Company / Organization: Cellco / verizon wireless
Reported Location: mexico city


Caller ID: Donavan
Reported Location: Indonesia

teresa said: yes he is totally lie as I found out the company constructions he said is not belong to him


teresa said: It says it is an evoicemail. Has a link to follow to get the message. I didn't open it, so don't know the spam, probably a virus download???


Caller ID: 905 770 9029
Reported Location: Richmond Hill

teresa said: Please remove my telephone number from your list. Thank You!


Caller ID: TX Law Firm
Company / Organization: Debt collector
Reported Location: Sapulpa OK

teresa said: I just received a call from this company today, and I have never gotten a loan from them. They had my home telephone number, and also my email address?!? I do not know how they got it, but as I said I never got a loan from them, and funny thing is I work for a group of attorneys, needless to say my bosses are looking into this company!

11/05/2013 4:16PM


Reported Location: Charlottesville

teresa said: Same, called daily, different 230 numbers, there is also 230-228-7877
Sometimes I answered, sometimes I don't. If I answered, she hung up any way.
I'd start blocking it.


Reported Location: Charlottesville

teresa said: Called 1-2 times a day. Once I answered, someone asked for me, and once I said it's me, she hung up.
The background was also noisy.


Caller ID: teresA
Company / Organization: teresA
Reported Location: west palm beach fl 33415

teresa said: I no want this number call me back again.!!!


teresa said: Claims to be from the Better Business Bureau


teresa said: I got this number on my caller ID and lookes it up, then got to this posting...read it was about a job. i went in and interviewed anyway. i was hired and am now working thre, So you that talk bu***hit I think weren;t hired and are just f-ing pissed about it! get over it! I am now making money and have presents for my ninos, so quit writing B.S.  because it did not work out for you!!!!


Caller ID: Unkniown

teresa said: Nothing, do not appreiate these calls!


Caller type: Telemarketer

teresa said: Im on do not call list but keep getting calls from this number
their phone number is 1 416 619 0682.


Caller ID: 2402107058

teresa said: They called me 6 times today, asking for a woman I dont know. I told them I didnt know the lady and they said they would take my number off. The called another 4 times after. I got so angry and I called them back. And told them that I was pissed off by them calling me for a person I didnt f***ing know. The woman on the phone said, "I hope you dont kiss your mother with that mouth" So who are there people?


Caller ID: unkknown
Caller type: Telemarketer

teresa said: Got a call from 160 321-4333  robo marketing call  ??? Who is this


Caller ID: Unavailable

teresa said: I got a call from the number 160-321-4333 today and I cannot find what state this call came from please help


Caller ID: Bit Services

teresa said: Company keeps calling every five minutes but when I answer all I can here is people talking in the back ground.  I called back and asked them to stop and some woman just laughed and said "oh we'll call you back."


teresa said: They call every night - I never pick up, they never leave a message...


Caller ID: NONE

teresa said: Keeps calling, when i answer, they hang up.