Reported Location: boston ma 02124

scam said: caller called about my computer needing help pleas no one calls from Microsoft I hung up trying to scam the eldery


scam said: Called me saying I had a whole bunch of parking tickets that needed to be paid ASAP, funny thing is I didn't even have a vehicle the date the ticket got issued, beware and hang up right away, just want your credit card number.


scam said: Fake number used to answer calls on Craigslist.


Caller ID: SCAM
Company / Organization: SCAM

scam said: Its a scam dont give any info when they say the are RBC bank collections. I called RBC on the real number and talked to person and they dont have any numbers for 1855xxx-xxxx. DO NOT GIVE ANY INFO


scam said: ITS A SCAM!!!


Caller ID: 206-336-7191
Caller type: Other

scam said: scam for publisher's clearing house "wanna Be"
Please don't listen to them. . . they tried to get $ from my Mother In Law


scam said: Got this when selling a laptop on Craig's List:

Thanks for your mail, I am glad to hear that the item is still for sale, Because i have been looking for this type for long now, I hope is as stated in your address, Because i am buyiong it as a gift to my son, I will be paying your through Paypal which i believe is 100% safe for online transaction, Kindly provide me with your paypal account for the immediate payment, Incase if you don't have account with paypal, You can provide me with your Full Name and Home address for the payment to be sent through Money order Which i believe is also secure for online transaction. I will want you to consider the item as sold and stop receiving any other offer  from others because i will be sending out the payment immediately i receive the requested information for the payment. I will take care of whatever the shipment will cost, so you don't need to bother yourself regarding the shipping tax. I will be adding extra fee for the shipment when sending the payment.
I am waiting to hear from you soon.
206 666 1926.

I plan on having some fun with this scam!!.. hahahahahahahahah