Reported Location: 93446

Pat said: No one responded to "Hello".


Reported Location: Fairfield, OH

Pat said: Person with Asian accent said the call is about my computer. I hung up at that point.


Caller ID: out of area
Reported Location: Mt. Pleasant, SC

Pat said: Calling in late hours


Reported Location: High Ridge Missouri

Pat said: Called asking for my son,who lives in Texas. Said they wanted to keep him out of court. Hummm


Company / Organization: scammers

Pat said: Windows scammers


Reported Location: Panama City, Fl 32401

Pat said: Received calls from this number. Did not answer


Caller ID: Name Unavailable
Reported Location: 32465

Pat said: did not leave message


Reported Location: Jamaica

Pat said: This call rang once and hung up. I guess they hoped I'd have called back...


Caller ID: Same
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: 75020

Pat said: this has been going on for days tried to call back but says your number cannot be completed as dialed


Caller ID: Same
Reported Location: 75020

Pat said: when u say hello no one answers back this has been going on for days tried to call but says your call cannot be completed as dialed


Caller ID: dir assist
Reported Location: macon,ga

Pat said: keep calling me. 3-4 times a day


Reported Location: Wadesboro, NC

Pat said: Called my home number at 3:39 pm 7/24/15; I quote foreign man said I am from Micro Soft your computer has a virus and is going out to other computers. We have had reports for last two days of this problem. Well folks I have not used my computer in the last two days.
So whats up? I reported this to Micro Soft also.


Caller ID: Name not found
Reported Location: 37920

Pat said: I received a call today from this number and it was from a foreign accented guy. He said that my Windows was downloading info from the web and they needed to "fix it". He told me he knew my computer was on right then so he was going to instruct me as to how to fix it. I told him I don't use Windows that I use a Mac. He asked how I got an Apple and I told him I bought it. he said I couldn't have a Mac because I was using Windows and wanted to know how long it has been since I used Windows and I told him 3 years ago. He said well that is why they got the information that my Windows wasn't running right. I said no this is just a scam and don't call me anymore. Idiot! Oh I asked him where he was and he said in Bradley, California.


Reported Location: Vancouver

Pat said: Scam number


Pat said: I think that's a scam number


Reported Location: Vancouver

Pat said: I recieved A Text From 1416-843-2360 I think they are trying to scam me


Reported Location: Northampton, MA

Pat said: Received a call today at approximately 12:50 p.m. EST from a lady that had a heavy asian accent telling me she was from the U.S. Treasury Department in Washington D.C. and I am one of 1500 people selected to receive a Federal Grant in the amount of $9,000. She said it wasn't a loan, I didn't have to pay taxes on it and I could use it for education, bills, buy a new car, medical bills or whatever I wanted and it did not have to be paid back. I listened because she didn't ask for any of my information. She knew my name and address. She gave me an Acceptance Approval Number of MG105 and told me I had to call another number and give them that code to claim my grant. The other number is 202-684-6555. Sooo I called that number and it says it's an invalid number. Sooo I tried to call her back at the 543-210-9876 and it told me I had a zero balance and I had to replenish my account by dialing another code. I knew all along it was a scam, but I wanted to see how far I could get with it before they asked me for personal information.


Company / Organization: Roy cockrum
Reported Location: 96932

Pat said: Claiming I won 500k


Reported Location: havana, il 62655

Pat said: any information about this number