Reported Location: Philippines

richard said: I'm very sorry I cant answer your call last night.


Reported Location: Vero Beach, Fl

richard said: Not a valid number to begin with?


Caller ID: (None)
Company / Organization: datamaxx

richard said: Datamaxx collections. Pigs


Reported Location: UK

richard said: Text message read to me - never heard of them must be a trick to get me to dial


Reported Location: MICHIGAN

richard said: RANG NO ONE THERE


Reported Location: uk

richard said: Scam...they tell you that you have virus and charge you £170 to remove your security and replace it with a freebie... beware and give them nothing as they sometimes password your computer user account and hold you to ransome if you do not pay. Therefore do not give them access to ur pc


Reported Location: MESA, AZ 85208

richard said: Called yesterday and told them we were not interested in whatever they were calling about, have a nice day. They called again today and hung up when we answered. Want to find out who they are and turn them in. Called the # and a voice with a lot of static comes on and says: "No routes found." Then operator says person not available, try your call again later. Garbage of a company, obviously!!!


Caller ID: Toll Free Caller
Company / Organization: Dominican Hospital 95065
Reported Location: Ben Lomond, CA 95005

richard said: Represented self as Dominican Hospital. Left message offering complementary free service for limited time--call today. Odd thing is family member spent limited visit to that hospital recently, so I assumed message was legit--no longer do though I haven't called the #


Reported Location: Hagerstown md 21740


Reported Location: rimbey ab

richard said: i just start getting the calls today they wont stop calling me grrr


Company / Organization: Sprint Cell
Reported Location: Burbank

richard said: I have also had calls from this number, my attorney has litigation pending against Sprint and Sprint has been informed not to contact me. I spoke with LaVon @ 7:00 AM PST confirming closure of my Sprint account and got the run around on April 10th 2012 again I called on Wed. April 18th 2912 and spoke with Irus @ 7:30 AM to again confirm the cancelation of my account on 4/10/2012 which was started on on April 10th 2012 when they gave me a closing stamen on the phone of $340.00 USD when I spoke to a supervisor and she not only gave me a closing amount at that time I told her that is confirmed and I still have that number.Then I got a call out to PP Depatment and spoke to Gerodo and Rhea about getting my phone number moved to T-Moble and was told to get Account Number, Code # and Sir# to move the phone number which I did but but now my Magic Jack still works on that number 818-627-8060 to call out but I get no calls in and my Magic Jack number is still up to date and only works for out going calls. and this call was made on 04/19/2012. I called my Attorney Mr. Danilo Becerra at 1 323 725-0917 who has taken the Bull-E by the horns and told me they have been contacted (Sprint) and they are not to contact me by any means personally. He knows about the closing cost of $340.00 and knows more about the situation than he is tell me but he says do not listen to these people. His email address is djbecerra (at) mbc4law.com and can be found at 3500 West Beverly Blvd in Montebello, California I am still getting bills from Sprint but the litagation will likely go into a civil Suite and he is doing this at no upfront cost to me. See the situation is like being captive to a phone company because Sprint won't let me pay my promised closure of $340.00 USD and only wants me to catch up with past payments after discussing this with Supervisors and in the process they are destroying my credit. I will not be embezzled buy a cell phone companay or have them completely destroy my credit by lying to me and then forcing me to hold to a debunked account. I have been advised by Mr Danilo Becerra that they is something very wrong at Sprint and needs to be adjusted by litigation that has been started. My advise is to call this very proficient and professional attorney and discuss this problem with him. The calls come from 800 806 3342


richard said: Who calls me from this number. It's just dead air when I answer.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Charlotte

richard said: Same thing, he said Jackie from Mindfire and wanted to do software business????


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: pittsburgh pa

richard said: 248-406-1461 they called me like 6 times and never left a message. The companies name is www.morpace.com Go and read more about what they do and whom they work for...Be careful because they gather information for state and federal health care agencies...department of defense, workers Compensation etc...They told me they were blue cross blue shield trying to see if I would wanted to discuss any of my medical stuff..I have been on the do not call list and I went and filed a complaint with them (the FCC) and I reported them to Blue Cross Blue Shield. Blue Cross Blue Shield confirmed to me that they are not working for them. They also contacted another injured worker at my job claiming to be Blue Cross Blue Shield Nurse.. They are gathering information about you so Be cautious. If your on state or federal workers compensation then you will understand what I am talking about.
Here is the number for the national do not call list 1-888-382-1222


Caller type: Telemarketer

richard said: a call about grand sweepstakes giveaway


richard said: I just got a call from this phone number.


richard said: who called you from this number?


Caller ID: Unknown

richard said: Call our house and know my husbands first name, when asked what the call is regarding caller hangs up. Have called several times over the past few weeks.


Caller ID: I LEE

richard said: Call came in this morning and only rang twice. I usually don't answer calls from someone that I don't know as I figured that this was just a misdialed number as it had not called before.  From looking at another post a user stated that this number calls them all of the time.