Reported Location: mi

Steve said: Calls and hangs up. Several times.


Steve said: This phone number appeared as a missed call. No name was displayed along with the phone number.


Reported Location: irvine, ca 92602

Steve said: I receive calls from this number several times a day. I never answer the phone and they do not leave a message.


Reported Location: ontario

Steve said: phoned 4:00 am waking up household


Caller ID: "unknown name
Reported Location: Vulcan ab

Steve said: Late night call


Company / Organization: Saying from BT
Reported Location: PO38

Steve said: These are computer hacking numbers do not answer them


Company / Organization: Saying from BT
Reported Location: PO38

Steve said: These are computer hacking numbers. Not from BT do not answer them.


Company / Organization: Saying from BT
Reported Location: po38

Steve said: These calls are hacking type calls they are not from BT. Do not answer them.


Caller ID: Calgary AB
Reported Location: Campbell, CA

Steve said: Several calls for me when I'm not home. Caller got irate.


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: Yucaipa


Caller ID: 5-122-299-0011
Reported Location: Casey,Il.62420

Steve said: Never seen a ID with a 5 before it ?


Company / Organization: Accident Advice Services
Reported Location: Rotherham UK

Steve said: This company calls itself Accident Advice Services. They use automated dialing which means for an office you might receive a call from them on every extension with a direct dial facility. They refused to take our numbers off their database and were rude and abusive when they were challenged. They said they were based in Manchester, but India or Far East seems more probable.


Steve said: Called say had outstanding balance that had to be paid today...with credit card.....SCAM


Reported Location: Texas


Caller ID: "Unknown

Steve said: Claims that an IRS suit has been filed against me.


Company / Organization: cash money


Reported Location: Texas

Steve said: I have been getting over 25 calls from this number over the last 3 days, i let it go to voice mail, and only music is captured,
Never a message, I will not answer as i think it is a prank or a scam.
anyone else getting these?


Company / Organization: Simplycreditloans
Reported Location: Chatt tenn

Steve said: Who is this


Caller type: Other
Reported Location: 80134

Steve said: This is a call center for CenturyLink Communications. I believe it is technical support.