Caller ID: invalid number
Reported Location: Texas

Aonymous said: Kid called saying he was my oldest grandson and had been in a wreck, broke bones, stitches in lip, etc. called me by wrong grandma name, aside he was Chris! No grandson by that name. Wrong accent. Couldn't tell me his full name. Told him he was not my oldest! Couldn't tell me where he was, did not talk like someone with busted li. Then hung up on me!


Aonymous said: Well corporate America has become the steppford wives no one wants... nagging repetitive drones looking to sell you stuff you don't need and pestering you like a mosquito trying to suck your blood...his is your America people. this is what we have let it reduce itself too...And the company that you work for? how much of what they do is the exact scummy tactics to their customers...do on to others before they do on to you have become the american way of "business" everything is a lie from top to bottom so bad now its been normalized into the culture.. but because you have all become corporate cubical zombies to this systems you keep bending over for it.. no wonder this country is going to hell.