Reported Location: Georgia

mom said: who is this???


mom said: Called twice in a row. Two men speaking in foreign languages.


mom said: I have never seen this before.


mom said: This person just called my mother and ask if she was on her computer and she sees her


Caller ID: Name Unavailable
Company / Organization: ??
Reported Location: lincoln, Nebraska

mom said: caller did not leave a message. They hung up


Caller ID: 123

mom said: Says it's urgent I call because a complaint has been made against me. If I don't call and make a statement one will be provided for me!

The woman SAID her name is Michelle Jackson. Did not leave name of company or who filed complaint.


Company / Organization: mom

mom said: scam, someone from this number called an elderly man pretending to be his granddaughter in crisis asking for money


Reported Location: 34446


Caller ID: Prof Serv
Reported Location: IL

mom said: No message left.


mom said: A foreigner called my cell phone tonight saying that I had to call him back immediately because my social security number is under investigation. I obviously will not be calling back.


mom said: calls in the middle of the night and during the day....sometimes says hello, sometime says nothing. very irritating.


Company / Organization: Wells Fargo Financial
Reported Location: Rochester, MN

mom said: Looking to collect on past due home loans. They WILL NOT work with you to become current. They say to stop paying all your other bills and only pay them.


Reported Location: Lumberton, TX 77657

mom said: Someone from this number calls my daughters cell phone every night arund 1:15 & will not say anything.


Reported Location: Lumberton, TX 77657

mom said: Someone from this # calls my daughters cell phone every night around 1:15. If I answer, they say nothing. If I call the number back, it just rings and rings.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: NP, NE

mom said: Received a call from a man asking for Jessica (which is my adult daughter's name) he asked if I could give him her #. I asked who he was and he said Stewart and it was for personal business. I told him I'd give her his number and message. He then asked if he could reach her at a clothing store (former employer). I told him she hadn't worked there for a couple of years and I'd get the message to her. Certainly had a collection agent vibe with a sneaky innocent approach.


mom said: This is not true... it's a company in IA, someone I know calls me from there.


Caller type: Collection Agency

mom said: They call every hour, from 8am till 9pm.  I sometimes answer their calls, but no one is ever there.  Once in awhile a real person will be on the phone stating its Chase about my Circuit City credit card.


mom said: freeky guy texting me


mom said: am looking for the area that this phone call came in from at 7pm 11/28/