Caller ID: (None)
Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: 68110

irritated said: likely telemarketing scam---called but didn't leave message


Reported Location: Whiteville, NC

irritated said: Received a call from this number. They asked for someone I did not know. When I told her that she rudely said " OH MY GOD!" then hung up on me. They call at least 10 times a day.


irritated said: One of those bogus "I'm calling about your computer" calls performed in a strong Indian/Pakistani accent.


irritated said: This caller goes by the name of Zack. Was asking if I "feel like a kinky hookup, maybe one that includes you topping me." I declined, and he said, "ok, I thought you would like to be a domina." Told me "we hooked up a few times" and "we shared some fetishes." truth: don't know a Zack and I don't have fetishes. I told him if he texted me again, I'd report him to the cops for harassment.


irritated said: I received a call saying it was my health care provider and told me to call back.


Caller ID: Unknown

irritated said: This number claims to be the IRS calling with a final notice of a lawsuit being filed against me. It left 206-687-9495 for me to call. I never called them back on either phone number. When I looked up the area codes, the 206 is in Seattle, Washington. The 728 is not even a US area code.


irritated said: Showed up on my Caller ID as 3-236-698-5562. Immediately Blocked. Figures these scammers would use a spoofed number.


Reported Location: 91730

irritated said: Male with Hispanic accent telling me my number and name had come up to receive a Fed Grant for $500. He said I didn't have to pay taxes or anything on the money. "CLICK". I disconnected the call.


Caller ID: Name not found.
Reported Location: CA

irritated said: Man on the phone saying"hello? hello? hello?.


Reported Location: Northern NJ

irritated said: Just received missed call - not a valid #. Must be a scam


Company / Organization: private
Reported Location: Gauteng

irritated said: Can this person stop calling me?


Company / Organization: private
Reported Location: Gauteng

irritated said: Can this person stop calling me?


Reported Location: Indiana

irritated said: this number called 3x in less than a minute-wanted to talk to my spouse when I asked "how may I help you?" I was asked to sing a song. I told them to remove my number they got testy and called back twice more


Reported Location: Honolulu, HI

irritated said: Just received a call like this... again! When I said I knew it was a scam, he swore at me! Crazy people!


Reported Location: Colborne

irritated said: Just got a call on my cell from this number. Who the heck is it and who has a number like this!?!?


Caller ID: Dominica
Reported Location: 33013

irritated said: He called several times stating he was from Microsoft and I had a Windows problem.... I repeatedly told him to stop calling...


irritated said: Kept getting phone call starting at 5:30am to 7:00pm mainly I didn't answer but when I did a man was saying perverted things and swearing at me.


Caller ID: Not available
Company / Organization: Unknown
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Cape Coral, FL

irritated said: Whomever this is has called our home 3x today within a 4 hour period. When I tried looking it up, it said "invalid area code".


Caller ID: A Premier
Company / Organization: Unknown (Scammer?)
Reported Location: PA

irritated said: Called repeatedly in one day. When answered, line was open but no one spoke. THen the call was disconnected. Already on the do not call list but it does stop these guys