at) consultant.com
On November 21,2008.
I would like to know if this is a legitimate business proposal or if it´s another scam version.

attorneykearney (at) yahoo.com


Caller ID: out of area

Greg said: caller  ID showed # answered phone nothing