Reported Location: Oliver, BC Canada V0H1T3

Wayne said: This phone purports to be Canada Services informing that my Social Insurance Number is illegal and blocked.


Reported Location: 316

Wayne said: Same as others...They called but I didn't answer since it's not in my contacts. Didn't leave a message.


Caller ID: None Appears.
Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Ottawa

Wayne said: This number apparently belongs to Street Capital Finance Corp, an affiliate of the CAA.
They are a non-bank money lender.


Wayne said: We have yet to be able to talk to any of these idiots. It may be that when my Dutch wife answers with her accent, they just give up and disconnect. Lets send them a bucket of pig fat.


Reported Location: Racine Wi USA

Wayne said: I recieved a call re computer problems I don't have. Before I could ask any questions caller hung up. Had a foreign accent


Reported Location: Jamaica

Wayne said: received a missed call from this number , no message was recorded.
actual umber shown was 697244428376


Caller ID: Undisclosed
Company / Organization: stated they were microsoft
Reported Location: ottawa on

Wayne said: Received a call from an undisclosed caller at 648-678-1010 stated he was calling from Microsoft and that he was a systems engineer. Wanted to know if I was near my computer, that I had downloaded a number of malicious software and they were having a system problem. Said he could help me clean up my system if I was near the computer. Identified himself as a Frank Collins area code 648-678-1010 extension 130 and asked me to call back when I got close to my computer..


Caller ID: -346
Company / Organization: pnsEEGgkV
Reported Location: umhFYfewDIzMTre

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Reported Location: Montreal

Wayne said: Call me many times. When I respond, it always hangs up.


Caller ID: Name not found

Wayne said: Call, but noone is there.


Caller ID: Name not found

Wayne said: Mutliple calls but noone is there


Caller ID: Name not found

Wayne said: Called mutliple times today but no answer


Caller ID: Name not found

Wayne said: Called mutliple times today but no answer


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: missouri

Wayne said: they call night and day every hour and never answer when i pick up after about 5 to 10 sec.


Wayne said: No one is on the line.


Wayne said: i got this call today too but didn't pick up.  how did they get my cell number?


Caller ID: 403-561-2984

Wayne said: According to my call history online I receive a call from this number every couple of days, and I am being charged for it everytime.  I don't recall ever actually receiving the call, but Rogers says I am getting voicemail (though there are no messages on my phone) from them.


Wayne said: When I answer, they hang up.


Wayne said: Anyone else getting calls from this phone number?