Reported Location: WA

lin said: Constant calling from 523 area code. Block the number and they call back with same area code and a new number all day and night


lin said: Something about repairing my computer


Reported Location: Tanzania

lin said: this no sent a message giving me quiz but i dont know the number nor a person


Reported Location: Preston UK

lin said: Missed this call at 11.35am today


lin said: Says invalid number, when i tried calling back. Have received 4 calls from the # today


Caller ID: Paul
Reported Location: 97138 Oregon

lin said: They used husbands name on the ID, unfortunately I was driving and answered to find out it was a robo caller. GRRRRR, I pay $2 per day if I use my phone, which I don't do often, it is emergency or work related mostly. On a pay as you go plan this type of call will deplete your balance quickly. I am on the do not call list but it doesn't work for bstds like this. Would love to join a group who will go after these people for harassment and stealing money by using a number that is private.


Reported Location: Pennsylvania

lin said: calls several times a day


Caller ID: kimberly jackson

lin said: called my house number and hung up.


lin said: several calls from this number with hang ups


lin said: several calls from this number then hang ups


lin said: Call Log:
October 15 12:38pm - I completed a survey about air quality. They said my name was entered in to win some prize. I didn't think anything of it.
October 16 8:47pm - Saw they were calling on my caller ID... but let the machine grab it. No message
October 17 1:17pm - Saw on my caller ID that they called while I was at work... no message again.
October 22 4:05 pm - "Catherine" told me I had won a prize... an all expense paid trip... I agreed to set up an appointment at my house to give us the prize package... Said both my husband and I needed to be there to sign for it... So I googled it and read these messages. Fearful I called the number 1-360-373-2001 (Which I found online) and asked to speak with Catherine. When she got on the phone I told her that I couldn't make our appointment and would have to "reschedule." I said I would call them... though I have a feeling they will be calling me.

The Number on my caller ID was 1-360-373-2289 but when I called that number it just rang. The number I was able to connect with is one I found online ending in 2001.


Caller type: Telephone Surveyor

lin said: 312-201-4623
Norc U Chicago- claiming to be representing Center for Disease Control. Requestiing information about children and adults about immunizations, birth dates etc. I ahve been contacted 13 times this week along. Have contacted JAG here on post to report the caller and number, as well as local police. It is harrasment since they are calling before 6am and after 9pm CST. Have requested that we be taken off the call list and still no respite from the idiots!